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Season 1, Episode 7


Age: 20’s
Location: Georgia
Addicted to: Bulimia
What’s memorable: How much she eats in a day, and how sad she is about it.

Official synopsis: Renee’s eating disorder has become so dangerous that it is threatening her health, marriage, finances, and even the custody of her two small children.
Original Air Date: May 2005

Intervention: Candy

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  1. Mandy Nolan

    Wondering about Renée. I related to her story.

  2. Natasha

    Does anyone know how Renee is? I could relate

  3. Lisa

    Sad to not see much about Renee. Hoping that she & her family are well.

  4. maggie

    I came across her page but I wasn’t sure who Renee was even though I’ve watched this show a hundred times. When I finally found her episode online I realized I never chose it on rewatch because its a split episode with that douche Peter the video game addict.
    Anyway she is a beautiful, sweet and loving person. I truly feel for her and her struggle. She had a wonderful husband and two great kids also. I loved seeing her at the end glowing and saying how happy she was. I hope it stayed that way for her! Any updates would be awesome

  5. T

    On the A&E re-airing on their app, it says that in 2006 she began to binge and purge again. No other update was provided. Hope she eventually found peace.

  6. Pang

    I wish they did some more eating disorder episodes.

    1. Stefan

      Same they’re among my favorites.

    2. Lizzie

      I like seeing the stories but I’m not sure I agree with the intervention approach for people with anorexia. I have learned much more than I ever cared to know about eating disorders in the past few years, with one major lesson learned being that starvation seriously impairs brain functioning. Many people who have severely restricted intake are physically incapable of making the decision to go to treatment. even when faced with the consequence of losing everything they have. I think it’s great that Intervention did get some people with EDs into treatment but overall I’m not sure it’s the best approach or the most likely to succeed.

      1. kitty katt

        Drugs can also impair the brain the same way.

  7. Alyssa

    I loved Renee and really wish someone had a more recent update on her and her family. Her adorable husband and kids truly loved her so much. I really hope she ended up staying healthy and happy.

    1. Stefan

      Agreed. They were so non-judgemental and understanding of what she was going through