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S11E14 Sean

Season 11 Episode 14


Age: 39
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Addiction: Alcohol
What’s memorable: His need to feel popular and the resulting $200 bar tabs, the 58 year old nympho sugar mama, the mother who believed his childhood anxiety was a result of being possessed by demons, how terribly he manipulates his fragile daughter, how hard it is for him to imagine stopping, even though he’s on the verge of esophageal cancer. “I’ve lost my fear of dying, and I want my misery to be over with.” – Sean

Update: Sean died of liver failure in January 2014.

Official Synopsis: Sean was once a popular DJ and charismatic crowd-pleaser, but now he’s rapidly going downhill due to his extreme alcoholism. Sean struggled as a child, growing up in a rough neighborhood with an openly gay father. Today, he spends his days and nights drinking himself to death. He desperately needs an intervention before he loses his family and his life.

Original Air Date: March 2012
Interventionist: Seth

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  1. Alec Prinzing

    this might be the saddest one i have ever seen just because he is willing to die and leave his daughter to deal with it i just dont see how he can even do that he says how much he loves her and ur child is supposed to be the most important thing in your life but she deffinetly takes a back seat to the vodka. Is there a follow up or a@e would you post something to see what he is doing currently at this time

    1. Derek

      I wonder too…on the way to treatment he bounced and went back home. The titles said he moved back in with the Sugar Mama and still drinks. It’s very sad.

    2. Kimberly

      When the pain becomes so extreme and so excruciating, you just want it to end, whether you have children or not. That’s part of the disease of depression and most of the time that is part of the disease of addiction as well.

  2. keli

    He died. My fiance was his hs best friend and just called me crying.

    1. crystal

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Take comfort knowing at least many people got to know him and his story and he will never be forgotten. I hope in the past year, time has made the pain bearable, and you can appreciate your beloved Sean is no longer suffering and is truly free. I lost my two best friends within a few months in 2013, and both were fathers, and both died of overdoses. I still see them when I’m out somewhere, and I catch a glimpse of someone who has a similar look, and every time when I realize it’s not my friend, the pain is unbearable. But I hope I never stop looking, I don’t want to ever not think of them. Both were amazing guys. True friends, even though I am a woman, I didn’t ever get romantically involved with either, but it was awesome to know them. Stay strong!! RIP Mike, Jordan, and Sean!!!

    2. Cj

      I’ve been drinking heavy ever since i came out of the military.. Did a tour to afghanistan and it didnt go so well over there.. ive been arrested 13 times in 5 years and right now ive been sober going on a week.. ive been to rehab once a couple years back but that didnt help i just relapsed.. i joined the army when i was 17 and was deployed just when i turned 18.. im 27 now and im just barely getting over things.. my parents haven’t given up on me but i am knowing that they will soon here in a bit.. they’ve told me.. i lost a friend that really was dear to me over there but i just want to say i am sorry for your loss and out of all the interventions i’ve seen.. this one really opened my eyes because alot of what sean was doing i was doing.. it freaked me out.. i dont have any kids ive been single ever since ive got out the military.. i have 2 dogs that i love so much.. one is a service dog.. i dont even got a wallet right now because i lost it at the bar 2 weeks ago.. im broke till next month.. just wanna say this intervention had me in tears. i am taking it day by day and if i even just even once relapse i will come back and say i tried.. other then that my goal is to stay clean for the rest of my life..

      1. Brian

        Stay strong CJ, I’ve been battling my addictions for a few years now and it can get better. Trust me brother, I know things are bleak and it seems rough but you can get through it. There are so many people out there like you and I who have these demons. The strength is there, keep fighting one day at a time and you can do it. You’re a strong person, I can’t thank you enough for your service, but now you have a tough battle to fight, and you got it. Keep it up brother.

      2. Mar

        CJ, I wish you happiness and recovery, and for good things to happen to you.

      3. Alexandra

        I hope you are doing alright today. I just watched Sean’s episode and came to read the comments – thinking of you.

  3. rick

    I remember the lady lover he had saying “Come to mommy”

  4. Gregory Moore

    This was the saddest of all the episodes I’ve seen–and I’ve seen most of them. Just heartbreaking–for him, for everyone around him. Clearly, this was a kind, sensitive and intelligent man–who was desperately in the clutches of alcoholism. One only needs to view this episode to see the near-demonic hold alcohol can have over certain unfortunate people. I hope Sean is now at peace. Seeing such a tortured person, up close, is almost too brutal to watch. My sincere sympathy to Sean’s family…especially his beautiful daughter.

  5. anne

    Just watched the episode and came to see if there was any news…crushed. Deeply sad story.

  6. Stefan

    As a gay man, Sean’s dad really pissed me off. I’ve always thought that we are much more kind, sensitive, and compassionate than most straight men (as a result of less hypermasculinity). The way his dad treated Sean just goes to show that it’s not always the case.

    1. DTschuor

      I’m not a gay man, just an alcoholic mom. I do, however, have a very anxious son. One of the fears I had when he was very young and things were really rough for him was that he would turn to drugs and/or alcohol to medicate those feelings.

      He’s not grown yet and I don’t drink, but I feel for those with extreme anxiety who don’t have anyone who understands how truly debilitating it is for the sufferer. It’s not like the normal fear that most people have. Luckily, I have had family members crushed by it so I get how real it is. “Snap out of it, that’s silly…” is not a helpful response.

      I was disappointed in the dad as well. He seemed to be self-centered to the extent that he could never say, “I know being my authentic self has caused my family some difficulty. That was not my intention. I hope you understand how important this is to me and that I can appreciate how hard it must be and has been for you.” Just those simple sentiments could go a long way to healing for that family.

      1. Stefan

        It was more than just Sean being teased as a result. His dad was borderline abusive.

  7. Jacey

    Anyone have any updates on Sean’s daughter, Lyndsy? I grew up with an alcoholic father so I really felt for her and wished I could give her a big hug.

  8. Alice Schmid

    If Lyndsay ever comes here, I hope she sees that people are filled with respect and empathy for her.

  9. Nivey

    I can’t find this episode anywhere! Does anyone have a link from daily motion? It seems that the site has a lot of old episodes. I just don’t know how to access it myself! It would be amazing if anyone could share the link for Sean, Ive never seen this episode anywhere! Ty!

    1. Nivey
      I found it! Heartbreaking episode! RIP Sean. I pray that his daughter is doing well and found some peace. Such a likable guy. Tragic. My prayers to his family.

      1. Suzvkb

        thank you for posting the link to this episode! this was surely heartbreaking. I’m in recovery…opiates, benzos, & alcohol. living the life of an alcoholic is the darkest place to be. I think if he would have just gave it a shot he woulda had a fighting chance & see what life is like on the other side. you get so deep in it, you forget. so sad for his family 💜

  10. Matthew

    I was so disappointed in Sean. I wish he would have at least tried and given rehab a shot, even if it was for two days and he decided to leave, at least he TRIED. He didn’t even make the effort, he decided alcohol was more important than his own daughter. Now she has to live with the pain of alcohol killing her father. This episode really depressed me. Sean was so far gone, it’s harrowing to see someone in that condition.

  11. G

    Does anyone have a newer link to this episode for Sean? I’ve looked everywhere but haven’t been able to find it and it’s one of the only few episodes I have yet to see.

    1. T.V. Watcher

      I’m not sure if this is against the rules.
      Here’s a link to web-stream it. Good luck with servers.
      It’s active at the time of this posting.

    2. T.V. Watcher

      I’m not sure if this is against the rules.
      Here’s a link to web-stream it. Good luck with servers.
      It’s active at the time of this posting.
      Sorry, I posted a link to Jeff 11-11… Sean 11-14 is A&E payment only. I spent 10 minutes looking for this Sean on Yandex. No versions found. on 12 different streaming sites.
      I downloaded it years ago.

  12. T.V. Watcher

    Not related to Sean. Instead the interventionist Seth. I was watching J.A.G. from around 1997-9.
    Interventionist “Seth” played a Navy Lieutenant. Or maybe it was a Marine Sargent. Either way, he had some lines. His voice and face were completely recognisable.
    If what Seth says in the episode is true. I don’t doubt his honesty. “A heroin addict for 17 years.”
    That would mean he was using heroin while being an actor. It’s great that Seth became an interventionist. I’m sure his career as an actor suffered because of his drug use.

    But he had ties and friends in TV production. Now he is one of the more successful interventionists, spare Jeff Van Vondren. I like both Seth’s and Jeff’s style of intervention.
    Through the years, the guidance they give to the families, during the interventions has been the most helpful. In my opinion. Candy, Ken and Sylvia are also some of my preferred interventionist’s because if their style. Caring demeanor.

  13. KERI

    I knew Sean and he was a great guy. We had a lot of fun times together (I don’t drink). But he was dealing with a lot of things from his past. I remember when he was doing pretty well managing his addiction and working at the club and doing lawn care. Those were probably the best years I knew him. It was such a shame when I heard of his passing. I loved him through all of that as a friend and will always think of the good times. Love you buddy!