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S14E3 Mike

Season 14, Episode 2


Age: 44
Location:  Goshen, Ohio
Addiction:  Heroin
What’s memorable: Snorting heroin (I haven’t seen that before), his constant lies and excuses, the way he treats his wife, leaving rehab early because withdrawal was uncomfortable. I really hope he has managed to stay sober since then, he was incredibly sick.

Official Synopsis: Mike lost his brother to cancer and his sister to suicide. This triggered a tragic downward spiral. Mike’s nightly habit of having a few beers quickly turned into raging alcoholism. Mike agreed to give up drinking. Unfortunately, he replaced alcohol with heroin.

Original Air Date: March 2015
Interventionist: Candy

All comments.

  1. Emily

    He’s got such a beautiful family. That was one thing that stood out to me is how gifted and handsome both his sons are and how damaged they are psychologically by their father’s addiction. Mike has been through so much pain that I could see why he started using… I honestly doubt he’s stayed clean if he couldn’t last in rehab for a month, but I hope his family can find happiness someday and his sons can achieve the success they deserve and not go down the same path.

    1. Deb

      Mike died, sadly. AE put it on their website.

      1. Dizzy

        Oh no, really? Do you have a link so I can verify? I couldn’t find it on the site. Thanks.

      2. c

        I’m pretty sure you mean the other Mike from the Mike/Jenny episode. I found one of his son’s facebook and there’s no mention of his death. Either way I hope he’s okay he seemed like a cool guy

      3. Andrew

        No he didn’t I’m sitting with him right now

      4. xander

        Thats totally not true. I just got off the phone with him.

  2. Cascade

    kristen from season 2 episode 6 also snorted heroin

  3. ashley

    You can and inject( obvious one there) that’s why there’s more people turning to heroin..for the ones that are scared of needles.. There is now other alternatives..sadly enough

  4. JadeNZer

    His sons broke my heart.. I am disappointed that his wife let him come back home after he skipped out, she and the kids really don’t need any more hurt and it might well have been the enforcement he needed.. I wonder how they’re all doing today.

    1. JadeNZer

      Found his sons Facebook’s and what now looks like his ex also.. Hope they all find happiness

  5. Bethany Semm

    Any update on Mike?

  6. Toreigh

    My heart was heavy for his sons.

  7. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I wonder sometimes, do the lines and excuses stay or go with recovery?

    1. Stefan

      Depends on if the person was that way before they started using.

  8. Jeleigh

    Seriously!? No one else thinks this is the most staged thing you’ve ever seen!?! I’m sorry. I don’t doubt he did drugs but family “15 min” is a joke and disgusting

    1. Jeleigh's a trollyturd

      If you really believe any of this is staged then YOU’RE disgusting. These people let cameras into the darkest part of their lives to show that there can be hope after addiction. The show can be extremely motivational and hopeful if you’re living the same life as those featured. The most real and unstated reality show there has ever been, sorry you’re blind to realities of this world. His family hardly had 15 minutes of anything but televised pain, honesty and hurt. Sorry your life is so bad that you feel the need to troll on those suffering.

  9. Mr.Wolf

    Can anyone update if he is sober now? The ending was weird, he left treatment because he couldn’t take the withdrawals with support of nurse medical support, but got clean at home cold turkey? Not doubting him, just would love more info.