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Season 14, Episode 10


Age: 30’s?
Location: Victoria, Texas
Addiction: Meth

Legacy Update: As of Jackie R’s episode, James is doing great and is the Director of Operations at a sober living house. Yay James! Here’s the video. 

Official Synopsis: When James first tried meth, he’d thought he’d found a wonder drug to give him the energy for a demanding job, marraige, and fatherhood. But the resulting addiction and sprial took all of those things away from him. Now his ex-wife is trying to save his life so their sons will have a chance to know their father.

Original Air Date: August 2015
Interventionist:  Candy

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  1. fallon

    what is his kids names? his son is really cute 🙂

  2. sonja

    James I just watched you get your gift.I’m so hoping you make day at a time.your sons need a father and you still have a greAt life ahead of u. I’m mother of seven I lost everything to at one point because of my addiction.I’ve got a second chance and it a amazing life be in my prays.

  3. Kat R.

    James is so incredibly like-able. So sad that he actually started using to have the energy to spend time with his family after working long hours. he reminded me a bit of Coley.

    James, I was so happy to see you get well. You seem like an amazing father and a good friend. All the best to you.

  4. Truth

    I thought I heard the lady (family member) mention she “really screwed him up” by the past inappropriate actions. Did anyone else catch this? If they fooled around and jump started this, why is she such a presence in his life?

    1. Kino

      I’m not sure the relative in question is still in the picture. Does anyone know for sure?

    2. cory

      She’s not in his life and when we found out it was years after he was full blown in his addiction and she had left the family and moved away. Has no contact with the family.

  5. Gillian

    James, you seem like an intelligent, likeable person who just lost your way for a while. Let your past stay where it is, in the past, and keep taking yourself towards a better, happier and more peaceful future.
    ‘In life there are two choices; get busy living, or get busy dying’.
    You made me (a complete stranger from across the world) proud at the end of this show. Keep going!

  6. Mike

    I think “intervention”, is an just an amazing reality show that not only help addicts and families come from certain hopelessness but also helps people like me ( a single father) watch for signs in my own kids. I have witnessed so many red flags that it is very possible that this show has saved a youth.

    I can totally relate to what a very nasty divorce and a mother who did/does drugs can traumatize our kids. You never think it could happen to you but it can happen so fast right under your nose unless you have learned from other experience such as this life saving show.

  7. Sue

    James, Watched your Intervention Episode today. I was taken back and very sad for the Pain I seen in your eyes I had only seen such Pain once in my Life before. My husband Passed in 2014 from his Addiction. I was so Happy when at the end of the show you excepted the Help. I pray you are doing well and Hope Life is being Kind to you.

  8. Shannon

    James your the man for taking the help I’m so proud of you I’m new to the show intervention but you put tears in my eyes I want to see you be the best dad in the world

  9. JuliePV

    James was the legacy update on this week’s ep – it was awesome to see him healthy and happy and thriving in recovery!

  10. Andy

    Dizzy this is James’s legacy update if you would like to add it.

    1. Dizzy

      Awesome, thank you.

  11. Jeanette

    Anyone know what happened to Cammie (James’ friend)?

  12. Jeanette

    So glad James is doing well. <3 I hope he is still sober.