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Felix (previously Michelle)

Age: 29
Addicted to: Heroin
Location: California
What’s memorable: Felix’s whole story seems like a pre-transition narrative. His relationship with his girlfriend was very memorable.

Legacy Update:

Official synopsis: Felix was abandoned by his father at age three, molested by a stranger at five, and ridiculed in middle school for his skin color. Now Felix is struggling with heroin and desperately needs an intervention.

Original Air Date: December 2010
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Rainborambo

    Saw this weekend’s newest episode where Felix has fully transitioned. I was pretty shocked. He looks amazing!

  2. Mixte

    Holy shit, I remember this episode from when it aired, and I also just saw his followup. Felix is handsome as hell! And Margo is cute as a button. I really hope this gives other young trans addicts hope; you can get through it and life can be better than you can dare to imagine.

  3. Jenn

    As soon as I saw Felix pop up to the screen during the follow up I felt so happy for him. So glad you are continuing to stay sober and be who you are. Congrats

  4. Melanie P.

    All the best to you in the future Felix! Happy days and happy ways to you!

  5. CC

    How come this episode isn’t available? Anyone have a link?

    1. Galusha

      It’s not available because Austin (the other addict in the episode) died. Whenever an addict dies A&E permanently pulls the episode.

      1. Dizzy

        This is mostly true, but there are a couple of episodes that are still available on A&E site (Brian, Ben), not sure why. Maybe A&E don’t know they’ve died? And a bunch of them can be purchased or streamed on Amazon, so I know they haven’t been pulled from everywhere yet. But with the Michelle/Austin one, yeah it does look like it’s unavailable on any site right now. It might also be because Felix is not out about being trans in his current everyday life and doesn’t want that pre-transition episode out there.

      2. Stefan

        I believe it’s still available on Xfinity, in addition to (for now) Youtube.

      3. Stefan

        I doubt that’s true about Felix since he filmed the Legacy update.

      4. Luna

        Also the rocky episode is still on there

  6. Mallory

    Search “ovisnost o drogama36” and you’ll see the video for it. There are many you can watch. The numbers are random but I’ve made a list of which ones are which:
    1 – Marci, meth
    2 – Sebastian and marcel heroin
    3 – Joey, heroin
    4 – Jason heroin (columbine)
    *5 – rob meth and alcohol
    6 – Donald crack
    7 – gabe heroin
    *8 – sandy pills and alcohol
    9 – Nik, heroin
    10 – Angelina, heroin
    11 – chad crack
    12 – Anthony, alcohol
    13 – body builder dude
    14 – Tom, heroin
    *15 – Charles (heroin?)
    16 – Jeff, beer
    17 – Zeniah
    18 – brittney wine
    19 – Luke, crack
    20 – Jessa and skyler, alcohol and bath salts
    21 – Sarah and mikael heroin
    22 – Megan and Larry (pills coke and alcohol)
    23 – Benny
    24 – Cassie pills and crack
    25 – latisha crack
    26 – Gabe, heroin
    27 – Darick, oxy and meth
    29 – Lorna, crack
    30 – Jimbo, pills
    31 – benny
    32 – Jenna heroin
    34 – Cassie pills and crack
    *36 – Austin, Michelle alcohol and heroin
    37 – Rachel coke and heroin
    38 – Erin, meth
    40 – jimmy methadone
    41 – Ashley, meth
    42 – sara meth season 1
    44 – Kristen, heroin
    *45 – Antwan and someone else (crack and heroin)
    46 – Lawrence
    47 – John, alcohol and crack
    48 – coley, meth
    49 – Richard, crack
    50 – Tyler, everything
    51 – Amy, bulimia
    52 – rocky, crack
    53 – Alison duster
    *54 – Shane, pills
    *55 – Ashley, pills and heroin
    56 – Kristine, alcohol
    *57 – Robby alcohol
    58 – Marquel, bulimia exercise alcohol
    59 – Jackie, alcohol
    61 – Vinnie, crack
    62 – Greg, pills
    63 – Amy, anorexia, alcohol, cutting
    *64 – rob meth and alcohol
    65 – Jennifer, alcohol
    66 – Linda fentanyl

    1. Mallory

      It’s probably clear, but just so there is no confusion when searching for the video, just add the number to the end of “ovisnost o drogama” and you’ll find the episode you want to watch.

  7. Tazz

    Nice! I’ve been checking those out for some time now.
    You can also search narkomani u americi on the same site, and a few more will pop up. Weird how that is lol.

  8. Toreigh

    I didn’t think her wife left her because she wanted to be a man. I thought she left because she was being made to be this prim and proper house wife. She was to stay home and cook and clean and be the homemaker, and that wasnt what she wanted but was expected to be. Regardless, I’m glad s/he was able to get clean and live life!

    1. Dizzy

      I agree with you on this, the synopsis has it wrong.

    2. Amos

      I’m Felix’s ex from this episode. They did describe the situation wrong. I didn’t leave him because he was transitioning…I broke it off because the relationship was toxic for both of us and we both needed to move on.

  9. Genevieve

    I watched this and then the follow up and I am crying happy tears.
    I am so happy for y’all living your best lives.

    Am I allowed to have an OTP for this show??
    My Intervention OneTruePairing is totally Felix and Margot.
    Can y’all have some social media where I can watch y’all grow old and be happy in life together? because geez!!

    1. Camila

      I just came here to say this hahah But your comment expressed all my impressions about Felix better that i could ever put into words.

      Im so happy for him. He seemed so happy and great and healthy. Hope he stays like this forever. He made it <3

  10. luna

    I was really happy to see felix’s mom so openly accept his transition it made me so happy that his mother is so supportive truly amazing she is amazing and Felix seemed like a great person to know just struggling with his identity issues. I’m glad he was able to get help in all the ways he needed to become who he is.

  11. Melissity

    The legacy update!! So proud of and happy for Felix!