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Season 16, Episode 7


Age: 39
Location:  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Addiction:  Pain killers

What’s Memorable:  The love story with his wife Tanya is really sweet, with the time apart and then the blended family coming together.  And then in an instant, a car accident changes everything. It’s crazy how many opiate addicts initially became addicted after being prescribed for pain. There’s something very wrong there. The shoplifting with the friend is interesting, trading steaks for drugs. The followup was heartwarming, I love that his relationship with Tanya is intact.

Official Synopsis: A brutal car accident six years ago left Kevin addicted to prescription opiates. His days are spent in search of oxies, hydros and fentanyl. Once a proud father, husband and working-man, Kevin’s drug use has cost him his twenty-year laborer job, his house and his retirement savings, bringing his family to the point of bankruptcy. Now, facing eviction and having drained his wife and parents financially, Kevin still cannot stop. Increasingly desperate Kevin has started stealing and selling groceries to support his habit. Kevin’s family has come together to try and save him through an intervention. (Canadian Produced.)

Date Aired:  December 2016


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  1. Em

    Felt SO BAD for that family especially stepdaughters. ????❤️????????I. Oh yes and Kevin’s parents too! Love ALL of them

  2. Ami West

    I hope he is still doing well. His story broke my heart.

  3. Dawn Curriston

    Any word on how Kevin is doing? His episode made me cry.

  4. Brooke

    wow, he’s one of the more entitled addicts i’ve seen on intervention. most ask and ask for money from family and friends, but he EXPECTS it, DEMANDS it. at least from his wife. and complaining about having to drive her to work and what a pain in the ass it was? like it’s not a pain in the ass to actually have to WORK that minimum wage job for money he is going to take. unbelievable…well, not really. welcome to the disease that is addiction. his wife was very loyal and put up with a LOT. more than many women would. but still, hope he and his family are doing well.

    1. Calli

      Tanya desperately needed to take the kids and dog and leave him. The addiction, the theft, the violence….no one should have to deal with that. The family should have cut him off long ago. People losing their retirement to support someone’s addiction is worse than burning your money. My brother tried to do this, and my parents wouldn’t fund him so he started getting money from his mother, who is elderly with dementia. Such a bad, angering situation.

    2. Sara

      He made me so mad! And his family was utterly broken 😞 it wa done of the most emotional interventions I’ve ever seen.

  5. Marsi

    Someone commented on a YouTube video of this show, that Kevin recently relapsed…

  6. Marley

    He’s one of the addicts that I can’t find sympathy for. He was such an asshole and too entitled. “We’re gonna be evicted at the end of the month and we don’t know what we’re going to do”. No, your WIFE has to figure out what to do while you keep treating her like you’re her pimp. Some of the worst people have the best support system.