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Season 12, Episode 16


Age: 19
Location: Sunberry, Ohio
Addiction: Bath salts
What’s memorable: How she doesn’t really know how to shoot up and neither does her boyfriend but they shoot each other up with these bath salts and it’s absolutely horrifying to watch.

Official Synopsis: Alissa, 19 is a smart and fearless teenager who uses bath salts to mask her inner pain. Alissa must make peace with her estranged father in order to break free from her dangerous lifestyle and her self-destructive cycle.

Original Air Date: December 2012
Interventionist: Seth

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  1. Cas

    Anyone know how she’s doing? I would like an update. Kids got potential

    1. A good friend!!

      She is actually doing pretty good and has a very wonderful and beautiful daughter named Madi I’m a very personal friend BTW BUT JUST BECAUSE OF HER USE doesn’t mean she isn’t a very wonderful and very smart person because she is and her boyfriend from the show (Brandon muth) is a complete and total jack@$$ who is in prison and has been for awhile

      1. Kristy McKay

        I’m her sister who was on the show.. she isn’t just doing pretty good she is doing amazing! So proud of her.

      2. Marie A

        That’s incredible to hear! Her story touched so many..

      3. peach girl

        This is so frustrating to read. Female addicts desperately need to reevaluate patterns of behavior with the men they keep in their lives and how they actively sabotage their sobriety and well-being. Wishing her and her child the best.

  2. elizabeth

    After watching this episode, I googled looking for an update, and found the original post on the Intervention facebook page. Her sister commented (said she was more addicted to heroin, but show focused on bath salts), so I found her through that. I don’t know if it’s happened more recently, but as far as I can tell she was definitively using as of March 2014. Her current profile picture, from August 2015, shows her pregnant, so I hope that means that she’s not using right now. She seems like a sweet girl. Here’s her page –

  3. Jordy

    I felt like Alissa deserved her own episode. Her story felt rushed, and I just feel like she had more to say. She seemed thoughtful and intelligent, and obviously a traumatized child underneath still.

    Watching her attempt to shoot up is cringe worthy. It was actually hard to watch her do it, had to look away once. Really hope things turned out for her! Never too late.

  4. Hector

    That was the most horrific shooting up I have ever seen. I was more worried about her (and her bf) bleeding to death than overdosing, yikes! I hope she is living a healthy and happy life today.

  5. Tmoney

    Just watched her episode for the first time and all I can say is I hope she is doing well today. I was horrified to see her injecting BLEACH into her system!! Does anyone know anything as far as updates go for 2021??

  6. Sudie

    I really think Seth is under-used as an interventionist. He tells it like it is and calls people out on their BS . Not only the addict, but those who have inflicted the trauma upon the addict. In this episode, he gave a very civilized smackdown to this girl’s father for his behavior. He didn’t employ histrionics, he was matter of fact and firm.

    It doesn’t hurt that (in my opinion) he’s attractive. LOL

  7. Marie A

    Just watched this episode, does anyone have any updates? I tried the FB link didn’t work….

  8. Kail

    Why the bleach…?

  9. Alissa

    Hey!! It’s me, Alissa. I’m doing very well! I have been in recovery for over 3 years! I’m a mother to a 7 yo daughter and am working now to be certified in chemical dependency counseling. Have a good day 🙂

    1. Emmers.

      I’m beyond proud of you!!! you can do this!

    2. Jenn

      Atta girl! Very proud of you. It’s a long road but so worth it. Peace and love ❤️

  10. Chris O

    how did injecting bleach not make the what’s memorable cut?

  11. Peach girl

    So happy she is far far far away from where she was. As a CSA survivor it was haunting to hear her experience so similar to mine. Her resorting to horrific drug use to cope with this, and then being raped by strangers for cash to pay for it all. Just a vicious cycle of sexual trauma and so common for female drug addicts to be sexually exploited or trafficked while under the influence and completely out of their minds and bodies. It makes me sick. Wishing horrible things on the relative who assaulted her and all the johns who paid to rape an addicted woman.