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S9E4 Erin

Season 9, Episode 3


Age: 26
Location: Texas
Addiction: Meth
What’s Memorable: The intensely dysfunctional relationship with her husband. The dutiful housewife/mother followup was rather shocking to me.

Official synopsis: Erin is a strong-willed Texan who relies on her good looks to get what she wants, which is meth. Erin got tired of being a mother and wife and began a drug-induced party lifestyle. Now Erin’s marriage is in pieces and her daughter has been sent to live with relatives. Can an intervention tame this wild Texas girl?

Original Air Date: January 2011
Interventionist: John Southworth

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  1. JMC

    Just saw this episode for the first time last night and agree the appearance of the harmonious, affluent family at the end of the show was jarring. I got the impression that Erin was perhaps on antidepressants or something stronger. Functional, but kind of Stepford-ish. I suppose, juxtaposed to the crazy vicious psychological drama on display before the intervention. And her husband’s complete forgiveness was jarring too. I can only think that he was bewitched by her pretty looks and wanted to make sure his daughter had her mother. He seemed a little stern and extremely co-dependent. Perhaps inconceivable for him to imagine being married to a working woman who wasn’t completely financially dependent on him or wasn’t drop dead gorgeous? I was very jealous of that lake house they were building at the end. So, yeah.

    1. Samantha


  2. robininsunnysocal

    I agree with you JMC. I watched the show when it aired a couple of weeks ago, and it left me questioning whether or not post-rehab notes at the end of the show and Erin’s and Jim’s comments at the end of the show were truthful. Erin’s comments about her family being the most important thing to her — not her sobriety — left me wondering how long her sobriety would last. And showing off the new lake house, but really failing to address how she has embraced her sobriety seemed like an act. Erin only made it 5 weeks into her 12-week rehab, so what did she learn? Perhaps as long as she can focus on her daughter and her new home, she thinks that she has conquered her addiction. Her husband Jim never went to any 12-step meetings but has “remained sober.” Her whole affect is flat, just like Jim’s. Weird.

    1. Colin

      The post rehab interviews happen too so after getting clean to mean shit. Anyone who thinks this couple worked through their problems in 37 days is just fooling themselves.

  3. jan

    I looked her up on facebook and she’s not with her husband anymore. She looks strung out and dating some biker looking guy.

  4. Rain

    Yeah, things aren’t looking too great for Erin. Google “Erin intervention thought catalog” – in the comments section, she responds directly to several different people calling her out for breaking up their marriages because she slept with their husbands (knowing they were married) – all seems somewhat recent and there’s a lot of comments to her from people that know her saying she’s not clean. Don’t think she’s with her husband anymore. She is claiming to be writing a book about her intervention experience.

  5. jenn

    Where did you find her facebook? I can’t find it…

  6. Nicole

    I think she is gorgeous and far too good for her husband. I hated her husband from the beginning. It said she moved into a “friends” house and he kept begging her to sleep with him and finally she was sick of the begging and said yes then ended up getting pregnant. That is almost rape in my mind. You should never have to beg someone to sleep with you. It obviously wasn’t mutual. She obviously didn’t want to sleep with him. I also feel like there may be something missing from her story. I’ve been in the situation where I didn’t want to sleep with someone and did anyway after I was raped. I figured they’d probably just force it so may as well get it over with and that’s how she felt with her husband. I don’t think it would be possible for her to love her husband after that regardless if they had a child together. He has a creepy vibe about him and I’m disgusted by him. And what is her Facebook?

    1. Samantha

      I get a creepy vibe from him too. I think he knows he won’t pull another woman that physically attractive & half asses his “support” but showers her with monetary gain to keep her around. Cause despite her addiction, she’s still way out of his league superficially. Something about him is just off. Well, way off.

    2. KB

      I think you were using your horrible experience to sway your opinion on their relationship that is only based on a 45 minute and edited show. Even if he gave you a creepy vibe, you are basing your opinion on what she said only.. She could’ve said that because she was mad at him. My opinion, but it’s only based on what I saw of this short glimpse into their life, is that she slept with him because he was paying for everything. He obviously bought her a nose job. Did you see her nose in every single picture, from izzy, when she was a child, all the way to teens, and even when she met him. So he bought her beautiful looks. HaHa!

  7. Dhalia

    I think someone commenting mentioned there was something off about this. I agree, this intervention was missing or purposefully left out details which messed up with the logical flow. I know that reality tv shows leave out details all the time on purpose but there needs to be sense behind it. In any event, I want to believe there is a good person somewhere inside Erin, and I feel that there is, but there is something profoundly defeated about her both pre and post rehab. She is quite lovely in appearance, I honestly don’t blame her husband for sticking around that long. There is something very classy about her looks and a composure with the way she carries herself which most people reading this probably don’t believe my sincerity about when I write it. It’s a sort of detached air, resignment, lack of striving which gives her this unique composure. Almost Buddhist-like. I am not joking here (maybe I’m just a total weirdo k). Seperate from that is this detachment I sense which I think comes from the major major pain she must have felt from being abonded by her father. Makes me infintely grateful mine never did that to me, or most people (for the most part), I love when I fell through the drug hole. I hope she has managed to cut off her relationship from her husband, for the well-being of both of them. I also hope her mother has learned to be firmer, she seemed completely like she felt like she had zero control over the situation, like she was too polite about it all. Perhaps it’s just her character.

    I don’t know. Erin seems like she has been too immersed in Texas’s super material culture. I would never ever live there again personally having lived there and she kind of reminds me of that side of Texas which is super “looks oriented” from the house to the physical appearance. I hope she has the chance to step out of that one day… Seems like a lot of people I know from Texas wound up getting plastic surgery (the older ones at least). I very much see her as a victim of society and family upbringing, her problems are much deeper than simply “spoiled brat syndrome”-a term I never felt shed light on anything. It simply describes the symptoms, not the condition. Someone might appear excitable, but it’s because they’re angry or happy for example. I find that is common in families which give their kids a lot of material goods but do not give emotional goods. That to me is the oppposite of spoiled-I’d much rather be spoiled emotionally than materially (to a point). Sadly society, being materialistic, doesn’t get that and even expresses a form of righteous jealousy about these “spoiled kids” when in fact they are anything but spoiled.

    Really hope this lady found some friends or new people to surround herself with and spend time with. She needs a change in view. Hope she’s OK these days.

    1. Renee

      I would say there’s nothing Buddhist about this woman’s self absorption – I think what you’re describing is actually the flattened aspect of a possibly very mentally ill woman.

      1. Mary C.

        BOOP! You hit center target. Nothing Budhist about her. She has borderline personality or something going on. Her husband was a seriously creepy dude.

  8. marcy lily

    Classy ? Texas causing one to be materialistic ? Look orientated ? There was nothing classy about this woman . Her being materialistic has more to do with extreme narcissistic desire not the state of Texas .I am from Texas and we are not all materialistic or off in some sparse area that is uneducated but dressed to the nines .
    If something seemed off with this episode it was because this woman was very deep in the Aryan movement ( all states have groups ) and white supremacy .She is currently with another biker from a hate group . The fairy tale ending only lasted a few months and there were some extremely disturbing photos of her drinking with a gun shoved down her pants . She keeps going on about a book she wrote but can’t give the name . Her friends list is like a group of dangerous white supremacy fans or leaders . She is playing a really dangerous game and a sad one at that .

    1. Reality

      “She is currently with another biker from a hate group . The fairy tale ending only lasted a few months and there were some extremely disturbing photos of her drinking with a gun shoved down her pants . She keeps going on about a book she wrote but can’t give the name . Her friends list is like a group of dangerous white supremacy fans or leaders . She is playing a really dangerous game and a sad one at that .”

      Hopefully she does not have custody of her daughter.
      This was one of the oddes episodes.
      It feels like so much was left out.

    2. Tom

      Right? Even on the show itself there were pictures of her hanging out with the Aryan Brotherhood guy who later kidnapped her. And she may have cleaned up her FB but she’s still friends with all kinds of nasty white power people. It’s rare for me not to feel at least some sympathy for an addict on an episode, but everyone involved here was just so grotesque. The only victim is the kid.
      But hey, she’s “pretty” which apparently matters to people

      1. Nicole

        In my above comment I was unaware of her affiliation with the Aryan brotherhood and white supremacy groups. I also am a victim of rape so when I hear someone say anything that could remotely be a rape I kind of go into a protective mode defending that person so in that case I am biased. I don’t think her looks excuse racism or anything like that, I was just observing that bc she is pretty she may have been a target. I also haven’t seen the episode for some time now, but I have very little respect for people involved in supremacy groups of any sort – race, religion, class, anything. Even still I think that she may be a good person at heart that is lost. I try to assume the best in people.

      2. Kitty Katt

        I think FB cleaned up her FB. They do it all the time when things are posted that are extremely offensive and against their rules.

  9. Reality

    “There is something very classy about her looks and a composure with the way she carries herself”

    Sounds like someone else is in need of an intervention.

    The only sad thing about this story is a child is involved.

    1. Katie

      I feel like everyone is a little too angry and knee-jerk in their reaction to @dhalia’s comment about her being classy or whatever. I don’t know if I’d call it classy— but she has SOMETHING on top of just a pretty face. Charisma I’d maybe call it. She had a charisma and self-assuredness that was sure to be bewitching to some; namely that angry victim/sad sack with the horrible energy that she was married to. There were so many things that were profoundly unsatisfying and just wrong about this episode that so many of you pointed out. But the robotic and trance-like person she seemed to be at the end of the episode— that was the worst for me. “Neutered” was the word that came to mind seeing her at the end. Like she reverted to some kind of early programming about being a good deferential wife (but that clearly was not going to last because it had no substance). She was always going to be way out of this guy’s league no matter what, and he found a way to to trap her it seemed. They were both just awful and deserved each other. I’m so glad this isn’t the first episode I ever saw of intervention because I never would have ended up watching more.

      1. suzvkb

        I agree.. and neutered is a very good analogy for what was portrayed in that follow up video.

  10. marcy lily

    Wow she has had another daughter . The other child in the picture appears too young to be her daughter from her follow up to her intervention. I can’t figure out how to link her Facebook but its Erin M Miller in Grapevine Texas . She seems to have either hidden or deleted the really awful and disturbing posts with the crass racists profanity riddled views and the pictures of her drinking with guns shoved down her jeans are missing or she deleted them so hopefully she is at least sober. But , yes , her Facebook was so scary last year that it bothered me . Her daughter was not living with her and that honestly was a good thing . That would have been a very sad toxic home for a child . BUT can we be honest about the post stating she was classy /carried herself with class and her problems were caused by Texas and how people are there . False ! Living in Texas does not turn one to full on Meth abuse , promiscuous selfish behavior or Narcissistic behavior . Texas is rural in isolated spots and a stretch in West Texas now . We are home to 5 of the largest cities in the United States and those stretch to bedroom communities hundreds of miles in all directions . Erin lives in a area very close to one of the largest cities in the U.S. . It is a major distributing center for Meth coming from the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico and the Aryan Brotherhood and motorcycle gangs help distribute the drug to the north . In talking about how our population is and how populated we are even when driving the back roads of Texas you come across a town every 15 to 30 minutes . The people are not all awful materialistic airheads or vicious gossips . Most of us are honest hardworking loving people . We have manners and are still reserved to a point of coming across as being simple but that is not what is at the heart of things . We are being polite and listening . Yes we are conservative in areas but for the most part we are moderates and we keep it simple . Drugs are everywhere and so are rude people but saying a state caused this woman to be very self centered and caused bad behavior is just not true . Erin would have been the way she is anywhere she would have lived .Despite the happy ending she seemed to be very fake and evasive at the end . If people saw what was on her Facebook a year ago and before that it made sense why . Erin was not being a decent human . I am not even talking about the drug use and drinking . She was posting hate speech and keeping company with several groups that are responsible for a large part of the Meth trade and serious violent crimes in Texas . She was posting things that were in keeping with the far right militia groups that do not believe in racial mixing in any manner . Even without drugs this woman was not right at all . She displayed many symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder but she seemed to have a grasp of what she was doing and tried to hide it . All of that is not classy . There was nothing in her intervention that came off in keeping with any of the truly strong classy women I have ever known . She was smoking meth on camera , ranting about people out to get her and meeting men out on the street for … sex ?
    I hope Erin has put the drugs away for the sake of her children . As for her other issues ? You can’t treat NPD and if you are having babies with dangerous people you are further tying yourself to that life and way of thinking . I hope others know not all Texans are hateful , on drugs or push others to drug use .I hope people learn what is strong graceful behavior and nothing about that intervention had grace , class , integrity or honesty . Oh , has anybody read her book she still rants about ? I have a feeling it would be like Cristy’s book or some type of racist manifesto .

    1. CC

      And most people in DFW aren’t from here. That culture of want and plastic surgery was imported. Everyone points fingers and blames it on Texas. Then because we keep taxes and cost of living lower than other metropolitan areas they are all to happy to move here. All the while complaining how backwards we are while living off the fruits off what was built pre-import from the east and west coast. I’m 4th gen Texan, so I have a pretty good idea of what Dallas and the areas that used to be rural (Frisco,. Royce City) were like. Now, I don’t know or like Erin’s episode, but she clearly hangs out at Wilhoite’s Bar, if she lives in Grapevine and is hanging with bikers. But not all bikers are skinheads. Another generalization. I couldn’t access any of those links. Agreed, a big chunk of the story was missing. If they moved to Cedar Creek Lake or somewhere in East Texas, she has a lot of access to meth.

    2. Kitty Katt

      Sometimes, FB takes down those images and posts. They also suspend your account for a certain amount of time. For some reason, I’m thinking it was their doing and not hers. She’s pretty proud of her beliefs and isn’t afraid to show them.

      1. Mary C.

        She is down right nasty. She is the epitome of everything wrong in this country. I’d bet her ex-husband was pretty high up in the W.Supremecy organization. Ick. She has at least 2 girls. I hope and pray they are with sane family members. Sign….smh.

  11. Tom

    @Nicole – sorry, I wasn’t trying to attack you or anything! I saw a lot of comments on her looks, I think most of them on the Thought Catalog that were like, “…but she’s still hot, though” that made me roll my eyes.

    And I agree with you, when a person you’re dependent on for food and shelter keeps pressuring you into sex, it’s essentially rape. Her being a terrible person in other respects does not in any way absolve her husband.

  12. artemisia

    I actually agree with the “detached classy air” thing, in a way. I think it’s more of a “resigned/going through the motions/I am numb to everything” attitude, however. She struck me as being very fatalistic and depressed, but proud.

    Also, she seems like she may have a mood disorder. That too can cause a detached/numb demeanor, at times.

    One last thing, and I hate to say this: her childhood seemed rather “Duggar-ish” to me, if you catch my drift. Child abuse is usually rife in fundamentalist/high-control religious groups of all kinds. I hope not, but it did cross my mind =/

  13. Eshel

    Pro-Trump posts, stars and bars, “f*** the liberals and take our country back”, oh my…yeah, any sympathy I had for Erin is officially kaput. Those kids though… 🙁

    1. Brooke

      100% agree!! crazy right-wing racist!!

    2. Mary C.

      100% agree. No sympathy there. Another one who needs to get a solid does of a virus, to know how important vaccinations are. Wonder if she has her children vaxxed…ya know MMR, Pox, etc. People are a trip.

    3. Margery

      You all sound ridiculous. Republican here.. married to a black man (well, he’s mixed. Not sure if that counts in your book stereotypes), fully vaccinated in all the aforementioned viruses and diseases you wished on another person as well as COVID. Please stop generalizing an entire group of people. That is why the country is so divided.

      1. Ami

        Well said Margery. I stand with you.

      2. koj

        Also with you, Margery. Very ignorant comments above.

      3. Samantha

        The hell makes you think just because you have or has a Black (or mixed) husband or boyfriend makes you not racist? That’s one of the go-to’s a racist says. Get your shit together.

      4. Ez

        It’s not a generalization, the far right with help from mainstream Republicans attempted a violent take over of our democracy. People died because conservatives courted and nurtured the absolute dregs of society Quannon, birthers, truthers, white supremacists, seditionists and out right lunatics.

        we are divided as a nation for sure but has nothing to do with COVID or Vacines. There are people in this country who have done unspeakable and dangerous things in an attempt over throw our democracy and the mainstream political leaders who tacitly if not outright enabled those people refuse to acknowledge the extent of their involvement and disrespect the families of the officers who died protecting their asses by continuing to participate in the big lie and doubling down on stupid.

        I have lost so many friends over this MAGA shit, people who used to be fun engaged and spirited individuals who were conservatives and who were like my family. I no longer recognize them, they have been radicalized so much it’s heartbreaking.

        we almost had a lynching on live Television of a sitting vice president. If you are a republican or a conservative and you condone or ignore what happened that day, you are the problem. It’s disgraceful, I am glad my grandfather a veteran of the United States Army, retired colonel Civil Rights advocate and an educator did not live to see this, it probably would have killed to see the country that he worked so hard to protect and preserve devolve into what we witnessed on January 6th 2021.

        I wish intervention would cover extremism it’s just as devastating as any substance or alcohol addiction.

    4. Samantha

      Oh god, another one 🤦🏻‍♀️ Kills me to see that. I route for them til I see they’re all for that bullshit. Ugh.

  14. Drunkenatheist

    Not to pile onto the criticisms of her political views, but I find it bizarre that she’s posting all of these pro-Trump things when she’s a speed addict (either in recovery, or more likely, active). THE MAN MET WITH RODRIGO DUTERTE. But hey, don’t tread on them stars and bars!

  15. VX

    Here’s a little something to help out all the folks trying to understand what being from Texas really means…and yes, I’m a native Texan. And for full transparency, I’ve lived in El Paso (yes, that’s in TX), Lubbock (yep, that’s also in TX), and Houston. All very different people and cultures in those 3 places. 🙂

  16. Holly

    WOW! Her facebook is SERIOUSLY disturbing!!! She needs to get some serious help!!! Those poor kids!!!

  17. Joe

    Looks like she had a nosejob and other plastic surgery as well.

  18. ocramid

    I actually went to a church one time and she was there. She s sober and looked like she was doing ok. She was with her husband. I could t figure out how I knew her face. Lol. Then I was like, oh it’s the intervention chick.

  19. Rinna

    The intervention version of Nancy and Dale from King of the Hill

    1. Andy

      Oh my god, yes.

  20. Catguy35

    This Girl was a completely psychological mess . And the dynamic between her and her creepy and unattractive husband was most unsettling. I was like this girl will not make it . She was carrying a Pink shopping bag from Victoria’s Secret into the rehab on the first night . Who the hell needs sexy lingerie or angelic glittery pink sugar body spray or a teddy to wear on in their first night in rehab ? What was she going to do try to turn on one of the male staff ? This episode was a waste then she gets out after the less than 90 days and says she is Sober but creepy husband Jim buys her a lakefront beach house in an obvious lame attempt to “ keep her “ look baby I may not look like Brad Pitt But I can Buy You a Malibu pad “….. thanks I’ll be here all week .. but seriously this episode was almost a joke . I don’t think Erin has absolutely any chance in hell in total sobriety unless she divorces Jim And Gets LONGTERM In L patient rehabilitation and And psychiatric care . It is clear the meth has burned her brain on FB she talks about Guns and Trump and A Book about her intervention episode that is apparently false and has never been written. I feel major sorry for the little girl having those two washouts as parents . Hopefully her future can be saved . Because obviously the parents have absolutely no control over their own lives .

    1. Elizabeth

      She was probably using it as like a carry on bag to hold her things or put other stuff in there and used it as a kind of tote. Thinking this is a bigger bag, I don’t know what it looks like in the episode. But girls sometimes use the bigger ones just to carry stuff.

    2. Sherri Nicholas

      Yeah, my first thought too…what was that pink VS bag for? Missed that completely. Also, the woman letting her in did NOT even greet her! She was coming in as your patient! Weird.

  21. m

    wow i just took a look at her facebook and she is: pro-gun, anti-vaxx, anti-mask, libertarian, and looks like she had another kid.

    1. Find T. Lindley

      I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to pump mercury poison and alien DNA into your bloodstream.

      1. Kinko Kalypso

        Good god you people are insufferable

  22. Find T. Lindley

    The only problem I had with this ep. is her husband trying to make Erin into something she’s not. But many of us are culpable of this mistake in one time or another in our lives. Anyways, she’s a cool girl. You do you Erin. You do you.

  23. Sherri Nicholas

    I usually start watching until they do the childhood pics and give a few facts, and I get the general idea, but on Erin, I never got any feel for why she became such an intense addict. Something BIG was missing from her story. She never mentioned loving her husband until the end. I was transfixed the entire time, and I’m sure that other people could not see or feel any love whatsoever between anybody in her immediate or extended family. Zip. Zero. She had had to have had a nose job before her intervention, also. Jim needed some professional help also, probably more than her. I’m retired from being a clinical substance abuse registered nurse of ~45 years. Something was way off about the entire episode. 37 days of sobriety is not usually a benchmark amount for any addict staying clean forever, either.

    1. Kitty Katt

      You’d be surprised on how many people turn into intense addicts without no other issues than just taking that first hit. I was one of them and I know A LOT of people who are/were like me. There is absolutely no underlying issues for some of us. It’s the high we get on that first hit. Some of us can stop after the first hit. Others, like myself, just keep/kept chasing that high. I look back at those days and I am ashamed of who I became. I was disappointed with myself and disgusted.

      1. Kara Bishop

        That was me also… I wasn’t trying to numb anything in my life… I just tried meth one time and loved the way it made me feel and kept chasing it. But now I am a little over 18 years clean!

      2. Ez

        For me it was more than the addiction that made me feel like they left something out of her back story. Her pathological need for attention, sleeping with random men so she isn’t lonely, her husband being okay with any of that seriously wth. The white supremacy and hanging out with shot callers in biker gangs I mean yeah that’s where she likely gets her dope but she seems much more invested in that life than they’re just her dealers. This episode definitely had my suspicion radar spinning the entire time.

    2. John

      You bring up a good point about something being “off” about her. I’ve been binge watching intervention episodes all week and noticed something peculiar about Erin. She didn’t smile once throughout the episode until one point where she was tweaking out with her friend. While I find the word “narcissist” to be manifestly overused by armchair psychologists, she genuinely fits the bill. Furthermore, she doesn’t appear to have a modicum of empathy towards.. anyone. Virtually all of the intervention addicts I’ve seen thus far(and there are a lot of them), she is the first one that I’d consider a real life psychopath.

      1. Stefan

        Indeed, hence her political leanings.

  24. Gigi

    I’ve been following the comments about this episode and have been intrigued so I rewatched for the first time since it originally aired. Based on the episode alone I don’t find Erin to be a sociopath…she’s definitely not particularly sympathetic but far from sociopathic IMO. I see a chronological woman who is emotionally a teenager and has very few life skills so she hitched her wagon to the first person that could offer her security. The biggest underlying problem that I see is that deep down she and Jim actually despise each other and have settled into an unhappy life together.

    1. Gigi

      Also, being a teenager in developmental terms can look a lot like narcissism.

  25. Doug Berkowicz VP of Sales

    This guy talks like a ventriloquist puppet.

    1. Kitty Katt


  26. Anon

    The thing that popped into my head watching this episode— hypersexuality is an incredibly common outcome of CSA. The way they described her relationship with her dad in childhood, and how they ‘suddenly’ drifted apart… couple that with growing up in a fundamentalist religion that no doubt shames victims without providing them support to openly discuss their abuse. She even hints to her boyfriend something like “and what makes people act out like that?”
    This is completely a GUESS from my end. But it kinda fits.
    Also- people who grew up feeling lost and without a voice make easy prey for authoritarian groups. She never learned that she could have her own voice.
    This was a sad episode all around.

    1. trent black

      Funny how often “Fundamentalist Christianity is blamed for so much. It was the intent of the Oxford Group, which gave birth to AA, to return Christianity to its first century, fundamental roots that spread across England and hit the U.S. just in time to reach Bill Wilson in his last hospitalization. “So, this is the God of the preachers!” Tis.

  27. Suzvkb

    I can see how anyone would find it hard to believe they made that much progress in 3 months. and yes she seemed numb still in the follow up. I read before that when someone gets clean from meth that’s how they are for a while bc the brain is trying to recover & be happy and peppy naturally w/out the drug. just like every addict on the show, I hope she’s doin well.

  28. Samantha

    She was very bland & monotone even post-intervention. To me, it looks like she likes being taken care of (who doesn’t though) + a guy who wants a trophy wife. So they coexist for that, but really that’s about it. Her husband gave me such a weird vibe, can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about him just isn’t right.

  29. A.

    She‘s now an anarchist…. hahaha. This girl does not know anything about politics what so ever.

  30. MF

    I always find it comical when people are such extreme anti-vax stating things like you don’t know what’s in the vaccine and they’re scared of long-term side effects but Erin literally SMOKED METH! And didn’t seem the least concern with what she was doing to her body.

  31. S.

    I guess she has two daughters and a son now. On her Facebook she posted in June 2023 about a go fund me or something similar to that to raise money for her medical expenses. I guess she might have cancer from breast implants???? Not sure I believe it..