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Season 3, Episode 12


Age: 21
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Addiction: Heroin & Cocaine (Speedballs), Bulimia
What’s Memorable: The skin-picking, how badly the drugs have affected her looks, her controlling anorexic mother, her 50-year old boyfriend.

Official synopsis:ย As a child Caylee was an over-achiever from an affluent family. But despite her myriad successes, her mother, Christy, was never satisfied with her. Christy, herself was sexually-abused as a girl, and has hidden her bulimia from her family for 35 years. When Caylee was in grade school, Christy began to teach her daughter to count her calories. In high school, Caylee became a bulimic and began drinking. Now, she is 23 and a bulimic and a heroin addict. She is 80 lbs, and goes to her 50 year-old “boyfriend” for drugs and money. The family wants to help both mother and daughter. If they can find a way to have the mother present for Caylee’s intervention, they can then approach Christy about her bulimia as well.

Original Air Date:ย August 2007
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. cricket

    This episode is one of the saddest ones for me. Caylee is so far gone but really the root of the problem is her mother Christy. She’s so ill and has been for so long that her entire family has been poisoned and Caylee most of all.

    If this show had been done about Christy years ago when she was in the earlier stages of her illness and she had gotten treatment, Caylee probably wouldn’t such a broken little girl.

    Christy’s family has done such a good job of keeping her illness under wraps and trivialized that it is a very good example of one of the things we frequently hear in these stories – “keeping secrets keeps people sick”.

    1. Ashley

      This one really stuck with me. I was curious about her and looked her up. I found some mug shots and one appears to show her with a feeding tube. I really had high hopes for Caylee, I hope she has cleaned up since these were taken.

      1. KD

        Sad. It looks like she’s still getting into trouble:

      2. Nicole

        Here is the Utah county profile. She was only in jail for like two hours thankfully. She probably got bailed out since her bail was so low. I really hope she’s doing ok and getting help now! I’d recommend going to a methadone clinic if she’s still struggling. I had a hard time quitting through rehabs because of my mental health issues that weren’t addressed well. Methadone saved my life!

      3. Nicole

        Ironic that I recommended methadone a couple months ago because guess who was at my clinic this morning? Caylee! At first I was like, “you look really familiar…” And then she told me her name and where she was from and I out two and two together and realized who she was! She said she is doing good and got married so I’m very happy for her! it was so weird to see someone from intervention irl. I just thought I’d share for anyone who wanted an update on Caylee from Intervention. For her privacy I won’t share the name or location of the clinic.

  2. Nicole

    I’m from Utah close to where she is from (about 35 miles away) and people here are all about keeping secrets. I couldn’t tell if her family was LDS/Mormon or not, (with Ed and Bettina the alcoholics it was obvious to me) but most people around here are. It’s ironic bc everyone is so close to each other because of church yet no one really knows the “truth” about anyone because you have to act perfect or risk being judged by everyone you know. Luckily, the culture doesn’t seem to be as bad in SLC but I truly believe that the LDS culture of secrets makes people sicker because they feel they can’t get help for their problems because then someone will find out and then everyone will find out and judge you for “sinning differently” from them. And reality is Mormons are just as sick as any other demographic. They are just better at hiding it.

    I hope Caylee is doing better. Since residential treatment didn’t seem to work for her I hope she considers methadone. There are like 6 clinics in the SLC area alone, which proves my point. People here are just like everyone else. If there were no opiate addicts here then why would there be so many methadone clinics?

    1. Kitty Katt

      Yes, but you can’t hide all the public records and mugshots.
      Plus, they came on this show. Whether Mormon or not, they opened their lives up to everyone who watched it. That includes any Mormons who were part of this show.

  3. Marissa Robyn

    Wow I also forgot about this episode it’s been so long since I’ve seen it!! Nicole how did she look? She seem happy? In glad she’s getting help. I also wonder if her mom still overcame her addiction to exercise. This was a very interesting episode. Hope her dad is happy too he seemed to really wanna help he sure gave her a lot of money. Thanks for updating us Nicole!!

    1. Nicole

      Marissa Robyn – to answer your questions, it’s hard to tell. I don’t want to misjudge anything. She looked tired, and that may be due to the fact that the clinic is open early in the morning, and lots of people roll out of bed with their pajamas on and go dose, or could be due to the fact that she is more figuratively exhausted from her struggles with both mental and physical health problems. Bulimia is no joke, and is very hard on the mind and body, arguably even harder than drugs are. Plus anxiety and depression often co-occur with addictions and eating disorders. Her face seemed thinner, and she has darker hair now (light brown) so I didn’t immediately recognize her. She said she is doing better now than she was then, and that she recently got married which is awesome! I asked her “what was it like to be on Intervention? did they portray things correctly…?” She said she knew nothing about the show then since it was 2007 and it was still new, and before we could continue our conversation I was up next to dose, so we were cut short. That being said I didn’t get a chance to ask how her mom is doing. I was disappointed because I was very interested in what she had to say. I’ll probably run into her again eventually and if I do I’ll ask her how she’s doing. I told her I added her on fb after watching her episode and I’ve thought about messaging her on fb but I don’t want to come across as weird or pushy or something. She seems like a very sweet girl who has fought a hard battle. I truly wish her all the happiness in the world! She deserves it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. ar

        Isn’t this a HIPPA violation?

      2. Prairie Gal

        HIPPA regulates health-care workers, not ordinary people.

      3. Margery

        HIPAA does not just pertain to healthcare workers. But either way, no, what she said was not a HIPAA violation.

    1. Ash

      I hope that’s a wake up call & she’s working on her issues ๐Ÿ™ Good luck & Godspeed

    2. Morgan

      Sad. She was arrested 3 days ago! Please get help Caylee! We are rooting for you! I have 2 years sober off heroin on December 11 th… you can do it girl!

  4. Christine

    Sadly, it appears that she was arrested again on 3/21/16 and it says she is currently in jail as of 4/26/16. Wishing you all the best Caylee.

    1. Nicole

      Well I guess that explains why ihaven’t seen her at the methadone clinic lately! I hope she is doing ok! I really have been touched by her story and meeting her in person made me feel even more connected to her like I want her to succeed so badly! Is it just me or is it sometimes easier to cheer on other addicts or people w mental health problems than yourself?

  5. Dewey

    Looks like she was caught again last week. There is a tiny pic that doesn’t look anything like her

  6. Amanda

    I just seen on her facebook page, on thanksgiving, she gets to spend another thanksgiving sober, so maybe she’s been off/on sober…she’s on facebook under Caylee Wiles Dean

  7. Tobie

    Wonder how both her and her mother are doing these days

    1. KJ

      Thanks for sharing. Very sad to see she’s been arrested again – one year to the date of her last arrest? Mugshot is difficult to see but indicative of how she’s doing-not well. Continued prayers for her.

  8. Drugs suck

    Sad. Wonder if she has kids. She was such a pretty girl

  9. Andy

    This is her FB. She doesn’t look well.

  10. Nickel

    OMG she looks absolutely horrible!

    1. kitty katt

      You’re not kidding. She’s obviously has been hitting it hard these past few years as her face says it all.

  11. Kitty Katt

    Looks like she may have gotten married? Last name changed?

  12. KenzieKenz

    I just looked up her facebook and she looks absolutely awful! Her addicted has taken a toll on her, she used to be so beautiful. This just shows how bad addiction can get. She is constantly in and out of jail. I pray she gets the help that she needs.

  13. Toreigh

    She was arrested again recently for driving under the influence of alcohol. She used to be such a beautiful girl. Its a shame.

  14. berlyn

    She just violated probation and is probably going away. God, she looks like she’s in her 50’s. So heartbreaking, she was so talented

  15. Lesa

    Wonder how Caylee is now-? Wishing her & her family all the best ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Kitty Katt

      She’s still at it then stops (because she goes to jail). She also was clean for a while and she would post everyday to get the support h.e needed.

      I know you should comment on a person’s look but her look changed dramatically to me.

      At one point, she was married. Divorced pretty quickly

  16. Kitty Katt

    Well, according to public records, she’s currently imprisoned on a felony charge. Her last FB post was the day she was going to court for violating probation. She hasn’t posted since and now I know why (she was very active on FB before). I don’t know how long her sentence is but she’s been in there since 2018.

    I felt so sorry for her father. He was dealing with 2 very sick family members. I don’t understand how her mother could just move away to live her own life knowing how sick she is and how sick her child is. To leave her husband to handle all of this while he’s working a full time job is just unbelievable to me. You can tell how much he loved them both especially when he gave his wife flowers when she came home. Then she gets pissed off and storms off because of a comment made that she didn’t like. Seriously. Then Caylee wondering “where’s my mom” when she sees her take off.

    I hope the rest of the family has healed. Perhaps being in prison, just might have saved Caylee because before that, she certainly was still very active in her addiction and her anorexia. I hope she got some help and education while being in prison so she can come out clean, sober and ready for employment.

    1. Todd

      I was curious so I double checked. Sure enough, the Facebook page of Caylee Wiles Dean has not been heard from since 10/9/18. Interestingly enough though – there is a Facebook page for a Caylee Dean (it’s the same girl) that has an updated photo from 1/2/21. Nothing since. It’s definitely the same girl. She does look healthier in the 2021 pic. I don’t know for sure but maybe she got out of jail in 2021? Hence the healthier look. I’ll tell you, the shots from 2016 and 2018 are not good. Maybe time in the can did her some good. That’s if in fact the 2021 pic is legit. For all I know she could still be in jail. Now I’m really curious so I’m gonna go watch her episode again, haahhaha. If anyone does know her current situation – can you please let us know? Thanks in advance.

      1. Cat

        She seems to have a few profiles. I canโ€™t believe how different she looks. So sad. And the pouty face in almost every pic makes her look worse. She looks rough.

  17. Nivey

    Oh man this episode! I recently re watched it on Tubi and was horrified! Poor Caylee, what a decline! Her mother was unbearable to watch! The scene of them in the living room when she was asking Caylee if she looked: “good skinny, or bad skinny?” WTF? Her daughter was sitting there doped out, frail, sick, scabs all over and her moms concern was HERSELF! I was in shock and beyond disturbed! I know her mother has her own trauma to work on, but when you’re a parent you put your children first always! Honestly with this toxic family dynamic, (poor Dad), I’m not surprised to see Caylee is still struggling! Very sad, definitely one of the more memorable older episodes. I pray that Caylee can find recovery and happiness someday soon! Xo

    1. Jimi Cioli

      Iโ€™ve been in and out of recovery for a long time so I know how hard it is. When I say the newer pics I thought it could not be the same girl. I hope she does well. I was clean half my life and then my wife was killed by a drunk driver and I got cancer. I relapsed. Clean again 1 year. She had a rough time. Hang in there Caylee

      1. Me

        You hang in there too

  18. Melissadiana1980

    I can’t find this episode

    1. Shi

      It’s on Hulu. And I think as well.

      1. Melissadiana1980

        I checked A&E and the episode isn’t there. I’m hesitant to try hulu in case it’s the same.