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Intervention Update – August 2014

First, the good news. Intervention has been picked up by LMN and will air a new season next year. YES! It’s back! This show saves lives and it deserves to be on the air. I’m thrilled. Read more here. 

More good news: Amazon Prime limits the seasons that are free to subscribers, but just opened up the last 2 seasons. I missed several of those episodes when they aired, so now I’ll be able to write those ones up.

I’m always curious to find out how people are doing since their interventions. I love that some of them are finding this site and posting comments about their progress. Heidi (Season 2, shopping) and Luke (Season 10, crack) have both updated us in the comments. Congratulations to them both.

I’d missed this when it came out, but it’s worth a read. Lots of interesting behind the scenes tidbits. Intervention: The Oral History of A&E’s Reality Show About Substance Abusers

The bad news: Several of the addicts from the show have passed away in the last year or so. Sebastian R., John T., Sean M., Megan W., and Charles have sadly lost their battles with addiction. You can read more about their deaths here.

All comments.

  1. Pat

    I’m thrilled about the news. I saw in an article that there will be 15 episodes.

  2. marcy lily

    Tonight’s the night . I am extremely curious to see if it will be like the old format or if it has dramatic changes . I will miss certain Interventionist but understand their need to move on and help people 24/7 .

    1. Dizzy

      It’s on tonight? Awesome! I thought it wasn’t starting until January. Looks like I’m gonna have to get cable tomorrow, turned it off when this show went off the air. Exciting!

    2. Dizzy

      Looks like the new episodes are next week. I’m really curious about the new format and production values too. Do you know for sure if all the interventionists are not coming back? NO MORE JEFF???

      1. marcy lily

        Right now the episodes seem to be reruns from Canada or something odd . I was told and read that Jeff and Candy were returning for sure . Then it sounded as if just Candy. Then Jeff again . Ken , no, or not yet . He has been busier than ever and is working a lot with John Southworth ( he did Cassie ‘ s and 1 or 2 other Interventions ) at different facilities and he has been doing great . I don’t know about the others but I wish Seth Jaffe would return .

  3. Sandi Wallace

    I read that Jeff and Candy will be returning for the new episodes!

  4. marcy lily

    So far these are all different Interventionist. I did like the 1st one . Maybe Candy and Jeff will appear later as I read that too but no more Ken which crushed me . I know he had people that did not like him but Ken is a very good person . I am glad he found happiness and has dedicated himself to helping others day and night . I also liked Seth Jaffe . He has seen it all and and did not put up with any guff .
    There are some hard core scary addicts on this season . I have seen 3 episodes and all 3 were horrifying and just so sad . The Aimee episode was just awful . It looks like they are shooting in Canada right now but the show is sticking to the old format . Just different Interventionist and some really horrible addictions and sad situations .

    1. JennYoung

      Glad to see some current comments on here! Just watched Marie’s rerun (Sophia Loren look alike). What a story. She’s an old Hollywood-type glamorous beauty, just wow. Sure hope she and her family are all healthy & happy.

  5. nearwildheaven

    Hey, where’s Gabe the compulsive gambler from season 1? I don’t see him on here.

    If you never saw his episode, trust me, you don’t want to. It was VERY unpleasant.

    1. Dizzy

      I’ve seen it, I hated it so much I decided never to watch it again. Unpleasant is an understatement.