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S2E3 Michael

Season 2 Episode 3


Age: 22
Location: Connecticut
Addicted to: Rage, alcohol, crack
What’s memorable: How scary he is. $20k worth of property damage to his own house. He’s physically abusive to his family. His dad actually prefers it when he’s on crack because he’s not as violent. Scary stuff right there.

Official synopsis:Michael is not the typical addict. However, Michael is inflicting terror in his family by using rage as a means of getting what he wants. His violent actions have put the family at risk for abuse. Can an intervention show Michael the destruction he is causing?

Original Air Date: December 2005
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. snugs

    The bar he goes to is in Seymour, CT.

  2. Jordy

    The synopsis for this episode is the same as Adam, the one below.

  3. Natasha Carriles

    I hate how abusive he was to his dad..hope he’s berter

  4. Ben

    I lived with him in a sober house in Texas a year or so after this episode aired. He couldn’t stop mentioning that he was on the show, like it was a badge of honor or something. Nice kid inside the shell of tough guy. Hope he’s alright today.

  5. Spessie

    Does anyone have any new updates on him? I only wonder if he ever got in control with his temper.

  6. Brooke

    he’s been added to the top ten most unpleasant addicts list. gee what a surprise, he was kicked out after 23 days for threatening other residents. who does this guy think he is?

    1. Stefan

      What’s your top 10?

      1. Brooke

        haha i don’t actually have a top 10, i was just being dramatic, but if i did: gabe the gambler from season 1 would definitely be number 1, followed by cristy from season 2 (with the weird eyebrows), followed by tiffany d from season 10. i don’t care for michael here, and although he’s made the list, the 3 from above are the WORST and are right at the top!! i would have to think about the rest, although i’m sure there are some i’m forgetting that are no-brainers for the list. what about you?

      2. Stefan

        I agree with your pics. I’d add Mark from Season 1 and Betsy from Season 2. I’d also give Marquel from Season 7 and Adam from Season 8 special mentions due solely to how they reacted/behaved at their interventions.

      3. Dizzy

        Derek Season 5 is on my list, probably as high as #2 after you know who.

      4. Brooke

        ohhhh yeah, mark from season 1 is definitely on the list! abandoning his dying wife…wow. good one! i forgot about him. i haven’t seen adam’s episode yet. i actually haven’t seen betsy’s either but only bc i can’t find it online anywhere. it’s unavailable on both hulu and weirdly, i’m not sure if i’d add marquel to my list though (maaaaybe; i’d have to give it some thought), but she sure behaved like a lunatic at her intervention. i’ll definitely agree with you there.

      5. Stefan

        Oh God I forgot about Derek. I’d also probably add Chad to the list as well.

  7. Abby

    This guy seemed like he had some clear sociopathic tendencies, which is not fixable…I hope he ends up in prison before he does something truly horrific.

    1. Bee

      He def has a personality disorder that wasn’t addressed or recognized. I thought it was BPD

      1. Jackie

        For sure he is on the spectrum

    2. Melissity

      What was with that comment about “most people don’t act right and they need to be punished.” Sir, that’s you! I’d definitely agree with that he’s on the sociopathy spectrum.

    3. Diane S

      I agree absolutely.

  8. Peach

    Still no updates? It’s been like 15 years lol.

  9. Diane S

    I think Michael is an asshole. That pretty much sums it up.

  10. Jevon

    You know most of the time I feel sympathy for the addict, considering I have a past myself. But some people are are just pieces of shit with or without the drugs. I feel no sympathy for him at all,that kind of personality usually doesn’t go away. Considering it’s been like 20 years and nobody has anything good to say about him as far as updates speaks volumes to me

    1. Lizard

      Unfortunately, I think your right. Watching this right now and I can barely get through it. He is so detached from reality, he needs some serious help. I hope he gets it one day.

  11. Lauren

    Can’t find any updates on this guy. Wondering if he’s in prison now