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Season 3, Episode 2


Age: 34
Location: Northern California
Addiction: Anorexia
What’s Memorable: The extent to which Kim hates herself is truly disturbing. She is clearly mentally ill, just completely drowning in her horrible thoughts.

Official synopsis: Kim is a beautiful 34-year-old make-up artist who grew up a cheerleader and popular. But fearing her good looks and slim figure were deteriorating, Kim turned to bulimia and anorexia. Now Kim’s weight issues have taken over her life. She is entrenched in a divorce with her high school sweetheart, who she still loves dearly. She’s moved in with her mother and stepfather, with whom she can’t get along. Kim’s needs have taken over the household and no one believes it can get better unless Kim agrees to get help.

Original Air Date: March 2007
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. MissLeopard83

    This episode was very hard to watch. Kim’s pain was very clear – that is unmistakeable. However, I think it was also hard for me to watch it because of how manipulative she was toward her family – her mother especially. Having her mother leave work to care for her when she was feeling suicidal and then saying later that she didn’t need her mother’s help was incredibly hurtful. I seriously hope she received the help she needed and that she is still in recovery.

  2. Nicole

    I feel like there was something missing from Kim’s story possibly, like maybe sexual abuse. I say that because Ive seen the effects it can have on someone (myself) and Kim seems to have similar effects. Hopefully that’s not the case. I’m glad her mom knows where lots of the problems started and seems to show compassion on her. I was disappointed that her biological father didn’t show up to the intervention. I hope she is doing well today!

    1. MissLeopard83

      I agree. I wonder if her ex-husband did something or if she was abused while in college. Her mom was amazing – she is a nurse, too. I would find it difficult to live in the same house with Kim because of her suicidal/homicidal ideations (the way she talked about how she wanted someone to give her “a gun with a silencer” in front of her stepfather gave me the creeps). I don’t know how they live with her.

    2. A.S.

      Not necessarily sexual abuse but she certainly does show a lot of the signs. Thank you for saying this.

  3. Lfw

    This episode is the one that made me question the show’s validity. I really had the feeling that most of the family were actors (especially Kim’s mother) because they were so overly dramatic. Or maybe so much of it was staged it just didn’t seem to be genuine? I never had that feeling with any other episode, but this one had my radar up that something wasn’t sitting right with the way the people acted.

    1. MissLeopard83

      I do agree that it did seem a little bit over dramatic, but I think Kim’s narcissistic personality overshadowed everyone. It felt a lot like a soap opera.

    2. Alice Schmid

      agreed, 100%

      1. Alice Schmid

        except that the photos are of the same people from 30 years prior.

  4. chris m

    How utterly dysfunctional everyone in the family was with the exception of the step dad. Then the neice starts exibiting the similar eating behaviors. Jeez Louise

  5. Jojo

    Just watching this epidode.
    I wonder how she is? This is clearly a mental health issue more than an eating disorder.
    She needs meds.

  6. Flo

    I just watched on Amazon. Wondering about updates

  7. Stefan

    I’m pretty sure this was the first episode of Intervention I ever saw, and wow did it disturb me. Probably because I saw a lot of myself in Kim.

  8. Sandra

    Eating disorders ARE mental illnesses. They are not being overly dramatic. People think they know what anorexia is but … let me tell you… you don’t. It kills 25 percent of young people who have it and nearly 50 percent of adults who have it. We have been struggling to keep our daughter alive for 4 years. It is a nightmare of “unreality”. There is little than can be done to help after they turn off 18. I sometimes wish she had cancer because then she would want to get better and we would have a chance. She wouldn’t lie and lash out at the people who want to help her and love her. Hard core mental illness. Devastating. Kim is not the worst… fairly typical. My heart bleeds for people who suffer from this and their families. Little help, little understanding, little support for adult sufferers and their families.. Believe me, it isn’t staged. It isn’t.

    1. Isabelle

      Hope you’re doing okay Sandra. My son has anorexia too and it’s a hideous disease

  9. Hailey

    Her family is horrendous

  10. Adam

    I can’t believe how much of a difference 16 lbs made, she looked really good. I hope she’s doing well but in all honesty I’d be surprised if she is.

  11. Marie-Claire Pinet

    How guys dare you guys judge her or her family? They suffer bad enough. If you had this disease or knew someone who had it you’d never say ” horrendous ” or ” narcissic ”.

  12. Alice Schmid

    Just noticed they are Mormon! This explains a lot! Total respect for Mormons —don’t get me wrong. But there I a pressure for perfection in the culture, and it accounts for a lot of this behavior being prevalent in the Mormon community.

    1. Stefan

      As far as I’m concerned the only good Mormon is a former Mormon. That’s not a threat of death mind you but they should leave that cult.

      1. ANON

        I feel this way about most religious fundamentalists. I used to work for a Catholic who was ultra conservative. Home schooled his kids so they didn’t have to interact with people who weren’t Catholic. Mail order will from the Philippines that he controlled with money and manipulating the kids. And a bizarre and disturbing obsession with his oldest son who he brainwashed from an early age into wanting to be a priest. Oh and he named all of his kids after himself girls and boys. He was super controlling and narcissistic, only hired catholics or people who he knew he could control so they would do his dirty work. He tried to convert me and another young woman to Catholicism and frequently questioned why I was single and didn’t have kids. What was the most disturbing was how he interacted with his children.

        At a company picnic his young sons had to follow him around. His wife wasn’t allowed to talk to any of the other women at the party, probably to keep her from realizing how bizarre her husband was. When his kid wanted to play with some of the other children at the party, he had to stand in front of his father with his face towards the ground and practically grovel. And even then he was only allowed to watch the other kids and couldn’t speak to or interact with them.

        The kicker though is he was eventually forced to send his oldest son to regular school, but as soon as it was over he would pick him up and lock him in a spare office until it was time to leave for the day. When I accidentally walked in there one day he was standing with his face in the corner of the room muttering scripture to himself. That was his leisure activity.

        I pray for those kids every night because they will absolutely completely go wild the second they are free of his control. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they spiraled into addiction or criminal behavior or both.

      2. Judy Lewis

        I agree! As a former Mormon, I was raised that my only job was to get married, sealed in the temple, pop out babies and preferably be a stay at home mom.. When our bishop told me that I was the reason we couldn’t get sealed in the temple cause I drank green tea (Meanwhile my ex-husband was addicted to porn and the bishop knew this) and that it was my job to support my husband in his addiction but I could easily stop drinking green tea.

        The best thing I did was get divorced and move away from that community and now I have my life.. I can also drink all the green tea I want and go swimming on Sundays XD

  13. Marge

    Not to armchair-diagnose, but Kim has obvious borderline personality disorder. Her manipulation tactics are clearly subconscious cries for help. She only gets attention when she hurts herself, no wonder she constantly resorts to it. Her family openly resents her presence. Truly painful to watch. I feel so much empathy for her and I hope she found peace.

  14. Isabelle

    I hope she has fully recovered now and her niece hasnt been affected too badly by Kim’s illness