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Season 7, Episode 6


Age: 23
Location: Pasco County, Florida
Addiction: Oxycontin
What’s memorable: The old guy boyfriend who takes care of her and really truly seems to love and care about her. He’s sober and wants her to quit using; he honestly doesn’t realize how he enables her. I was surprised at how much sympathy I had for him by the end. Also, Sarah’s a really interesting and complex person who knows she’s messed up but doesn’t know how to not be, and at times it’s just heartbreaking. She’s loudly crying out for help, and no one seems to know how to help her. The scene at the restaurant, ugh. She’s so clearly telling them she needs their help and not to just walk away again. Good on them for stepping up and doing something about it.

Official synopsis:  Raped when she was 14 and feeling abandoned by her family, Sarah turned to drugs, even becoming a stripper to support her drug habit. She’s prohibited by the courts from seeing her three-year-old son, and now lives with a man who is more than twice her age and manages a massage parlor. Can an intervention save her from her self-destructive lifestyle?

Original Air Date: January 2010

Interventionist:  Jeff

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  1. Susan

    I hope Sarah is still sober.

    1. mikey

      I believe she is still sober. I found her mugshot online from before the show aired and that was the last one. There hasn’t been any since, so thats a good sign. Even though I don’t truly know her, I feel that her being tagged as a “most likeable addict” is on point. I hope she continues to do well and stay strong not only for her son but herself too.

  2. Tuck79

    She is sober and doing great.

  3. bill

    possible bump in the road?

    you’re a strong, beautiful woman Sarah! We all make mistakes, you can get through this!

    1. K

      Her mother was my teacher in high school around the airing of this episode, NPR is a small-ish area. I’ve heard through the grapevine that she’s still been struggling with addiction issues. I really feel for her and her mother, there are a lot of kids around here who say her mother saved them by being the only supportive person they had.

  4. Jenna

    anyone have an update on her? She was incredibly sweet and was happy she got sober but it’s sad that she’s struggling. Hopefully she stopped using again.

  5. lexy

    It appears that Sarah is now married and is a personal trainer. She looks great!

    1. Maz

      She’s in been in trouble after intervention, Facebook is so fake. No one posts pictures of their drug abuse and arrests in there.

      Lives look perfect, but very rarely are. I scrapped all my social media several months ago. Best thing I ever did 😋

      I hope she gets there, addiction is a lifelong struggle, she’s a beautiful woman, and I do believe she’s intelligent to do whatever she wants to do.

    2. KB

      It looks like she’s a hairstylist 2012 to present… she worked at two different shops according to her Facebook all about me

  6. Bobby

    Sarah is beautiful and definitely one of my favorites from this show. If she has relapsed, I hope that she gets/has gotten better since. What I am confused about though is her brother, Mark. I am absolutely not passing judgement, I am just curious has to why they didn’t feature him/his possible problems on the show. I have found that he has had more arrests than Sarah, and some of them are drug related. Again, I am not judging anyone, especially these people because they seem to be good natured people. I am just curious as to why they didn’t offer him help or maybe had a double intervention(?) But anyways, I hope they are both continuing to do well and truly hope the best for both of them and their family.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I saw that too. The charges all pertain to drugs, dui and 1 probation violation.

      Hope he’s in a better place along with Sarah.

    2. Nick

      It looks as if most if not all his arrests took place after the intervention took place. Either way, I hope him and Sarah are both doing well today.

    3. Maz

      6 arrests for him, was this after intervention? Wow, he was so negative about her, but doing the same thing.

      No way can you see mugshots of people in the UK, I’m amazed you can just search for them in the US.

      1. Kitty Katt

        They’re not always easy to find (by just googling a name). It’s when you have multiples like he’s had, they are kind of hard NOT to find as easy as googling.

        Mugshots/arrest records are public information which always come with the additional info about “innocent until proven guilty.” Although lets face it, in other peoples eyes it’s always “guilty until proven innocent” LOL

      2. Kara Bishop

        I thought that too about about her brother being so negative… But you know addiction runs in the family and he probably tried something one time and that’s all it takes.

    4. Kara Bishop

      The show aired January 2010 so that means it was filmed sometime in 2009. All of his arrests, but one, are in 2010 or later. And the one that was in 2009 was just a DUI, which is still bad, but it doesn’t mean he drinks every day, and was probably just alcohol, which I know it’s bad if he’s drinking all day, but we don’t know that . It looks like he didn’t start taking drugs until 2010, and at first they were pills without a prescription, so something like his sister, but then after that one, the rest of the arrests, besides the violation, are a controlled substance so it could be something like heroin… But I don’t know that’s just my opinion based on the information of the arrest record… I hope that by now he’s gotten help like his sister, and I hope his sister is doing better now… I haven’t read the rest of the comments from this one down so I might learn more as I start to read them now… I do not place any judgment whatsoever, as I am recovering addict, 18 years clean off crystal meth and almost 10 years off opiates. I definitely hope the family is doing well, I really like them based on the show !

      1. Sonya

        I dont know him but know how to read what things say! He hasn’t been arrested that many different times for possesion!!. If you read the charges correctly, it says FTO possession of a controlled substance which stands for Failure to Appear, so after being released from jail, he did not show up to a court date, etc which therefore a warrant would’ve been issued for his arrest so for that initial possession charge. Another states on the dui one I believe it was for violation of his probation which could be from an array of things even simply not paying your probation fines in time. Just wanted to clear that up that he hadn’t been arrested that many times for different charges!

      2. Sonya

        I believe you read the records incorrectly therefore caused you to make assumptions that a untrue 🙂

    5. Sonya

      So he’s had 2 DUI’s and 1 possession of a controlled substance without a prescription which was obviously for pills. That can come from even having a zanex on you that you don’t have a script for. Again, I don’t know him, its just people are always so quick to jump to conclusions such as the person who commented that the 2nd possession charge was probably for heroin when in fact it was a failure to appear on the possession without a prescription charge!

  7. Alice Schmid

    I really do not get Sarah’s perceptions for so many of the events in her life. Like claiming Marc abandoned her when she was raped, he didn’t protect her. WTF? How was he supposed to do that?

  8. Xlio

    I adored Sarah. Savvy business woman, a definitely capable being despite anyone’s prude/holier than thou religious views.

    She is vivacious, charming but was oh so sick. She wasn’t in denial. She owned it. Made it work, though I do not condone it.

    The self aware, articulate addicts are always my favorite.

    I really hope she is in a better place. So much potential. What a beautiful and smart person. We love you, Sarah!

    1. Xlio

      Also I love her brothers energy but the “Why didn’t you say that earliet when you walked in the door?!”

      She was dosed, dude. Also, victims of sexual assault go through so much trauma it scrambles ones brain. Don’t blame the victim!

      But also, I know her brother would if he could. So complex, so many factors.

      1. Maz

        Large doses of hallucinogenic scan cause serious delusions, he probably didn’t take it seriously. The hospital would have checked for signs of rape. I suspect this didn’t happen, or I’m sure the family would have pressed for it to have been dealt with. At least, I’m sure her brother would have.

  9. Nick

    Unfortunately she was recently in trouble with the law again. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s back to her old ways. I truly wish the best for her.

    1. Higgs

      Wow! Domestic Battery?? Didn’t see that coming.

      1. Avery

        I literally said out loud “domestic battery!?? Was NOT expecting that.” I want success for her so badly. Every time I see her episode I just see this lost little girl. I hope her son is doing okay…

    2. Maz

      Omg oh dear! Seems those perfect Facebook pics don’t cut it after all. Social media is such a smokescreen 🙏😂😂

  10. Anon

    Her family sheesh, especially that brother of hers. Sarah has issues and she is aware of them. But I don’t think her family was equipped to help her. Which is okay…except they turned their frustration to hostility which is not okay.

  11. Jennifer

    Hoping the best for you and your family, Sarah! I know you never participated in the show so ppl can Google and criticize you. May God bless you and your family with great health and continued success

  12. Albert

    She had very memorable nails.

    1. Xlio

      I mean gotta give her props for doing anything with those claws let alone find a vein! Yikes!

  13. Nicole ridgeway

    I would like to know how mark is doing. Sarah’s sister. I was married to a man in the army for 13 yrs. went through abuse and neglect and still fought to help him. the end was when he stranggeled me and I almost died. I’ve done a lot with army active duty and veterans. my ex husband was 3rd I’d. he did 2 tours in Iraq. mark if you would like to talk. please reach our