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Season 9, Episode 2


Age:  34
Location: LaFollette, Tennessee
Addicted to: Meth, OxyContin
What’s Memorable: Darick’s story is so sad and he seems like a really cool, likable guy off the drugs. “I could care less about myself. I’m just a worthless redneck meth-cookin nobody” – Darick.

Official synopsis:  Once a football player with a bright future, Darick dropped out of school to get married when his girlfriend got pregnant. Darick loved being a father, but when his marriage ended, Darick learned his daughter was not his biological child, and he was denied all contact with her. Devastated, Darick turned to drugs. Having already lost one family member to addiction, Darick’s close-knit family is enabling his habit. They fear that if they don’t, they’ll bury Darick, too.

Original Air Date: December 2010
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. friends from low places

    there are so many people with these same issues. There are supporters keep up the work. Power to you stay on a good path. If you fall get back up and do it again. Keep your faith hang in church. And may god be with you at all times.

  2. Liz

    Darick, I feel so badly that you lost your little girl. That’s horrible. I wish you continued sobriety and hope you live the best life you can.

  3. Sophie

    I just watched this episode again and it’s a good one! The wonderful pleas by the grandparents at the intervention were very touching, and Darick is a very likable person!

  4. Jordy

    This was one of the saddest episodes I’ve seen of this show, the absolute pain and worthlessness this poor guy feels. Hope he was able to maintain his sobriety and finds happiness.

  5. Knoxville

    There is a church there now with a recovery program called Faith Promise!

  6. Layla

    This is honestly my favourite intervention episode. Every time I watch it I cry so much. He’s such an amazing guy!

  7. Cas

    Darick is doing a lot better, He’s had a few slips but overall seems happy. He got married & had a baby. There’s also a video of him getting baptized on YouTube.

    1. Lisa

      I am so happy to hear that he’s doing well – and especially happy to hear that his dream of becoming a dad has came true again. I wish him continued sobriety and wonderful days with his new family.

    2. Julie Wolf

      I’m so happy to hear Darrick is happy having a new baby married and clean. I saw his show for the first time tonight and I was so moved by his story. He looked so good at the rehab place. I hope he stays on his path and his life with his family. My husband has been clean and sober 14 years and I’m so grateful for the life we have. My son is 31 and a needle meth addict homeless on the streets of NYC and we have tried to get him into a decent rehab and without insurance it’s impossible. I’d love to get my son on this show for a chance at real help for my son. I know he would accept it too. State run rehabs are a joke here.
      Anyway, best wishes to you Darick and your new family

  8. melissa

    i found daricks fb page. its His baby is gorgeous and he looks amazing. Darick is one my favorites.

  9. Kim108

    Watched this episode last night – so delighted to hear about Darick’s reovery and new family. Such a wonderful success story. Greetings from South Africa

  10. Camila

    wow, the part when he says he left college because of his girlfriend’s pregnancy and, years later, found out that the daughter wasn’t his and, despite being so attached to the little girl, they took her away from him. ..
    he was so sad and destroyed … it was so devastating to watch. He looked like a good man, who had had bad choices and so much bad luck in life.
    It is absolutely heartwarming to know that he is doing well now. That he has that family he wanted so much. That he looks happy.
    I am genuinely happy and proud of him. He is what we call here an “example to be followed”.
    Greetings from Brazil

  11. Dahlia

    Wowowow, this episode. Darick’s story really is so sad, infuriating at times. That woman really did ruin his life in a lotta ways. And oh goodness the grandmother’s letter at the intervention, then showing him the pictures. One of the most powerful moments in the series.

  12. Britt

    Where did you guys catch this episode I’ve never seen it and it’s on the a&e app

    1. Britt

      Sorry it’s not on the app

    2. Cassie

      You can find it on the Roku App for free you just have to make an account

  13. RevanantDakota

    Second Intervention I’ve watched that’s made me cry…been dealing with a lot lately, my own addiction and many other mental hurdles in life…Seeing the love his family has for him is beautiful. Proud of you, Darick, for (hopefully) staying sober, and proud of his family for sticking along side him through his addiction. I don’t think some people realize how much family can mean to someone…

  14. Nivey

    Finally saw this episode one of a few I could never seem to find. What a story! My heart broke for him he seemed genuine and very self aware. His family truly loved him especially his mom. His grandparents at the intervention omg how emotional and meemaw with the pictures she was truly amazing! I’m so happy to see Darick today is married with two beautiful daughters! He looks happy and healthy! I hope his grandparents lived long enough to see his recovery! God bless!

  15. J

    oh my God. Darick’s ex-wife is a vile, vile woman. introducing a man to meth, emotionally abusing him, and then informing him that he isn’t his child’s biological father after several years and completely cutting off contact? wow. i’m so relieved to hear that he’s doing well now. he seems like an awesome guy and he deserves so much happiness ❤️