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S16E4 Tiffany

Season 16, Episode 4


Age: 32
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia
Addiction:  Heroin

Official Synopsis: Tiffany had the talent to be a successful graphic designer, but severe complications from the birth of her first child led to an addiction to prescribed pain pills. Then post-partum depression after her second and third pregnancies, resulted in an opiate addiction. After her husband took their three kids and filed for divorce, Tiffany became a full time heroin addict. Today, she has a new husband and baby, but her addiction is threatening to end the marriage, and if she doesn’t get help–her life.

Date Aired:  Dec 2016

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  1. W

    I saw myself in this woman and her self awareness so deeply…. As a male with a heavy heart and an intellectual and emotional 70/30ish ratio (ha, to some’s chagrin) and she’s so painfully aware of her lifestyle and why she does what she does and she hadn’t even gone to rehab and she ended up in the same spot as me when she had surgery and was on pain meds and it opened up an addiction you always wonder if you would have developed naturally otherwise. But my surgery was important and life is just difficult and you can’t take back the past at all. I just feel for her and the fact her husband is so controlling and obnoxiously masculine to the point he’d rather be prideful and “right” rather than being happy…

    1. Nicole

      I saw a lot of myself in Tiffany too, especially her how painfully self aware she is. I think her husband appeared to be quite a bit younger than her (she’s 32 although I think she looks quite a bit younger) and I’m guessing he’s in his early to mid 20’s so I’d imagine that attributed to many of the problems they were having. However I am not a male so you’d probably have a better insight into why he was acting the way he was than me. His comment during the intervention about how he was nervous at their wedding and because he didn’t feel deserving of her love was quite telling.

    2. A

      For me, Tiffany’s self-awareness made her one of the most likable people that Intervention has featured. I found myself really rooting for her & actually found her journey inspiring. Finally–an uplifting episode of this depressing ass show!

      I see that others are criticizing on her husband….
      While controlling, her husband’s behavior seemed understandable given how badly she was fucking up her life…not to mention that she was potentially putting their baby in danger. I just hope she continues to do well & puts herself first right now. Very smart choice to stay out in CA for sober living instead of rushing home to all that stress.

    3. Ramona F

      I wonder if anyone knows how this precious family is doing! What a gorgeous, loveable, sweet family! So sad when drugs take over your life! I pray she has remained strong and clean! Anyone have an update?

    4. Cindy Norred IngrM

      Tiffiany if U read this I am Ur half aunt on ur Mothers side . there is so much I would like to talk about with U and Ur Mothers, I am so sorry U were going through a hard time I’m so sorry . I feel a instant connection to U and Ur Mother . I would to hear from y’all

  2. Ruth

    It’s really a shame that they don’t send the families to Betty Ford anymore. Tiffany’s family, especially her husband, need to address their codependencies. If he can’t accept that she’s out of his control for a few months then he has quite a lot of problems. I hope they’ve figured stuff out and saved the marriage but I’m afraid they’re probably not going to be together.

    1. JOinDC

      Yes, I agree. I even thought that tonight with a newer episode, as they talked about sending the family to AL-ANON but then the parents didn’t go and everything at the end had spiraled without resolution. I don’t think any of us can blame the addict, at least as far as what they say when high, but you can’t blame the spouses or partners here, particularly those who are dealing with the deception of the addict and children are involved. Her poor husband is just trying to protect the child because Tiffany’s mom enables them both to live there, without jobs and without any direction. Very codependent, really, and it doesn’t allow her daughter to hit rock bottom. Not saying I’d know how to handle it better, but all the advice they’ve given over the years says the family helps the addict keep up their behavior longer, when they give money, shelter, etc. for the addict to continue. I think the mom in Tiffany’s story could give the baby a place to stay, but maybe she’s already done that for the other kids at one time, too.

  3. Kat R.

    I agree with Ruth’s comment above. Her husband really needed help too. i wasn’t sure about the control issues until the end. Sweet and caring guy but some red flags for sure.

    Tiffany is so extremely likeable, beautiful and self aware. Wishing her all the best.

    And Sylvia is just the most wonderful person on the planet. I want to hug her! She was born to do this and she’s brilliant at it.

    Liked the production on this episode. A good solid old-school episode.

    1. Nicole

      As I mentioned in an above comment I think that Wesley is quite a bit younger than Tiffany and that is causing a lot of the problems. I’d bet Wesley is 22-25, and she is 32, but I could be wrong.

    2. Dawn

      I agree with you. sylvia has BEEN THERE. I LOVE THIS WOMAN. I live I the same city and want so badly to find her to give a big ol bear hug.

      and absolutely…Tiffany….she is real. beautiful and upfront. I loved this episode…as I do her. I pray she is doing well. please. ..give an update? GOD BLESS sweet Tiffany and Sylvia….

  4. Halley

    Someone wrote on facebook, “I’ve seen almost every season of intervention and this one just didn’t seem real.” I could relate to that.

    1. Steven Smith

      It didn’t seem real and you can relate? Like what do you even mean by that? Maybe I’m taking that comment wrong(I Hope)If not then what are you talking about?? Delegitimizing anyone’s intervention is reckless, rude and selfish.. Sorry it didn’t make for good t.v for you.

  5. Janelle

    Tiffany may be the addict, but Wesley was the sickest person in the room. His controlling behaviour borders on abusive, and Sylvia was right – Tiffany will most likely not be able to stay sober if she goes back to him.

    Sylvia’s warm, loving, compassionate, non-confrontational, low-drama Southern grandma intervention style may not make for the best television, but I think it’s very effective and Sylvia was the perfect choice for an addict such as Tiffany.

    1. Steven Smith

      I agree with everything you said except one… Wesley’s behavior didn’t border on abusive, his behavior was text book abusive. Just as bad as physical abuse.

      Sylvia was perfect for Tiffany’s intervention. Her advice to stay in Cali and not go back to Mr. Creepy Obsessive guy, helped her more then the initial intervention!

      1. Kelly

        I was in SHOCK when I saw him on TV!!!! Ex boyfriend of mine and TOTALLY abusive!!! You have not misread anything!!!!

      2. Steven Smith

        Kelly?? Are you serious he was your Ex boyfriend??? You were with him after Tiffany or before? That’s just really crazy.. If your tellin the truth that is. Just sayin

    2. Sfgraph

      Why? Is Wesley the sickest? Doesn’t mean anything and sneaks around his back, lies.. wouldn’t you get frustrated if the shoe was on the other foot? He’s fed up w the bs . If he lied and he was her and she was him don’t u think she would be an investigator as well ..

    3. Dawn

      love what you just said girl. awesome post…Sylvia is REAL. this sweet woman WORKED HARD to get sober and actually be ame an interventionist. southern women…are the most giving and caring. in my humble opinion. She actually went to the same high school as me….in the beloved South . CCHS…go bikes. I love you Sylvia…would love to have coffee with you sweet gal. Dawn

  6. Amanda

    Tiffany, I am rooting for your recovery! You seem like such a compassionate and well rounded lady and I hope you are supported by your husband and your family as you go through this journey.

    And a sincere bravo to Sylvia on this intervention. She truly has a heart of gold and I was so glad to see that she was selected for this intervention.

  7. Anon

    search up Tiffany Hudson Patton on facebook

  8. Nicole

    Does she see her 3 other children? I found her IG (private) and in her bio it said, “I’m very blessed with 4 amazing children”..?? No issue with that at all, just curious. It’s just watching her episode, it spoke about how she lost custody of her first 3 after her husband filed for divorce while she was in jail and that was it. Nothing about if she sees them through visitations or at all. The storyline then switched to how she met her current husband Wes and gave birth to their son, Noah. Again, I was just curious. I pray Tiffany is doing well ❤️ I can relate so well with her story. I have been clean from heroin since Dec 3, 2015. Before that tho, I too am a mother (tho I never lost custody) of 3 children under 10. I was on dope for a year and a half. I had to get help before it poured over into my focus away from my kids. Because while in my active addiction, I was using just enough to keep me from withdrawal. I still have feelings of shame when I look back. Right before I seeked treatment, I would do a line of dope in the bathroom of my daughter’s school, go out and talk to other parents/teachers at the PTO meetings. That’s when I would have like an “outer body experience”.. I would look or say to myself “wth am I doing?”

    1. A

      Congrats on your sobriety–sounds like those were some dark times. Hope you have continued success in 2017!

      1. Nicole

        Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Cj

      Whats her i.g ??

    3. Steven Smith

      You said you found her IG (private) bio. How did you come across that? People sure like to B.S

      1. D Klein

        STEVEN SMITH is definitely Tiffany. Otherwise, you need to get a grip. Are you hoping Tiffany will see this and want to date you?

  9. Holly

    I love Sylvia, she does have a heart of gold like Amanda said, but isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Her, Seth and Jeff are my favorites. I like Candy and Ken a lot too. Don’t care for Donna.

    1. michilines

      Donna bashing seems to be a thing with some on this site. I don’t get it except for the obvious.

      1. Kristy

        The obvious?????

      2. Eitan

        Donna being a black woman? I like Donna but in some previous interventions she seemed a little too blunt or maybe a little too confrontational with the intervene. I think what counts ultimately is the outcome. If that works for her and the intervenes accept the gift, be that way!

      3. Janelle

        Michilines, Game over. You lose. My 2 of clubs beats your race card.

        Donna’s style is very in-your-face and confrontational. That’s effective with certain types of addicts (typically the ones who act all “bad-ass” and put up a hostile front – when faced with someone who won’t put up with their BS they usually back down). That style pisses off loads of people watching on TV and often elicits a negative response from viewers. However, I’ve also seen Donna be warm and compassionate with other addicts (for example Jonel, the Native American girl from Montana) and get good results. The compassionate Sylvia style is effective in dealing with addicts who are frail and vulnerable but not so much in dealing addicts who put up the “bad-ass” front.

      4. Richard

        Donna bashing is very much in vogue. I’ll take her over Mr. Loves You Like Crazy who can’t do more than read his script.

    2. Dawn

      I agreed with you about Donna. girl. at first…i was like…”um…she seems cold.” she really is NOT. I have to say that Donna keeps it REAL. I REALLY like her now…
      after watchng several more shows. she tells it like it is. she even says….”of you dont like it…its ok. don’t have too. we have ONE OBJECTIVE today. to save a life.” that’s awesome imo. watch the episode with Sandi. Sandi was 65 and her daughter was….well less than forgiving.

  10. Kayla

    Personally i really did not like this episode. She is probably the most selfish person I’ve watched from this show she has her mom and husband wrapped around her finger! Then at the end her deciding to stay in California seemed like she did that because she’s loving life on her own, which she kept dropping hints she wanted to do all through the show! I really hope her mom and Wesley have happy lives

    1. Steven Smith

      Well Kayla I don’t think you were paying attention at all. First off addicts are all selfish equally. I guess you have to be one or have been one to understand that. The most selfish one in her story was her husband Wesley!! He is the most controlling loved one I have ever seen! I don’t care what a persons problem is, NOBODY deserves to have their personal space invaded! She was the one hurting, she needed more support from him and not for him to violate her personal property like going threw all of her things twenty times a day! Including her phone, her purse, or having her room ransacked. That’s not love. I think he was borderline crazy obsessed. The things he was doing is a great way to push someone further away and makes them want the drugs that much more. He said he was nervous at their wedding and felt like he didn’t deserve her love.(I don’t think he did!). I know how she felt and I think she was actually very nice to him even though he snuck around going threw HER THINGS! If she went back to that guy, I pray for her because there’s no way she can get well around him. That wasn’t love he showed.. It was jealousy, controlling and hard for me to watch. If I could get in touch with Tiffany Id tell her how much I could feel what she was going threw and how impressive I thought she handled that crazy situation. The tattoo on his left shoulder blade says a lot to me, not to mention how upset he was that she actually went!(over 80 texts messages over night after she had to turn off her phone?? I’m sure they weren’t supportive text either. I would love to be in good company with Tiffany any day! If she ends up single again, I would be more then happy to treat her like a man should!:) I think you should try watching the episode again. Not being mean here I just think she deserves a lot more credit then your giving her.

      1. renee

        can you describe the tattoo? we’re left hanging here… you refer to it, but many of us don’t know what you mean; i never saw it myself.

      2. Holly

        Steven, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because you’re is different from Kayla’s doesn’t mean it’s better or that she needs to rewatch the episode and get a new outlook. My opinion is that it’s weird that you want to date Tiffany if she ends up single. People need to focus on themselves while they are working their recovery plan. Not have the extra stress of navigating a new relationship. This poor woman has had enough problems in her life from her ex husband and now from Wesley, seeing as they are not on good terms currently either.

      3. Nurse Sugar

        I think the issue here is you attempting to hit on Tiffany, not Kayla’s comment. And seeing as how Tiffany is Wesley’s wife and son’s mother, I think that gives him a free pass to search her belongings to determine if she’s using.

      4. JOinDC

        Being an addict who has a long way to go,four children to mend relationships with,trust broken, lies told to herself and those whom she loves…it all means she has got to get those things right, not to mention sobriety, before she can be judged or have people worry about her here and try to say bad things about her husband. I just think people who are living like this with others, no direction and no job, are asking for trouble to try to get on the right path even without a sobriety issue. I hope she’ll focus on herself, but the nightmares will be difficult when she has to deal with how she’s hurt her children and two husbands,even if she stays married to the second guy.

      5. Lauren

        I think the last thing Tiffany need is to get into another relationship with anyone because the stress of a new relationship could cause her to relapse. Hopefully she’s focusing on keeping herself healthy and possibly seeing all 4 of her children again.

      6. Bonnilee

        None of you it seems heard where they met. They met in rehab. So hes an addict also. They never say what he was addicted to. First rule if recovery you do not get into any relationship with a fellow addict. If you have never been in a relationship with an addict you will never understand why he does certain things. It’s called co-dependency and its horrible. You feel like your helping and loving but you don’t take care of you, your only focus is the addict. I had a husband that turned to drugs and it was horrible. If you have not been there you truly have no idea what goes on. Until you have been on either side of it none of you should be haters, or judge, or say they are wrong or right. Addiction becomes a families disease. You as the addict must fix themselves first as should the co-dependant people. They need to stop worrying about the addict they must learn to have a life to go on and if the addict wants to be there and be clean they will show it and you will know. it’s a road I wish on no one. My 30 years of marriage was 15 normal and then 15 of pure hell addiction. Please all just pray for them it’s something each person has to learn on their own before they can be an us

    2. renee

      thank you for saying it. Yeah, tiffany is likable and very pretty, but it’s sooo irresponsible to keep having babies when you are screwed up and cannot care for them. Then to stay in calif. for so long — though you have a very needy infant at home… sorry, i can’t co-sign on that. In my view, little ones come first. In not being there when they are so helpless and young, she is scarring them for life. Guess what ? they’ll be so emotionally messed up, they’ll end up picking up themselves. I do feel like this girl is pretty selfish. Also, to run off to another marriage and baby after you’ve so completely messed up your first family is just way wrong. If you know youre a dope fiend, use birth control or something.

      1. JOinDC

        So true. I am sure none of that was on her mind or heart, when she is high and getting high all the time. I do think the main problem was having a second child after those first problems with post-partum depression. I think she needed to at least take birth control then, not to have two more kids so close together, just to heal her body, if nothing else. But, she’s had problems brewing, and it sounds like the drugs are just a way to mask whatever she hasn’t healed, faced, etc. I think she’s got some deeper issues to address before she can get sober completely and for a lifetime.

      2. AMA

        That’s something that stuck out to me as well—that no matter what Tiffany claims about her childhood being happy or her relationship with her mom being positive, she had some questionable behavior patterns. Getting pregnant quickly in new, not-yet established relationships, having children and immediately ceasing to care for them. I honestly think Tiffany thought she wanted to be a mother but realizes on some level that she isn’t actually equipped to parent. It makes you wonder if she doesn’t keep getting pregnant with a subconscious hope that, with this child, things will be different.

  11. Holly

    It’s not “Donna bashing,” like it’s a personal attack against her. It’s that her style of intervening is aggressive. That may work with some of the people being intervened on, but it alienates others. I’m thinking particularly in Courtney’s case where Donna chased her down and yelled that she was being Marchman Acted into jail.

    1. michilines

      Yes, it is Donna bashing. The example you give illustrates that point. Other interventionists do what Donna did and are not bashed, but she is. Go back and read Courtney’s thread and you will see it. Donna wasn’t the first nor the last to threaten arrest as a consequence.

      I’m sorry to see Janelle join in. For some reason I can’t respond to Janelle’s comment directly. Donna is not always “in your face” as many claim. If that were the case, perhaps she would have been a better fit for Katie S. than Candy was — who failed miserably — no blame on Candy for that one.

      1. Lagaya1

        I agree. Donna is strong. She has to be. I have no problem with her style at all.

      2. Janelle

        Michilines, seems as though you stopped at my first sentence and missed the part where I said I’ve seen Donna be warm and compassionate with other addicts and get good results. Donna’s default style is being a hard-ass, but she’s willing to adapt if the situation requires it.

    2. Michilines

      Even sweet Sylvia had the law enforcement option at the ready on the last episode.

      I wonder how you would react if she had had to use it. I was relieved that she didn’t. Everything worked out.

      Do you think that Sylvia telling the family to all stand up when the addict came in was kindness? Perhaps the law enforcement option was the same tactic that Donna has used — dare I say aggressive? Or was it that Sylvia was preparing them for a bottom line in the case of an addict who refuses and is capable of violence?

      1. Holly

        Michilines, don’t forget the small fact that Donna’s intervention on Courtney was considered so incompetent and out of hand that an attorney drafted up a Justice for Courtney petition to send to A&E. THAT is what separates her from the rest of the interventionists. No matter how good she has been with other interventions such as Sierra’s, that mistake tarnished her image as a professional.

  12. Dizzy

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I think Donna was at her best with Sierra, who was in the midst of a meth psychosis most of the episode. I don’t think any of the interventionists could have succeeded with her the way that Donna did, she was the absolutely the right person for that and did a tremendous job. Just watch that episode if you want to see her be REALLY good at what she does. I have a huge amount of respect for Donna.

    1. michilines

      I do as well, Dizzy. I just hate to read people who dismiss her out of hand.

      Given the responses to my comments, I think there is more than a little bit of bias in the knee-jerk disrespect of Donna in the comments here.

      1. Holly

        I find it amusing when people pull the race/bias card just because they don’t agree with other people’s opinions. Not liking Donna’s style of intervening does not make me a racist, especially since you have no idea what race I belong to.

      2. Dizzy

        Okay no one called anyone a racist and the next comment that includes the term ‘race card’ will be removed. Michilines is justified in asking if and why there might be bias against Donna given that other interventionists have used her same strategies.

      3. Laura

        Co-sign. I think the Marchman Act itself (re: Courtney) egregiously oversteps civil rights and still wish it had not been invoked. But if memory serves, Jeff and Ken have both physically chased down more than one Intervention subjects and threatened them with arrest– which is even worse, as far as I’m concerned– and there aren’t any threads arguing about their competency. Hmm…

      4. Kat

        I agree with both you and dizzy. People are so quick to hop on Donna and her tactics when intervening I don’t remember all the episodes where she’s shown so much Patience and compassion with the addicts and the family members that she is working with. I’m an addict that comes from a family of addicts, and I can say from personal experience that ive observed that certain individuals really need that tough love in order to get straight. They just will not respond to the gentler techniques. I don’t believe Donna has ever done anything that has crossed the line or fine or could be considered cruel or unprofessional. I see quite a bit of Donna bashing on here and have never understood it. I admit that I do see more hate on Maureen though. I agree that Maureen is the worst interventionalists and I cringe at almost all of her interventions, but damn can people can be mean on the Internet. Andrew Donna and Sylvia are definitely my favorite and I think they they have the best way of going about intervening and we’re very good at triageing the situation.

    2. Nicole

      Donna was awesome with Sierra, I totally agree. One of the best episodes.

    3. TM

      Thanks Dizzy for checking people when necessary, and someone definitely needed to be checked, haha! 🙂

  13. Laura

    Jeff and Ken have always been hardasses, and have pulled moves similar to Donna in the Courtney episode. I personally hate it, and don’t believe that use of coercion or leveraging law enforcement against someone with substance use disorder is ever appropriate. But if we’re going to critique an interventionist and their tactics, let’s not scapegoat one above others…it smells wrong.

  14. Steven Smith

    This discussion is suppose to be about TIFFANY I thought?? I think your going way off track here and its annoying. Take this whole Donna discussion some place else please. She has nothing to do with Tiffany’s episode. Selfish really. If you go back to the home page, there is a place where people are actually debating about Donna if you want to talk about Donna.(SMH)

    1. Lboogie

      Tiffany is doing so good. She and Wesley are still happily married in ATL raising Noah together

    2. Big L

      Steven you’ll be happy to know that Tiffany and Westley are still together and happily married. Her Instagram is

  15. Dewey

    I was wondering why Tiffany didn’t go on antidepressants first. Doctors should ask new moms if they are having pp depression

  16. Dewey

    You Dated Tiffany husband? Wow Small world

  17. bac3991

    saw so much of myself in tiffany!The sneaking around hiding it from my parents and boyfriend. Finally gave up the lying and scheming and i finally have 5 months clean.

  18. Babs

    I wonder where Tiffany is now? I hope she is well and on the right track. She is to be admired for her honesty and self awareness of her addiction. I find her a talented and strong woman. I wish her the strength to forgive the past and embrace the future.

  19. Debbie

    Some of u people r straight wackos! I’m just gonna say some of u r bashing the husband while here this woman lost 3 kids, get a fresh start w a new life & baby & here she is again! Too high to take care of that baby. He should’ve been gone w that kid like the 1st husband!

  20. Corinne P.

    I loved this episode so much I watched it a second time so my fiancé could see it too. I was trying to get him to understand the situation I was in from another perspective. I saw so much of myself in Tiffany from her addiction to her sneaking around and the way she did it. I acted so similarly during active addiction that this episode almost creeped me out! I’ve read a lot of people’s comments/views about her relationship with her husband Wesley and I can certainly agree with some of them. During the episode I admired him for staying with her and trying his hardest to help her get sober (as my S/O did). It was disappointing in the end to hear he had basically been harassing her (the 80 text msgs) while she was in treatment. That was a time where she needed to focus on herself and he needed to be understanding and loving. It said early on that they had met in treatment so he should know how hard it is to get clean, yet his actions seemed to show otherwise. I could tell that he does love her and cares a hell of a lot about her even though his actions were borderline obsessive. My fiancé acted similarly when I was still trying to hide my drug use. Anyhow, I truly hope the best for them because they are cute together IMO and I hope they have a happy, loving life with their son. I could for sure see myself being friends with her! I also didn’t mention how pretty I think she is; even after the drugs took their toll. Lucky girl! Tiffany’s story will definitely stick with me for a long time, it certainly hit home.

    1. Nicole

      I was under the impression that they didn’t meet in treatment like thru AA or a treatment center but while she was in early sobriety, so possibly she met him while attending an intensive outpatient program or AA where she had access to people outside the recovery community. Wesley didn’t seem familiar enough with heroin (or drugs in general) or addiction to be a drug addict himself. However I could be mistaken. Did anyone else get the impression Wesley was not an addict himself?

      1. Thelma

        Well at one point in the show he left and she said something about him going to drink because she was doing drugs, which suggested to me he had a drinking problem at some time?

  21. renee

    yeah, i sure wondered if he was recovering from the same problem she has. Maybe his issue is alcohol or meth ? I would have to watch it again to hear the details, but i thought the show clearly pointed out that they met in recovery. Perhaps not the best idea (?) Esp now that we see his over-controlling behavior. This is an insidious behavior but still sick. My psycho mother tries it and swears that she’s just trying to “care”, but it’s manipulation and control, however you slice it. I’m still considering whether he crosses the line into nut case level. Guess so with the 85 texts, but she’s “taught” him how to treat her…. i mean, she’s put up with it, maybe encouraged it (?) Ann Landers used to say that you can’t be a doormat to people unless you act like one. True dat.
    I go back and forth with this guy since he does seem to show love…. but it’s a sick / possessive love. And that’s because he’s not secure in himself, and he comes right out and says it, too. And what WAS that tattoo people have referred to? someone said “it says a lot about him” (it’s on his back, as reported). I still don’t know what it is or what it says… who does? do tell ? Enquiring minds and all that. and ps yeah, we’ve all noticed how cute they are and how nice looking, etc…. Bad on us since we might not care the same if they were homely as heck !!!

  22. CC

    I wonder why they didn’t send Tiffany to a treatment center where she could take her child like they have in the past. Seems like that would be best to incorporate that into her program. Hope she is well!

    1. lisa

      i wonder why she didn’t finally get her child

    2. Laura Eshelman

      I can’t remember any intervention episodes where they did that. I used to do intake interviews in a residential home for women with substance use disorder who were pregnant or had young kids– it is HARD to make that happen!!! There are precious few facilities set up to accommodate moms in recovery with children, and we could only take 7 adult women at a time, and the requirements for admission can be pretty tough. One of many things we could– and should– absolutely be spending our tax money on instead of jail. I saw some phenomenal transformations during my time at that job.

      1. Melissa

        Kellys 3 kids came to live with her in treatment and Maryannes daughter Bella came to live with her in treatment.

  23. Bekki

    Maybe I misread her but Tiffany came across as smug, almost proud of her addiction. Several times she has the small smile going on. She seemed very honest, though. Beautiful lady, too, it’s a real shame.

  24. Alexandra

    Just found her Facebook and on her current picture posted april 23 she litterarly replied to a comment she’s trying to find a treatment center because she’s not doing well. so sad

    1. Nicole

      Is she still with wesley?

  25. Felipe

    Tiffany is sooo damn beautiful fell in love hahha. Now seriously ive been clean for 5 or 6 years alcohol hahha not sure and the only reason i dont have a date nor pay attention to the time is because there is two ways to do this. One is put ypur whole life in hold, and live the rest of it in a bubble away from everything you want and like, counting days months years. Or accept the fact that you just cant do somethings that other people can live life as you would i have party for days, i have done everything as i used too the only differnece is that i dont drink nor do drugs. And some how when you accept that, that is your personal problem and not your friends not your family not your partner they dont have that problem for you, they can have many problems but your addiction is yours and yours only it not shared it is not the same as others. When i realized that, days turned into months, months into years and now i dont even know when i got cleaned i just now that im happy, healthy and sane. And that is enough for me. She shouldnt have left her kid she should have confronted her problem her relationship and decide is it good or not but she and sylvia are sharing her addixtion with wesley. And he can have his problems he has to deal with them. But tiffany you dont deal with it by hidding away. It is just my take on it. Your taking option 1 go into a bubble and stay in the mean while your kids dont know you. You make your recovery as hard as you want. If you want it to be easy live life to the fullest, party ñ, travel i dont know do whatever the only thing you cant do is drugs and alcohol. See it like that and when you think about it is only two things you are missing on and not millions by hidding.

    1. Nicole

      I think what you said makes a lot of sense. Living in the recovery bubble can be ok for some people at first to help them get clean but eventually you have to leave the bubble. And what happens when you don’t fit into that bubble? Well then you relapse and feel like a failure. At least that was my experience. I don’t know how long I’ve been clean (from heroin) either. I just know that AA meetings made me want to get high bc talking about it makes me think about it makes me want to do it. I’d rather just do something else. Ii got clean through methadone n my case and in many cases my addiction was directly in response to trauma (rape, child abuse) and over time became a coping skill for my mental health problems (anxiety depression and ADHD) as well. Addressing those became more important. I am still working on my trauma and mental health problems that I’ve had since childhood. I’m having trouble finding healthy coping skills when my anxiety gets out of hand. I’m just grateful I can work on these issues instead of hiding behind heroin or a recovery bubble and blaming all my issues on being an addict even when I’m clean.

  26. Lexi

    “I will shoot ….meth…” -Tiffany

    Yet she was smoking it.

  27. Lana Albert

    Throughout the whole episode, I was waiting for a “big reveal” that Wesley was hiding an addiction from her or something with the way he was acting with the hypervigilence on needing to know her every move. By the end, I realized that Tiffany is his addiction just as much as drugs were hers. His calling her 85 times while she was in rehab was HIS way of withdrawing, and her mother was caught in his obsession/addiction to her.

    Watching both him and her mother at the house melting down at 24 minutes in just underscores the sickness that addiction had over the entire family.

    But Tiffany is Wesley’s drug, and she is cracking under the crazy obsessive pressure he’s got her under. He is using her drug addiction to go far beyond the “monitoring” that many people with addicts do. It’s an excuse for him to obsess over every social media account and where she places things. The fact that he was nervous about her going to treatment said a lot about his addiction.

    NOTE — I **LOVE** Sylvia. She was one of my favorite Intervention people, and to see her paying it forward in such an elegant and sweet way gives me tears of happiness. Sylvia is a true hero! I’d love to see her (“Where are my —“)babies.

    Hopefully, Wesley gets treatment and gets healthy too, because he needs it just as much as Tiffany does.

  28. Lauren

    From the looks of things both Tiffany and Wesley are doing well separately. Tiffany still lives in California and Wesley is looking good too with Noah and a beautiful new woman.

    1. Nicole

      How do you know that? From their social media?

      1. Lauren Stephens

        Yeah her Facebook

  29. Tobie

    What a horrible person Tiffany is for getting pregnant over and over again with all of her problems! And a medical miracle too! Able to impregnate herself! Oh…wait…

    No…two people were aware that she was not doing well, and two people decided to not be careful with birth control. Tiffany was messed up. What was the father’s excuse? Knowing your child’s mother has PPD, you should proceed VERY carefully with the next pregnancy/ies…not just jump into them.

    The first father did the right thing by leaving and taking the kids. Wesley was just as sick as she was. If the only way you can keep your kid “safe” is by stalking their mother (and you happen to know she’s still using drugs while watching your kid- the meth) then just take the kid and leave. Tiffany WAS his addiction. I felt really bad for her. It had to be absolutely smothering. I hope she is doing well now.

  30. Flo

    Any news on Tiffany? Really hope she’s doing well

  31. Ruby

    Tiffany seems like a Cali girl and no judgement for putting herself first to get better. You can’t be there for anyone else if you aren’t better. Forget all the haters. She’s got a fierce energy and I know she’s strong. I hope she’s feeling like a free woman riding a white horse.

  32. Rinna

    Hey Tiffany if you ever need someone to talk to and if you’re still in Atlanta please hit me up on here and I’ll give you my email ????????????

  33. Cara

    No, that is NOT the first rule in recovery, it’s not a rule at all. The rule is to not get involved in a relationship with anyone, if you are currently single, for at LEAST the first year. Many people in recovery end up in loving, healthy, relationships with another addict. The key is taking that year and focus on yourself and work through the steps.

    1. Caroline Bracco

      My understanding is there are no ‘rules’ in recovery. Only suggestions. You choose your own path.

  34. Camillia J Harmon

    Tiffany said she met Wesley while SHE was in recovery.That doesn’t mean that he was in recovery….

  35. Luna

    I agree with the Donna bashing statement. I really like all the interventionists there isn’t one I don’t like but I feel like Donna gets the most shit. Ken can be equally aggressive as well as Jeff. And Courtney’s episode, Donna did what she had to do, the family was lacking. The grandma being worried about the cops coming yet Donna was the problem ..? It isn’t the first or last time an addict gets threatened to either go to treatment or jail so why is Donna “so confrontational”? Candy and Sylvia are more laid back and Donna is the Gunslinger like Jeff. I don’t see anyone commenting on anyone else but her constantly

  36. ARGIRL

    Oh Tiffany…very self aware IMO. And she is Wesley’s drug!! I had vodka hidden all over the house and my husband would go through everything, and yes, he would be successful sometimes. Like a nonstop Easter egg hunt. Ugh. Anyway, I’d anyone has an update I would love to know how all of them are doing.

  37. Tyler DeSantis

    Hahaha some of these comments are great. I’m the guy she’s been dating since we met in December of 2016 while she was still married. So many amusing things I’ve read tonight.

    1. Jess

      She’s with a guy named Tony.

    2. Melly

      how are yall doing now?

  38. Jimmie

    Does anyone even have an update on her since this episode aired back in 2016 does she get to see her kids has she gotten full counseling and therapy has a relationship where her family been fully repaired it would be nice to know that instead of just the usual in wait and mystery

    1. SJ

      Looks like she’s still with Wesley , at least as of March 2021.

    1. Restless soul

      There was something likeable about her, maybe the honesty? I was hoping she would get it together for the kids tho 🙁

  39. Nivey

    I agree. I think Tiffany was one of the most likeable, honest, and self-aware addicts on the show! It’s sad to see the mugshot above and know she is still suffering. I hope Wesley takes care of the baby and himself! It was such an unhealthy dynamic between them. Praying for Tiffany, she had a bright spirit and light about her. I hope she finds sobriety and happiness soon!

  40. AMPACK

    Once I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any means you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  41. Sarah

    I found her IG with posts as recent as 10/23. There are pictures of her, Noah, and Wesley. You obviously can’t tell much from social media, but it looks like she’s out doing a lot of stuff with her son in the community. I hope you’re doing well, Tiffany, and you’ve found the peace within you deserve 💜