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S4E20 Phillip

Season 4, Episode 21


Age: 44
Location:  Southern California
Addiction: Alcohol (Peppermint Schnapps)

What’s memorable:  How much potential he had in the music industry before he started drinking, the sad but loving he has relationship with his daughter, how much he shakes when he needs to drink, the fact that he’s drinking Peppermint Schnapps. And that amazing followup. He looked so good!

Official Synopsis: A 44-year-old singer and songwriter, Phillip used music to escape the pain of an unstable childhood. He gained fame due to his charisma and musical talents, but Phillip now consumes up to four pints of peppermint schnapps a day. He lost his career, the love of his life, and the respect of his family. Can Phillip break the grip of addiction before he loses the most precious relationship in his life, the one he shares with his 11-year-old daughter?

Original Air Date: August 2008
Interventionist:  Jeff

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  1. Janelle

    I can’t remember much about this episode, but what stands out today, many years after having seen it, is at the very end when his treatment counselor says something to the effect of “Philip didn’t just go through the motions to get sober, he embraced sobriety.” When an addict becomes that committed to sobriety the odds of relapse go way down. I’d put him in the same category as Sylvia and Hubert.

  2. Nick

    He was in southern cali

  3. Chicky

    Any updates on phillip

  4. Hector

    I’m surprised this episode only has a few comments so far. It is one of the most memorable episodes for me. It really touched me because Phillip reminded me on my alcoholic dad. The family’s intervention made me bawl my eyes out more than any other episode. What a beautiful loving family! I’m so pleased that he was doing great in his update. He physically looked 10 years younger and his demeanor was like a completely different person. His face is lit up and filled with hope. Any news about him since then?

    1. Victoria Peck

      Phillip as a person made me cry. Such a good person and loved his daughter so much. This is one of my top favorite episodes. I am so happy he is sober

  5. Colleen

    I just hope Philips daughter is okay as a child of two alcoholic parents who became an alcoholic myself I felt her pain most of all

  6. Denise

    It’s 2018 & I just saw this episode. I would love to know if the song Phillip sang at the end to his daughter is available??????

    1. Veronica

      I can’t find this episode anywhere. Where did you watch it?

  7. Christina Sanchez

    Dose anyone know What is the update on him and the family?

  8. Phillip Guzman Jr.

    Hello everyone! I’m still alive fighting a good fight. I returned to Southern Vs in 2013 to be in Cristina’s life. We are very close and I am truly blessed to have such a close relationship with her. I live blocks away from Sky and 20 miles from Gina and Candace. Thank you for your comments, Phillip
    I’m on FB as Phillip Guzman Jr

    1. Denise

      Thank you for the update. Glad you’re still practicing sobriety & reaching for new goals. Your music ability is inspiring. But what about that beautifully haunting song you sang for your daughter at the end of the Intervention episode? Did you ever record it? Is it available for download on iTunes?? It was very touching. Wish I had recorded it.

    2. Laura Lea

      Phillip Guzman Jr. I just watched your intervention and was searching for updates on you. I am thrilled to see your response and the wonderful progress you have made. The depth of your emotions, your beautiful emotional music and enormous love shown by you and your family, really melted my heart. I am so very proud of you. I sincerely hope your music is available so that I can purchase and enjoy it. May God continue to Bless You and Your family. I’m on FB too Laura Lea in NY.

    3. lucia reynoso

      I love how I could feel the love for your hija. You can be head of family yes but she is the special soft spot and that’s precious. She’s a beautiful girl and I’m glad you turned it around for her and you’ll get to watch her grow into adulthood, and wait til she gives you a granddaughter, then you’ll have TWO spot spots!

    4. Pang

      Thanks for giving an update- glad to hear things were going so well that many years after the intervention and I hope they are still!

    5. Lisa

      Hi Phillip, I am watching the episode right now and from your update I hope you are still doing well. Your story is an exact match to mine. While I was not the drinker in my familia (8 kids). There were a few as well as my mother who died from it . Just watching you. Your speech, deamener etc. When you were shaking and vomiting and just not feeling good I got goosebumps. It was like I was back at the time when I went thru that with my brother and mom . I pray you are still doing well. God bless you Phillip.

    6. Kara Bishop

      Hi Phillip! I’ve only cried on maybe two more episodes of intervention but it wasn’t throughout the whole episode. When I watched your episode I cried so much tears streaming down my face especially when you were with your daughter and that the end also when you were singing to your daughter! You have a beautiful and loving family! God bless you and your family!

    7. Kara Bishop

      PS I looked at your Facebook and your daughter is so beautiful and grown-up and it was nice to see so many pictures of her throughout your Facebook you look very happy and so does she! Your episode is definitely one of my absolute favorite! Again God bless!

  9. James Sasser

    glad to hear brother, my wife and I just watched your episode and were rooting hard for ya. God Bless!

  10. Andy

    I’m so glad you’re still doing well Phillip. I loved your episode and you have a very sweet family!

  11. Brooke

    aww, i’m happy he’s doing so well! he seems like such a great guy. the “i love you’s” during the intervention were interesting, never seen that before. i can only assume he was feeling unloved and really needed to hear it. i hope he feels his family’s love.

  12. ale

    one of my favorite episodes. I want to check out his music.

  13. Gretchen

    I was truly touched by love Phillip had for his daughter and the song he sang for her at the end. If anyone wants to hear it again., here is the link:

  14. Martha

    How is Philip not in the Most Liked Addicts?? This is my favorite episode and the episode that has the emotional impact on me. It’s obvious that Phillip is a genuinely good person and his family love him so much. His daughter is absolutely adorable and she is so strong during the intervention. I hope Phillip and Theresa are happy and sober today, and I’m do happy that they are working for the rehab center that saved Phillip.