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Season 1, Episode 10


Age: 49
Location: Texas
Addiction: Morphine

What’s Memorable: The dying wife, only 2 people at the intervention.

Official synopsis:  Mark, who’s so addicted to painkillers that he’s had a morphine pump surgically implanted in his abdomen.

Original Air Date: June 2005

Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. marcy lily

    This episode is on LMN right now . Is there a most vile or most disgusting addict category here ? If there is or could be I nominate Mark the King . Yes I know he had issues but what he did to his poor sweet dying wife and put her through even after he went to rehab was EVIL . The poor woman had cancer and he was the victim ? Maybe because my cancer was upgraded as worse (stage 3) and my husband would die for me to take it away it made me see Mark differently , he just is so totally evil.
    I don’t know if he had more than 2 living family members to be at the intervention but if he did I know why they did not come . Marks intervention solely focused on his addiction to Opiates as his problem and he blamed Opiates alone for his personality and behavior issues . Bullsh*t ! The man reminded me of every patient I cared for that had NPD and Intermitent Explosive Disorder (Rage Issues) . Many of them learn to mask it and have a major episode later. Sadly they push almost everybody away for life if they can not exploit them, carry grudges for life , sever all ties with those closest to them for minor issues normal people would laugh at and blame everything on others. Even when he was sober he was blaming his poor dying wife . He was one of a handful of people on the show I wanted to slap . May his poor lovely ex-wife rest in the peace he never gave her. She tried and did save him and he payed her back by letting her die all alone . Sick.

    1. Janel

      I agree with you completely. I rarely dislike the featured addicts, Mark was my first. We all make mistakes, own up to them rather than placing the blame. Him blaming his wife was just sick. To me it seemed like in addition to his addiction, he was a sociopath. I still wish the best for him, as I do most people with any illness, but I’m glad he’s not my next door neighbor.

      1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        I have been avoiding this episode but I think I need to watch it just to form my own opinion. I watched it many moons ago and I just did not like the guy.

    2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      This guy is tied with Linda (the EDS woman addicted to Percocet lollipops) for evil. So horrible how he treated his late wife. She was right to kick him out.

  2. Jimmie

    I am almost always forgiving of the things that the addicts did once they get sober because they are apologetic and usually really feel bad for what they did. Not Mark though. He couldn’t care less about his dying wife, even after he was sober and she was dead. How disgusting is that? I am honestly sickened by him.

  3. Staci wilson

    I wonder how he is doing now..?

    1. Parker

      I don’t

  4. Andy

    I think mark is a narcissist. All he could say after his wife died was “She chose to go away from me, so if that’s her wish then so be it.” Absolutely disgusting.

  5. Stefan

    I believe the only other person who had only 2 people at their intervention was Larry, the alcoholic from Season 10, although his stepfather and wife backed out at the last minute as they refused to hold their bottom lines.

    1. Stefan

      Also I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that there were only two people at the intervention as his wife did “attend” via video message.

  6. Brooke

    this guy is the WORST!! abandoning your dying wife!! at the end, he said “she chose to leave me, if that’s her wish, so be it” or something like that – what is wrong with him?! it’s not like he was in the throes of addiction saying that, as people can say some awful things then; no, he was completely sober! she didn’t CHOOSE to leave him, HE left her (in the sense that he’s an addict). she wanted him to be there for her during her short remaining time on this planet and he couldn’t even do that for her and she died all alone. i hope he never forgives himself! he make me sick!!