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Season 12, Episode 12


Age: 24
Location: Carson City, Nevada
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: Her parents. Wow. Yeah they came around and stepped up in the end, but during Megan’s childhood and even throughout the show they were just plain terrible at dealing with things. That a mother would hold her 15 year old daughter responsible for “sleeping with” her own boyfriend, blame Megan for doing it to try and ‘get back’ at her, and then run off with him in order to get away from her daughter’s supposed seductions – holy shit, that’s just unbelievable. Also memorable is how awesome the interventionist Seth was here. He made the parents take responsibility for their part in Megan’s addiction, forcing the mom to accept that she was “1000 percent wrong” and the dad that he didn’t do anything to help Megan when she needed him the most. I have new respect for Seth – he was rightfully hard on them and the outcome of the intervention was positive.

Official Synopsis:  Megan is a 24-year-old addict who turned to drugs to kill the excruciating pain she experienced as a young teen after her innocence was stolen by her mother’s boyfriend. Today, Megan’s life is at a critical point and she is facing a long stint in prison with her next mistake.

Original Air Date: November 2012
Interventionist: Seth

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  1. CM

    I have watched many episodes of Intervention, and these parents are the worst I have ever seen. Seth was right, it would have been a miracle if she was NOT a drug addict.

    1. Becky

      I agree. Horrible selfish parents who blame their child. It’s obscene. I hope she found support in others or that her hopeless parents changed for her sake!!

      1. Sondra

        I agree, but I think the mother is the absolute worst. How she blamed Megan for being raped, and then moved away with the rapist! Omg this poor girl!! The dad was just not present, physically or emotionally. It’s almost like he didn’t seem to know how to be. He was kinda like emotionless imo. Anyhow, I felt absolutely heartbroken for Megan. Her mother should burn in hell. Narcissistic bitch. You have small children, but “you have to live your life”…Raise the kids you brought into the world, then by all means, do you, but this heifer was clueless and beyond selfish. I’m like cussing at my tv watching her. 🤬🤬🤬

    2. Ambiguous

      Damn. Watching this episode makes me realize I need to really be thankful for my parents and I was homeless as a child because of my folk’s addictions but Damn, at least my parents did Not blame Me when I was raped at 14 by a drug dealer I bought pot off of…

    3. Tina Corum

      Ditto…POS. Hope you’re doing well.

    4. Alice Schmid

      It was also that awful Aunt Jan. Classist, elitist Aunt Jan. Worried about her solid gold watch. What’s passed it forgiven Jan? Presumes Megan has forgiven YOU.

      However, I totally agree with you, CM, re Megan’s really awful parents.

      1. Becca

        She has a right to be upset that her things were stolen. That’s a normal reaction to such a betrayal. There is nothing classist or elitist about that.

      2. ALice Schmid

        I simply disagree. This woman oozed judgment and condescension. I could tell she knew it as well; she looked mortified when Seth said, “we have to tell her we were 1000% wrong.” She knew.

      3. Danielle Stryker

        You’re 100% right. She was so kind and forgiving she gave her a place to stay instead of going to prison. Had she not opened her home, which no one would blame her for not, Megan would probably been in prison with no options. She gave that girl a chance to save herself. Caring about irreplaceable family heirlooms and $5,000 worth of stolen items is normal. It would be crazy to not care, or worry about it happening again. And it’s so wrong for someone to think there’s something wrong with her caring about it. Maybe people assume that a person who owns a gold watch is soooo rich they shouldn’t care when important belongings are stolen for drug money. It’s actually a pretty classic jealousy go to. Of all the family, it’s clear thee aunt was her biggest supporter, loved her unconditionally, and was so there for her. I don’t think that poor girl had a chance without her aunt. Her “mom” though, she’s a monster. And she makes it worse by not acknowledging that she’s a monster. She definitely isn’t a mother. That is not a word that can be used for her. Mother isn’t someone who births a child, it’s an everyday action.

      4. Randi Kreger

        She was teaching Megan responsibility and accountability. That’s why she did it. She said so. I think you’re reading into things.

      5. Susie

        I completely agree with you about “Aunt” Jan. I really disliked her.
        I mean the parents are literally the worst people ever, but Jan isnt a great person either. Everyone in Megan’s life sucks, and if I were her, I’d cut them all from my life.

      6. Kitty Katt

        I’ve watched this episode a few times and to be honest, Aunt Jan did not come off as being some “elite” person worried about a gold watch (let’s not forget that she also took her wedding ring and other jewelry too). She was more hurt that she stole from her and not because of what she stole (although she does have a right to be pissed off at all her missing jewelry). Let’s remember that it’s also because of Aunt Jan that she got out on bail and allowed her to live with her so they can perform the intervention. Who would allow the person who stole from you to get out on bail and live with you? I don’t think many.

      7. Gigi

        Honestly I didn’t get a condescending elitist vibe from Aunt Jan at all. I think she cared deeply about Megan but had to establish boundaries for her own mental health.

      8. Brenda

        Uh uh. I had an aunt similar to jan, when i was an addict i stole from her, she gave me so mad my chances and i kept on, she finally got me locked up for it. She passed away while i was in prison and to this day i thank her for what she did! I honestly believe had i not gone to prison I’d be dead. Going to prison actually saved my life, and i thank my aunt for that every day.

      9. Linda Aurora

        the Aunt is 10000% in the right. I can’t stand a thief they are the lowest of the low. Her aunt is better than me because if anyone steals from me after I let them in my house will never get my help again. She would be sleeping my porch for real

    5. Lily

      I was about to leave the same comment. They are the worst. How are they BOTH so awful? They are trash. Why did they even have children? Selfish garbage humans.

  2. Samantha

    I know your new policy states that we should be kind, but these people behave horribly. Note that I did not say they ARE horrid. When her father said, “Megan is just not a priority right now,” I wanted to throw up! Seriously?! Everyone is right, the poor girl never had a chance. It’s one thing when someone is “washing themselves” of an addict because they’re exhausted and sick of being let down and want to break that cycle, but it seems like he has always been this way to her. To me, he seems like one of those intellectual types that can’t comprehend empathy or any other emotion for that matter. Almost robotic. He didn’t want to do anything about his daughter being raped because he thought her mother would deal with it. I won’t get started on her mother. Just one thing… Even if Megan wanted to “destroy her mother’s happiness” by sleeping with her boyfriend (which is highly unlikely IMO), she was FIFTEEN years old. In no way do I believe she would be accountable for what happened. And as a mother to say she dressed PROMISCUOUSLY??? Eeeeeeek! And her bottom line to Megan was basically threatening her with the same stuff she has been doing to her for her entire life. I don’t think she should have even been part of the intervention unless she said, “I’m sorry that you were sexually assaulted by my boyfriend, and I’m sorry that I did nothing to help you.” Otherwise, she didn’t deserve to be there. Thank God for her mentor and for Jan.

    I also agree that the interventionist was on point here. He did tell it like it is. I wish nothing but the best for Megan. She is a survivor. When you’re told so many times that you’re a piece of shit, it becomes your reality. And again, I do not intend to be cruel in this comment, but feel free to not post it. I just wanted to comment. 🙂

    1. Sweet Melissa

      Completely agree. I cannot BELIEVE the mother blamed her child for being sexually abused. Clearly the mom had some serious issues of her own and I hope she is getting help. The dad was just so cold. And I can’t imagine, if I had been raped by my mom’s boyfriend at 15, that my dad would say “oh well I thought her mom would take care of it,” as if he were discussing someone forgetting to pick up milk at the supermarket! I wanted to hug and high-five the interventionist.

      1. Tina Corum

        And for the mom to move away with the boyfriend after all that because ahe didnt want to lose him??? Damn, she abandoned the poor girl twice. I’d told her to not come back into my life after that, good riddance!

    2. Sweet Melissa

      p.s. I too have struggled with addiction and I have not experienced anything remotely close to Megan’s trauma and cold-hearted family reaction. She is a warrior and I also hope she is doing well. With love, Melissa

    3. dizzy

      To be fair, they did arrange this intervention and both parents admitted during that they were neglectful and they apologized. I given them credit for that at least, they tried to make things right in order to save her.

      1. Sweet Melissa Rose

        Yes I agree. Everyone makes mistakes (albeit her parents’ mistakes were IMO big ones) and at least they were trying. I recently watched this episode again too. Seth was absolutely amazing.

      2. Nicole

        I actually got the feeling her (rather attractive) brother was the one who was behind the intervention and he included the parents, however it did not say.

        I also know what it is like to be blamed for being raped and I can’t even describe the pain, shame, humiliation, devastation and questioning your own sanity that comes after that. About 9 months later is when I started doing heroin bc I was no longer able to numb out the pain and cope with life at all. And even if there are 2+ sides to the story the only one I personally believe is Megan’s because I’ve been in her shoes and know the pain. According to rainn website only 2% of rapists ever spend a day in jail and this type of attitude is the reason why.

      3. BeautifullyBroken0730

        To be fair? I’m sorry I wholeheartedly disagree with you as a child of abusive and a an adaptive mother who is in complete denial of some of that abuse to this very is insane for you or anyone to say at least they tried. now literally right before an intervention and what she should be grateful and thankful when all the damage is done you can’t just get over it with a half-ass apology. So to be fair to her no they don’t get off that easy. Wish y’all the best baby girl…

      4. Alice Schmid

        except they didn’t go to the betty ford program. Made me question how much of their comments were just empty promises.

    4. janine

      Amen Samantha! Absolutely. Her mother obviously told herself”she needed to live her life” to make herself feel better. She was deluded and I hope she can get well too. Sounded like the father was trying and I’m glad the interventionalist gave him a firm lashing. I’m sure he was thinking ..”if that was my daughter…”

    5. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Seth tells it like it is and I like his style. I like most all the interventionists except the one from Canada that looks like Jabba the Hutt with too much blush and a harsh black dye job.

      1. Dizzy

        Please let’s try to refrain from making rude comments about peoples’ looks. Thanks.

      2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Sorry – I shouldn’t have done that. She does seem rather smug in dealing with people, though, and that really gets under my skin. I wasn’t very constructive in my comment.

    6. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I agree about both the parents and their misguided behavior. It’s very difficult to NOT want to say anything mean and cruel about them. There are no winners here.

  3. Sachiko

    I have watched this episode many times and each time it’s evident that her parents are irresponsible narcissists. Each one passing the buck, not stepping up until the 11th hour. Not stepping up when she was raped. A 15 year old girl, alone and blamed by her mother, by the very person who was supposed to protect and help her through the trauma of the sexual assault. The father just nonchalantly shrugging it off, like, not my problem, her mother was going to handle it. Her Mom choosing the boyfriend over her daughter, and abandoning her, again. There is no way Megan could have dealt with so much neglect and emotional abuse on her own without self medicating, I agree with the interventionist. She needs and wants her parents love so badly, and her parents just don’t want to make her an important part of their lives. I mean, how do you handle that as an adolescent, teen, crap even as an adult? You can’t, not without help and insight into yourself. Megan, I hope your life is clean, sober, happy and healthy. I hope you know that the only love and approval you need is from yourself. I hope you know you are worth it, because you know and believe this into the center of your being and that as long as you believe and know this, you are on the path to happiness and fulfillment. You are good enough. You deserve everything great in this world and it begins with you believing this. I believe in you and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and meditations. Love and light to you, Megan.

    1. Jenny

      Just saying…narcissists also lack the empathy. So if your daughter is a threat to you because your boyfriend is a pedophile or cuter and younger or your daughter “isn’t a priority” it always has been about you and not her. Bless people like Jan. Wish you well Megan.

      1. Anistasia

        Amen! No matter what we didn’t see, the responses and expressions of these parents spoke volumes. It’s easy to see how a mother that could continue having sex with someone who has penetrated her daughter would find it convenient to blame her. Call it what we may but facts don’t have to be “judged”. Something is wrong here.

    2. Saybu are a good person. Thank you for this kind message of love, validation, and support.

  4. Sandra

    I am reading SO many comments all over this board blaming the family for the abusers addiction. I hear this from my clients every day: “I drink because my dad did ____ to me.” or “I shoot up, because ____ is such a ____.” Sure, not everyone has a supportive and loving environment to grow up in. If you do, that is a wonderful thing! However, the addict is the one that makes the choice to self-medicate and they are the ones to accept or reject help. If you have worked with addicts, as a counselor, you know exactly what I am trying to convey here.

    At some point, we all have to take responsibility for our actions. I am NOT defending the parents or blaming the addicts, but let’s not start making addicts a bunch of innocent victims. The shows feature only a portion of the whole story. As Dizzy has said before, the show is only 45 minutes. There is SO much we do not see. I have heard horrible stories from my clients, but then I meet the family and get a completely different picture of what is going on. Sometimes, we only see what we are looking for.

    As Maya Angelo said, “Do the best you can, until you know better. Then, when you know better, DO better.”

    1. Samantha

      I just wanted to say that I agree with you completely. In my comment, I wasn’t trying to say that the parents are solely to blame. It is necessary that people take responsibility or else they can’t heal, and I simply wanted to make a comment about how I felt about their behavior. Personally, I struggled with alcohol addiction for 8ish years, and have been sober for 3. I have a lot of mommy issues, but I have known all along that she didn’t put the bottle in my hand. I had to pick it up! I’ve met people in recovery who can’t let go of that blame and therefore have a really hard time staying sober! Kudos to you for doing what you do! I am sure that you make a huge different in peoples’ lives.

    2. Liz

      I agree that everything is not “mommy and daddy’s fault” but the truth of the matter is that they are a huge part of our journey. Even if they weren’t in your life at all, their absence becomes a part of your journey. What they did and how they behaved was a part of Megan’s journey. I think Megan’s actions are her own (and that’s the only way to get well) but I don’t mind saying that I don’t approve of what her parents did. And that doesn’t qualify as “bashing.”

      There was a reason everyone’s eyes were tearing up when the mother apologized for her part in Megan’s path. She’s not evil. But she was wrong, and what she did served as a catalyst. You don’t have children and abandon them. You don’t allow them to be raped by a boyfriend. And you don’t then move away WITH that boyfriend. She needed (for her part and Megan’s part) to acknowledge what she did. So they could both move on.

      Therapy is not about blame. It’s about healing. And you can’t ignore the root of the illness and slap a bandaid on it. It doesn’t mean that the parents are evil–they are people who have made mistakes, just as we all do.

      There is POWER in an apology, a genuine apology. And they owed her one. “Whether we agree or not, I’m sorry I hurt you. And I think you’re worth saving.” That’s a lot more powerful than, “hey, we all had crappy parents and I’m not a heroin addict. Get over it.”

      1. KaleJ

        Totally agree Liz.
        She was still a kid & so impressionable when both parents practically gave up. Such a vulnerable age. Still building self esteem, questioning yourself & at the beginning stages of finding out your place in this world with family, friends, school, etc. A lot of guidance & nurturing is really needed at those stages of life.

      2. Anistasia

        Very well said Liz. I feel that if these parents “just simply made a mistake” how much more so can addiction be expected from any imperfect human being on the receiving end of such dysfunction? I happen to be one with a “story” who managed not to self destruct but I expect nothing more from the addicts who are affected by what I call pure selfishness. We all could avoid so many problems if we were more willing to “kill the root” of the problem or call it what it is. I call it parental selfishness – the common thread that seems to run through most of these tragic stories like my own. Validation of my feelings and full acknowledgement of the root of the problem from others gives me the strength I need to avoid self destruction. Failure to get this is like the last weakening kick in the side. I’m sure these addicts would agree that it’s NOT o.k. to tell me how strong I should be while band-aiding and minimizing these horrific acts of selfishness on the part of others. Again, your post is well said.

      3. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Well said. My mom and aunt were both abused by their dad (physically/mentally/emotionally) and my grandpa was a grade A++ narcissist. It’s a MY mom didn’t abuse substances as a result…her PTSD alone was more than enough. No support from any close relatives either, and women’s choices were non-existent in terms of divorce and how abuse is handled. My mom overcame it, but not everyone does…and YES, the parents are a large part of an individual’s journey. I like your style, Liz!

    3. Sam

      I see what you’re saying, but we did get to meet the family. They each got to express what they wanted to express. We got their side of the story. Exactly what is the other side of letting a 25-year-old live with your 15-year-old daughter? That’s illegal.

  5. Sandra

    My point is:

    There are two sides to every story. Why is that inappropriate?

    Dizzy just posted about this the other day. I was so happy to see that she did that! My statements was in support of her decision to more carefully moderate what goes on the board.

  6. Sarah Thomas

    Dizzy, Totally agreed with you about Seth and how he approached the parents! I almost applauded when he was done talking.

  7. Sarah Thomas

    “I’m more scared to find out who I am more tha anything.” Powerful truth from Megan.

  8. Laura

    I’m curious as to why we all feel compelled to attribute blame to someone and focus on that versus the remarkable resilience that so many of the show’s subjects have demonstrated. I’m wondering if Sandra perhaps felt the same way about the previous commenter’s not-so-subtle suggestion that we should hold Megan accountable for “personal choices,” the tone of which I didn’t particularly like either. There’s an abundance of stigma already surrounding people with addictions and their families, and it’s a headache for those of us trying to transform those cultural attitudes so that people who are suffering can access the resources they need without social barriers. What’s the value in contributing to that by tooting moral horns about “bad parents”, “personal responsibility”, etc. etc.?

    1. Emma

      Well said, couldn’t agree more

  9. Sandra

    What’s I am saying is… I previously worked as an Addiction Counselor. There is SO much that happens that cannot be shown in a 45 minute edited show.

    Yes, let’s show support to people that are trying to get clean and stay clean. Let’s get to the root of what is causing them to self-medicate and start the healing process. I am thrilled that families are offered their own counseling. That is crucial!

    However, there are quite a few posts here, and on other sites, that are supportive of the addict and bash the parents. Can we PLEASE stop bashing the parents? That is a major stigma about therapy. ‘Everything is mommy and daddy’s fault’. Like I said, there ARE two sides to every story.

    Also, my reply was a GENERAL reply. It was not aimed at anyone.

    1. Bela

      I can’t help but see both sides, and let me tell you I felt hatred for those parents while I was watching this episode. Every other episode I was getting annoyed because it was always someone else’s fault, the addict never seemed to take any accountability. You’re right we only got to see 45 minutes out of years of these people’s lives.
      So yes only the addict is responsible for picking up the drugs and choosing to do them. I’ll be honest, besides heroin I don’t think there’s very many drugs that I haven’t tried, and everytime I watch this show I thank my lucky stars that I never liked any of them so much that I became addicted and just HAD to have them.
      We all have a choice in how we decide to deal with the hand we are dealt. At the same time do I think Megan’s life would have turned out different with caring, nurturing parents? Yes I think so. Personally I think it’s hard not to look at both sides, which I admit I only saw Megan’s side before finding this site, and yes I still think her parents were kind of terrible, but everyone can be “fixed” if they want to be.
      Ahhhhhh it’s so hard not to flip flop lol.
      In the end all I really hope is that Megan has stayed sober and is finally enjoying the life she deserves.
      That EVERYONE deserves.

  10. mary

    Dearest Megan,
    I felt so much pain and compassion for you! You helped many girls! The girls that have been raped…then blamed for it is huge. Parents that place the blame on a kid so they don’t have to deal with their staggering self centeredness…is epidemic! Many of us … watched ourselves… while seeing your abuse and neglect. I’m cried for us both! I’ve over come the … them… in my life..sometimes feelings creep back up and I get to my therapist… a professional…and skim it off!12 Steps are great .. but, I need a therapist too… Ps… at this time I’ve earned 3 college degrees and live for today… I encourage you to define yourself… family may not be the dream…I can’t handle being around some of mine…but mostly I just feel pain around them. Thank you for your heart and sharing it with others! You are a survivor…you are in my prayers and thoughts!?

    1. Kay-Cee

      Hey mary ur post about living for today has been monumental in my recovery the last 6 yrs! I cannot live in the past and I deeply believe that’s how I allowed myself to a abuse drugs for so long. The past is a lesson and sadly some ppl past is a horrible “lesson” so to speak.the past has rules my counselor said 1. Cannot change the past 2. Past can still hurt and does! 3. If the painful past “lesson” is still ur daily or constant reality then u cannot move on or heal! And the last rule kicked my newly sober brain! And I realized that every time I relived my abusive childhood, used heroin to numb, and every waking and sleep8ng moment of my sad exsistence that i obsessively allow my perpetrator to well basically control my life!!! He was still holding me down and I was back to that lil helpless child and I didn’t even know that I was letting him win still 20 yrs later! Wn I realized that living in the past was him beating me still…that was enuf for me to take back control and live in today followed by prayers for tomorrow! I focus on rite now and that has allowed me so much freedom and power! Power I had lost wn I was just an innocent. So I hate to say this but yall talking about its the addicts fault or parents or who ever! That seems like a waste of energy to me cuz once I let all the blame go even the blame and hatred I had for the person who raped me that’s wn I really started to be just me again. So u know wat if her parents r now supportive and positive influences in her life then I say allow ur parents to be in the here and now wit u. Try not to discuss the past too much and wn u do less is more wn talking about the issue. State ur feelings and cry, go walk it out do wat u need to do to release the bad MOJO then I tell yall to get back to ur reality of today and focus on the positive aspects! I love finding joy in the simple things of life…warm sunshine, fat summer rain drops, and just laughter (it’s contagious don’t ya know). Even wn I have had a terrible horrible no good very bad day I still can be happy to be alive cuz let’s face it addicts…we could have all died during our using days!!! And just wn u think u got it BAD is wn I look around and I will see a 25 ur old veteran in a wheelchair with an arm and leg missing. And he’s still got a smile on his face. Things could always be worse and I live by that. I know I’m rambling but at an NA group we did an experiment. We all wrote our names on the paper then we wrote down everything in our life that was shitty or a problem or just bothering us. Could be an old event that haunts u or something less important like idk bad hair day lol. So I wrote down a bunch of stuff from past cuz I was still living it plus some more current issues. Mine was very personal and deep then we passed our paper and got to read every other ppl problems. After we got our own paper back the leader said if anyone wants to exchange papers and PROBLEMS with anyone else to stand up and exchange papers…not single person stood up! Cuz girl they probs were Hella bad and I’m good without their issues ya feel me?!

  11. Dave

    I’ve watched many intervention episodes and have gone through my own struggles with alcohol. Off of it for 3 and 1/2 years life is much clearer. It was a struggle for me and I was lucky enough to have a very awesome and loving mom who past away last year. Somehow, I managed to stay sober afterwards…which I was a bit shocked and proud of as my father is the exact opposite of mom and is very difficult to deal with to this day. He is an extremely controlling apex personality with no reason behind the cause…. anywho, I was really pulling for Megan and I hope she is still clean/sober and has found some happiness out there. I very much empathize with someone that is looking for support and love and isn’t getting it in return…and wow she had it from both sides.. glad to see that by the intervention the parents showed up and seemed to help out, Jan seemed to have a HUGE heart reminding me a bit of my mom and i really dug it when she got over the heartbreak of the theft…. Jan is awesome… also it was good to see on the update report that Megan was building a relationship with her father…. Keep on Keepin on!!! I hope for good things for all… Life is too short and we all deserve at least a few moments of happiness

  12. jessica

    Megan, my name is Jessica. I just seen your eposide on TV and believe it or not I started to cry. I been an addict for few years, on probation, in and out jail, thinking I’m never going to be happy again. I relapsed like u did, unfortunately I didn’t get that opportunity you got but I been clean, but not strong enough to keep it that way. Its in the back of my mind everyday I wake up but then I think to myself, I’m better than that, I don’t want to be sick again. I have a fiance that knows my past. Started doing heroin when my ex of 4 years started too and my life changed forever. I pray you stay sober and your episode motivated me to leave that behind me. Hope we can stay in touch chicki

  13. Suzanna

    I went to treatment with her. She is amazing! To go through so much and come out sober and happy is a miracle. Love you Megan! Fisher Hall!!

  14. Janice

    Where do I begin…

    This is one of the very few episodes that made my blood boil, not because of the addict but her so called parents(I’m using this term VERY loosely)I feel so bad for Megan and I understand why she was on drugs to cope with the shitty parents she was dealt with. Her ‘aunt’ Jan didn’t have to put her in jail, granted she admitted to doing it, but jail is not a rehab nor a treatment center and it should be the final solution if she didn’t go and get the help. (Easier said than done but jail won’t solve the answer either, this is my opinion of course)

    Her father…wow, talk about being disconnected from the world and human interaction. So cold and distant and not finding his daughter to be “high priority” because I’ve remarried. BS. She will ALWAYS be your daughter and that will never change. The woman who gave birth to her(she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother) Wanting her own life after having three kids and then blaming her own daughter when her boyfriend rapes her. She should’ve stayed gone when she left the first time. So happy Seth called her out on all the wrong things she did and laughing when she asked if she could have her own life. I’d laugh at that too.

    If I were Megan I would accept their apologies and then not have ANYTHING to do with them ever again. They’ve humiliated her long enough and their actions show they don’t deserve her as a daughter who go lost in all the drama they created. Megan if you are reading this, I hope you are living a clean, happy and sober life. I wish you the best in your journey in life.

  15. Brandon

    “I want to be clean and I want to have a happy life. But I don’t know who I am. I’m more scared to find out who I am than anything.”

    God, THIS. This a million times over. It’s absolutely terrifying to have to confront your estranged self when you start getting sober. It was definitely MY biggest fear.

    Megan is obviously very intelligent, both in the conventional sense and in the emotional sense. Remarkably self-aware. I really hope she’s still doing well.

  16. MaximusDreivinX

    Yep …. KNEW this episode was going to have a ton of comments! I am 10 minutes in and — whoa!

    Soooo …. hey mom, um, your grown male boyfriend, whom I will suppose is 30 to 40 some years old, had sex with your FIFTEEN year old daughter. And that’s just OK huh? No charges? No rape? Well surely you’ll leave him for the disgusting pig he is then right? ….. RIGHT?!! ——— oh, wait, so you ARE going to leave with the child rapist. Ummm – Ok.

  17. Jason

    I am only half way through this episode and all I can say is wow! The mother should be locked up for blaming her daughter for the rape and then abandoning her to run off with her rapist. I would put money on it that the creep left her anyway. I sure hope by the end the mother admits her culpability in all of this.

  18. Esperance

    Unfortunately, Megan’s photo seems to match a Megan H in the Nevada justice system. She was paroled in 2015 but sadly this was in the Carson City newspaper last month…

    At 6:10 p.m., Megan H—, 28, of Carson City was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance, felony ex-felon in possession of a firearm, felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, felony maintaining a drug house, possession of drug paraphernalia, no valid driver’s license, no proof of insurance, no front license plate, violation of bail conditions and seat belt requirement after deputies initiated a traffic stop near the 500 block of Richmond Avenue. […] Bail for Haffey was set at $52,250.

  19. Diane

    I’m watching this episode again in 2016 regarding Megan and remembered it when I watched it the 1st time as was horrified all over again. This child, this beautiful child didn’t stand a chance. It’s completely understandable why she became an addict. I’m just surprised it ended up being only heroin by this episode. I just wanted to rescue her. I’ve never heard of such (mental) cruelty to a child like this b4. Actually witnessed it coming from her parents. It was amazing that she was still alive. I’m wondering what is going on in her life now. Is she still alive even? God I hope so. I’ve never felt so strongly about an intervention to find a need to comment b4. I’ve always felt incredibly bad for the majority of the cases, but not like Megan. Don’t get me wrong what these people go thru is heart breaking.
    I just hope Megan is alright.

  20. Elvee

    I dug around for Megan on social media a year or so ago, and she appears to be doing well with a lovely baby boy! No sign of her family in her pix – a metric ton of selfies & her skin & eyes looked nourished, clear & clean in all of them. And she looks so happy with her son. So, I hope that was and remains true. I thought she was a scrapper and I was rooting for her.

    1. Nicole

      Can you link her page?

    1. Ruth

      Seth the interventionist commented on one of her photos.

  21. Bethy

    It looks like Megan’s mom, Debbie, has really come around. She’s raising Megan’s little boy. Megan was arrested in June 2016 (as noted above) for all kinds of things. She’s in jail (as of January 2017) in the Carson City Jail.

  22. Gemma

    Although I think the expression “white privilege” is overused, this episode was the purest illustration of it I’ve ever seen. Megan has been arrested 24 times, and the court staff meets to talk about how many more chances they can give her before she is sent to prison. Unbelievable.

    1. Dr Shitzengiggles

      So true. My brother had some drug & DUI charges awhile back. Well dressed, white, and with a career in finance. He was arrested several times, shocking he didn’t wipeout an entire family considering the levels of opioids, benzos and alcohol in his system as he sped into oncoming traffic. Again. In court and in meeting w prosecutor, they let him off w reckless driving both times. Because he said “I’ll lose my job at the firm if you give me DUI.” “Oh, ok, well how about Reckless then? Ok?” I watched brown and black defendants get hammered by the judge, one after another. It was disgustingly eye opening & changed my perception drastically. I have to bite my tongue when I hear people confidently, even callously, declare such imbalances don’t exist.

  23. Valerie

    Damn. I hate to hear that she is in jail. Just watched her episode and we were really rooting for her. I am a parent myself (three grown kids) so I have always really tried to not judge others on how they choose to parent their kids but holy shit, it was hard to listen to the things Megan had to deal with from hers. It sounds like they both have come around though.

  24. Dave

    It looks like her brother (not the one who is on screen) Cameron may also be struggling with drugs right now. He was arrested for attempting to “obtain medication” in 2012 around the time that she got sober. That may or may not have contributed to her relapsing.

    Here is his twitter.

    I hope that she is doing better now. What she went through must have sucked. I understand the feeling of alienation, as I feel it drove a lot of my use, but I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your mom pass on you twice. I can feel that she must be in a tough spot – that she wants their approval but at the same time they are likely contributing to her feelings of low self-worth. For me, it was important to leave my entire situation, move across the country. But with a child, and relying on the support of her family for that as well as providing her with help to meet the conditions of her parole, this is probably not possible.

    If anybody knows anything about how their doing, please post it here. Would love to know if she’s doing better. I’m rooting for you Megan!!

    1. Stefan

      Yah I remember when I first saw this episode how surprised I was that her brother seemed to turn out relatively “normal”.

    2. Kitty Katt

      Later that same year, he was busted again.

      Not sure what his current status is but hopefully it’s a good one.

  25. alexandra

    Megan, I feel your pain. I hope you are well.

  26. blarinna

    I think this is her and she seems ok

  27. Alice Schmid

    Three things. At the end, when Megan hugs her mom and says “I love you sooo much”, I thought, “Damn Megan, you are a better person than I am. Even before therapy you are able to speak to these people with love. It’s miraculous. I would have HATED that woman.

    And that leads me to my second point: has her mother become a decent human being? It sounded at the end of the shoe that Ken had come to see the error of his ways (in contact with Megan daily), but Debbi? She needs to spend the WHOLE restr of her life making amends to her kids.

    Finlly, that Aunt Jan character? Family friend, but acting as aunt? Did NOT appreciate her punitive attitude. So passive aggressive. Yes, you can live with e Megan, but I will punish you the whole tie yoou are here. Ken was a total jackass at the beginning of the show, but he was reachable. Jan and Debbie? Smothering in their self-righteousness.

  28. Alice Schmid

    I’d just like to point out: Megan’s brother kept his hand on her shoulder throughout that entire intervention. I cannot imagine how powerful that was for her.

  29. Alice Schmid

    Just want to add something here.

    About three months ago, a paper was published in the journal Science, that for the first time ever, definitively identified a gene that is specifically misexpressed in 1/6th of the population, and that is DIRECTLY related to addiction. To make a long story short, Swedish researchers were able to find a gene that is aberrantly expressed in the amygdala of addicts, and it is called GABA transporter 1. So two things. The Amygdala is the part o the brain that causes anxiety. horrific fear of death anxiety. And second, there are neurons that send axons into the amygdala, and other parts of these cells that exit the amygdala. And the space between the inputs and the outputs is called the synaptic cleft. And the GABA tranposrt1 is expressed on those cells exiting the amygdala. When the inputs fire and fire and fire on these cells, they just elevate anxiety in an unrelenting, hugely amplified way. And when there is no GABA transporter 1, it never ever stops. That protein is supposed to be a sponge that sops up the extra neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft. When it’s not there, it never gets sopped up, and so the cells exiting the amygdala (the ones making people terrified) ust stay active in a completely uncontrollable, unrelenting way.

    What this means is that the 1/6 people susceptible to addiction have a neurological disease that makes them crave relief. For some people it’s meth, for others it’s alcohol, or gambling or sex or food….. whatever it was in their life experiences that calmed the anxiety. Even if for just a few seconds.

    For Megan, this relief came from heroin. For 1/10 people, opiates have the opposite effect —- instead of relieving anxiety they exacerbate it. I am one of those people. The reason is that the opioid receptor is differently encoded by our DNA (we 1/10 people) so that instead of euphoria, we get ADDITIONAL anxiety. For those people, opiates are not the addictive substance; more typically, it’s alcohol or food, or whatever.

    When I take opiates I do NOT get peace, or serenity. I get horrific anxiety. I get nightmare dreams, skin crawling, unrelenting anxiety.

    I am reporting all of this because unlike any other part of human behavior, we have been able to dissect addiction in an ass-backwards way, i.e, from the behavior back to the neurobiology. And it has given us soooo much insight. The bottom line is that people like Megan need to be treated as people with aberrant neurobiology aberrant responses to stress, aberrant responses to DRUGS. And they should be characterized and individually treated and not cast as losers or deviants. They are unique human beings who need to be treated empathically, compassionately.

    That said, I loathe and despise Megan’s parents. Both of them.

  30. Merr

    Unfortunately it looks like she was back in the system as of September 2018.

  31. Bre

    I’m watching her episode now. Her parents, especially her mother, are absolutely deplorable. “Don’t I have a right to lice my life?” So you abandon your children? Complied with her mother blaming her and her absent and detached father, it’s wonder she turned to substances.

    1. Stefan

      Poor kid never had a chance, plain and simple. Regarding her parents, totally independent of how they raised their parents, they struck me as one of those couples that got together because the one thing they had in common was that no one else wanted to date either of them. A second reason is perhaps that she wanted kids and didn’t care how or with whom, and he promised to put up with them in exchange for having a live-in maid/sex partner.

  32. Theresa

    Goodness gracious, God bless this poor lost girl, cursed with the WORST parents in the world. This poor woman had no chance from day one with parents like that. Hopefully she can make a better life for herself and learn to forgive and forget her past.

    1. Alice Schmid

      Cannot imagine the destruction, the absolute mental annihilation in being raped at 15 by your mother’s boyfriend, and to then have that horrific mother-from-hell BLAME you for enticing the rapist.

      How do you recover from that?

  33. Alice Schmid

    I am worried bout Megan. Such a precious soul. Fragile, I think. Parents who are idiots, who did not follow thru on their promises to change, and I fear for her safety now….

  34. Mandy Wathen

    This poor girl… Like most of you, I’m appalled at her parents. Her mother is just plain psychotic & her father isn’t much better. Even her “aunt” Jan has to understand it’s not the Megan who loves & appreciates her who stole from her, you’re so completely different as an addict especially heroin & opioids that make you so physically sick when you’re going through withdrawal… It doesn’t make it right, of course, but… Ya know… It’s not so cut and dry as “you stole from me so you don’t love me” when you’re an active addict…

    1. A.

      Aunt Jen does say that she knows, it was the drugs made Megan steal and she also knows, without being an addict Megan would have never done that.
      And even if you know all of that it still hurts to feel betrayed. That’s ok too.

  35. AM

    I just re-watched this episode, and YIKES. Megan’s parents are such rotten people. I wanted to reach through the screen and shake the mother by her shoulders. Her boyfriend raped her 15-year-old daughter, and she actually had the nerve to insist that Megan had deliberately seduced him as an act of revenge from being abandoned as a child. And her evidence? Megan dressing “seductively”? That is a woman who should never have had children. It’s clear that she sees herself as a victim of Megan’s addiction, rather than a key architect of it. The father wasn’t much better. When he stated that Megan is a lower priority because he’s gotten remarried, I just wanted to scream. Megan deserved so much better. Thank goodness for her mentor, her honorary aunt, and her brother. Those three were loving, kind, fantastic people that see who Megan really is. Seth’s skills were especially on point here, essentially holding up a mirror to Ken and Debbie to force them to realize the same aloofness and neglect that they tried to portray as being a response to her addiction actually contributed, significantly so, to creating it.

  36. Diane S

    Poor Megan. She sure lost out when it came to her parents, especially her mother. When Megan was in rehab, I was thinking “Do not go back to Carson City! Forgive your mother if you can, then completely separate from her for your own good.” I have never seen such a poor excuse for a mother. Despicable.

  37. Todd

    Megan is no bargain that’s for sure. But there is no doubt it would be very difficult to be a balanced human being with the parents she has. Her Mother is incredible, I couldn’t believe it. First of all she just walks out on her kids. Then she blames the poor young girl (Megan was 15 at the time) because her boyfriend took advantage of Megan. Then we have the father. I can only think of one word – WEIRD. Plus completely distant. Unable (maybe unwilling is a better word) to try to figure out his daughter. These two should not have had children. Like I said – Megan is no bargain but I think it would be awful hard to have parents like that and not be scarred.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I can’t imagine leaving my children for any man or any reason unless if I died. To blame my daughter for being sexually molested by my boyfriend is just mind boggling. This isn’t the first addict we saw who’s mother blamed her daughter. Gina’s mother also blamed her and to add salt to the wound she said because Gina throws herself to all men. Sick!

  38. Kitty Katt

    I’ve watched this episode again and I wish Seth was on Intervention more often. I love this man because he doesn’t sugar coat any bullshit. He was exactly the right one for this particular episode. He would have been great on a lot of other ones similar to parents and/or family who talked bs like these people did.

    1. Todd

      I don’t disagree Kitty Katt but I’ve got to say I th0ught he was a bit too accepting of Megan and her behavior. Sure the parents were awful but at some point you have to take a look at Megan. I thought Seth kind of implied Megan’s shortcomings were completely the fault of the parents. I don’t agree with that. Megan was in an awful lot of pain – understandably so – however, no one but Megan put that needle in her arm.

      1. kw

        addiction is a symptom of trauma.

      2. Celera

        To some degree that’s true, and part of getting sober is taking responsibility. But we are supposed to learn about taking responsibility from our parents – for them to offer a fraction of the apology they owed her was a step in the right direction. Honestly watching this episode almost makes me want to do some drugs. How do you stay with a man who has had sex with your adolescent daughter, even if you think she wanted it? I know this happens sadly often, but it was tough to watch.

        Seth is my favorite, although I’ve seen Candy call BS on family members too.

    2. Alice Schmid

      10000% agree, KittyKatt. He was absolute perfection in this episode.

  39. Dahlia

    Episodes like this really make you wish there was a tag regarding parents. Maybe not explicitly “Worst Parents” cause that’s a bit harsh (even with these two bozos), but maybe a “Most Unbelievable Parents”, “Most Dysfunctional Family” tags. IDK though

    1. Todd

      Hello Alli G. – Isn’t her name Megan Haffey? I checked what you posted and all that is under her name is “ARREST MISD PROBATIO”. Now I don’t know what that means but I don’t think its Grand Larceny. I would suspect she violated her probation. Fortunately though I don’t know much about these things so I certainly could be mistaken. I’m curious what makes you think her warrant is for Grand Larceny?

      1. Gigi

        Damn…I was really rooting for this girl. To put it bluntly her parents really sucked and Megan has a certain grit about her that I really like.

  40. Christine

    Okay first of all how much do we love Megan’s best friend?? She is lucky to have her. Also, I noticed that the pre-intervention occurred immediately before Megan came in for the intervention. Never seen that before, usually the pre-intervention occurs the day or night beforehand. I didn’t think she needed much convincing, she had literally nothing going for her and was barely on a run, it was that or prison and she knew it. I hope she’s okay. My dad was a little like hers, it’s a tough relationship.

  41. Gregory D Moore

    Safe to say, I’ve seen every U.S. episode of Intervention, since Season One; most of them, several times. The Megan intervention really stays with me, and not just for the obvious reasons (the crazily inappropriate parents, for starters). What sticks with me most is Seth’s deft touch in this episode. Truly master class-worthy work by him. Sort of, “This is how it’s done!” He was always impressive and his interventions remain amongst my favorite episodes. Does anyone know if he is completely detached from the show at this point? I’d love to see him make a return. The disgusted facial expression he makes after the mother says, “Don’t I deserve to live my own life?” is legendary.

    1. Stefan

      I agree with all of this and more. Seth usually always nails the difficult cases.

  42. Jacob

    I wanted to reach out and say u are a strong woman to be put in such a hard place in life.i just saw ur intervention and thx u for giving me strength thx u .you are a true inspiration to me and everyone around .stay strong and I’ll try to follow ur xample

  43. Susie

    I just re-watched Megan’s episode and her parents make me feel SOOO grateful for my own parents. They really are terrible excuses for parents, and if I were Megan I woukd have cut them out of my life long ago. What kind of mother says her daughter ruined her life/happiness because HER pedophile boyfriend ra*ed her daughter? Absolutely appalling. Good thing Seth took on this one. I think Ruth the mentor is the only normal adult in Megan’s life.
    I really hope Megan can get on the right path away from her toxic family..

    1. Nivey

      @Susie I couldn’t agree with you more!! Her parents are despicable patents/humans! I agree Seth was the best interventionist for this case! He keeps it all the way real! When he said: ” With the family and background she has I would be surprised if she WAS NOT a drug addict!” So powerful and TRUE! She was a very likable young lady! She looked amazing after her recovery too! Sad to hear she is still struggling but I pray she finds her way! I agree, I appreciate my parents so much more, their faults and all after watching this episode! Both parents insufferable and unforgivable. Shame on them. I’m praying for you Megan! Xo

  44. Courtney

    Saw this episode for the first time with my boyfriend yesterday and the amount of times we had to pause to blow off steam after screaming at Megan’s mother and father was countless. The fact that her mother just out of nowhere was like, “I don’t want to be a mother anymore,” then packs her RV and leaves her kids behind made me so furious. It made me even more furious when she said to Seth, “what about my happiness?” Bitch, you got married and had three children with your husband. Your job as a mother is to put your children’s happiness before your own. That fact that you blamed Megan for her getting raped by your scumbag boyfriend, claiming it was “justification” for Megan supposedly “flirting” with him and dressing like a typical teenager almost had me throwing stuff across the room. Nobody asks to be raped, ever. You failed at your job as a parent and Megan’s dad? The fact that he didn’t even call the cops or bring Megan to the hospital to get checked out shows that he failed as a father. I’m so glad Megan had her mentor Tammi and her Aunt Jan in her life. Those two were her saving grace.

    1. Stefan

      Her parents are two people who 100% never should’ve had children. It amazes me how well adjusted her brother seemed to be considering he was raised by them as well, although going by updates on this thread he’s had his own troubles with the law.

  45. willy

    Looks like she is on active warrants list (Megan Erin Haffey) for some sort of arrest during probation

    1. Mini

      Yes, in 2021 she was on an active warrant list. She was also briefly married, then divorced. I hope she’s doing okay, but she certainly has struggled.

  46. LTinGA

    I’m in absolute shock over these parents. They are literally the absolute worst parents I’ve ever seen in my life. My heart aches for his young lady. I know this episode was over 10 years ago, but I hope and pray she’s okay. I hope someone shows her the love she so desperately needs and deserves.

  47. Nivey

    So sad to see Megan still struggling! Her episode is so very memorable! Especially how hopeful the ending was, she looked amazing in recovery! Still praying for you Megan! Don’t give up!! 🙏

    1. Todd

      Just taking a look at some episodes from the past and the addicts involved. Megan, I don’t know about her. I sure felt sorry for her – her parents, beyond belief. I hate to say it , but she may be a lost cause. Nothing against the girl, but she keeps getting into trouble. I see this latest escapade of trouble is from Feb of 2023. From what I can tell, she’s been in and out of trouble continuously since her episode (2012). It’s too bad. I liked her. She was kind of funny. Goofy. Well, I hope somehow, someway she can get it together.

    2. Alice Schmid