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S2E15 Mike

Season 2, Episode 15


Age: 36
Location: Modesto, California
Addiction: Heroin, Cocaine (speedballs)
What’s Memorable: He’s a chiropractor who does speedballs before he goes to work every day! Crazy.

Official synopsis: A high achiever as a young man, Mike developed a life-threatening dependency on speed balling, which involves mixing cocaine and heroin. Only an intervention can save him now that he’s lost his marriage, his business, and the custody of his children to drugs.

Original Air Date: July 2006
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Joe

    This was a great episode. Any word on how he’s doing today? I know he had a few bumps in rehab but hope he’s put all that behind him. Sucks he lost his medical license-hey Mike Brazil is a pretty cool place dude!

    1. Shawna h

      He’s doing great… Clean N back doing chiropractic again…. Jus to let u know…. He an amazing guy I love him….

      1. Theresa

        Any update now?

  2. Em

    Most likeable guy in my opinion. Happy to hear he’s doing well.

  3. Brooke

    i get leaving your husband bc of drugs but not to let his family see the kids either? WTF? that’s SO messed up. mike’s parents are innocent and are dealing with the same thing as she is!

  4. Liss

    I think that Mike was one of the most likable on Intervention. Wishing him & his family all the best!