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S14E3 Lauren

Season 14, Episode 2


Age: 35
Location: San Jose, California
Addiction:  Heroin
What’s memorable: Panhandling on the street to get money for gas to get to her daughter’s birthday party, then getting it and spending it on heroin instead and having to come up with $20 more dollars, all while the family waits for her to get there.  That was hard to watch. She looked happy and healthy at the end, so glad she and her boyfriend got and stayed clean.

Official Synopsis: At 14, Lauren was forced to become caretaker to her ill father. By 18, she was a mother herself. Seven years and three kids later, Lauren’s father died and she turned to pills to cope.

Original Air Date: March 2015
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. Kat R.

    Oh, happy happy feels. I knew she was gonna make it! She will do great, I just know.

    (P.S. I changed my handle slightly because I noticed there’s someone else with my name who’s also commented here).

  2. chris

    My DVR cut off, did she stay sober? They should give more info on how they get and stay clean. Get it together A&E lol. I know some stuff is personal and medical but the show is to show people how this all goes down!!

  3. lisa

    I purchased this season on Google play and this episode is not included! What’s up with that?

  4. Ashley

    I can relate to flying signs… It’s humiliating.. Glad she got sober!!

  5. Melanie

    My husband and myself saw her out at this corner pictured above many times. I was shocked when I saw this episode on Intervention and saw it was her. It was so touching to see her turn her life around for the better. I hope to never see her out there again and if I do I will be sure to stop and talk to her. She is better than that life. 🙂

    1. Dhalia

      Wow isn’t that amazing? When I witness people do that I am ashamed to admit that I judge them and imediately assume that they’re “homeless” and are from that “other” piece of society (though of course another part of me, deep down, understands the truth of homelessness that it can happen to even the coolest people). It must have been astonishing for you to see a face behind that placard. I feel strongly that she will have an awesome recovery, she just seemed way too unhappy using, and wanted to be with her children. Why do children of addicts seem so mature always?! It’s impressive but I don’t think that it’s necessarily I good thing.

      1. Kat M

        Children of addicts mature because we have no other choice.

  6. Mary

    I thought at the end of the show her boyfriend got sober but she relapsed even after Christina got her into another place. I thought the boyfriend found another woman & Lauren went back to the life. I watched several episodes so maybe I’m confused.

  7. Dylan

    Just watched this episode, I think she deserves to be in the most likable tag! Her willingness for treatment was something surprising and hopefully an inspiration to others! Hope the best for her, Chad, and her family!!

  8. Oran Lee

    Any updates on her? She’s definitely one of the most likable people I’ve seen on the show.

  9. Maggie

    When Donna got on video chat with her at the end I was very confused – who is this? Is this an update on another episode? Lauren looked incredible and so healthy!