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Season 2, Episode 16


Age: Mid-20s
Location: Florida
Addiction: Crack
What’s Memorable: Oh, Tim. This is the episode the gave us the iconic image of the crack addict curled up and crying in the storm drain. Sums his addiction up pretty well. Also memorable for the way he treats and is treated by his girlfriend and her show biz family, and his intense neediness, mental instability, and violent tendencies when high.

Official synopsis: Tim was an accomplished producer and a talented musician with a lucrative career in the entertainment industry, but a crack addiction nearly destroyed everything he treasures. An intervention is his last chance–but will it work?

Original Air Date: August 2006
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Jamie Ignowski

    Hey “Dizzy”,
    I don’t know who you are, or if you’ll even get this comment anytime…. but THANK YOU so much for giving as much of a shit about this show and these people as I do, to the point where I can look up details of episodes that happened almost a decade ago. This website is incredible, I commend all the effort and hard work you put into this. I came here because the image of Tim in the storm drain moved me in the same way, and I wanted to see if he got up and got out of it. But as my friends (fellow enthusiasts) and I have perused this website a few times so far, I felt it right to thank you. You’re awesome, and your efforts have not gone unappreciated.

    1. Dizzy

      Well that just made my day. Thank you so much. I find great comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my Intervention fandom and that people find this site useful. I’m also heartened by how the number of visitors here has been growing quite a bit each month. It’s a very special show and I think it deserves to be this appreciated.

      1. Chicky

        Yes, Thank you Dizzy for all your posts…I have been watching Intervention since it started and continue to watch all the episodes on my ipad thru the A&E site…I feel for most of the people because I too have a problem..and I know exactly how most of them feel…its a never ending cycle..trying to get myself well but honestly its really hard…the urges are terrible…some stuff recently happened (not gonna go into it) and now it is a point to get better…I am trying my best. Hope you will one day try to continue to update this site again because it honestly helps me…take care

      2. J

        Hi Dizzy. This site is more than useful, or fandom. I really feel that this public area has amplified the positive impact of the show, and has provided an important place where people can speculate, share, and try to understand. I hope you keep it going.

      3. Dizzy

        Thank you for saying that! I’m so glad it’s become that kind of space for people.

    2. Mike Doyle

      I did the same thing. I have been in recovery for 20 months now and I watch intervention all the time. I really wanted to see what was going on with Tim and was so saddened by all the deaths. This disease SUCKS and I hate it. Hate what it has done to my father and siblings. And hate what it does to everyone who encounters it. And I definitely want to thank Dizzy for doing such an amazing Job with this site! Kudos

    3. Sashie

      Totally agree! It’s nice years later to come back and see updates!

    4. Isabelle

      Well said. I love this website too. I come here after every episode and check how they’re doing. Thanks so much Dizzy, so much effort from you – it’s wonderful

  2. Sonya York

    Tim. I have never been addicted to anything, I dont evensmoke or drink. But, i do have ppl in my family and friends and exs that have or are addicted to something. Watching you tonight (7-17-15) made me understand what ppl do in that state of mind. I felt so sorry for you as well the others involved.
    You and your ex have some great talent, put it to great use by being clean and making something out of your life in a positive way!
    I cried when I heard you sing that song for your ex! I dont know how your doing, but I’m hoping great!
    Stay sober. You dont know me but Im here if you need someone and nobody else cant be or not gonna be.

  3. Jordy

    Just saw this one for the first time, and it was incredibly difficult and frustrating to watch. Tim has problems beyond addiction and OCD. Tim is clearly mentally compromised, and uses his sickness in a way that wants you to evoke sympathy. But it’s so orchestrated, so ingenuine, because even if he really wanted to kill himself, his love for crack overcomes all. I hated watching the histrionics in the storm drain. 50% of it is an act, and the other 50% is an act because of his sickness. It’s painful to see him squander his talents and the love and acceptance of his girlfriend and her family. I can’t believe they put up with it as long as they did. Tim had it all. I sincerely hope he is still alive and healthy. I hope Madison moved on and followed her dreams. Any updates on the folks in this episode would he greatly appreciated!

    1. Chicky

      Madyson is happily married to another man,…you can find her on FB Madyson Holden Kovatch…..I don’t know what happened to Tim

      1. Diane S.

        I’m glad to hear that she’s married to someone else. she could have easily continued to throw her life away for this guy.

  4. J

    Madyson’s perspective was a pertinent and insightful highlight to Tim’s addiction because she was the prime example and definition of co-dependency. Her sunrise, sunset, basic understanding of herself, and motivation for her behavior was completely this dude. The way her pain appeared on camera may come across as a bit staged, dramatic or false. (It did to me at first.) When I held my initial reactions and watched carefully, the first thing I saw was someone trying to cope with cameras, on camera. Someone in her field may be more privy to their “camera self” but it started to seem like she was mitigating the difference while understanding something new. To me, it was as though she was initially testing the “poor me, the perfect caretaker” character, depicting it to her fullest. At this very time, she was dealing with the shocking awareness of how seeming like that may or may not fit personally or even be something she wants to seem like. One of the values of this show is that the participants, all, can finally feel their difficulty in a ripe way. It’s as though this documentary experience, for the co-dependent loved ones especially, heightens and isolates the experience of one depending on another person’s behavior as their own drug.

    Just to be clear, I am not glossing over Tim’s behavior and how difficult that must have been to deal with. Anyone’s reaction to this sort of thing is within range of the pain caused, and everyone copes in their own way. His desperation-infused behavior, whether or not it was drug-induced, was totally obnoxious, manipulative, and completely unacceptable. The episode did a decent job showing the result of that, in a rather neutral and relate-able way.

  5. Somione

    Where is tim….. Is he ok

  6. Whitney

    I’d also really like an update on Tim. So sad to see such talent wasted. </3

  7. Theresa

    I wish someone had an update on Tim. That was one tortured soul. I hope the best for him.

  8. S

    So sad 🙁

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’s doing well.


    And arrested in August 2017 for cocaine 🙁

    1. theresa

      That was nearly a year ago. I wonder if maybe he’s gotten his act together in the past year. One can hope.

      1. Melanie

        According to this source he’s still on probation:

        I hope he gets well. It was overwhelmingly obvious there were deep mental illness issues going on, seemed like NPD to me. Thank God Madyson left him– she deserves better than that and I can’t imagine the emotional damage she incurred from him at the young age of 20. It was very difficult for me to sympathize with him, but I wish him well.

    2. dingus

      ouch – yeah he doesnt look to be doing too well as of 2022 he has an ex filing for divorce, he hasnt posted on his FB since 2016. Madyson seems to be doing ok – music career never worked out though :D. shocker, right?

  9. Kay

    I watched this episode when it aired back in 2006. I have family member’s addicted to crack so i know how it’s a drug that’s highly addictive and hard to kick.No matter how much Madyson loved him you can’t love someone’s addiction away! There’s parent’s who can’t stop even for the love of their kids. You have to love yourself more and walk away.I was hoping since it’s been 14 yrs when i looked him up he would be clean, happy and maybe married with a wife and kids, it’s sad to see he isn’t. I know people who are clean after 15, 20 yrs of using so there’s always hope! I pray that he do get clean and can one day help someone else struggling with the same demons. Good luck Tim and Congrats to Madyson on moving on with her life and putting herself first.

  10. Ryder

    Why was Tim laying in the storm drain fake crying!!! I don’t really get how they kept allowing their daughter who they were supporting to go through that BS!! He didn’t want to kill his self,it was something he say to get the things he want. I’m sure they heard him say a thousand times, he’s sorry, he’ll stop, he’ll do anything!! I know it’s a form of sickness and i’ve seen people on drugs for 20, 30 yrs and get an stay clean. I just hope one day he’s able to get clean and have a good life. I have a aunt who died from using crack and she went from this amazing, beautiful happy women, to someone who would drag her daughter to crack house’s. She had a stroke from smoking crack, she checked herself out the hospital and 4 hours after the stroke she was found dead in a alley, alone with her crack pipe next to her.

  11. Lenaya

    I can’t help but feel like Madyson’s parents were definitely the stage parent kind….. like the whole thing, the way they acted about her music career, just felt like Madyson was a child star (like someone from Toddlers & Tiaras honestly) rather than a grown adult. Idk how else to describe it lol

  12. Todd

    I watched this episode last night. One thought kept going through my mind – what a phony! I understand that a lot of what happens in reality shows is staged – but this is the first episode I’ve watched where the staging seemed egregious. And that act in the storm drain – man! I don’t know what happened to this guy but I suggest if he had any designs on becoming an actor he should quickly disregard them.

    1. Dahlia

      You seem totally pleasant

      1. Todd

        Hahaha – that was one of the first episodes I watched and I apologize, I guess I was a bit harsh. But I’ve got to say – that guy was such a phony. He was making me cringe. Every other episode I’ve watched, yeah there may have been setups but I found the addicts to actually be addicts. This guy, to me, was just a bad actor, addict or not.

    2. zor

      i definitely agree but i’m not 100% convinced it was staged by the show itself. he was being so phony & manipulative.. the scene in the storm drain *sigh* he did that bc he assaulted her dad & he knew he was busted for it & that he crossed a huge line w/her. you could tell how manipulative it was by how he reacted in the intervention when he started saying *she* needed to be educated on addiction & all that. good lord, it was so manipulative & it hinted at lots of gaslighting (which i’m assuming was a regular part of their relationship). im so glad candy interrupted him & wouldn’t let him finish what he was trying to say. i did not like this guy at all lol, i’m so glad she moved on w/her life.

    3. molly

      lol agree with you and disagree with dahlia – this guy was an asshole through and through and proved it many times throughout the episode. hope madyson is doing great though!

  13. Keith

    Tim’s wife filed for divorce this year and it also looks like in the court dockets that she filed for child custody and child support. I would assume, for good reason, that he is still on drugs due to his 2017 arrest for possession of cocaine, and in the court documents it states that his wife motioned for mental health and substance abuse evaluations and treatment before judgment (not sure if this is for herself or Tim, but either way not a good look for sobriety on Tim’s part to be married to someone on drugs). It’s unfortunate but I can’t say I have much sympathy for the guy. I’m sure he went right back to his manipulative nature during this relationship too. To be honest I didn’t care much for him as a person, drug use or not, I can tell what kind of person he is. I do hope in the future he cleans up his life but I don’t think he will even maintain a healthy relationship. Perhaps he could prove me wrong.

  14. Diane S.

    Even if he was clean as a whistle, I would never like this guy. He is so manipulative and narcissistic, in my opinion. I’m just glad his girlfriend got away from him.

    1. Melissadiana1980

      agreed. I have met people on active addiction who were caring, tried to help others when they could despite all the chaos going on in their lives. then there are others who have gotten clean (and people who never used to begin with) who will manipulate, cheat, exploit others not out of any necessity. it’s just in their personality and the drugs magnify it.

  15. molly

    poor madyson. tim treats her so badly and is so manipulative.

  16. Heather

    I see a lot of comments have a great deal of sympathy for Madison, but I felt like her parents were just looking to use his talent to get their daughter ahead. The mom mentions a record deal when they’re barely playing a sad amusement park gig. He said he once had too many people to work with, so I think they thought if they cleaned him up it would launch her stardom.

    1. Jackie S.

      I know. I thought the same thing. It was laughable actually. Histrionics coming from every side on this shitshow of an episode. Lol

  17. BrookeD

    What struck me was that Tim’s family did not participate in the intervention. That says it all to me. Also, he was left with babysitters all the time. Who knows what happened. He also has OCD, and many folks affected by neurological disorders go on to seek out relief from recreation drugs and alcohol. Tim is acting the way an addict acts: manipulative, needy, and selfish. It’s impossible to know who he is sober from judging him by seeing him in active addiction. Also, Madyson’s parents were 1000000 percent hoping Tim would make Madyson a star.