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Season 1, Episode 7


Age: 20’s
Location: Georgia
Addicted to: Bulimia
What’s memorable: How much she eats in a day, and how sad she is about it.

Official synopsis: Renee’s eating disorder has become so dangerous that it is threatening her health, marriage, finances, and even the custody of her two small children.
Original Air Date: May 2005

Intervention: Candy

All comments.

  1. Mandy Nolan

    Wondering about Renée. I related to her story.

  2. Natasha

    Does anyone know how Renee is? I could relate

  3. Lisa

    Sad to not see much about Renee. Hoping that she & her family are well.

  4. maggie

    I came across her page but I wasn’t sure who Renee was even though I’ve watched this show a hundred times. When I finally found her episode online I realized I never chose it on rewatch because its a split episode with that douche Peter the video game addict.
    Anyway she is a beautiful, sweet and loving person. I truly feel for her and her struggle. She had a wonderful husband and two great kids also. I loved seeing her at the end glowing and saying how happy she was. I hope it stayed that way for her! Any updates would be awesome