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Season 3, Episode 1


Age: 23
Location: Southern California
Addiction: OxyContin
What’s Memorable: I learned more about OxyContin in this one episode than I have anywhere else. Ryan is one of the more unpleasant and apathetic addicts profiled on this show, he’s really very unlikeable here, but I blame the Oxy. Severe apathy is a side effect of long-term use. Also memorable: the shooting up with friends in the house with the kids, the alcoholic stepfather.

Official synopsis: From the outside, Ryan and his family look picture perfect. They live in a beautiful house in an upscale northern California neighborhood. But inside, their world is falling apart. Ryan, once a talented drummer who was awarded a music scholarship to the state university, is addicted to opiates. He injects OxyContin up to 15 times a day. His moods swing wildly from needy to hostile, and his family no longer knows how to deal with him or help him. Their only hope is an intervention.

Original Air Date: March 2007
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. macobsession

    He is from my city. In fact, the family lives around the corner from me but I don’t know them.

    1. Junior Sicairos

      I know where he is from . He is from either Fresno or Clovis , California , right ? And do you know how he is doing ? I was moved by his story but rather upset when I was left questioning how he is .

      1. Marybeth L.

        I just saw Ryans episode tonight. I,myself, have been wondering the rest of the evening what happened with him. Id appreciate any update.

  2. Gregory Moore

    I dunno, he doesn’t seem utterly “hopeless” to me, as a person. He does display the selfish behavior of a pampered, overly doted-upon only son. Maybe that’s something that he has outgrown (or will someday outgrow). He’s definitely got his issues. The person whom I feel was portrayed, perhaps, a bit unfairly, is the stepfather. Who knows how a person reacts when living day-to-day with someone as out of control as Ryan? It seemed to me as if the stepfather was painted to be a “bad guy” in Ryan’s life–and one with an alcohol problem of his own. And that seemed overly harsh to me. Frankly, if I had to put up with a stepchild as horrifying as Ryan was at the time of this show…I’d be headed toward the bottle too!

  3. Cyndi

    Ryan definitely is someone I would trust as far as I could throw him. He seems very charming and can talk a good game, but he’ll steal your wallet and help you look for it. I don’t blame his step-father for being the way he is. Ryans behavior is out of control and I’m not just talking about drug-wise…the tantrum he threw when he was in his mother’s closet when she was just asking where he was going for the night. She had the money in her hand! How hard would it have been to bite your tongue, graciously accept the money and tell her where he was going. That whole scene could have been avoided if he stopped for just one second and thought about what was going on.

    1. Petra

      When your addicted to drugs all reason and politeness and level headedness goes out the window… in the moment you don’t care and usually would never behave that way if sober. It’s like trying to reason with a out of control toddler.

  4. Jimmie

    He was very immature and I had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to follow the rules once in treatment. I was honestly surprised he went as easy as he did. I thought he would put up a fight. Does anyone have an update on how he is doing now?

  5. John

    If you watch his follow up episode with Hubert you will see he has moved on to heroin, after getting assaulted and robbed he checks back into oasis on a court order if he’s kicked out he goes to jail, he displays some changes but not much he eventually does get kicked out for pranking his exs work but lucky for him he recieved another chance from a judge to try another facility, I wish Ryan the best along with his stepfather, most compelling episode in my opinion was Ryan’s original episode

  6. Linn

    Just found out that my son has been addicted to prescription drugs and has used for 15 yrs. Sad is that I always had my suspicions but believed him. He has had Ryan’s personality for a very long time, always so angry. Watching this, was like watching my son. I am curious to know what ever happened to Ryan.

    1. John

      If you see my previous comment ryan unfortanetly never saw the end of the addiction tunnel not implying he is dead or anything like he is very well still alive but unfortanetly I’m more than sure he is either still in Oasis or Addicted somewhere else.

    2. morgan

      he passed away in 2012

      1. Dizzy

        Hi Morgan, is there anything online that I can look at to verify this? Thanks.

      2. Hannah

        Confirmed that his name is Ryan Braswell. Parents are Greta and Paul Gregory. I can’t find any information on a death. Looks like he’s still living at home in Fresno according to the web. We all know how accurate that can be though. Still digging for information. I would really like to know what happened to him.

      3. Lisa Newberry

        There is a pic of him at his biological dad’s house celebrating fathers day this past June, 2019. So he is alive, anyway, at least..

      4. Laura

        Just found him on FB. Updated new photo four days ago. He potentially has a child

  7. jack

    I really felt for this kid. He looked so completely empty. The worst thing for someone on narcotics is to throw in some real and actual physical pain.. and he gets hit by a car trying to pick up! and the scene of him and stepdad in the yard together but so far away. ya i definitely felt for this kid.

    Is This ‘Ryan’ or Died?
    Ryan Creedon?
    – I can’t find whether they are the same person or not. Anyone Know?

    1. John

      I believe his name is Ryan Braswell, I’ve had several
      Sources confirm this and his episode is simply titled ‘Ryan’ it’s season 3 episode 1

  8. kristy

    Wow sad news if true!

  9. kristy
    heres his facebook looks like hes alive and living in Hawaii somewhere

    1. Janelle

      And there’s a photo in there of him smoking pakalolo, so he’s not clean or sober.

      1. Ryan Paul

        How can you tell what I’m smoking?

      2. Janelle

        I don’t think it’s a candy cigarette dude. Own your shit, little boy!!!

      3. Halley

        If he’s happy, why do we care, like w/e? Why do we judge. I don’t understand people.

  10. Kyle

    Ryan is fine, he’s sending his love! More seriously though, Ken Seeley, the interventionist, is the moderator of the Anonymous and Homeless and Sober Living sections of the harm reduction website Ken has posted almost 10,000 post on bluelight under the moniker PriestTheyCalledHim, so if you want to know more you might as well shuffle over to these forums! In the Intervention thread, Ken makes me laugh because Ryan shows up in the thread and say “Hi! remember me, I was the one shooting the roxys; I was so bad back then but nowadays but today I’m so good I don’t have to fish for veins…”.
    Ken replies immediately and asks if he (Ryan) has asked forgiveness to his mother for being rude and cursing at her on TV! Ken is a riot sometimes. And I agree: he tends to have some of the worst addicts on the show.

    1. Ryan Paul

      Kyle, this is Ryan. Do you make this crap up? I’ve never contacted Ken. I’ve never used that website. Also. Never had to fish for veins. I’m healthy as a horse. Comments like yours make me wish I could meet you in person. Nothing about your comment holds any truth. Nothing, except I’m fine.
      The real Ryan

  11. Ryan Paul

    What a odd, bizzare bunch of comments. This is Ryan. For those of you who use my last name, watch TV and think it’s real or are saying I’m dead or posting my Facebook link. You are the sad and pathetic ones. I didn’t know who the hell I was when I was conned into doing that show. Verbatim. I told them. All I want to do is help people.

    They asked me to move home to film. Told me they would pay me. I moved out at 17 because I had a job and plenty going for me. The camera men constantly lied to me about when filming. The crew was clearly trying to make me angry. Glad you ate it up. The rehab they sent me to was a joke. Got kicked out for having googly eyes with a girl after being there 6 months absolutely nothing happened. Just googly eyes. Went to a sober living house. Finished my sentence. Never been to jail. I was hollow. Full of pain. In a fake family that taught me nothing of values. Yeah. I just live in Hawaii and snow bird to Juneau. Make 50 an hour. Fortunately this show is behind me. None of you know me. If you want to, message me on Facebook. Apparently everyone knows it already and it’s not Ryan braswell. I still smoke. Drink on occasion and thats smoke weed. Cigarettes are gross. Now may I ask every detail about your lives? Ever hear I had horrible eye surgery at a year, 5 and 17 years old. Blind in one eye. Suffered severe depression, had friends that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough? You don’t hear that part. But everything you see on TV is real. I swear to God. I don’t even watch TV especially reality TV. For the record. I regret nothing. You can never truly find out who you are until realized everything you thought you were or know is complete garbage. So. I’m alive. I can say I’m almost genuinely happy. I have never had any health problems including complications from drugs. Also. I did not know that show was going to be on TV like 90 percent of people on it. Those people are evil involved in that show and those rehabs are evil. I asked for help well before show. My parents bless them taught me nothing about living life. I have relapsed. It’s all life. I’m alive. I’m glowing. I have more life in me than most people you will ever meet. So, let’s talk. That means two people talking. Not a bunch of pschcopaths speculating. Did I say I live in Hawaii. Going on 7 years. So. As shocked and saddened I am about reading these comments. I’m not too bothered. I just wonder how people come up with this shit. Also. I have never contacted Ken Seeley albeit he did nothing for me and is an over paid piece of crap just like sudy or one of the lead films. Wow. This show only made my life worse, I have finally gotten over it. I had to set that straight. My first time ever to this page. This show made my life extremely difficult while I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Thanks for the support. Now go watch some more tv.
    The real Ryan.

    1. rae

      I can definately see why you’d be frustrated, but at the end of the show it says court ordered. Key reason to why people keep assuming jail time. I hope all is well out on the islands. Sorry to hear you feel that way about the show, i completely understand how if a lot of people know you or your family, or if someone has a few gossipers. i know a lot of the episodes hit home for me. Yours mainly because of the age and how I’d imagine my parents talking about me at this age and your episode is 10yrs old now.

      Again, hope all is well and that you found peace. The ocean always felt like a breath of fresh air since i moved to the coast

    2. Janelle

      My apologies for tearing you a new a-hole, but….

      You may be opiate-free, but you still seem to have the same bad attitude you had when your episode was shot. Obviously I don’t know you, so I can’t say whether you’ve got a personality disorder or not, but judging from your posts here you seem to have some narcissistic and antisocial qualities, and if I did meet you, I’d probably quickly conclude that you’re someone I’d do well not to hang out with.

      Your brains and good looks can only take you so far in life – if you can’t own your shit, follow rules or get along with other people then your life will be a letdown. I’m sure you’ve heard that from Jim Antonovich once or twice.

    3. Jude

      Wow, you may be sober but you certainly haven’t dealt with your issues in the least. What an angry, ungrateful person you sound like. And no, I’m not assuming that because of the show but because of this post published just a few months ago by “the real Ryan.” Let me tell you something, bud: the real Ryan isn’t coming across any better than the Ryan I saw on that show.

      I hope you find the help you need because based on that post, on what you’re choosing to present to people, you sure as shit still need it.

    4. Ned Hanson

      What in the world do you do in Hawaii to earn $50 an hour??? WOW!

      1. Elizabeth

        I don’t know what pays $50/hour in Hawaii but it’s crazy expensive to live there so that really won’t go far…

    5. Laura

      so on one hand, you want us to be more empathetic to your situation because of your blindness, depression, and all the deception of the “intervention” crew in your episode…and then you boast and sling class trash about living high off the hog in hawaii and alaska…figure it out, man.

    6. Raf Soto

      I believe you ryan who cares about these trolls! I hope all is well. I was freaked out about that coordinator of “oasis” he had a dark, sinister way to him & I felt he wanted you out of there and in jail. I couldn’t stand the way he treated you. Anyways good luck on your journey in life man best wishes.

    7. tiff edwards

      y’all should be ashamed. most don’t know what being on tv does to someone, and it’s been so long… ppl change! not to mention everyone calling him a liar… u guys weren’t there! it’stv they’ll do anything to make the show better! i’m a recovering addict myself… almost five years sober, and it’s hard. so be happy for him instead of all the judgement. we all do things we’re not so proud of!

    8. Dahlia

      What a jerk. Clearly nothing changed in between the episode airing and now.

    9. Kitty Katt

      “As shocked and saddened I am about reading these comments. I’m not too bothered.”

      Your comment says the exact opposite.

  12. Dewey

    Congrats Ryan. Good for you buddy????

  13. Mskater

    Thanks Ryan for the update (not that you owed anybody one). I was concerned and curious to be honest. I struggle with similar issues and I’m rooting for your story to have a happy ending:]

  14. Foo

    Ryan are you still suffering from depression? It’s a bitch. Especially when growing up. I know.

    It’s all good.

  15. anonymous

    You should sue them for false pretenses and deception.

  16. Jess

    Highly doubt he’s clean and sober but whatever.

  17. Jess

    Also anyone notice Ken’s lips look..normal here? I don’t know how to describe what I’m saying without people taking offense but in the newer episodes it looks like his lips are thinner and almost… I don’t know I can’t explain it but it just looks different. Upset that I’ll never be able to marry Ken but im happy for him and his partner! Lol so handsome when he was younger like in this episode. Don’t get mad at me everyone! Im not trying to offend or make anyone mad!

    1. Stefan

      I think he’s gotten better with age.

  18. Toreigh

    Watched his follow up epiaode from 07. Watched it mainly for Hubert cause I havent seen ryans episode. But from what they showed, he seemed like a priviledged jerk with a drug problem. Like No said haven’t seen his episode so I’m not sure if he had trauma or triggers. But I didnt much care for him. Accorsing to his follow up, which again was in 07, he wasnt able to stay clean was court ordered to a year in treatment, at a couet follow up he was thrown under the bus by the owner of oasis, ans ultimately thrown out of the center. He was apparently sober as of may 25, 2007. Though I didnt care much for him through this episode, I hope he as well as all the others are sober and doing well.

  19. Natalie D

    I never noticed a privileged jerk or anything like that. The family dynamic is what interested me in this episode. I saw a fked up family and a lot of hurting. This episode was true as fk. By that I mean his pain is obvious. In my opinion, all of the negative comments are lacking compassion. I don’t understand why someone would watch this episode and go seek out a forum like this then proceed to leave rude comments. I watch intervention to remind myself where I never want to go back to, but also to feel empathy for others who have been through similar situations. I usually never leave comments, but I also haven’t seen such negativity on this forum.

    1. ccharlesberresford

      I agree. Beneath the addiction he has a vulnerability and sweetness to him. Like when he’s holding the baby. And I agree with his mom that he’s really needed a dad, and the semi-absent father figures have been really hard on him.

  20. Brooke

    here’s his current fb: . can’t tell where he is but he’s engaged. he also has a pic with 2 little kids, not sure if they are his or not. this guy has issues, i wouldn’t put much stock in what he says above. it’s full of lies. he lied about his name, it IS ryan braswell. . also, the follow-up clearly said he was in court ordered treatment so he obviously was arrested at some point. intervention doesn’t make that stuff up. they are very careful, in fact. also, they do NOT pay people. i also 100% believe he was conversing with ken in the bluelight thread. i know for a fact ken posts as PriestTheyCalledHim. i don’t know why ryan braswell would lie about that, i mean who cares?? i don’t like his attitude.

  21. ccharlesberresford

    I’ve seen his episode a few times and that director of the rehab never ceases to CREEP the FUARK out of me. The way he has two “guards” flank him at all times, the “I can hear the anger in your voice”, even that weird hair color, there is something incredibly off-putting and sociopathic about him. I can see how he’d easily make someone worse.

    1. Person

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got super-bad vibes from the rehab director. He seemed a little TOO interested in making sure Ryan never had a relationship. Was he jealous? Projecting his own issues?

  22. Fay

    True. Rehab guy was a bit imposing 🙄🤔🤷‍♀️

  23. ccharlesberresford

    Does anyone know what happened to Oasis? It looks like the treatment center closed down and now it’s just sober living. The Facebook page is weird – no posts since 2017 and then suddenly a bunch of pics from Jim’s travels in China this past summer. The reviews on Google and Yelp are chilling, many of them echo that Jim (the creepy owner) has a “God complex”. Seems like the only people who do well here are those who love being beaten into submission.

    Oh also the website seems to not have been updated since 2013 and only exists through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I went to the fb link you pasted and I’ve seen the last update was 9/7/19. I scrolled briefly down and noticed that the owner just recently passed away. Didn’t go through the whole page so I’m not sure if there is much more information.

  24. Raina

    He when to treatment too easily, I saw right thru him. Where is he now?? probably death or still using who knows…

  25. Isabelle

    Ryan’s bad attitude aside, the footage of him at his friends house shooting up….2 small children in that home and it looked like mum & dad are junkies!
    Truly hope someone helped those kids

  26. Vicki
    As of 2021 it looks like he has a beautiful wife and family and seems to be doing well and helping others. So glad he chose life

  27. Jason G.

    He has a twitter profile too, also shows the pic of him holding a baby. His “liked tweets” are upsetting (to me) but not surprising.