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Season 15, Episode 17


Age: 27
Location: Derby, Kansas
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: Brittany’s relationship with her dad is really moving. The guy seems so damn cool and a really good father, despite his addiction. I had a lot of respect for his willingness to go to treatment to help get his daughter clean. If that’s what he needs to motivate himself, fine, as long as it keeps him clean and keeps Brittany feeling supported.

Update: Brittany Christine Howard died on August 20th, 2016 of an overdose, 2 days after completing treatment. Her family has a GoFundMe to raise money for funeral expenses. And here is Brittany’s obituary

Official Synopsis: Brittany was part of the all-American family. But rape, drugs, and divorce have caused this family unit to crumble. At the center, Brittany’s heroin and meth abuse has created a tornado that has divided the family and now threatens her life..and worse yet, Brittany may not be the only active user in the house.

Date Aired:  Aug 2016

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  1. A.

    I think she was desperate to get help, she looked really lost and in pain the whole time and she looked like she didn’t really wanted the heroin at all, she just didn’t know how to stop…
    I’m really rooting for her and her father, I hope he’ll stay clean too so they can be healthy together!

    1. John

      As a recovered addict of over 10 years I can tell you that she was absolutely sick and tired of being addicted. Watch the episode again if that wasn’t abundantly clear the first time.
      Most addicts like her and at that point are no longer using to simply ‘get high’. They’re still using because they have to in order not to get sick. The addiction becomes more physical than anything. And it’s at that point an opiate addict will do almost anything NOT to get “ill”. And once you’re “ill” you feel too sick to even go hustle up your fix. It’s a vicious crazy cycle. Seeing her episode again brings me to tears. She wanted help. She wanted her teeth fixed. She DIDN’T WANT TO BE RAPED. And sadly that’s what lead her to start using.

      Rest in peace Brittany.

      1. A.S.

        Yeah, my god so sad this beautiful girl. RIP

  2. MLE

    You can really tell from this photo that she had a serious problem with her tooth. That can be very painful. That she would forgo getting that taken care of shows how low she had gotten. It appears that she got it taken care of. That can be troublesome, but maybe it cleared up with just antibiotics instead of a more complicated procedure. I really hope she and her did make it.

    1. Chicky

      Oh please! Your commenting on her tooth??!

      1. kitty katt

        LOL….that was MY first impression too!

  3. ANON

    I just got word that Brittany (Brittany Christine Howard) passed away today. I am not sure the cause, but my suspicion is drugs.

  4. Kristy

    I might be a little late to the party I’m just seeing this episode for the first time but wow both of her parents were great. Her Dad was obviously really cool and the mom handled everything so well. Really calm and understanding not angry just concerned- I really liked her.

    1. ANON

      Brittany passed away yesterday…

  5. ANON

    Brittany passed away yesterday…

  6. Rose Hill

    She died yesterday, August 20th. I assume from a relapse, she had been in the hospital as well so I am not sure. She was a very nice girl in school. RIP

    1. Dizzy

      I’m so sorry to hear this. The episode ended on such a hopeful note and her future seemed so bright. I’m heartbroken for her family.

      Do you know how I might be able to confirm this so I can let readers know? A death notice or maybe her Facebook page? I’ve searched but nothing has come up. Thanks.

  7. Fanny here is her facebook….people are posting RIP messages. So sad.

  8. Gloria

    This is so tragic. My condolences to her family and friends that knew her. At least she is at peace now. Such an angel. You could tell from the episode that she has a good heart, even in sickness she has a sweet side. Thank you for sharing your story with us, we love you!

  9. $k

    wow thats so sad.. i just seen brittany’s episode a few days ago she was part of season 15. rip brittany <3

  10. Kristy

    It looks like she had been in the hospital beforehand. Curious about what happened this is so sad.

  11. Emace

    Brittany wanted to be clean, and had such supportive parents, I remember her dad saying if she didn’t get help and get clean she wouldn’t make it to the end of the summer. I was so happy for her when she completed treatment, which not easy to do. She will be missed.

  12. Shannon McCarthy

    I’m friends with Brittany’s Mom and Brother on Facebook and they said she died from an overdose. They’re trying to raise money for her funeral. It’s so sad, she was so young but her family needs all our prayers and love for this telly tough time
    -This is the GoFundMe account to donate money so her family can have an amazing funeral and lay her to rest. Rest In The Sweetest Peace Brittany. Everyone is going to miss you but you’re not suffering with this horrible disease anymore

  13. Trudy

    It shows addiction is the reason for her passing on the go-fund me….what a terrible shame. I lost people to drugs and it’s not a good feeling.

  14. Gloria

    It’s worth checking out. I would want the same for my family. Dear Brittany; we met you as a human, and now we know you as an angel. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Alex Howard

      Thank you so much for caring. I do not want this to happen to anyone else. Please hug your kids and loved ones. I miss Brittany so much.
      Alex Howard

      1. Rowland

        I teared up watching her story. I smiled at the end ehen yall both talked via video chat. Then the update at the end broke my heart. I was baffled and had my hand over my mouth for minutes. I am sorry for your loss sir. God bless your family and be strong.

      2. Kylie

        I have only watched this now for the first time , im sitting her in shock i can’t beleive she didn’t make it

      3. Laura asher

        Watched this episode today…. It’s been with me all day. What a beautiful soul gone entirely too soon. She’s with out father now. Good bless this family!

      4. Lisa Burzacki

        Dear Alex I just saw the episode of intervention. It saddened me to see she had passed away from an overdose. I am a recovering addict for 10 years now. Drugs destroyed my life but I managed to get myself back by fighting for myself. I had no support at all and it was very hard. I thought for sure will all the support she had and her posivity this would have been a very different outcome! My heart goes out to you and your family! If you ever need a person to talk that’s been where you have been my Facebook page is Lisa A. Burzacki from Pa with a butterfly picture. Sometimes talking to others that went through a similar experience helps. Even though I didn’t know Brittany I know she will be in my thoughts time to time. I am just so truly stunned. RIP Brittany

      5. L. Alex Howard

        To LISA BURZACKI, I need good people like you, with the same mind of recovery, do not have Facebook, but email me if you like.
        [email protected]
        Regards Alex Howard

  15. Dewey

    When was the show aired? RIP sweet girl

  16. Dewey

    I wonder how het dad handled her passing. Did he blame himself

    1. Alex Howard

      This is L Alex Howard, Brittany Christine’s dad. I did put a post on another site.

      I greatly appreciate the sympathy and kind words.

      1. Kayne

        I am sorry for your loss and hope our prayers offer you what little comfort they may. Was Brittany’s episode pulled by A&E out of respect for your family? I would think getting her story out there would be extremely powerful in helping other families who are going through this very pain right now. (Yes, I speak from personal experience).

      2. Kenya

        Hello sir, I am so sorry for your loss! I was watching her story and really hoping that she could beat this! It just broke my heart when I read those words. I pray that she is in a better place and is finally at peace. Prayers going up! God bless u all…..

      3. Dinajean

        I literally just saw this episode yesterday. Let me just say I am so sorry for your loss. I battled addiction for 20 years and have been clean for a year and a half. While going through my first year of recovery, I couldn’t watch Intervention- which is one of my favorite shows since the first season. I now have a 24 year old son struggling with addiction & a 22 year old daughter who is currently in treatment for alcoholism. My heart truly goes out to this family. Peace & prayers from Georgia.????

  17. Kayne

    This episode (which according to my Dish Network DVR is season 18, although according to A&E there are 15 seasons) has been pulled from the A&E website. Also, every episode from this season is available onDemand except for this episode. I wish I had seen it. Prayers for those who have passed feel a bit more powerful when you’ve had some slight understanding of their struggles.

    1. Alex Howard

      Thanks for the compassion, but yes the episode was removed out of respect. Those producers and everyone involved with it were some of the best people on earth.
      I recently told the producers of the show, especially this episode that I want to do a followup. I have such deep hurt that I want NOONE else to have to do this.
      Thank you,
      L. Alex Howard

      1. Chicky

        so sorry for your loss….I remembered Brittany’s episode…I, too am battling an addiction and I know how hard it is to stay sober. I’m trying my best and I’m sorry that Brittany was taken over by the demons of drug addiction. I hope you find some comfort during this time in your life

      2. L. Alex Howard

        @CHICKY … Please hang on to the hope. You have to be done, feel like there’s nothing else. You have to tell yourself this … please DO NOT do this to yourself, you don’t deserve it and your loved ones don’t either. You are not a bad person, you are a GOOD person with a bad disease that can kill you. I will help you in any way I can. I have been in recovery for 6 months now and continued soberity after my beautiful girl Brittany passed. You can’t do it in your own. Get help… let me know.

        L. Alex Howard

      3. lou

        I have just watched your daughter’s episode and I’m sitting here in floods of tears. I’m so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful young lady who you could tell wanted to get sober and looked up to you so so much. I hope you are somehow dealing with this terrible loss and looking after yourself too. My sister has just told myself and my parents that she’s been using drugs for the past year, we are in bits. God bless you and your family x Lou from England

      4. Taren

        I’m so sorry for ur loss I used to hangout with Britt for a couples years before she went to treatment i still remember when she told me she was going to treatment i was so excited for her and in fact she inspired me to go to treatment when she passed. I wish I could thank her for that inspiration but I can thank her family for that thank you i live a much better life now. I want to say to her father stay strong and keep doing what’s right. Much love and prayers!

      5. L. Alex Howard

        @ TAREN. That is so good, you have to know that there is NO cure for addiction, there is no certificate, no graduation, no finish line, ONLY staying connected and grounded with like people that are living clean and sober. Don’t put your guard down, it does not go away, but it does get easier and we have to live LIFE ON LIFE’S TERMS, without any mind altering chemicals (alcohol is a drug). Life iS not always easy, but throwing addiction in to cope or mask only makes it worse.
        Please always do it for yourself.. no one or nothing else… just for you, then everyone benefits.
        L. Alex Howard (Britts dad)
        bentbar at yahoo

      6. L. Alex Howard

        Thank you so much Mr Lou. We are all connected even without tragedies. Just have to be aware and grateful everyday.
        L. Alex Howard
        bentbar at yahoo

  18. commenter

    My prayers, and I’m sure those of others, for your family.

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Thank you so much. Really do appreciate your prayers and words.

  19. Flo

    I just saw this ep. Such a lovely girl.
    I was wondering if she ever tried methodone to help with her addiction

    1. L. Alex Howard

      She did for about a month nearly 3 years ago. I don’t know why she really didn’t go any more.

  20. Flo

    God bless you and your family. Her story will save lives

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      L. Alex Howard

  21. Chicky

    @ L Alex Howard: Thank You for taking the time to reply back to me… I appreciate it… means a lot to me! I honestly am trying my best… thankfully my husband is with me thru this… as he too had been struggling… we are both clean currently… him a week… me a little over 4 days… it’s not much but it’s better than being in that forever cycle of wasting money and buying drugs… my drug was opiates… I’ve been on Suboxone for a few years now on & off… it definitely helps than detoxing. Mentally I’m prepared to do this right this time…. I’m just scared that I can’t… but I’m more than willing to try… I’m happy that you’ve been clean — keep it up! It would be great to keep in touch with u so I can get some encouragement and advice for someone that has been there…. looking forward to hearing from u again.

    1. L. Alex Howard

      CHICKY .. I am not gonna say it’s easy.. no one who has been through it should say it’s easy. I don’t actually have any big words of wisdom or the magic words but I do know the struggle. I miss Brittany Christine everyday.. sometimes still think I’m in shock.. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR YOU… not for your…family…job… whatever. Do it for you because you deserve it and DO NOT lie to yourself. This 6 months is longest soberity I have had in 13 years… even someone with 20 plus years don’t mean anything if they go out and get high on day 1 of the 20 year mark. CHICKY there is NO finish line, no graduation, no completion, no certificate… just life on life’s terms and you can do it… I know you can please do it for YOU.

      1. Chicky

        Thank you for reaching out….I hope you find some comfort and peace during this time in your life. take care

    2. L. Alex Howard

      L. Alex Howard
      bentbar at yahoo

    3. That girl


      Please hang in there!!
      I lost my Dad due to addiction and I can’t even put into words how that loss has wrecked my life.

      Your life matters, please know that!

      I’m sending love and prayers your way. I hope you and your husband can overcome this.

      If you ever need a shoulder comment back and I’ll reply with a way to get in touch.

      1. Chicky

        @ That Girl

        Thank you so much for your kind words….it means a lot!

        I am still doing good…it seems to get easier everyday and the cravings slowly disappear…I feel pretty good!

        I am so sorry about your dad…may you find some comfort soon.

    4. Lou

      I have just watched brittanys episode and was in floods of tears. I then read your comments on here and just wanted to wish you luck. Are you still sober? I hope so. My sister has just told us about a year long secret addiction. She hates herself but can’t stop, we do t know what to do. Good luck, always here if you want to chat even though I’m some stranger! Wishing you and your hubby well

    5. Cece

      Hope all is still going well. When I read your post it rang so true to my world. My husband and I have been on and off the opiate Rollercoaster for 10 yrs. We do the suboxone, get clean, decide we deserve a relaxing weekend and back on dope. It’s insane, truly insane!!

      The 10s of thousands I’ve spent on drugs makes me sick but more than that I’ve lost a lot of the past 10 yrs. Isolating ourselves from family when we don’t have dope but then not caring enough when we are high to spend time with anyone. Luckily we have no kids and we care more for our animals than ourselves so they are well cared for. But we’ve isolated our lives from the world that cared about us.

      The one thing I’ve gotten from therapy and meetings is it truly is one day at a time! We r always so proud when we get thru the first 24 hrs with no drugs!! We act like we’ve really accomplished something, fools we are! Each 24 hr sober period definitely helps with cravings and you start to feel like you can handle all the crap you’ve put off for months.

      I wish you luck and love on your journey!

      1. Chicky


        Thank you so much for your kind words. everything you said is exactly what my life is….I never have money…every last bit goes to the opiates. It makes me sick. We are still struggling and honestly we are right back where we started from. its a never ending cycle. If you ever want to email me privately, please do… maybe we can both help each other in this struggle.

      2. Landon

        One day at a time . I know it sounds like a cliche . Once you can get your head around it , it works . Stay in the moment , don’t get to far ahead of yourself . I’ve been off Heroin for 4 years , but I have been on Subutex maintenance , but then again , I’m 51. Been at this for 30+ years . Not saying it’s for everyone , but it’s saved my life , if you have the resources like medical , you should be able to get it . It saved my life . Hope the best for you


      3. Chicky

        Sorry forgot to post my email…
        Ambermoon32(at) (sorry for some reason it wont accept the symbol) LOL

      4. Chicky

        here’s my email:
        Ambermoon32(at symbol).com

  22. Flo

    God bless all the families who have lost loved ones
    Thanksgiving is so hard

    1. L. Alex Howard

      I was not looking forward to the first thanksgiving without Brittany and actually planned on just going out of town. But because I just let go and let God, I ended up having a very good day with my kids and grandson.
      L Alex Howard

      1. Patricia

        L. Alex,

        I can’t begin to know your pain, and I pray that I never have to. I was glad to read that you turned it all over to God, and saw your kids and grandson for Thanksgiving.

        Please, never leave them because you miss Brittany. They miss her too, and it is not fair to them that you aren’t there with them for holidays. Please be present for them. I know the holidays are hard, but I think I can speak for many people when I say that you and your family have touched many lives, and we will keep you in our prayers.

        May God bless you and keep you,

  23. Sommer Espie

    So sorry for your loss, L. Alex Howard.

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Thank you. I do greatly appreciate your kindness and sympathy. I am staying on a path that I hope will help save other souls out there and loved ones won’t have to go through such pain. I miss Brittany everyday and I couldn’t even watch the episode, because I just still see her as my lil baby girl.
      Again thanks.
      L. Alex Howard

  24. Tim

    I just watched the episode brother Alex and I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you moss your baby girl and I pray you stay sober and be a good grandfather for you grandkids. Much lotive sending your way.

  25. Rowland

    Just saw the episode. Broke my heart at the end. I held my hand over my mouth for a few minutes in shock. Rest in peace sweet heart. No more pain.

    1. Tlen

      Can you please direct me to this episode?

  26. Kevin Babcock

    Im sorry for your loss

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Thank you so much for the kind words.. it really does mean alot to me.. gives me more hope and strength.
      Thank you
      L. Alex Howard
      bentbar at yahoo

  27. Michelle Fisher

    I saw her episode twice, when it first aired and again Dec 6. I made my husband watch some of it with me as he and I are recovered heroin addicts (16 yrs) and we’re high school sweethearts and had our oldest baby when we were 19. I felt like I related on several levels. When I first saw it, the ending was bright so I was shocked at this ending. I’m so sorry for the family’s loss. Another reason I made him watch was to show him how sweet and cute she was. She seemed to have such a gentle spirit that was just bound to heroin, like I was in my late teens/early 20’s. She took hold of my heart and I’m sad to see she passed. The world lost a lost a beautiful young lady that day. So sorry.

  28. Sheila Soufi

    My heart breaks for her and her family. I’m so sorry she lost her battle to drugs. The dangerous part is getting out of rehab and not using then thinking they can use the same amount as before. RIP Briitany. 🙁

  29. Flo

    It’s on utube. Going to post link so that hopefully it will save someone. Rip Brittany. ????

    Hope it’s ok to post Dizzy

    1. Lisa

      Video no longer there. Where can I find this episode? Thanks.

  30. L. Alex Howard

    This is Alex Howard and I have not had time to thank each and everyone of you that has left such hope and kind words. I know it will get better but the pain of Brittany not being here is tremendous. I am still One Day at a Time. Please do not think your heart felt words have went unnoticed.
    I greatly appreciate all of you.
    L. Alex Howard
    bentbar at yahoo

    1. Chicky

      Hang in there Alex Howard…I know it’s hard but remember all the good times you had with her & just know that you now have an angel watching over you at all times!

      Take care

    2. A.S.

      So sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. One day at a time is all you can do.

  31. Jennifer

    I have watched every single episode ever aired of this show and my heart has never hurt so badly for a family… you are a strong wonderful caring person Alex for spreading your message, staying strong for your family and continuing your daughters’ legacy with your big heart. My deepest most sincere condolences to your and your super awesome family </3

  32. Flo

    Hope you and ur beautiful family are doing well. That grandbaby is so beautiful ????

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Thank you Flo, Cooper is a very special little guy. He is always smiling and I think he loves to take pics. He just turned 1 on Jan 7th. Got a beautiful video of Brittany greeting him the day before she passed, makes me ball everytime buts makes my heart warm with joy to see the true nature of my babies.
      Thanks again
      Alex Howard

  33. Lisa Moates

    I just seen your episode on tv and just wanted to say I am really sorry about your loss of your sweet baby girl Brittany. No parent should ever edure such pain as you and your family have had to bury a child. Thank you for sharing with us your story so other people can relate and understand but also learn from it. I am so glad you are staying strong and beating your own addiction. CONGRATS!!!
    I am sure Brittany is up above and so proud of you. When you are feeling weak or down just know you are doing the right thing for yourself, Brittany and your family ♡

  34. Shelly

    Alex,my condolences sir. Are you able to stay clean through everything?

    1. L. Alex Howard

      Shelly .. so far I am still taking it one day at a time. I will have 9 months on February 20. I struggle but I also know that slipping and going back to active addition WILL NOT make my life any better. I was just at my grandson Cooper’s 1 year birthday yesterday and it was so warming. We always light a candle for Brittany, it let’s everyone know that it is ok to talk about Brittany as she is still with us. Gothe through the first major holidays without her. Some days are better.. but I have some days when I get overwhelmed with sadness and miss her. I know I’m going to have those days and I expect them, just have to make sure to stay aware and call, write or do whatever I need to do to make it through the day sober, cuz all I have is today.
      Thanks Alex Howard

  35. Bobby

    I’ve watched episode after episode, year after year, of Intervention. I’ve never felt more bad for a family then after watching Brittany and seeing her passing. God Bless Brittany and her family.

  36. Lisa Moates

    I just seen your episode on tv and wanted to say I am really sorry about your loss of your sweet baby girl Brittany. No parent should ever edure such pain as you and your family have had to bury a child. Thank you for sharing with us your story so other people can relate and understand but also learn from it. I am so glad you are staying strong and beating your own addiction. CONGRATS!!!
    I am sure Brittany is up above and so proud of you. When you are feeling weak or down just know you are doing the right thing for yourself, Brittany and your family ♡

  37. LALAphant

    I just saw Brittanys episode. I don’t usually watch Intervention because I struggle with addiction myself and its hard to watch without giving me impulses to use. But I am on Methadone now and feel like I am just as numb on this as Ive ever been. Seeing a story like Brittany’s is so scary because she looked so happy and so positive. I was BLOWN AWAY at the end! How could she have let that happen after she got back. 2 days after really? Was it because of the boyfriend? did she go back to the boyfriend afterwards? I have been trying to set up treatment for after this next semester at school. But I am terrified. I have a boyfriend like that and its my biggest fear when i get back from treatment.
    I am so sorry for the families loss. I have lost too many friends to addiction lately. It really is an epidemic in our world right now. I wish there was something I could do to help. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. L. Alex Howard

      You have to do it for you, please do whatever it takes to stay clean. You cannot take each day for granted, some decisions are hard, but for the right reasons. This is one time you can be selfish (because addiction IS a selfish disease), when you get better for yourself, then all of your loved ones will benefit and all your future relationships.. please do it for you, your worth it.
      Regards Alex Howard


      I never got to see the episode and am just now reading about it and that and the.comments.from her.Dad have already.touched Mt heart and life. I am currently clean since Aug 13 2022 when I overdosed and they al9mst didn’t get me back. My Daddy found me and I still feel so bad bc we just lost my.Mama June 18 bot quite 2.months before although I am consciously aware at all times that I will always be an addict (even to other things like food or.people). you said something that made me comment bc it is what happened to me, I can almost guarantee it happened to Brittany? and so many others. I had been clean when it happened and we dont think of the tolerance our body had built up and use what ir clsoe to what we did before (of course not wanting to do too little and not feel anything or just being unaware) and the same amount or even a good bit less will take you out. I can almost guarantee just from hearing her story and reading the love her father has ever thought about the.possibilty it taking your life. Please let Brittany’s death help even more people by helping educating as many people you can. I have only come across 1 comment mentioning this and it can save so many life’s and so much pain to those that love us.

  38. Shelly

    After watching Intervention, i was devastated of the income of everything. My thoughts, and prayers are with you, and your family. I know your in my home town , so thats what caught my attention to the show. Anyways, i hope you are able to stay clean. But not just for yourself, but your other children.
    My heart and prayers are with you.

  39. Kaalin

    I just watched Brittanys intervention episode. Wow. I am shocked and devastated. Her future seemed so promising at the end of the episode…. Then I saw the update. How terrible. My heart really breaks for her family. My youngest sister died from an accidental overdose Nov 15, 2015. She was 19. It changed my life forever. I really hope her father can stay strong and break the cycle and stay sober for the rest of the family. Embrace each other and cherish every moment you have. I will keep Brittanys family in my thoughts and prayers.

  40. Christine Rennie

    Wow I was watching this story today on intervention, and was proud of her to take the step.her and her Dad.this was aired on 1-29-2017.and at the end is when they mentioned she had died of a herion overdose.2 days after her and her father had finished her 40 days of herion abused.2 days.its sad cause my nephew was 38 yrs old when he was found deceased in his car.12/25/2016,,,

  41. Debbie

    I seen the episode when it 1st aired, i just happen to scroll through my dvr & seen the end clip saying she passed b4 a another episode was about to air so i had ro find out who it was. I was truly shocked to see it waa Brittany! So sorry dor your loss! I’m feeling devastated & i didn’t even know her. So sorry fir your family’s pain.

  42. Lenisa

    Just watched this episode tonight…I was shocked at the end…I’m so sorry for your loss…as I am person in recovery since March 8, 2016, through a drug court program, we have lost a lot and very young…it is truly the most rewarding, but scary thing to go through and seeing others lose to this desease…I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, I will keep you all in my thoughts…and Alex keep your head up, talk as much as possible, and remember we are all friends in recovery…you are never alone unless you choose to be…much love and sympathy from TN

  43. L. Alex Howard

    So much love from others in recovery and just compassionate people in general. As I have mentioned before, my 90 day sober point (Aug 20th) was the worst day of my life. I knew what would ease the pain was the same evil thing that would run my life into the ground. My soberity date is still May 23, 2016. I have to live one day at a time. I go to meetings to keep me connected. I am at a loss of words to say how grateful I am of all the love and support of people in this world, both in active addiction, in recovery and loves ones affected by addiction. I am not putting so much thought into my soberity dates, I am acknowledging them simply as milestones, because I just need to make it through each day sober. I am hopeful that this tragedy can help save others.
    I do not have a Facebook page but will try to make one for friends in recovery.
    Alex Howard (Brittanys dad)
    [email protected]

    1. san

      hey from germany..
      i saw the episode wirh brittany yesterday night on tv..for me it was a rollercoaster of feelings.
      i’m a mommy of 3 kids..5-8-15 years.
      one of my biggest fear is that this happened to one of my kids too.
      i really thought in the end of the episode that she is fine, is back to live..
      im so so sorry what happened to her.

      i hope you are ok alex..getting no relapse.
      i wish the best for you and your family.

      kind regards

  44. Dewey

    Did they change the update at end of Brittanys episode? It’s the same ending on amazon.

    Wish to god the outcome was a better one. She deserved a happy life

  45. Dewey

    One things for sure. She was loved by many. Very warm loving girl.

  46. Alex Howard

    Happy Birthday Brittany Christine 5/30/89, God I miss you so much it hurts.

    1. Meaghan

      Dear Alex,

      I hope you are still hanging in there. Thinking of you and your family.

      God bless,


      1. Alex Howard

        Meaghan.. thank you for kids words. One day at a time is what I can do. So far so good.

  47. Flo

    How’s your grandson. ????

    1. Alex

      Oh man Cooper is such a good kid. He is the a big reason for hope. Looks alot like Britt when she was a baby, baldheaded and hardheaded. Thanks for asking.

  48. Jeffrey Mudge

    R.I.p sweatheart, I wish I never gave up on you.

  49. Alex

    I miss you so much…
    And for all who don’t know my son Josh who was on the episode passed away Jan 17th from car accident. I miss both my babies so dam much.

    1. kitty katt

      Alex, I can’t recall the episode your family was featured in. By these comments I can see that Brittany was your daughter which I am so sorry to hear about. I’m sure I’ve seen the episode but I just can think of it off the top of my head. You have now mentioned your son Josh is no longer with us? How truly heartbreaking for you and your family. My God. How much does one have to take in this life time. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Please stay strong. If you need anyone to speak to let me know. I will gladly give you an hear without any hesitations or questions. Please keep that in your mind. I am willing to help in any way possibble. I’d gladly give you my personal email if you don’t want to talk on here. Just ask. Peace and love to you.

      1. Flo

        So sorry to hear about Josh. He seemed like a wonderful caring guy. He was a hero in the family. There are no words i can say excep sorry for u Tori and Whitney.

      2. Sabrina

        So sorry to hear about Josh. That is unbelievable. Now you have 2 angels guiding you. God bless

      3. Alex Howard

        Alex Howard
        bentbar at

      4. Kara Bishop

        You can watch the episode on DIRECTV stream A&E, but for some reason it shows the other Britney‘s picture but it’s still under this Britney‘s episode. Also, if you have cable vice TV does the same thing it’ll show the episode for the correct number but sometimes it shows the picture of the other Britney that died also… I don’t know why it mixes them up they’re both great stories!

    2. Ashley

      I just watched this episode, I felt so bad for the family but now I read that they also lost that amazing boy Josh. It’s so sad that the two children will be left without a father.
      I feel so bad for the mom and dad, losing one child is hard enough.
      Hoping many good times come their way!
      God bless

  50. Alex Howard

    Keisha, Josh’s wife is pregnant with a little girl and is due in June. I hate it cuz Cooper not only will ever get to know his smart awesome aunt Brittany Christine, but won’t know how awesome a man his father Josh was.
    When I straightened up I aspired to be more like him. There were so many people that stepped forward to say how much he had touched their lives. He was truly humble in his helping the underdog. I wrote a letter that I COULD NOT read at his service. So I had the preacher who happened to be Joshua’s soccer coach from when he was in grade school and a good friend read it. Below is the letter I wrote ..

    From Josh’s dad, Alex –

    My son was truly a good man, more than I really knew. He was humble in his charitable actions. He wasn’t trying to get brownie points or notoriety, he did it because that’s the kind of person he was. He didn’t turn his back on people, and he touched many lives with his kind heart. Lately I’ve heard a few stories that were pretty heart-warming. He always wanted to take care of the underdog, the disadvantaged.

    We all make mistakes and I had my fair share. But in the moment when I had clarity and saw the life I was living, I saw how Joshua had the ethics the morality, and the kindness that I admired. It wasn’t all that long ago, I actually wanted to be more like my son. Normally it is the son wanting to be like the father, but I definitely looked up to him.

    When I really needed someone for the passing of his sister, my daughter Brittany, I could always talk to him. He always gave me a sense that everything will be okay. At this horrible time in my life, this is when I would turn to him. So I’m going to have to get the strength from all my loved ones to have that feeling that everything’s going to be okay.

    For those of you who don’t know him, I want everyone to know that he was really, really a good man. He was fair and equitable in every portion of his life. That’s why he had a lot of friends and touched a lot of lives. I’m sure many people have a lot of stories, and they’re all good. Two days ago, I found a couple of hand-written letters in his computer desk. In this digital age, for someone to get a pen and paper and take the time to write a letter to thank someone, that says something right there. It speaks a lot of how the person feels about Joshua’s character.

    Bottom line: he would never overlook someone in need. He didn’t. After his passing I have found out all these things about him, and I want everyone to know what a good man he was, so maybe someone will be inspired to do the same. He was making a difference in people’s lives. He wasn’t just cordial. He took time out of his day to go actually do things to help people. I’m sure his children would have been proud to have him as a dad. Who wouldn’t?

    I just know that it’s gonna be very hard for me, very, very difficult.

    Got I miss him and B so much… so painful.

    1. Sabrina

      What a beautiful tribute. I cannot imagine your pain. Please keep strong and continue to work on you. Addiction sucks. I get it..

  51. Alex Howard

    There above is a link to see Joshua with his wife and son Cooper


      I am watching the episode of intervention Brittany’s episode….my name is Brittany as well and seemed we were close on age…I just turned 28. This episode was hard to watch…and hearing your son died I am so sorry. How tragic and devastating. My prayers to your family…please keep your heads held high and your hearts with love.

    2. Sean

      I am so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine all that you have been through. I just watched yours Brittany’s story on intervention. I’m recently sober almost going on a year, seeing your story and reading how you have stayed sober through everything really helps give me hope. Thank you for sharing. It really does help make a difference. Addiction runs in my family so I don’t really have many people to turn to and talk to so reading stories of people staying clean always helps. Thank you again.

    3. Teri Laughlin

      Alex, Watching intervention tonight I saw the story of Brittany and her addiction and was sad to read that she passed away after her treatment. I googledto read more About her story and found these posts and see the loss of your son also. Condolences on the loss of both of your children I can’t even imagine Addiction is so awful both my father and husband struggled with alcohol also and killed them both. Good luck to you and your continued recovery

  52. Stephanie

    Just watched this episode, so sad to hear she passed. I searched her family members on Facebook and seen her brother died from a car crash. Praying for this family. Can’t be easy.

  53. Seth

    Brittany commented that a friend convinced her to use heroin as a cheaper alternative to pills, and literally shot her up with the first dose himself. In my opinion, that should be a life in prison maybe even a death penalty offense. That person contributed to her death and should be held accountable.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Yes, but let’s not forget how she got on heroin to begin with. She commented in that episode that she was hooking up her father with pills from drug dealers she knew. She then stated she wondered what was so great about those pills that made her father popping them everyday. She tried them and that was it….it led her down to the cheaper alternative being heroin because it’s cheaper.

  54. Kenzie

    Alex, I’ve watched Brittany’s episode many times and every time it breaks my heart. She believed she could get clean, and she did and her death is deeply upsetting. I cannot imagine what you are going through, then to lose your son to a car wreck…. I truly am so so sorry for your losses. They both seemed like great people. I pray for you and your family, along with joshs! Stay sober Alex, even through this tough time.

  55. Donna

    Dear Howard family, so so sorry for the loss of your children. I pray that God will comfort you in your deep loss. Brittany’s loss just Such a short time after treatment is heartbreaking. So wish treatment was for more like six months to a year to help people really get back on their feet. Or maybe a month on month off of treatment…. It seems like it’s too much of a transition for people. Again so so sorry.

  56. Savannah

    Dear Mr. Howard,
    All of my heartfelt condolences. I’m fairly new to recovery and am sure, without a doubt would not be strong enough to get through what you are with continued sobriety. My prayers are with you. Would love an update, truly hope you are doing well with those grandbabies of yours!

    1. Alex Howard

      Savannah.. thank you for your compassion I do appreciate it. Those grandbabies are a perfect reason for doing the next right thing. I just had a nice weekend with them… they really help me. I have recent pics that will make you go ..awe.. as far as those guys go I have some pics I can share if you want.. bentbar@yahoo .

      As you may know the day Brittany passed was my 90 day clean day (that was Aug 20,16).. I struggled mentally so bad, but I had some good people helping me. I kept my sobriety, not saying it wasnt easy.. at that time Josh was a solid person I could rely on and talk to. I really did good all the way until Jan 17, 2018, the day Josh died in a car wreck. About 1 1/2 months after I lost him I slipped. Stayed in that kind of mind set for about 9 months (on and off). Of course I was ready to die, but I just didnt want Cooper and Riley to not know how great their father was… and also how brilliant aunt Brittany was …Long story short … I just couldnt get it right.. .and each time I would get angry with myself for relapse. Now clean over 3 months and am starting to really feel like there can be some joy in life. ALL people with any addiction know that you are never in the clear… and if a person cant find some kind of hope.. ambition … drive… etc.. then you never get it.. and even if you do get all that… you are NEVER in the clear.

      I truly do appreciate all the kind words that everyone has said. It does make a difference and knowing there are compassionate like minded people helps me.

  57. KS

    Wow congratulations on your recovery. You are one hell of a fighter and your resilience is inspiring. I am so sorry about the pain, greif, and tragedy you have continuously faced in your life and in your recovery. I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I know I don’t know you but I have so much faith in you Alex. I think your drive to continue trying is the ONLY thing that matters, recovery isn’t linear and we addicts unfortunately have to learn the hard way a lot of the time… This really is an incredibly cunning and insidious disease but you are taking that responsibility man qnd keeping yourself accountable. You have such a strong story to share, and an important one at that. I have appreciated and connected deeply with the moving comments you have left here. Your honesty and vulnerability is incredible man, our secrets keep us sick. I hope you have a solid support network, because damn is this ever hard to do on our own. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You’re an incredibly strong man. I am rooting for you.

  58. Beth

    I met her about a year before this through a buy/sell/trade Facebook group. I went over to her house and we traded a whole bunch of clothes. She was very nice and very sweet and we became Facebook friends afterwards and even had a few mutual friends. I was so sad to hear of her passing. ):

  59. Jon

    Dear Mr. Howard,

    I was in tears after watching Brittany’s episode on Hulu, and that was before I found out she passed away so soon after completing treatment. What an unspeakable tragedy. Then I am reading these comments and I learn your son Josh passed away in a car accident the next year. It’s beyond imagining how anyone could get through that ok, but it seems like you did, and I want to tell you how inspirational that is. I have been clean from opiates for almost 4 years now, and my life has improved so much. However, there is a lot of tragedy in my past as well, so I know your struggles. Stay strong brother. Never forget that people care, even strangers like me who just happened to watch your daughter’s episode. I wish you well, good luck and thank you.


  60. Zoe

    Her father, Alex, was in court in August of 2019 for possession and intent to use. Alex, if you’re on here, I’m wishing you luck.

  61. Muhammad

    I want to see the video of her documentary. Is there any wan I can watch it or download it?

    1. Amy

      It’s currently on Hulu.

  62. mallory jostes

    This episode was a punch in the gut. Rest peacefully, sweet girl. ❤

  63. Susie

    What a loving family with so much tragedy and sadness. It is so devastating about Brittany and her brother, Josh. I hope the family can find some peace, they all seemed like they loved each other so so much. It really is so sad they lost 2 siblings so young and so tragically. To Alex, if you see this one day, I’m so sorry about your children and I really hope you, your wife, and daughter can try & stay strong one day at a time.

  64. Todd

    Wow – this episode gave me a jolt. Brittany struck me as a decent human being that fell into drugs and just couldn’t get out of it. Ive seen plenty of episodes and some of the addicts are just plain bad apples (Caitlin, Katie Y, Travis) or phonies (Tim the musician). Brittany didn’t strike me as either. I liked her. When she completed treatment I said to myself “She’s going to be ok, she doesn’t have the massive ego, she can humble herself and start a new life”. Two seconds the tragic news popped onto my screen. Best way I can describe it is it was a jolt. My deepest sympathies to Brittany’s family.

  65. Karey

    Heartbreaking. I just read where her brother passed in a car wreck too. Goodness, that poor family. Praying for all. Rest in Peace, Brittany and Josh

  66. Kara Bishop

    Where can I watch this episode? I watch all my episodes on the A&E app but it doesn’t have all of them. I know this one may be taken out because she passed away. I am sorry for her families loss and I send them my thoughts and prayers.

    1. April S.

      You can purchase it on Prime but you have to do it through Amazon, not the Prime app. It’s actually under Season 16 on there, not 15.

      1. Kara Bishop

        Oh thank you!

  67. Ingrid

    This was an amazing episode my heart goes out to her family on her passing she did go to rehab but 2 days after getting out of rehab she relapsed Rest easy Brittany 🌹🌹🌹

  68. Elizabeth

    A&E just posted an abbreviated version of Brittany’s episode:

    1. Stefan

      Yah they’ve been doing that with a lot of episode lately.

      1. Elizabeth

        Yup, and I have been binging them lately. I hope they can do more videos for episodes that are hard to find and/or for which the subject has passed away. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Larry/Megan episode, and I can’t find it anywhere.