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S16E2 Katie S.

Season 16, Episode 2

Katie S.

Age: 36
Addiction: Heroin, Meth

Official Synopsis: Katie was a beautiful and successful mortgage broker and drug & alcohol counselor whose pride and joy were her two kids. But a devastating breakup resulting in losing custody, and sent Katie into a downward spiral of heroin and meth addiction. Her face is now ravaged from use, and her veins are so damaged that she resorts to injecting anally, aka booty bumping. Katie supports her habit by webcam stripping and prostitution, and her family fears that if she doesn’t get help, the next step will be an OD.

Date Aired:  Nov 2016

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  1. michilines

    I think this was too little too late. No one had a bottom line. Even her son could not move her to stay sober. Despite that, her family all made a great effort.

    I’m surprised that Intervention finally “showcased” an alternative method of using. I had read about it on forums some time ago. Perhaps it will be something that gets more exposure.

    All in all, Katie is a very sad case. I truly hope she finds some peace.

    1. Janelle

      I agree. Katie clearly hadn’t hit rock bottom at the time of airing. And the reason why is because she’s managed to do the virtually impossible – maintain her addiction with no help whatsoever from other people. She pays for her own drugs, rent, utilities, food, etc., she’s not doing anything illegal, and she has no dependent children, codependents or enablers. Therefore, she has no motivation to go to treatment. This is one addict whose rock bottom is likely going to be death.

      1. Johnathan Owens

        She hadn’t hit rock bottom?? Have you ever met anyone who didn’t care about rock bottom and got high regardless ?? I have and it’s unfortunate because she is dead now because of it.

      2. Janelle

        Jonathan Owens, no she hadn’t. She hadn’t reached that point where she realises she’s sunk so low that there’s no other option left but to get clean. That likely won’t happen unless she runs out of money to finance her addiction (she’s making enough to pay for her drugs without doing anything illegal), she gets arrested (again, she’s not doing anything illegal to finance the addiction and if she gets busted for possession she’ll be out of jail in less than a week) or she dies.

      3. Louise

        YES! You are probably right. However, I will hope for the best for this poor soul.

      4. Rachel Evans

        She is indeed doing illegal things to get her drugs (beyond the obvious one of purchasing and using them) – she admits that she meets up with men to have sex for money. I’m fairly sure that’s prostitution, which isn’t legal in most places.

        Katie’s story really hit me hard just because of her ravaged appearance. She’s one that really used to look like one thing, and now looks totally different.

    2. marilyn

      so many conflicting notices. Is she in jail or dead? this episode really got to me – so very sad

  2. Jasmine

    Any updates on what happened to her? I know all the follow up said was that she was in and out of treatment after the intervention, but anything else since then?

    1. Heidi Hill

      she is my cousin… she was arrested on a drug charge (warrent) and she is in Maricopa County Jail. Next hearing is Jan 11

      1. Melissa

        I’m so glad she’s in a place where she’s semi safe her story breaks my heart ???? Jail is second best to a recovery program hopefully they’ll get her into some programs in jail and get a court order for treatment when she’s released.
        She’s in my prayers I can see she’s hurting and hates her life I hope she can see she’s worth more than she is living up to and can find the strength to want to get sober and stay sober!

      2. stee

        so sad she seems nice.jail is agood place she can get off dope and hopefully stay off

      3. diana

        I’m sorry to hear that…it is now Feb 2017…can u updateher status…my heart went out to her
        Thank u, diana

      4. Jeramie lainhart

        I was in jail with her!! She was so nice. How is she now?

      5. Natalie Greene

        8/6/17 Katie is in prison for 2 years now.

      6. Vanessa Mole

        Hey Heidi. …Are Katie still in Jail or what is she Doing? Hope she is okay.

        Love to you and your Family

        Vanessa from Paderborn in Germany

      7. Heidi Hill

        Katie will be released from prison in a matter or weeks and says she wants to stay sober but only time will tell! PS I’m her cousin and wish for the best!

      8. Christy O

        Good luck to her, just watched this episode tonight. It broke my heart to hear her story. It would be great to hear that she stays clean! For her and her family. Good luck, keep us posted!

      9. Susan

        Katie story touched me. I read she was getting out of prison in 2018. I am hoping she is sober. Can you give us an update on Katie S.

      10. Sarah P

        How she doing now?

      11. Tim Jennings

        Out of all the stories on this show. The Katie story spoke to me the most. I could still see the Beaty in her and I could also see the genuine pain in her eyes while she would speak while crying. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there myself. I’m curious how she’s doing today

    2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Also, is this episode available for purchase anywhere? I saw it once, but I can’t find it on amazon prime video.

      1. anjelique

        I watched it on HULU today

  3. Laura

    That was tough to watch.

  4. Chris M

    Goddamnit this episode , and this woman made me so mad. So many things aboout it soo close to jome. One being she lives in the same neighborhood as me. Two being she reminds me so much of my own mother.

  5. Jen

    I think this is the first time Intervention showed a plugger or atleast it was my first time seeing and episode with that ROA. I was wondering if she burnt her lip and or if I missed them discuss it during the episode. It amazes me what meth does to a persons looks. There must be some pretty sick people out there with sexual problems. I can’t imagine how someone could pay to be with a person who looks and acts like Katie does. She was a pretty girl but lets be honest, at this point she looks like a major tweaker full of disease. I had a feeling she wasnt going to make it. She has been going for so long, maybe she won’t OD. It’s a a shame that she left rehab twice. I was eagerly awaiting to see how she looked 3 months later. I know scars are scars but I am sure it would have been a big improvement. I just don’t get it. I am a recovery IV heroin addict and stopped for my children. However, I was a very functional addict and hid it very well. My family was shocked when it finally came out. I don’t see how the love for your children isn’t a big enough motivater to atleast try. I had a very big habit too and fully understand the pain of withdrawal! It’s not an easy thing to do but I just can’t imagine being so selfish as to put your kids through that. To just walk away from them is mind boggling to me and I do understand addiction! I hope she finds her way for her sons sake. One other thing that gets me is how a lot of people blame their parents and if that were the case you are doing the same thing to your own kids. If it messed you up so bad why do that to them?

    1. K.

      I don’t agree with you. Yes, they are doing it to shock people but is it wrong though?! If someone sees this video, they think: nope, I will never ever try that. I don’t think that is a bad thing. At least I thought that while watching it. I had a troubled life myself but I never got into drugs. The reason why is this video.

      1. Knl

        Like blowing all your veins and being covered in scabs and track marks is better?

    2. Renee

      jeez, i am sympathetic toward her because her mother really did fail her at a critical time of life — she feels abandoned because she was. i know firsthand the damage that that does. You are scarred for life and cannot function normally, despite what the know it all, Candi seems to think : “let it go”, get over it, it’s in the past “. No, not when your life has been ruined by other people and you have to suffer with the anxiety, depression, borderline issues and trust problems every single G.D. day. It is most definitely NOT in the past for the victim, brainiac, so stop saying that. With all that in mind, Katie is still a really rotten person because she’s doing the same thing to her child and he will not be right, for his whole life. That kid’s gonna need mega therapy and i feel bad for him. Don’t feel bad for katie anymore, but i feel terrible for the son. what a f__ed up scene.

      1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        I agree, Renee – it’s almost like Katie’s mother shouldn’t be involved in the intervention, I know that’s probably the wrong way to go, but I know it’s be a waste of time if my mother showed up after abandoning me in childhood, wringing her hands in despair, I would not be impressed. I would have told her to go away and stay away, especially since her mom has expertise in that field. I do feel badly for Katie S’s son, and I sincerely hope he survives this part of his life.

      2. Sudie

        The mother was the one who was told to “get over it”, not Katie. That mother is self-absorbed. Katie’s father, in contrast, seems to be a steady parent. I really dislike Katie’s mother. I can’t find one nice thing to say about her. Kids as little as a two year old know on some level when a parent up and leaves. They can’t verbalize it, but they know.

    3. renee

      okay, this really needs to be said. The definition of addiction is that you can NOT stop yourself from doing whatever the substance is. It is not a choice. the person is not CHOOSING a drug over their child. They literally cannot help themselves, or stop themselves. Please cease with this “she’s awful for choosing dope over her child.” Or the equally unhelpful “your family should be a good enough motivator for you to stop.” You got lucky, maybe with lots of help, but there are so many sufferers who truly are not choosing this misery — they are locked into it and hating every moment. It makes you do things you would never do before (another definition of addiction).
      Just like regular people need air, food and water, that is how strong the need is for a drug user to have their drug. Jeez, if it was a choice, wouldn’t all of them stop?
      c’mon. I’m just so fed up with the blaming and attacking of the addict. How in the world will that help anything ? Ditto with the guilt. i can tell you it WILL make them worse. I do wish she would not subject her son to the same misery she’s been through, but i also know that if it was easy to stop, she’d have done it already. If it’s so easy to get clean, how come all i hear about is dope addicts on every corner, all over america? And how opiate addicts will relapse a dozen times or more because it’s such a ferocious opponent, it almost can’t be overcome. one other thing, she’s probably terrified of that first step. Its scary to sign on for the suffering that you know is waiting for you.

      1. Bran

        Yes, it is a choice. You choose to do a drug you know you can get addicted to. You choose to do it, repetitively. I’ve been on both sides: the addiction and the educated recovery.

        Just as you choose to get high, you choose to quit.

      2. Katie

        It’s a choice to start doing a drug. Not to get addicted.
        Most addicts start when they are children/teenagers and don’t grasp the fact that it takes less than a week of taking opiates to experience withdrawal. They think it’s just a fun rebellion or the kids with horrible home life’s think “Man, I feel good for once, this makes me NOT think or feel that horrible thing that happened” And then when they don’t have said drug, can’t or won’t ask for help, think they are dying. They ask friends for help (other children/teenagers) and they get more drugs and it turns into a never ending cycle to forget trauma or run away from that horrible feeling they had that felt like it would either never end or they would die,

        And the LUCKY ones to quit have a strong enough support system to go through it, the feeling like they’re dying but knowing they’re not because they have adults telling them otherwise and taking care of them.

        Unless you’ve felt withdrawal WITHOUT medical assistance and were on drugs for years you have no room for judgement.

        Ps. Some drugs are more addictive than others.

      3. WT

        Good. The entire financial,social,and cultural paradigm is a failure. No matter how many people go the individual problem approach, Addiction is epidemic no matter what the substance or habit involved and it is by design and intent. What kind of society would allow such a systemic crisis to take place? One must ask of themselves tougher questions as to the what behind this “real attack” on human beings. Any system that actual promotes drug abuse,alcohol abuse, child abuse or abuse on any level then hides behind the 1st Ammendment is doomed to collapse which is now an ongoing tragedy. Bottom line is substance and human abuse is about circulating dirty money and innocent human beings pay the price. Cultural decay,abandoning real science,and the needless deaths of untold millions of fellow human beings is tragic and when a person is helped by Intervention, the joy is short lived as too many slip through the cracks of this system collapse.

      4. Nicole

        WT, you make some very interesting points. I am curious about your opinion on programs like AA existing for addicts, and your opinion on what we as a society can do differently to change this problem. Right now, our main “cure” for addiction is was created almost 100 years ago and scientifically dated and inaccurate and when it doesn’t work, we just lock up the mentally ill, impoverished and addicted, over truly helping them. The US has the highest rate of prisoners per capita in the developed world, if not the whole world. In Australia, it was a big deal when the first woman received a life sentence in prison, because it’s so rare to receive a life sentence there. In Europe, as well as the DSM-IV the main course of treatment for opiate dependence is methadone maintanance. No where in the DSM-IV does it mention 12 step meetings or rehab as a recommended treatment option. Methadone has a 75% success rate after one year. 12 step programs have estimates from 2-12% as its very difficult to get accurate numbers when members are anonymous. In Norway, they look as addiction as a societyal problem, not that the addict failed society, but society failed the addict. I believe that the US should adopt this model and see how things progress in this country.

      5. Nat

        Applause @ Renee. Bravo to you. SO. WELL. SAID. If more people were as compassionate as you, we wouldn’t have so much misery in this world.

        So easy for people to judge and think addiction is a choice that you just will yourself to stop. Like you said, if it were so easy they’d all stop! Yes it’s a choice to a point, but the pain that addicts are numbing is THAT DEEP, and withdrawals SO severe for some people (sometimes to the point of death, which experts fail to adequately if ever address) that it’s not that simple. Few things in life are.

        Lastly, I think it’s horrendous for interventionists to use the theory of “tough love” because there is nothing loving about tough love. Same with the “enabling” buzz word. It’s all judgmental B.S. that does nothing to help addicts who so desperately need *gentleness* to stop using.

      6. Sarah

        But she did stop “just like that” when her son was born, so apparently, at some point, it was a choice. She has severe unaddressed abandonment issues because of her mother, and that’s what she needed to address instead of working full time, going to school full time, and taking care of her son. When her husband left her, she felt unlovable again, and that’s what caused the relapse. At the time of filming, it was true, she couldn’t just stop; she was too far gone. Apparently, she was in prison for a number of years, so again, she stopped “just like that,” but until she addresses her deeply painful abandonment by her mother, she doesn’t stand a chance of staying clean. I feel for her…I genuinely hope she gets the help she needs.

      7. MC

        Only a person who has never been addicted, would say such stupid things! I agree with you 100%. It is a disease, just like Diabetes or depression. I have zero respect or patience for people that blame the addict, for doing drugs. Many addicts start with an opioid pain reliever because of some medical reason. They move on to other things – street drugs – because they get cut off from their prescription.
        Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you!! 😂

    4. Holly

      Because it is a mental disorder that we are genetically pre-disposed to. Why the Hell would we INTENTIONALLY ruin our lives, lose our kids, our jobs, marriage, etc?
      Because it’s a disease, like diabetes or cancer and it’s a mental thing.. We didn’t ASK for this ever.That’s how you know.Fuck anybody that thinks it’s a choice to do these things. I hated my mother for doing drugs and drinking, I used to throw her shit down the toilet as a child. I made the choice to hand all responsibility to my child’s father because I used while pregnant and continued on after that.The fact that he cheated on me during the pregnancy is a minor justification. The rest is purely an inability to quit. I’d do anything to have my son back but I simply cannot stop. If I hated my mother so much for doing this shit why would I do the same thing to my child? Because it’s a mental thing. Nuff’ said.

      1. Theresa

        If it’s not a choice how do all these addicts go into rehab and stop using?

    5. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Her poor face – What kind of plastic surgery (if any) can be done to repair the damage? A man I worked with was a cokehead and he had similar damage to his face. Staph infection even set in, if I remember right.

    6. Hutch's Mary

      You should research addiction. It’s finally starting to be recognized as a mental illness. An addict is not a selfish person, she is an addict. Katie, just like her mother, inherited the addiction gene.

  6. Janelle

    As I was watching last night’s episode, I got to thinking that Intervention had finally crossed the line from informative/educational programming to lurid trash. Made me think the producers of this season used to work for Maury Povich or the National Enquirer.

    Showing 2 naked people engaging in sex acts on camera and showing a woman shoving drugs up her rectum added nothing to the story line and served only to shock or titillate the viewer. We did not need to see footage of webcam sex and we did not need to see a woman shoving something up her poop chute, even if the graphic bits were blurred out. The story would have been just as compelling and effective if those acts were implied or mentioned without being shown. Now, most people who watched the episode will always remember Katie as the webcam stripper butt plug girl and will not be interested in her recovery or her life after the episode aired.

    1. Zena

      I disagree. Intervention has always been raw. Her rectum was her ROA, that’s the truth, that’s how she gets high. If she shot the dope, they would do a close up of her putting the needle into her arm and show the blood spurting in.
      If she was a prostitute, they’d show her picking up tricks, and play the audio of them in the car doing whatever.
      They show what happens. I don’t think this episode was any different/more disturbing than any other episode.

    2. Louise

      It did not titillate me. It woke me up to the true reality of the addition. This is truly what she is dealing with. Drug use and addiction is hard to watch.

    3. Stephanie

      I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Addiction is hideously ugly and to hide that heartbreaking fact is dishonest and misleading. I understand if you are uncomfortable, that makes sense, but this is one example of drug addictions ugly, deadly reality. This hugely sick girl deserves a chance at getting well. It was her truth and it minimize it serves no useful purpose. In fact, i believe to soften this reality to make the viewers comfortable is immensely harmful. Accept this, yes, it’s tough to watch but it’s real, it’s hell!!!! I pray Katie gets the help she’s desperately needs.

    4. renee

      Brian, dear, we do not ALL choose this crap. I had two near-fatal car wrecks, with severe crushing injuries in multiple places. Dr put me on oxycontin — now mind you i was almost 40 when he did this and had zero knowledge or experience with opiates — yes, this creep made me into an addict and i hope he roasts in hell for eternity. There was most definitely insufficient information given to the patient. The only warning i got was to keep them safe cuz people will steal them. He never said “this will ruin your life” or “you will want to stop but will not be able to.” Obviously, if i knew how bad it was, i would have preferred my suffering then to having it now. I’ve been robbed of 15 yrs of my life and am in hell. And don’t say i haven’t tried. I’ve fought like a tiger, gone to clinics, detoxes and rehab. This is a deadly opponent and incredibly hard to overcome. Even when people do, its’ for a few weeks or years and then fall back in the hole. That other person’s right : we’re living through an epidemic and something needs to be done. Way to go though with the blaming and judgment and guilt — sure that’ll help.

      1. renee

        last time i tried to respond, my comment got kicked back with an error message. This caused two comments to end up here, which i totally did not want. Guess it can’t hurt to reiterate. and i’m happy to stay on the subject of katie, or whomever, but when someone says i wanted this f___ed up life, that i chose it, and it’s my fault, i really have to rebutt. Everybody’s case is different. In my case, i did NOT choose this path — as witness my 40 yrs of normal living with zero awareness of opiates. These doctors should be SHOT.

      2. kitty katt

        “The only warning i got was to keep them safe cuz people will steal them.”

        That right there speaks volumes…at least to me.

      3. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Many doctors forget their pharmacology, true…and many doctors are also overwhelmed with the number of patients they see. It’s like trying to soak up the ocean with a sponge or an eyedropper.

    5. Elizabeth Schmidt

      I think it was very important for “Intervention” to air her story. If the thought of going from a beautiful, successful mother to a scarred up nightmare that has destroyed her body so thoroughly that the only way to ingest heroin is anally!!! to see that someome is reduced to giving men “foot jobs” and having sex on the internet, and not giving a shit about a kid that clearly lives you, if that doesnt scare the HELL OUT OF anyone considering doing drugs for their first time, I don’t know what would. I personally wish someone would be shown me this episode when I was introduced to drugs… damn well better believe I would have walked away right then, when I was still beautiful and ambitious and successful

    6. Hutch's Mary

      You can always change the channel. Research addiction, there is nothing pretty about it. I had no idea analy was an option for shooting. But seriously, if someone is twisting your arm to watch Intervention, it’s time to keep your doors locked, and report someone for abuse. Otherwise, just change the channel. ✌️

  7. Chicky

    I just want to know what happened to the first episode….Jennifer…the bulimic, addicted to shooting pain meds?

    This episode…Katie…she’s a mess…I can’t believe how she looks now after doing all those drugs and especially this was the first time I ever seen someone shove heroin up their ass! disgusting….

    1. Janelle

      The first episode (“Jennifer”) was an Intervention Canada repeat. It originally aired in Canada in the 2012-2013 time period. She left treatment after 2 weeks and returned to her family, but her husband filed for divorce and was granted sole custody of the kids. Since the episode is a few years old, I’d be interested to know how she’s doing now.

      1. K.

        The episode with Jennifer was utterly shocking to me. I`m not a religious person but I`m praying for those kids. How horrible is that to sit beside your mom while she is shooting drugs? I blame the husband for that actually. I would never ever let my kids see that. I wonder how they are doing.

      2. Kat R.

        My God those poor kids. This was the most shocking episode by far. Why didn’t the family take those kids away sooner??? If that was my niece and nephew I would’ve taken them out of that situation!

      3. Chicky

        oh ok…first time it aired in the US though…

        yea I saw that she left treatment after 2 weeks…how sad…especially her shooting up in front of her kids…

      4. Caitlyn

        I can’t find anything from Intervention Canada (the original and the reboot) that has information regarding this episode. I do not think that it could have been in the 2012-2013 time frame. Jennifer lives in the city next to me, and the ER she took her son too was an addition built onto that hospital that did not open until the end of August 2014.

    2. renee

      um, why couldn’t we have sub-titles ? I didn’t understand most of what she “said.” cuz she didn’t speak, she only slurred and mumbled. for reals, we need a translator, please.

      1. Deseri

        I don’t think gibberish and mumbling can be translated.

      2. Hutch's Mary

        I had my CC on and it would just say “inaudible” in cases like when she was on the phone with her father.

  8. Kat R.

    Well this was a heartbreaker. Her son is so awesome, I hope he can move on.

    Side note I really loved all the music in this episode, both the background music and the song at the end. and the production was good. Good job A&E.

  9. Janelle

    Did Intervention Canada get renewed? Or did that Maureen lady join the U.S. version as one of the interventionists?

    1. Nicole

      Idk where to comment about this but the recent episode of intervention Canada about Robbie was probably the most amazing transformation I’ve seen on this show. The dentist who volunteered to fix his teeth was amazing. He looks like a whole new man now, and pretty handsome at that. I really hope he succeeds!

      1. Angie

        That episode was one of the most touching I have ever seen. I cried like a baby. He is just a broken guy who had horrible things done to him by a mother he loved unconditionally. Even with all That, he was literally giving people the clothes off his back. You could see how much he wanted his sisters in his life. He was such a soft spoken, gentle man. It touched me. I hope his life became what he deserved.

  10. Alfred Feoli

    First time commenting. This episode was rough. I truly felt bad for the son. I’m happy he had people in his life that cared about him

  11. Mark

    Sometimes you HAVE to take an objective step away from a situation and REALLY look at it, and REALLY understand what the outcome is going to be, no matter how sad the outcome is…..some people CAN NOT be saved…..sorry…not EVEYONE can be saved….it’s just a fact of life….this episode is a perfect example….I saw it from minute ONE and knew it right away….very sad, for all involved….but hey….take a step back….realize that yeah, shit like her situation happens, every day…they’re just not usually featured on “intervention”….the show usually gives us at least a glimmer of hope, even if the addict relapses 2 days after rehab….this was not one of those episodes….for that fact, I think THIS episode was one of the more REAL episodes the show has ever done….again, very sad, but ultimately, all too real. ….

  12. Duchess

    Hey Dizzy, Candy was the interventionist, not Donna.

    You don’t have to post this comment, I just wanted to clear that up!

  13. lazylady

    I just watched this episode and I really have to disagree with the other comments here. To me, when I see how bad Katie’s addiction is, all I can think about is how much pain she must be in to sink to such lows.

    She’s been abandoned by everyone who’s ever mattered to her (including when her mom shipped her off to rehab as a teen). Yes, she looks horrible and lives in squalor doing unimaginable things to survive. But every time one of her family members talks about how “she used to be so beautiful” or treats her with revulsion it only reinforces the narrative that she’s damaged goods, hopeless, and irredeemable.

    To me, her addiction has nothing to do with selfishness and everything to do with insurmountable pain. IMO if she wasn’t high 24/7 she’d probably have committed suicide. This girl doesn’t (just) need a rehab. She needs long term inpatient mental health treatment. Like years long.

    The idea of her going to a 60 to 90 day rehab and then coming out and being a mother to two children is a fantasy. I think the only thing that would ensure her survival and possible happiness at this point is long term care.

    I also want to say that of course it’s horrible that she abandoned her children. Clearly, she never should have had them. She’s only perpetuating the circle of dysfunction that helped her get where she is now. But how many people have children and then totally screw them up. This is a problem that runs deeper in society.

    1. Stephanie

      <3 I love your perspective. I agree.

    2. Rachel Evans

      I agree strongly that she needs long-term care and mental help. Unfortunately, “recovery” in the States is limited to unstudied, religious programs. I wish long-term mental health treatment were part of recovery programs, but it’s all Jesus dressed up in higher-power woo magic. And that, frankly, sucks.

      I do not agree with your statement that “She’s been abandoned by everyone who’s ever mattered to her.” At all. She has a room filled with people doing an intervention on her. She hasn’t been abandoned.

    3. Sarah

      You got it! I said pretty much the exact same thing Re: therapy and abandonment issues.

    4. Hutch's Mary

      100% agree!

  14. Dewey

    Good point Lazy

  15. Wanda Williams

    How is katie doing today im watching the showright now as i type praying everything is good with her.

  16. renee

    Brian, you couldn’t be more wrong. Please don’t lump all addicts together. I had a normal, drug free life for 40 yrs. then i had a near fatal wreck and my dr put me on oxycontin. He never gave me adequate information. The only warning i got was to keep the meds safe cuz they cud be stolen. This criminal robbed me of 15 yrs of my life. Only God knows how much i’ve suffered and lost because of this hideous disease. And, no, i did NOT choose it. And i’ve done everything a person can do to try and get better. The relapse rate for opiate problems is so high because it is a devastatingly strong opponent — extremely hard to overcome. If it was so easy to be well, we’d see recovered people everywhere. Instead, what i see is huge amounts of people suffering just like i am. There is an epidemic — and i believe it’s caused BY the doctors. Great way to ensure profits — create a captive audience who always returns because they HAVE to. And, yes, i tried detox, clinics, meds, rehab and i’m still struggling. If it ws so easy to choose and get wellness, we’d all be well, wouldn’t we ? way to go tho, with the blaming, guilt and judgment…. that’ll really help people like me, i’m sure.

    1. CC

      I had a tumor (chloroma) in my L4 vertebrae that broke my back over months. I was in so much pain and could barely walk. I couldn’t have dealt without the OXY. They prescribed it when they discovered the cancer. I assume your wreck was similar pain. What would you have suggested to treat acute pain at that time? I’m just curious because people want to blame the Dr, but they use what they have and then it gets bashed in the media. Then those of us who really need it can’t get relief and are left to suffer. Living with pain leads to mental illness and thoughts of suicide…And sadly they fall so deep they end it. many chronic pain patients, vets especially, are now turning to street drugs because their doctors are scared. So over regulating is making the pendulum swing the other way. I don’t want to get ugly, just honestly curious what would have worked for you.

      1. Renee

        the pendulum has swung in large part because of people like Michael Jackson, Prince, Heath Ledger…. don’t blame poor little me who is completely anonymous and has never made a public statement about my pain meds until just now.
        There’s plenty you DON’T know — you certainly don’t know my medical history, and you don’t know ME, so please stop finger pointing. Every word i’ve said is gospel truth and i fail to see how you can make me the bad guy here. Enough. Please. I’ve been through enough.

      2. Kristi

        Sorry you went through that. I have a similar story. I had a tumor around my L3/4 when I was 16 and had it fused using part of my hip. I’m not sure if oxy existed then, I was given Percocet after I left the hospital I believe.
        5 years ago I had L5/S1 fused w rods and screws due to wear and tear over the years due to previous fusion. Next Tuesday I’m having 2 surgeries 2 days apart. One through stomach to put in spacers, and then fusing L4/5 (yes, 3 levels fused at this point.) I’m 39. :/
        I’m on hydrocodone daily, also prescribed morphine and take that time to time. I’ve taken meds since ’09. It’s amazing that I don’t have an addiction. I might take 1/2 one in the morning when my pain is the worst, or I might take up to 2 a day. It all depends on how I hurt. There are times where I take nothing. I have always wondered if there were people predisposed to addiction. I have never felt like if they stopped prescribing I would be in a world of hurt, well in the sense that I’d need them to survive. It would, however, suck because I’d be in pain.

        Watching this episode killed me. Her son smiling through the pain. Having his mom basically turn her head from him during his speech. She was so detached. I really pray that he can find peace in his life. No one wants to give up on their mom but I have a feeling that he’ll eventually be forced to. She can cry as much as she’d like about wanting a family, etc. Well she has one and we all see how that works out.

      3. Katie

        Have you ever gone more than 3 dayes without taking them? That’s how long it takes to go into withdrawal…

      4. BEA PEA

        I do not think the problem is that doctors prescribe a medicine they think will help somebody’s pain. The problem is the lack of disclosure of what you’re taking or how addictive it is or lack of any help getting off it.
        While in hospital recovering from surgery I wasn’t given a choice, I was put on heavy opiate painkillers 24/7. I didn’t even know what they were. I was on a continuous prescription after being discharged and I didn’t even know my body was addicted until I tried to stop taking them.
        The doctors weren’t at fault for providing me with medicine, but they were at fault for being so careless about it. It was not my choice to become addicted and I too went through hell.

  17. Dewey

    Good luck Katie. Anyone know her last name

  18. ash

    does anyone have any updates on her?

    1. Natalie Greene

      I do. I’m her cousin. She’s in prison for 2 years. Release date in like late 2018. She was walking down the street and got questioned by police while she had active warrants. The judge took one look at her and now she’s in prison. As her family it is the BEST place for her. She was not willing to participate in treatment so this is the best place.

      My mom Julie (from the episode) writes her often. I guess the intervention episode plays in the prison. Katie has still not watched it. She refuses.

      She has an important job in prison in the kitchen and earns $0.10 a day. She has something to live for with a clear head finally.

  19. Dewey

    Not sure if it’s same Katie on here. Someone posted tht she’s in jail in Florida

  20. Dewey

    Correction in jail in Arizona

  21. Heidi Hill

    Katie is my cousin.. my mom is Aunt Julie on the show. Katie was in jail due to an outstanding warrant. she was probably in jail 2 weeks. when she got out, she reached out to me and said she’s 30+ days sober. This was about 3 weeks ago now, and as far as I know she’s still sober. Countinued positive vibes sent my family’s way is welcome 🙂

    1. Nicole

      I strongly recommend Katie try methadone. I had been in and out of treatment as well as suboxone treatment but due to pre-existing mental health problems and PTSD, just couldn’t deal with the pain of withdrawals, messed up brain chemistry from h and depression put together, and my only coping mechanism being taken at the same time and became suicidal during rapid detox more than once. There is a lot of long term research on methadone, and for someone who has used for a long time like Katie or has pre-existing conditions, it can be a miracle. I know it has been for me. I don’t know if I would still be here if it weren’t for methadone. If it wasn’t the h, then the suicidal depression would’ve killed me. If you have questions then do some research, there’s been a lot of studies outside of the US since it is the main source of treatment for opiate addicts. I cannot speak highly enough of it and how much it has saved my life. If finances are an issue, some insurance companies including Medicaid (which covers about half) do cover varying percentages of the cost of treatment. Mine covers 80%. Also, some clinics run on a sliding financial scale. If you have any questions, Dizzy can give you my email address. Katie’s story touched me and I hope she is ok.

      1. mel

        agreed. to any addicts considering methadone – don’t let people tell you it’s not “real sobriety” or just “switching addictions.” I’ve been clean thanks to methadone since 7/22/2014 and I consider myself so lucky to have gotten on it.

        of course I don’t want to stay on it forever and I’m tapering down, albeit slowly, but I’m content with my life right now. MMT is definitely something someone should try if they’ve tried to get clean the “traditional way” multiple times and it didn’t stick.

        methadone, suboxone, etc is actually proven to be more successful than 12 steps, which is pushed as the best and only way to get clean. that’s absolutely not the truth.

    2. Ami

      Hi Heidi. How is Katie now? Is she still in jail? I wish all of you the best.

    3. Kenita Grisby

      Hello Heidi. How is Katie? She has been on my mind for some reason.

    4. Stephanie Landry

      I just saw this episode for the first time today. Is Katie still alive? This was such a heart breaking episode for me. That precious boy of hers and her other child need and deserve a clean and healthy version of her. She seemed so very trapped in her addiction.

  22. Az

    Heidi Hill your mom rocks. Very smart and caring.

    1. Michelle

      Any update on her now?

      1. Heidi Hill

        sadly, she’s using again

      2. BuddyLee

        Her story really touched me. Sending lover your way.

  23. renee

    i’m listening but i still blame him. I was NOT properly warned about the severe danger. I’d have preferred to be on ES motrin, or to outright suffer, than to lose 15 yrs of my life to this living hell of opiate addiction. I was robbed of 15 yrs of my life !!! doesn’t THAT matter ? And it can’t be something i did because i never picked up — i was a clean individual leading a normal life for 40 yrs. Look, that dr is living in a mansion, eating caviar, and i’m sick as a dog half the time, can’t work, depressed enough to die — do YOU think this is fair ?? cuz i don’t. So, yeah, i woulda preferred to chug jack daniels after the wreck than go through the subsequent hell which is, BTW, never ending. Stop blaming the victims !!

    1. CC

      No one is blaming you. You answered my question…Jack Daniels. Thanks!

      1. Nicole

        Lmao I had the same thought. Everyone wants to blame the doctor, but in some cases, it’s just bad luck. Accident + brain chemistry = addiction. I am a heroin addict with pain problems currently on methadone. For someone like Katie I would recommend giving it a try and it has saved my life.

  24. Flo

    They are taking about Katie who is the the one being treated there (not the other girl)

  25. Heidi

    my cousin Katie is back using 🙁

  26. Serena

    I have been on this site for awhile and am very grateful to Dizzy for keeping it up and running! After watching Katie’s episode, I thought that this one of the most disturbing ones and wondered if she was considered to be added to that category?

    I truly hope that Katie is able to find healing and sobriety. I can only imagine how many people she helped when she was a drug and alcohol counselor.

  27. Flo

    Really sad. Katie is so smart. She’s the only drug abuser that figered way to support herself. Imagine if she used that brain and knowledge for some thing legal. Hope she does get clwan. Brian is a amazing kid and he deserves better.

  28. Heidi Hill

    She is currently in prison and is happy to be there because she knows she will get sober there.

    1. Carla

      I am glad to hear that in June 2017, Katie is still alive, and where there is life, there is hope. My heart and prayers go out to her and especially to those who love her and are being affected by this. So much hurt for her family. God bless you for your courage and compassion in sharing your story. One of the hardest to watch. Take care ~

    2. Aubrey

      She needs to get out of arizona.
      I could not get clean while living there.
      Jail after jail,
      I wa s homeless and left my son behind.
      I finally got a way to move across the country.
      And went to treatment
      I did relapse when i moved away but it was so much harder, i didnt have my family to pick up the pieces i went to treatment for 60 days, and haven been sober for 5 years and have a marriage and 2 sons and a daughter.
      God saved my life. She can save not only her life but so many, if she gets out of her comforts, arizona is horrible. I couldnt even visit there to see my siblings for 3 years into recovery.
      I am praying for her.
      I vant imagine the mental pain and struggle she has, its going to take alot of strength but if she has that much strength to keep using the way she did. She has that much more strength to stay sober if she gets over the 6 month hump.

    3. Kasey Witha K

      Wow, her episode just re-aired this afternoon and I had to come online and check out any updates on her again.

  29. Flo

    I think everyone is pulling for Katie. She has so many wonderful things waiting for her when she gets clean

  30. Heidi Hill

    She is still where she wants to be, in jail getting sober. She had 2.5 years to serve and is getting healthy. She has gained healthy weight, and her relationship with her mom is also much better. This is the longest she will be in jail and sober and we are all cheering her on

    1. Jeannie Engler

      Praying for you and your family! Please keep us updated. I’m really hoping she sees the light for good this time. Thanks for the updates this far. Her son was so sweet and sincere, it just breaks my heart for him. Tell him to keep his head up and we are all pulling for his mom.

    2. Leah

      Awesome good on her and all of you for all your support over many years

  31. Sunny

    YES! Katie, if you ever see this, I believe in you! Do what you must do to get your life back on track, it is not too late! We are all rooting for you girl!

  32. Dewey

    Anyone know how Katie is? Hope she eventually reunite with her children

  33. Alana

    Can someone explain how the meth ruined her face? I’ve seen that before from meth users being burned when they’re making meth, but I’ve never seen someone’s face looking puffy and discontorted like hers. As far as I know her face wasn’t burned. Genuine question.

    1. kitty katt

      Meth addicts tend to pick at their faces which causes scabs that turn into lots of scarring. Just like dermatologists will tell you not to pick and pop your own pimples because it can cause scarring which is where the name “crater face” comes from.

  34. V

    Pulling for you Katie! You are a beautiful person inside and out.

  35. Sarah

    I know that with people being in jail or prison we often do not think of successes, but thank you Heidi Hill for the upsate and I am so glad to hear that her incarceration is actually helping her heal and hopefully her release will be followed up with much success for her relationships and most importantly her life! I previously worked with addicts for many years and seen many suceed after incarceration provided them a venue and support system to get clean. I hope upon her release Katie remembers how good it feels to be clean and has a fruitful life with her Family.

  36. Flo

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Katie came out clean and had a relationship w her kids.

    I saw new ae show Dopeman. Pretty good show

  37. mel

    this episode made me so sad.

    despite her facial changes and her scars/sores, she was still so pretty when she smiled and laughed. so sad. I hope she gets better.

  38. Natasha

    This disease is selfish, hurtful, manipulating, and Ugly!

    I really got mad with Katie stubborn as hell

    But I believe when clean she can accomplish more then most. I pray when Katie gets out of jail something had taught her to stay clean in the ouside world. One day at a time girl. Many of us are routing for you. We need people like you to tell your story. And your boy needs you.

    Thanks Heidi

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      They never should have let her go home to pick up her Suboxone. Someone could have picked it up for her, or Tor (the nurse) could have something, couldn’t he?

  39. Bubba

    Omg, I worked with Katie during the “successful” time, she was a real estate agent on weekends and she had the cutest drawl to her voice. She was several years older than me and would tell stories about smoking weed and hiding it from her mother. She would tell us about her rehab days and her time manufacturing drugs afterwards. I didnt recognize her until they showed old pictures, she looked like a different person. She always could make me smile and even in this dark episode i saw a sparkle of my old friend, and it broke my heart…

    Katie grandmother “it’s in beautiful Louisiana”

    Katie “aauck gawd. I can’t go to Louisiana”

    Her wit and honesty

  40. Flo

    Thanks for updates on Katie guys. Hope she stays clean.

  41. Amber

    I just happened to end up on A&E today, somehow, and ended up catching Katie’s episode. My heart goes out to her and her family. I hope her son and daughter are doing well, and that she is fighting the good fight. She broke my heart, I so want her to beat this demon named addiction and stay clean. I pray that she can find peace within herself and become a strong, healthy woman. I want her to do it for herself, first and foremost, so that she can see that scars are just old battlewounds, and don’t define her. She can be a beautiful woman, as soon as she can see that she really is beautiful. God Bless, Katie.

  42. Anonymous

    Jail got me clean and sober when nothing else would have worked. Sometimes it is the safest place for someone. Good luck to

    1. kitty katt

      Agreed. You have no choice to stay in jail and serve your sentence where as rehab you can check in at 11 am and checkout at 12 pm without anyone stopping you.

  43. Andy

    I hope she stays clean and sober and gets her shit together once she gets out of jail.

  44. Chad

    Its 2018. Any updates with Katie? I never watch tv, but something told me to watch today. My prayers go out go her and her family, edpecially her children.

  45. Jen

    So from the comments, it seems like she’s still in jail? Would love to see an update whenever she is released. I hope that she can come back around.

    1. Heidi Hill

      I’m her cousin, happy to report she is still in prison. She had the opportunity to be released a few months ago but chose to stay in longer to maintain her diversity. She will be out within the next few months

      1. kitty katt

        Thank you for the update!

  46. kitty katt

    I have never in my life heard of anyone inserting heroin in the way she does. This just blew me the F away! I’ve seen just about every Intervention show there is and no one has ever done it this way even when they had no veins in their arms and legs left. The neck, yes, the ass…OMG!

    Well they say you learn something new everyday. Sadly, I wish I never learned it.

  47. EJ

    I went to middle school with Katie in Indiana. I remember her being a cheerleader. She was very smart and very nice. Cute as a button. It broke my heart to see this episode. So glad she is doing better. I hope that she is able to reunite with her children.

  48. Theresa

    *The only warning i got was to keep them safe cuz people will steal them. **

    Did you wonder why people would steal them?

    1. Kitty Katt

      Exactly my point too.

    2. J M

      You never think “I’ll become addicted.” Normal people would think they don’t have to worry because they’ve never been addicted. It wouldn’t occur to them to ask further.

  49. Janice

    I recently read the Facebook posting of this episode and Katie’s stepmom (her fathers wife) commented that for years before intervention, they were always trying to get Katie help even when she went to Arizona with her mom. She even indicated that Katie’s mom is not sober as she claims to be and during her time in rehab down there she provided the alcohol to Katie herself. Not sure how much of that is true but it wouldn’t surprise me. Katie’s mom came off so detached and almost narcissistic bc during the pre intervention she told Candy Katie’s illness was making her sick and all that jazz and Candy was quick to shut it down.

    Also I dont know if Katie’s face is solely from picking, it looks like she may have been attacked or cut up either during a date or a drug deal. It doesnt look like picking to me. But anyways, I’m happy to hear shes in a controlled environment where she can get the proper help even if it is jail. She deserves to be happy and clean for her sake and the sake of her children.

    1. Kitty Katt

      If you watched the episode, her skin care was discussed (the picking and scars over the years). Also, there are other meth addicts who are featured on the show and their faces are pretty similar to hers and again, their skin care is also discussed.

      1. dewey dell

        the damage to her face is not from picking. I’ve worked in burn units, and those are absolutely burn scars. and from the looks of it, she was probably smoking something (burns appear to originate at her mouth/lips and flash upwards). I don’t know why it wasn’t addressed clearly, but her scars are not dermatillomania. Tiffany D. and the girl from heroin triangle are examples of that type of scarring.

    2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Thank you for bringing up Katie’s mom and her multiple issues. I couldn’t warm to her at all. Made me think of the episode with Christina where she was living with her mother, a meth addict…and the mother was trying to run the intervention herself instead of letting Jeff deal with it.

  50. Tobie

    I’m really rooting for Katie. Her story resonated with me for some reason. I hope she does well when she comes home.

  51. Spessie

    I hope Katie is doing well. Are there any updates?

  52. Allan Olofsson

    Hi guys I’m Alan from Sweden. I saw this episode about Katie and I was so touched by her story. Sad to see a beautiful woman end up in something like this. I’m also amazed how any man (foot fetish guy) can use her and buy sex from her like that… I love women’s little feet too, but hey… that’s sick. I really really hope Katie’s doing fine and gets out of the addiction. Her and her whole family deserves that! Take care guys. Love from Sweden 🙂

  53. Ashley

    Any update? Rooting for her.

  54. Breana

    She’s out a prison and her prison release photo she looks a lot better. But that is all I know. I’m from Phoenix Arizona as well and the DOC inmate pages are public. As for any updates after prison I’m not sure how she is doing but she completed her time successfully and didn’t get in trouble in there.

  55. alex

    Her name is Katie J Smith and here is her inmate DOC information.

    1. Ami

      She looks so much better in this picture. I really hope she turns her life around.

  56. alex

    I have not spent the time to read all of the comments but I hope she is doing better since her release from prison.

  57. kpowell

    It looks like Katie’s father died in 2018.

    I also found her most recent Facebook and she looks like she’s doing *better*. (I understand you can’t go by social media, but I love to at least see that these people are still alive because that means there is still a chance for recovery.

    1. Andy

      She does look a lot better in her new photos.

    1. Rob

      That’s from her arrest in February of 2017.

    2. Christina

      I came here because I am watching her episode, and I hate to acknowledge it but the mugshot that Alex posted is definitely her. I am hoping she has found her way onto a healthier path since then…addiction is a hellacious illness, and my heart hurts for anyone affected by this disease.

  58. Allston

    Heidi, I’m just wondering if Katie stayed sober after getting out of jail in 2019. I hope this time around worked out for her and her kids!

  59. Fefe

    Omg, i will never forget this episode. First, i cant believe how beautiful she was before drugs.
    Second, i cried thinking about her son. I just wanted to hug him with all my strenght and never let him go. Looks like he is so sweet, kind and genuine. I felt bad for him, really really bad and, deep in my heart, i wish i just could do something for him.
    I cant say much because i cant find words to express my sadness.
    To be honest i dont care much about how she is doing now, i just wanted to know how HE is doing. He does not deserve it. I hope he is ok. If someone know how he is doing, please, let me know.

    1. Polina

      That’s 2 years ago. She looks a lot better on her current facebook.

  60. Polina

    Her Facebook is current & it looks like she is doing a lot better. Which I know isn’t saying much, but it was nice being pleasantly surprised.

  61. Gregory D Moore

    Many comments on this very sad episode–and not one about how masterfully Candy tried EVERYTHING in her arsenal to save Katie. Maybe since the intervention didn’t work out, it was viewed as a “failure.” Not to me. I think this episode is one of Candy’s finest hours ever. She really went all-out with this severely troubled addict. If Candy couldn’t pull it off, nobody could have. Candy Finnigan is totally awesome.

  62. Bridget

    Is there an update on Katie? I often think of her, and worry. I had a short history with her in Milwaukee through NA when I would go with my sister Lori; who we sadly lost. I hope that she has found some peace in her life and is doing well.

  63. Jevon

    I honestly expected to come here and see that she was dead,I’m also used to have alot of addiction issues and they all say you can’t compare addicts as far as severity..well I’m here to tell you some get wayyyyy more sicker than others. And she has to be one of the worst I’ve seen and trust me that’s bad. I wish everyone in her family the best and I hope I’m wrong but for some unfortunately it’s too little too late. Some addicts get to where they honestly,and I mean this literally.. HONESTLY don’t care about living in their own rock bottom. Some get so sick they embrace it and start to think it’s normal. Again..hope I’m wrong

  64. Cait

    Is Katie still alive?

  65. wanda

    anyone got updates about his son Brian?

  66. Cindy Hardee

    Does anyone know how heroin addict Katie from Arizona is doing ? It was so obvious she wanted sobriety but was scared of the process. I really felt for her.

  67. Pamela

    Did Katie pass away my heart broke for her such a hardlife a hard addiction

    1. Ami

      She’s alive and appears to be doing well from her facebook page.

  68. Ingrid

    I couldn’t believe this girl didn’t think she was rock bottom yet you could hardly understand her when she spoke and doing heroin up her butt because her veins are all ruined and collapsed it is 2023 now she is in my prayers and it is never to late to pray for someone

  69. Anonymous

    Thinking of you Katie and hoping you are well. For some reason this episode sticks with me.

    1. Britt

      Same here just joining in on this love fest for Katie.s
      Katie please know there must be something so special about you to attract all this love!

  70. Katie

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it looks like she’s doing well, based on her weird Facebook page. Last post was from July 1st. And I’m really dying for good news here.

  71. Jackie S.

    This episode breaks my heart because all her son wants is his mom. I lost custody of my daughter 16 years ago and haven’t seen her since she was 3 years old. I’d give anything to have my daughter in my life but it’s just not to be yet. I’m clean on methadone and have been for a couple of years. My mom passed on 11/30/23 and we didn’t sheesh for years because of my addiction. Thank God I was able to have a few years with her, years that she knew I was clean. Looking at Katie’s Facebook, there were a few posts about her father passing and how she wished that she was able to hey it together while he was still alive. Since I don’t have my daughter, I stay clean so that I can have time with my father. I’m the same age as Katie. There are still days that I want to smoke crack or shoot for but the fear of not being able to stop and getting stuck out there keeps me clean. I can’t think of anything worse than that feeling of guilt that I’d have if I was stuck out there again and my dad passed. I think he finally has some peace of mind seeing me clean for a couple of years and it would devastate him if I threw it all away. And I know me, I get stuck for YEARS out there when I relapse. Not today. I hope Katie has found some peace of mind. I hope she’s forgiven herself because I could feel that self hatred she had cause I had it too. Hopefully my daughter wants some sort of relationship with my someday. She’ll be 20 in June.