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S2E4 Heidi

Season 2, Episode 4


Age: 46
Location: California
Addicted to: Shopping, plastic surgery
What’s memorable: How happy she is when she’s shopping. “I’m all the ladies of Sex & the City rolled into one”

Official synopsis: Heidi leads a busy social life and takes great pride in maintaining her health and personal appearance. Unfortunatley, she is addicted to plastic surgery and compulsive shopping. She cites that while she was raped at the age of 16, she blames no one for her need to “fill the void.”

Original Air Date: December 2005
Interventionist: Tara

All comments.

  1. Heidi

    I am so glad Intervention is returning it has changed so many life’s mine included. Being sn addiction counselor myself it is always sad to not to be able to help everyone. Always devastating when you lose some whether it be to relapse or death. Makes one think what more could I have done? The answer is of course nothing as it is the addicts responsibility to change and the counselors responsibility to provide them the tools to change. I am asked about my addiction shopping, do I still shop? Yes of course however not to the extreme as I did before, more like everyone else with limits and a purpose. I now sell New and thoughtfully used Intimates on EBay to supplement my income, I left the link so please take a peek very affordable. So I get the fun of shopping and making extra money very fun

    1. snugs


      It’s so great to hear you are doing well! I hope things just keep getting better for you, thanks for sharing your story with us.

    2. Jai

      Thank you for sharing your story, it was truly very brave of you during one of the weakest times of your life. Be well

    3. Courtney

      Heidi, I am so glad to hear you are doing well now. Your story was very powerful and compelling. I too was sexually assaulted and raped in my late 20s and felt like I had a low sense of self worth. Thankfully, therapy has helped me out and I’m living life to the fullest against. I was told that it is never the victim’s fault when rape happens. I hope you know that you didn’t do anything at all to have it happen to you ever. You are valued, you are loved and worthy. Stay strong always!

  2. Jennifer

    Wait…what do you mean ‘thoughtfully used’?

    1. KD

      Right??! I’m gonna guess it means what we think it does. Though that doesn’t seem like it is written by the same person from the episode, unless English was not Heidi’s first language.

    2. Lo

      It means you get to wear someones “thoughtfully used” G-string. Sign me up. Not.

  3. Ash

    Just took a look at the site HEIDI linked… I can’t say for certain that’s it’s her, but she has A LOT of stuff for sell. Like hundreds of intimate appeal (I saw mostly nightgowns & bras thankfully)…

    Looks like she’s still a shopper.

  4. Dewey

    It’s terrible what happened to her. Hope she is doing well. She has a great mom

    1. Mini

      Wow… sadly, it looks like her addictions are the same. I wish her peace.

      1. Stefan

        How so?

  5. Andy

    Sadly, Heidi’s mom recently passed away. Her mom seemed very sweet and loving of Heidi. RIP.

  6. Silva

    I have watched this show for so long now. Been a “recovering” addict myself I just find it hard to believe this has anything to do with what the show should be about. Not diminishing her addiction but i just dont get it…

    1. Lorelei

      The show is about addictions. This is an addiction. End of story. All addictions are harmful and everyone with an addiction worries their family and loved ones. If you don’t agree with it, just watch the drug and alcohol episodes!

      1. Heidi

        Thank you its Been almost 17 years since that show it was an amazing experience the counseling I had helped me get through the passing of my mom which was a wrongful death in which I won the case it doesn’t bring her back however it made the facility drs culpable for the wrong they did. I love her with every bit of me and never a day I don’t miss her life is not the same without this greatest mom in the world 💔 Since the show I have never over shopped etc. I still go to therapy to keep strong and on track especially after losing my mom etc. As for the things I sold on Ebay my mom and I use to go to Goodwill together and search for designer things in which I sold for Xtra money it was our fun thing to do My mom knew her labels 🏷 I am currently buying a home in Yucaipa have kittys and a shitz zsu dog Big move from San Pedro so live is changing a new chapter. Thank you for watching my story all those years ago it truly saved my life and taught me to know my worth 💝💝