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Season 10, Episode 7


Age: 23
Location: San Francisco, California
Addiction: Crack
What’s memorable: Living on the streets with his mother who is willingly homeless just so she can keep an eye on her son. That’s some crazy co-dependency there. The craziness that he spouts when he’s high is disturbing.  The intervention and followup is a tear jerker, very affecting. I hope this family is well now.

Official Synopsis: Luke, 23, dreams of a career in photojournalism, but his daily cocktail of drugs has derailed his college plans and left both him and his mother struggling to survive on the streets of San Francisco.

Original Air Date: August 2011
Interventionist: Rod

All comments.

  1. Luke

    3 years in April baby!

    1. Dizzy

      Nice! That’s awesome, well done.

      1. Luke

        I used to watch intervention before being on the show and never imagined to be on it. Then it happened, my life has gotten better, but I couldn’t watch the show anymore. Now they pulled the plug and I’m really upset. It saved my life and I wish it went on to help others. Thank you for what your doing dizzy.

      2. Elisabeth Leah

        Hi Luke I don’t know if you’ll see this but I watched your episode its October 2018. You seem like a really cool guy and you’re handsome too. How are you now days?

      3. Allison Rogers

        I’m watching Intervention on Putlocker online. Wanted to reach out and tell you how awesome you are young man. Your pain and longing just to be loved made my own tears flow. I hope you’re continuing on this road. It’s an awful thing to fight, I know. Love and hugs.

    2. lupieliciouslaura

      ♡♡♡ God bless, Luke, God bless!

      1. luke

        thank you laura

    3. JAXN

      Very Proud Of Luke! That takes lots of strength and very very true believer of intervention.

      1. Luke

        I want to let everyone know that I have fallen off the path. About a month after celebrating 3 years I relapsed off of marijuana. That elevated into every day use then to social drinking and then to experimenting with designer drugs. Thru this whole time I was in a relationshi, we were engaged, but down some point of time she became different distant and short. Not as affectionate. Then she finally left and I went out hard and went on a two week binge. I started right where I left off and the outcome at end the were heavy. I lost basically everything. Most importantly myself. I hate my life. I don’t want to live like this. I want everything to go back the way it was like last October. I hope lmn can help me like a&e did but this time instead of being forced I’m willing

      2. Alana

        Please remnember “this too shall pass” relationships come and go, and you will only have yourself in the end. I know it’s painful, but you WILL heal. You have to find a different way to deal with your pain instead of using drugs. I know it’s easier said then done. Have you considered therapy?

      3. Kny

        Luke, please get help any way you can. I lost my 28 year old son to addiction in May and wish I would have done more to save him. Please know that you are loved and there are many in the world who hope for your recovery and well being. Huge hugs to you.

    4. Petty

      We recently viewed your intervention episode , an we were so over whelmed with emotion. It was a tear jerker episode an so heart felt I must add. We ( my sister an I) would love to hear about your progress. Yours as well as your mothers , she in our hearts is a great mother .. For what she overcame to stand always by your side. Please reply as we would love to continue to know about your recovery an life changes.

  2. marcy lily

    Absolutely love that Luke cleaned up . Formerly homeless with two toddlers due to abuse from ex . When we got a home I got addicted to painkillers after cancer . 2 years of hell then sober . If I can do it , Luke you WILL do it . I got sober when my kids were 6 and 7 . They are 17 and 18 now and I have held it together with a good support system and turning hobbies I love into a living .
    Its hard but keep on the right path Luke ! Proud of You .

    1. Luke

      Thank you Marcy for the kind words! I just celebrated 3 years at a conference on the 5th. It was moving to see so many people, especially young people, there for the same cause. If we can do it anyone can!! Just gotta be willing and take it one step and the next will get you there.

      1. Anna

        Dear Luke, I went looking for an update about your current life after watching a rerun of your intervention episode. Something about you, your youth, innocence, and love for your father, really touched me. I am sober myself (got sober at age 23, 10 years ago) and I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug you. I am so, so happy to hear of your recent milestone. We can do it together, one day at a time. Your episode and the show are still helping others. God bless you and your family.

      2. marcy lily

        Hey Luke ! Just wanted to say hello , let you know I am still and always will be cheering you on and wish you well . Hoping all is going great for you .

      3. Mikke

        Are you still out there?

  3. Gregory Moore

    That’s fantastic news…good for you, brother! I was very moved by your story and am so happy for you, that you have found a new way. Stay with it, friend…clean/sober living vs. drugs/booze? No comparison, right? CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. crissi

    Hey Luke. I just read that you relapsed. I hope you find the way again. I’m not sure if you go to NA, but it has truly saved my life. It has allowed me to save my own life. If you need someone to talk to, I know Im a complete stranger, but we are all in this together. And there are beautiful, good-hearted recovered addicts that have lots of insight and support to give you. Just remember, first you must surrender! It’s the first step. The fact that you have willingness already is key. All my love and support. You’re stronger than you know!

    1. Luke

      [Dizzy’s note: Luke has posted his phone number but I don’t feel good about publishing it because reasons. If anyone would like to call him to provide relapse and recovery support, please leave a comment here telling me so]

      1. Megan

        Hi Luke. I truly don’t know how I ended up on this random site, clicking on your post and reading these comments, but here I am. Stay strong and remember there is so much life to live. Remember how amazing it feels when you make that climb instead of letting go. You already know you can overcome anything. Wishing you the best.
        “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

      2. Samantha

        First off, I read this blog religiously but this is my first comment on it. I enjoy it so much… Keep up the good work!!!


        You are a sweet, beautiful, and lovely person, and you are truly an inspiration. I read your update about your relapse, and my heart is aching for you. In a lot of ways I can really, really relate to you. At the age of 23, I’ve been sober for 3 years, and know that deep, aching pain of starting from scratch. But as someone stated, the only way for you to go is up!! And that you’ve done it before and will certainly do it again… I’m not sure if this will reach you, or if there is a way that I may contact you, but if there is absolutely anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.
        Either way, best of luck to you, and I absolutely know that you have it in you to make the positive changes again. You are wonderful.

      3. Luke

        Samantha and Court,

        Thank you for the support and encouragement, very much needed. I’m still in limbo with my struggle. When they say Addiction escalates and, after doing unneeded research, it really does. started right where I left off as they say. I have my good days as well as my bad. lately with the holidays and constant past memories flooding , has been extra difficult. I want to stop but I’m so used to living this cold lifestyle. No one should go through it.

        Best wishes to all.

        Merry Christmas


      4. Samantha

        Take it one day at a time, really build your support system, and most importantly- do not be ashamed. It takes time to heal!! When I first got sober, I met an older man who had gone back out after 20 years. He told me, “If I call it a relapse, I don’t want to come back, I feel I’ve left the road I was on. I prefer to call it a setback, because I’m still on my path.”
        Pick up the pieces and get back on your path- it’s just a setback in your journey. More importantly, it’s a learning experience! The more that you make of it, and the more you beat yourself up, the harder that it is to overcome.
        Keep your head up:)

      5. Luke

        Thanks Samantha. That really resonated well

      6. Kayleigh McKeon

        Hi Luke. I am sitting here at 2:30am watching Intervention, searched google for more info, and found this blog. I’m not sure how late I am, but I struggled with addiction for about 3 years. Fortunately I had an opportunity to move away from my home town, and had no access to the drugs I wanted. I know how it is. I am a sponser and I would love to be able to talk to you. Not sure how to go about it. Maybe they’ll email me your number? Please let me know. I am here for you. <3 ~Kayleigh

      7. Kara Bishop

        Samantha, you give very wise advice! I really like what that man said to you about his setback…

  5. Sandra

    I’m thinking of you today and sending you love & light. How are you today?

    1. Melody Royal

      You have done it before, you can do it again. You are worth it and deserve a life you enjoy. There are so many resources in SF. Find them.

  6. Court

    Hi Luke!
    I literally just finished watching your episode on tv and it brought me to happy tears! I believe it was how much love you had in your heart for your family. I loved seeing the update on a&e and how well you are doing! Life is tough for me right now and your episode reminded me to never give up. Thank you and remember to keep smiling, it looks good on you!

    1. shaton

      It broke my heart to see Wania and Luke to see them like that as she was a former Co worker of mine. Please if anyone knows how to get in touch with them please contact me via email . I would love to see them both

      1. Luke

        What’s the company you both worked for?


      2. Luke

        Sharon, my mother wants to know where you both worked at together? Trying to refresh the memory

      3. Caitlin


        I’ve never felt so inclined to reach out to someone. There is something so warming and endearing about you that makes people want to root for you. Just look at how many people here seem to care for you yet, have never met you. Your enigmatic and curious nature reached out and touched the hearts of so many. I just watched your episode and I was so curious to know if you were alright. I’ve read through the comments and noticed you engage with the strangers who care for you.. it has been awhile since you posted.i hope this message finds you happy healthy and still full of life. Blessings. Keep your head up.

  7. marcy lily

    Luke ,
    First of all I am begging and hoping with all my heart that you are ok and seeking help. If not we can help you . So please do not ever give up on yourself . Please .
    Remember many recovering addicts do have relapses . It is rare when one does not . The key is recognizing the trigger , getting away from it and seeking help . No shame . What happened to you was very human and it happens very often . For many it is just once and some it is several times before they get it right.
    I have the most sincere faith in the fact that you can and will beat this . You are young , talented and a beautiful person . I am pulling for you and wish I could be there to help you in any way you needed . Again don’t give up . You have a ton of people rooting and cheering for you and they are sincere . Bless you and good luck . Please don’t let any addiction cheat you out of the amazing life you deserve .

  8. Stephanie


    I happened to see your episode today and felt compelled to search for an update on your progress. Seeing your comments, I see that you’re struggling at the moment. Please don’t be disheartened. You have so many people who genuinely care about you and want you to be happy and healthy and to fulfil your wildest hopes and dreams. Please don’t give up on yourself. I have faith that this relapse is a temporary setback for you and that you will find your way once again. You are stronger than you realise. I will be praying for you, please stay safe and seek help. Sending love from Australia xo

  9. Angela

    I just watched your episode and read your comments Luke… I sincerely hope you make it back again from your addiction. I know you can do it. But I also feel that people only get so many chances, before their mind will no longer have the insight required to return to a world without drugs… Don’t let your demons win. I wish you all the best.

  10. Sarah Thomas

    Hey Luke

    Sweet that you are picking yourself up. I have been through the same exact issues you have and you give me hope. I wish we could get in contact and talk about eachother’s journeys sometime. Remember hunny, its n0t that you fall down, its what you do with it!! Ur a talented smart young man, unbelievably smart as a matter of fact and I hope nothing but the best for you!!


  11. Caresa

    I seen the comment about the phone number if possible I’d love to call you or text you and if you ever need someone to talk to if you ever feel like relapsing you can always talk to me

  12. Rachel

    I saw your episode tonight. How are you doing? I hope that you are doing well. I see that you have relapsed. I hope you have found the strength you once did to over come that- as we have all fallen down and have had to pick ourselves back up. I am really cheering for you. Your family truly loves you and you have potential that I hope to see you use. Please post again so we can hear how you are doing. And please, please remember the true feeling of happiness that sobriety once brought you.

  13. lolly

    Luke, it’s been a long while since you’ve updated. …how are you? So many are thinking of you and wish you the best.

  14. Samantha R.

    Luke, you crossed my mind today and I hope you are doing better. I’m going to leave my email in case you may need someone to reach out to. [email protected]
    Hope you’re well and I hope to hear from you soon!

  15. Jennifer

    I came across this site late last night after watching Jeanna’s episode & couldn’t pull myself away. Here I am back on it again this morning, crying already. I too am an opiate addict, however for the past 4 years under the care of a physician, first on Methadone, and the past year on Subutex. Methadone is the devil as far as I’m concerned, but Subutex made me feel like myself again, for the first time in 15 years. Luke, do you know how many setbacks I had? I lost track. The thing to remember is one of those times it’s going to take, I promise you it will. You just can’t beat yourself up over it. Allow yourself to make mistakes & then try to shake it off. Every time you do this it will get easier to move forward.
    I’d like to add that it moves me beyond words how many people like myself are rooting for everyone from the show. I find myself cheering, crying, shouting for them & almost feel like I have a personal stake in their lives…I think it must be a bond that we addicts share. I wish I could post my phone or email because I am ALWAYS willing to lend an ear for someone who needs to talk-sometimes that’s all someone needs to get them through another day. And in a weird way, talking to a stranger can almost feel easier-I think maybe it’s because most of us are worried our loved ones will judge us.
    And lastly, I’d like to thank you Dizzy for creating this site. It’s obvious how much you care about the people from the show & how much time and energy you have invested in your site. The world truly needs more people like you!!

    1. Nicole

      Interesting you say methadone didn’t work for you, because it has been a miracle for me. I tried suboxone first and it didn’t work for me. Everyone’s body is so different!

  16. Tony

    Hey Luke,

    Saw your episode for the first time today, checked here and read all your responses in this thread. I, too, grew up as a skater, big reader (we share the same tastes in lit), addict, and now I’m a writer and university professor of creative writing. You’re fucking cool, man, and obviously incredibly intelligent.

    You know there’s no maintenance crack usage, man. It’s time to bite the bullet and get back on the wagon. Take out some student loans and get your ass in school. Academics are a great distraction when your mind would otherwise preoccupy itself with drugs and all of that insanity. Also, you gotta get to a meeting. NA is a great network. You can meet a lot of people. Who knows? You might meet a recovered addict who’s willing to give another addict a break when no one else will. Do 90 in 90, man. Just go.

    Good luck, brother. What do they say? A life beyond your wildest dreams is possible? Trust me. It is.

  17. Jeanine

    Hi Luke
    We went to school together in Castro valley. I just saw your episode on intervention. I hope you are doing better.
    I used to come to your moms house when we were kids you were always so vibrant and so much fun. Your mother was so inviting and a wonderful woman. God bless Luke

  18. Nelly

    Hi Luke,
    I just watched your episode and read all of these comments. Glad to see you reached a milestone. After reading about your relapse, I am praying and hoping you are doing much better. All of us here may be strangers but we are all humans and here to support you. If you and the family ever need anything, I can try to help. God Bless.

  19. Peggi

    Luke, your episode was on again tonight and I found myself reading through this thread and wondering how you are doing. I really hope you’ve found your way to sobriety. You have so much potential – I know you can do this!

  20. Mimi


  21. Nakia

    Hey luke i :-*hope ur doing better hun

  22. valentina

    luke hello i’m valentina ….i’. from napoli italy…have you got a email ou facebook i want speak with you if possible? besos

  23. Katie

    I would love to hear an update on Luke, as well as his mother. I have watched so many episodes of Intervention and every now and then there are ones that really stick with you- this was one of them. What an unbelievably dedicated, loving mother Luke has and you can see Luke’s brilliance and potential shine through the addiction. Seeing him in the library and his love for literature was amazing. What an awesome thing it would be if he would pursue becoming a journalist. I’m rooting for you Luke, it’s never too late!

  24. Chris

    I would like to know the latest with Luke and his family. My family and i have watched Intervention for a while, but your story was especially impacful. You are a great guy, jut lots of hurt. But your strength and love is stronger so, though i know you relapsed a little, you still can make it out. Would love to know how you’re doing. Thx

  25. Danny

    You sober brah? Luke. You still skate? lotta is in the bay

  26. Danny

    Lot of us*

    hit me up. u look familiar

  27. yolanda

    luke hi? tell me whats going on with you buddy? are u ok? we all wish the best for you please let me know

  28. Ariana

    Luke- thinking about you. Everyone is on your side and rooting for you. To beat this disease is one of the hardest things to do in life. That’s why there’s an army of collective strength and love rooting for you and ready to hold your hand and to guide you with their tools for recovery.

    You are not alone, my brother.

  29. Kristen

    Luke- just rewatched your episode and read through this page. Any update? Hope you are well!

  30. Judy Christiansen

    four years ago you helped my son John. I wish I could help you. I miss you. I miss all that came in and out of my house but you especially. I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing. But I know you are in my soul.

  31. Nikki

    Hope your doing well man!!!

  32. Nichole Paskoules

    You have a ride or die mom!!

  33. Toreigh

    Luke, I just watched your episode (again) and found myself thinking what an intelligent person you are. The books you had on your bed at the end of the episode. You have a deep heart, and I hope after your fall off, that you soon pulled yourself back together and are doing well.


  34. Rachel

    Thinking of you, Luke. Wishing you well from Seattle!

  35. Judy

    Dear Luke, When my son John told me he was in AA there started a steady stream of recovering addicts coming in and out of my home. All young adults and with such a variety of addictions. You were one that was special to me. You and Erin were the only two of all of them that I trusted John with as I frantically got him ready to go to rehab in Idaho, terrified to leave him alone during those three days. You really helped me. I came across this synopsis and the comments while looking for something else and you requested I not watch your episode and I have kept your wish. I actually don’t know a whole lot about you or certainly not where the path is taking you now. But I know that you and your family have a space deep down in my heart. John is still sober and lives with his dad outside of Boise. I rarely see him but we text. I miss him terribly and still fear a relapse. I guess that’s just part of it. Stay safe dear friend

  36. Brooke

    holy enabling mother!! i don’t even know what else to say! i haven’t even finished the episode but i had to come comment. to be willing to lose everything and actually live on the streets to enable your addicted child??? that’s insane. i know it was done out of a place of extreme love but just woah! that’s what jeff would say is loving him to death!

  37. Ash

    How very sad! What an absolutely sweet boy who just needed a big cuddle especially from the stepfather who didn’t even hug him in the intervention! Poor Luke! I pray you are doing well and you and your mom are both happy and healthy! God bless

  38. Anon

    The stepfather got off way too easy in this episode and these comments. He didn’t just lose his temper sometimes, like he said.. Luke said he would call him a “piece of shit,” among other things, to make him feel unwanted and unloved. Luke’s using drugs to cope was because of this emotional abuse from a jealous adult when he was just a little kid needing love, not just “divorce.” I hope he is back on track.

  39. Nivey

    I don’t think I ever hated a parent more than Luke’s step-dad. What a jerk! My heart breaks for Luke. Sweet, intelligent, young man, who suffered at the hands of his dysfunctional family. Poor Luke! These mothers who don’t protect their own children from their abusive husbands make me sick! Your children should come first always! Then you wonder why they become f’ed up?! Seriously. No excuses. I also think his mom chooses to be homeless with him because of GUILT. Not just enabling. She feels bad for not protecting him as a child. I pray for Luke! I wish someone had updates! Xo

    1. Kristin

      Yes… especially because if anyone could reLate it would be him. Everything he put them through didn’t matter until it was someone else.., his own son.
      Selfish self centered.

  40. Ashley

    I know it’s been so many years. Your episode was just on and I never rooted for someone so much. Does anyone know anything about this amazing Luke?!

  41. Kristin

    Hello Luke,
    I’m not sure where you are now but I hope you are doing ok. I have been sober for 20 years and because a substance abuse counselor for youth so I can help to guide them in healing their hearts and minds that is where all the stuff is at.
    How is your family are you still in contact.
    I’m including my email so you write if you get a change. My drug of choice was also Crack s well as too many others to count. I had unresolved trauma and didn’t realize how much it affected me until I finished EMDR it really helped me file things in my brain so I can focus on finding my true self,
    My email is on here and please feel to write me. Sending support 🖤🌙⭐️

  42. Samantha

    Nothing on Shantel? At all?

    As far as Luke goes— You are so inspirational. I’ve relapsed so many times, fighting another one as we speak. Would love to know how you’re doing; good or bad, both are a part of life! I could really use someone like you to look up to & would love to hear from you how you’ve done it before. If you’re still using, maybe telling me will light a fighter inside you to get back on track. You’re middle name should be perseverance, or resilient.

    -Samantha H

    1. A.

      There is a lot on Shantal on her comment section. They appeared in the same show but Dizzy gives every person their own site, which I like a lot btw.
      I hope Luke does fine these days!

  43. Ash

    I hate this stepdad more than I’ve hated anyone else on this show. What a terrible person. Luke spent his childhood being called racial slurs and a piece of shit by the person who was supposed to be the father figure in his life, and then the stepdad acts like he’s above all of this and wants nothing to do with him.

  44. RevanantNyxi

    Hi Luke. I doubt you still keep active with this forum, I hope all is well for you and your family. I’ve watched nearly every episode of this show that is out. None have made me cry, or even come close. Your episode brought me to tears. Your story is a painful one, a story I understand morbidly well. I hope you manage to stay clean, or at least continue to live a happy and healthy life.