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Season 16, Episode 6


Age: 23
Location:  Sissonville, West Virginia
Addiction:  Methadone, Alcohol, Benzos

What’s Memorable: I’ve watched every episode of Intervention, many of them multiple times, and after 16 seasons in 12 years, it’s become more and more difficult for me to get emotional. Maybe it’s because I know the show’s formula so well and I’ve seen all the possible endings – from successful treatment to relapse to death – that it’s hard to surprise me. I don’t even try to guess anymore if an addict is going to be successful or even survive. You just never know until you get to that final black screen. But it bothers me that it doesn’t make me cry so much anymore. I mean this is sad, heavy stuff and I used to cry at every pretty much every episode, now it’s 1 or maybe 2 per season that does it to me. Anyway, this was apparently that episode. I can’t say what it was exactly that cause me to cry like a little baby at the end. Maybe because Sturgill was such a good and warm-hearted guy. Maybe it was how much he and his family cried in pain and in joy, or how hopeful but honest Sturgill was after getting sober. Maybe it was that he wanted to get into Drug & Alcohol counseling to help other people because that’s just the kind of person he is. Maybe it’s just my own issues with addiction being triggered by his story. I don’t know, but this was an excellent episode of Intervention and it gets placed in the Most Likeable Addicts and Most Uplifting episodes. Because that’s how I felt when it was over. Uplifted. Hopeful. Happy. Like Sturgill.

Legacy Update:

Official Synopsis:  Sturgill was a promising young golden gloves boxer and wrestler who dreamed of the Olympics. He was also an academically gifted pre-med student. But a broken arm and multiple surgeries led to a pain pill addiction, which soon turned to heroin. Now, Sturgill’s drug habit includes a dangerous combination of Methadone, benzos and alcohol. His family fears that he’s on the verge of mixing that one fatal dose. Sylvia Parsons is Sturgill’s Interventionist.

Date Aired:  Dec 2016

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  1. Janelle

    Sturgill seems to be a genuinely nice guy and seemed to really embrace sobriety once he got to treatment. The outlook is good for him, and I hope he does go into the addiction/recovery field.

    1. A J Romeo

      Hey Man your family love’s you. I wish I had a family. I am 54 year’s old I live in Maryland. I been a heron addict for 30 year’s. God love’s you just like your family. Just love them. God bless you young man. You have your whole life.

      1. April Rose

        I’ll be your friend 💙

  2. RenéeSadie

    Sturgill is definitely a good pick for Most Likeable and Most Uplifting. He was so genuine and the end really made me feel like things for him and his family are going to keep getting better. He reminded me a lot of Ryan from season 12 in those respects (and they both had severe vision impairment if I remember correctly).

    1. Dizzy

      Oh he reminded me of Ryan too! Yeah a lot of similarities.

  3. Janelle

    Sturgill reminded me a lot of Hubert. Even at his lowest he’s still a kindhearted person, and when given the opportunity of treatment he jumped at it and dove right in.

  4. Ellen

    I hadn’t cried watching Intervention for awhile. Sturgill’s episode brought it all back. Great episode.

  5. Khan

    This is my favourite episode of all.
    Sturgill reminded me of a friend that got involved with drugs and it led to his death.
    I will be praying that this young man lives a happy and healthy life.
    I can see him being a terrific counsellor.
    I hope to see an update show with him in it!

  6. Haley

    Definitely one of the most likable subjects on this show. I’ll be honest, I thought he was really cute. I hope he stays sober.

  7. Kat R.

    What a sweet write up, Dizzy. Hugs to you and thank you for creating this community.

    I just loved Sturgill too. And his whole family. Good people.

  8. Frank Workman

    Really moved me! Cried my eyes out. I live not far from Summersville in a small town called Madison West Virginia. I’m an addict and I would love to see intervention come here and help.

  9. CCHazell

    I was really touched by this story, because he was such a decent young man from a family of love and he was grappling with something he couldn’t control. He was articulate, smart and in his moments of clarity he was very aware of weaknesses and addiction. I rarely cry during this show…but I found myself tearing up. I only wish the best for this young man and send out my best wishes to his family. He reminds me that there, but for the grace of God, go all of us.

  10. HGM

    I’m really rooting for Sturgill. He and his is family were all likable, genuine, loving people. I loved how he just dove right in to treatment, fearful but determined.

  11. Stefan

    Sturgill was just featured as a Follow Up and he’s doing great!

  12. Bree

    He coulda been a contender.

    Somebody had to say it.

  13. Stefan

    On Sturgill’s Facebook page he’s saying that he’s considering taking up fighting again!

  14. Holly

    Can somebody link his facebook? I’d love to contact him and add him as a friend! He’s been an inspiration to me and I was very touched by his story! Thanks! And keep up the good work on the site Dizzy! 🙂

  15. cookie

    LOVED seeing his dad’s face when Sturgill met his family sober for the first time in years! Breaking down that toxic masculinity and showing real joy and love, tears and all. <3

  16. AJ

    Any updates on this wonderful man?

  17. ANON

    he looks like he is doing great…

  18. Vanessa

    I love you sturgill

  19. Kelly Levine

    By the looks of his Facebook he’s doing fantastic! He has a girlfriend and they look so happy together. He also looks super healthy and fit. Wishing you the best Sturgill!

  20. CDM123

    You are amazing Sturgill! I wish you knew how inspiring you & your continuous sobriety have touched me here in
    Wild Wonderful West Virginia! So proud of what you’ve achieved! Your future looks brighter then ever!! Sending you support & love from the mountain state!!

  21. Emmett Theodoran

    Sturgill is one is one of the few addicts that i found myself able to genuinely like throughout the entire episode. I was holding my breath right up to the ending when he made it!!

  22. Kij

    His episode is on Vice rn and I echo everyone’s sentiments about this special soul. Sturgill is the kind of person who can truly touch people’s lives. Praying he is still healthy, happy and thriving!

  23. Kij

    Found this – he’s the Fitness Coordinator at PACE, the same place he went after Intervention.

  24. Nivey

    I just saw Sturgill’s episode on Vice! Came on here to check updates and saw this post of him working at Pace Recovery! What a transformation! I found him to be very likable, and I was rooting for him all the way! He looks fantastic! I’m so very happy to see him thriving! I loved his family, too. I’m sure they are beyond proud and thankful! Yay Sturgill! 🥰

    1. RK

      I can’t even express how haply this makes me. Definitely in my top three most likable.

  25. Kail

    Can someone explain for me, someone not familiar with methadone, how Sturgill was given these prescriptions when he was abusing so many drugs? Don’t they test for that? It reminds me of that other episode where a lady was addicted to methadone for like 10 years or something and she went to a “private clinic?” These doctors just sound extremely shady

    1. Kara Bishop

      At my clinic, if you test dirty, you are still allowed to go to the clinic you just never get to take home the medication so you have to go there every day. If you have a prescription for something that you would test dirty for then you are still allowed your take homes, as long as you also are being compliant with all of the other rules like weekly counseling and some clinics require group therapy. But I know that some clinics, if you test dirty after a few times, they kick you out. And testing is randomly once a month usually but other clinics might do it more like weekly.

  26. Kara Bishop

    Dizzy why doesn’t it show crack as one of his addictions… He was smoking crack quite a lot and that was probably getting him the most high. I am on methadone, and when my doctor prescribed me benzos for a very short period of time I took them at the same time, and I didn’t feel anything like a Heroin high at all, it just made me really really sleepy and I was on the same dose as Sturgill 120 mg of methadone, but I didn’t take more than what the doctor prescribed to me for my benzos, so that might be part of it.

  27. Sarah

    It’s nearing the end of 2023 and he still looks like he’s kicking butt and staying straight. Sturgill, you should be so proud of yourself!