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Season 12, Episode 6


Age: 21
Location: Escanaba, Michigan
Addiction: Cocaine, Bath Salts
What’s memorable: The abusive drug-addicted husband, the accusations of abuse against her stepmother, which her father denied. The touching intervention where dad said what he needed to say despite his reluctance to believe it, just to get her to accept help.

Official Synopsis: A family begging her to get help and two overdoses in the last two weeks don’t phase 21-year-old Britney as she fearlessly shoots up suboxone and bath salts up to 30 times a day.

Original Air Date: September 2012
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. Sonya

    Any update on Britney? I grew up just outside of Escanaba and am really hoping she doesn’t relapse. Going back to that bubble that is the UP makes it difficult to shake off old habits…

    1. Anonymous

      I’m friends with her and as far as I know (I’ve been away at college) she’s been clean. She recently decided to leave her husband and on a good path.

      1. Sonya

        Thanks for your response! I appreciate the update. I know a lot of my friends from Marquette got into that lifestyle, so I’m really glad she got some help.

      2. dylan

        Hey I’m dylan I’m from newyork and 21 years old I’m goin on 14 months clean and would like to contact this girl on facebook jus to tell her my story and how much her story touched me anbody know her last name ??! It would be greatly appreciative 🙂

  2. Marissa Robyn

    It looks like from Her fb she is still with that husband. Hope she is still clean and doing good felt so bad about the abuse from Her stepmom and her dad denying it.

  3. Tony

    Yeahhhhh, I dunno about this one. I sincerely hope she got/gets clean. She did not seem particularly willing and was pretty comfortable with rage being her baseline emotional state. This is either the constant stims and lack of sleep and/or an underlying psychiatric condition. Hey, no shame in it. Me too! Just… get the help, girl! C’mon. Blow and bath salts? Look at the after pictures.

  4. Brittany

    Britney is a good girl. I’ve known her since she was young, I already knew about all the stuff she had went thru & it’s b.s but I’m also very proud of her for getting clean & how good she is doing now. Congrats girl, I know from experience it’s hard, keep up the good work brit 🙂

  5. Hillary

    No she is not clean, has not been since she got back from treatment after this show. She did finally leave her husband though, for his older brother. And she is currently in jail for unpaid fines and while in there she was seen by guards drinking some of that synthetic benzo stuff I guess so maybe sitting around a year for smuggling/contraband, that’s what they normally sentence anyways, will finally be what she needs and long enough clean. But if she stays with her brother in law/boyfriend, she won’t with him using. I know her personally and wish her the best.

  6. No name

    Brittney is NOT sober and right now she is actually in jail and was caught in there swallowing the rest of the drugs she has on her. This happened 2 weeks ago. She was married to some guy and he had to sit in jail for a year, while he was in there she started dating her husbands BROTHER, and was even living with him.

  7. Ashley

    I just ran into her a couple months ago and as far as I can tell she isn’t clean one bit. Still looks sick and acted strange. She def was not sober!

  8. Lee

    poor girl has been through a lot in her life she is a good person with problems she will make it

  9. Ron

    She is clean of coCaine and bath salt but she now abuses other drugs and looks even worse then before. She is a nice girl with a heart of gold but she needs to move outta this town. She is no longer with her husband she is actually with his brother now.

  10. Anon

    Im from the UP and this episode really caught my attention. We come from th same place and a lot of my family members have fallen victim to what this girl has. I hope she gets her life right and stops messing around with drugs and losers. She needs help and I really hope she gets it before it is too late.

  11. Si

    Found an update on Britney. Such a shame, I was really pulling for her. Hopefully she can still turn it around.

    She was sentenced in May to 36 months to 20 years in prison…

    1. Kristy

      Her name is or was Britney Jones. I figured that out by reading a Facebook intervention comment clicked on the name and there she was her Facebook page popped up. She looks like she’s doing better.

      1. Si

        She married a guy named Adam Edwardson and took his last name.

    2. Tazz

      I think you have the wrong person…Her last name is Jones.

  12. Si

    Actually, nevermind! wrong person!

  13. Holly

    Britney really resonated with me, and I pray she finds her happiness someday.

  14. Jeremy S

    I’m about 98% sure that this is her. Sentenced today for POCS. So, not so awesome……yet. miracles happen.

  15. ANON

    I just watched her episode, and this is the last thing I found on her. From a 2015 incident, she may have gotten 5 years in prison for assaulting a prison employee. Very unfortunate ):

  16. Enikő Faludi

    Personally I really loved her and regardless she was an addict she seemed to me a cool girl I would hang out with and doing quad ect. I’ve envied her that she was a tomboy yet she was still pretty-I’ve always been a tomboy but I look ugly haha.

    Ok,seriously,back to the show,I’ve found her facebook,it seems she doesn’t use it anymore,but as her facebook says she lives in Malibu now and she mended her relationship with her mother and her grandmother and I’m so happy for them!:) But I don’t know if she has a relationship with her dad,I guess she doesn’t really have! :/

    Here’s her fb with a cute pic of her and her mom,she uploaded it on 10th February,2016

    1. C omell

      I know Britney from prison and aside from her troubles she is a great person and beautiful in heart

    2. Heather

      This britney person your refering to is not the same britney edwardson t h at is sitting in prison today its to different people

  17. Rae

    Wow…. it wasn’t till halfway through the show. I felt her pains growing up…

    My mother lost me when i was about 4. Long story short, she and her bf and his buddies were don’t crystal meth at the time, her bf and buddies broke into my mom’s, caused a lot of damage to the house, my mom, and my sister. All over drug money. My father gained custody after 2 or 3 days of me being in a foster home.
    Dad and i had a fantastic relationship, till he met my former step mother. My step mother emotionally and verbally abused me a lot. On occasion she would physically abuse me, up till i started defending myself. It got to a point where she would manipulate my dad into believing i did everything to deserve it. My dad was in denial, and still is a lot of times. For the longest time, he told me “she’s my wife, you’re my daughter. You’ll be gone in a few years, i want her to be in my life forever.”. That never settled well with me. She treated me vastly different from her kids. Eventually my father did the same. We were starting to rebuild a relationship, but then i met a guy. He was older (7yrs, i was in high school) so of course dad didnt approve, but nonetheless, more long story: the guy and i dated for a year and a half and cheated on me, and eventually confessed that my dad not accepting him when at the time he hasn’t even pressured me about sex, that led him to find someone else but was afraid of actually breaking up. Eventually i moved out before i graduated (but yes, i did make it my goal to graduate), and didn’t speak to my dad for nearly 4 months before he started asking me to see him. Finally i caved. He gave me gas money and i drove out to meet him for a movie. After that night, he started asking questions but would go to defense mode a lot. 4yrs after i moved out, he left her to move to a different state. Some months passed where he finally found work and met my amazing new step mother whom i think has a heart of gold with a bunch of diamonds in there. This woman helped my dad out when he was at a low. I will say my dad has made things rough. He still doesn’t believe a lot of the things that really did happen. But he’s admitted that he wasn’t there, and that there was a lot that didn’t add up with my former step mother after her most recent actions of animosity and the toxic actions she has done and been doing not just by manipulation of her kids to not allow my dad and i to keep contact with certain family, but the things she’s done to my dads current wife since the divorce papers were first discussed. It kills me sometimes, because he has this tough love belief system, and sometimes a daughter needs something less rough on the emotions. Seeing her dad break down the way he did, it hit home hard. And i mean immediate crocodile tears, heart aching, face and noise burning, emotional break down. Because all i ever wanted was my dad to be there too. For him to stand up to my former step mother, for him to cut all contact with anyone remotely close to her since those who i called brother and sister for well over 10yrs told us we can’t talk to my nieces and nephews. I wish that i could hear him say with sincerity that he is sorry, and that he’s here for me. Not just here to talk down to be all the time and make me feel like he is telling me all this stuff that im bad at or a bad person because of. He still is working on it and we’re almost month 5 of him being away from her, 1yrs since the divorce, and only a few months since the wedding. I love my dad. But seeing your pain, it hit a full team home run. It’s rough girl, but we got this.

  18. Barb

    I just want to say, you can’t “relapse on Suboxone.” It contains Naloxone, which prevents it from being addictive. I take Suboxone for chronic pain. There’s no “high” effect involved, even if you take a double dose.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I just want to say that it is addictive and MANY people use it as a “high” and are addicted to it It has the potential to become addictive if it’s misused. I don’t take Suboxone but am well aware of the “dark side” it has. I would think someone who takes it would know the side effects it COULD have for those who misuse it.

      1. Marie A

        Very true, sub’s are highly addictive! My brother in law was hooked on Hydro,Benzo. He started taken sub’s to kick the pills. He started taken the right amount, now 4yrs later he can’t do without. I’ve seen him trying to withdraw from Sub’s it was horrible to watch!

    2. Lisa

      Not true. I’m a substance abuse counselor and a recovering addict who took Suboxone for several years. There is no “high” after the first couple of days, but it is absolutely possible (and likely) that someone who has been clean for any length of time will get high when they first take it. I know this was true for me, when I initially began taking it and, sadly, I see it fairly regularly with my clients. The naloxone does not prevent Suboxone from being addictive; it is included in Suboxone as a means of discouraging people from injecting it, as doing so causes people to go into immediate withdrawal.

      1. Kitty Katt

        So the like I posted (legit one), having seen it smoked and injected by people who are high as a kite only turn to the streets to buy it like any other drug they sell we should throw that out the window because only you know how it works.


    3. BR

      Completely false. You can overdose on Suboxone. It is literally government controlled drug dealing.

  19. Kitty Katt

    She looks a lot different in this mugshot than her previous one.

  20. heather

    Sadly I think this is her and she’s in prison for assaulting an officer

    1. Kitty Katt

      That’s the same case as the one I posted last year (right above your comment).

      1. Toreigh

        They are not the same. She was 25 in the post you listed and 28 in the other posters listing. Apparently she just likes to assault officers.

      2. Kitty Katt

        They are the same…look at the dates of incident….she’s been in there for a few years now so that’s why her age has now changed.

  21. Amy Berg

    I know her we used to be friends. I hope she stays out of trouble fr this time. I always liked her.

  22. Tracy Fuentes

    I know Britney, we were in prison together. We kept in touch and I’m sad to say she was sentenced to 20 to life for assaulting a guard and then – get this – eating the blood and flesh of the guard after the assault. Though this was an unspeakable act, I wish her the best.

    1. Rebecca G

      I looked for any indication of that in online public records and news, but everything I found said she’s still in prison for the 2015 CO assault and 5 years is the maximum sentence for that charge. Are you referring to a recent incident that hasn’t resulted in a formal conviction yet? If so, I’m sorry to hear it. I hope she finds peace.

    2. Christopher Johannes Karner

      Do you have a link for this ?

    3. HollyB

      This link says Britney was discharged from prison in 2020. Wouldn’t she still be in prison if she had assaulted an officer again? I really want to know because if she did what you said…omg…that’s horrible.

      1. Kk

        My friend is home and didn’t do nothing like what people are saying

    4. Kk

      That’s a lie. Brittany is home and doing good I talk to her all the time. I hate a liar

      1. evan flynn

        i hope she is ok

    5. A.

      Why would you write such bs?? It’s not true! Check some links here and her FB. Jesus.

  23. Ryan

    Any word on Britney’s whereabouts in 2022? Did she ever beat addiction?

    1. Lilah

      Britney went back to the mission in late june early july she had gotten sober and is doing very well right now. She got a job and is working very hard. So proud ❤

      1. Miriam Hernandez

        I really hope Britney is doing good ! She really stuck out to me . Any updates on her ? I know getting out of jail is hard and maybe a go fund me to help her get up on her feet ?