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S1E11 Tommy

Season 1 Episode 11


Age: late 30’s?
Location: Dallas, Texas
Addicted to: Cocaine

What’s Memorable: Perhaps the strangest episode of Intervention. We find out very very little about Tommy’s history. We don’t see pictures of his life before he became a homeless coke addict. At no point in the episode does Tommy do drugs. We never see him trying to get it or after he’s gotten high. All we know is what he says things used to be like, and all we see is the apparent consequences of his addiction – a storage unit with only a few things left, sleeping on the roofs of his friends’ condos, taking advantage of free hotel breakfasts, riding around on his bike.

Official synopsis:  Tommy, who quit his executive job and sold his Lexus, retirement plan, and million-dollar condo to sustain his cocaine habit.

Original Air Date: June 2005

Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Rob

    Honestly, one of the most bizarre ones I’ve seen. Wondered what happened to him.

  2. Michelle

    Here’s Tommy’s facebook. He commented on the Intervention site, and him and his girlfriend said that he is still sober 7 years later.

    1. Tina

      @ Michelle

      That Facebook profile is NOT the Tommy from this episode in 2005. I hope this Tommy stayed clean and is happy.

      1. Laura

        It’s definitely not Tommy, but that does look a lot like Tom (from season 4?)

    2. Amy

      You can tell from listening to him speak just one sentence that there’s no way in hell the “Tommy” from this episode grew up in Boston (I’m from Boston).

  3. Jimmie

    Seems he is still doing good! Way to go Tommy!

  4. SheGossips

    I just watched his episode. I wonder what ever happened to him and I wonder how he got to the point he was at the time of filming. Like I wonder what events triggered his downward spiral.

  5. michael

    Tommy ……I remember you from Marco island ,get in touch with me

  6. Sweet Melissa

    This episode seemed fake to me. Or rather Tommy’s part of this episode.

    1. Andy

      I think it was too. Like he may have had a drug problem I don’t know. I think they maybe were all actors. Also remember when he was visiting friends at nightclubs and drinking? How could he afford that if he was living on hotel roofs?

      1. Stefan

        True, although how can any homeless person afford their drugs?

      2. A

        Because his friends were paying for everything and my bet is that he was stealing more than what was shown.

  7. Mary

    Need an update on Tommy, or any and all information about this episode. I’ve been mulling over it for a decade. Help a girl out

    1. Cat

      He was from Dallas. I was in treatment with him up in Taos, NM. He stayed in NM.

    2. Brigette

      Over a decade!?! What duh….

  8. Emma

    His location was Dallas, TX. I recognized the skyline in a few shots, and recognized some buildings in Uptown and the Katy Trail.

  9. blandine

    lmao i died 😂

  10. NKS - Intervention Addict

    I am so disappointed there aren’t any updates on Tommy! What is up with this episode.

  11. T

    This episode reminded me of just a scripted “Don’t Do Drugs, Kids!” after school special. I guess one could argue all Intervention episodes are in some way an anti-substance advertisement, and a lesson on fear tactics + the early days of addiction treatment, but this one was a whole other level. Totally seemed fake to me.

    1. Stefan

      Yah showing kids this show would be way more effective than anything DARE ever did.

      1. Kara Bishop

        Omg I grew up in the very early 1990s in high school and if they would have shown this instead of dare, maybe I would have gone on a different path! Dare did nothing, but intervention shows so much of what it’s like to be an addict! When I first tried drugs, I had no knowledge of exactly what my life might end up looking like, all they said is it was bad for your brain… But they didn’t mention exactly what your life would be like trying to get drugs every single day…the hardness and sickness of trying to get drugs every single day, and what it really does to your family members, hoping that you’ll find sobriety or waiting for the peacefulness that may be death might bring. A teenager doesn’t care about drugs affecting their brain, but maybe they care about what their daily life would be like trying to be a drug addict!!