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POLL: Which Addict Did You Find The Most Likable?

Sturgill’s episode put me in a good mood and I thought I’d extend it a bit by asking you: Which Intervention addict do you think was the Most Likeable?

The names listed here are those that either I’ve already put on my Most Likable list or that I’ve heard mentioned in the comments more than once. If you have someone else in mind, leave a comment.

Most Likeable Addict

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  1. Manbearpig

    I think this post is a bit too much. I like this blog because it documents a show that i really enjoy. A show that follows tries to give good people whove fallen off track a second chance. To choose favorites, and most likeable people isn’t what this show is supposed to accomplish, and i dont think it was the initial goal of this blog either. I think this post and poll almost implies that others arent likeable, and this poll/post is not cool.

    1. michilines

      Some of the people featured on the show are in fact not very sympathetic. Others are.

      To take a poll on something that is a major feature of this blog is nothing special, though appreciated.

      I think it was pre-loaded for a Sylvia landslide personally 🙂

  2. Dizzy

    Ok well, thanks for reading my blog and I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t agree with what you think this site is about. The show is trying to accomplish 2 things-getting addicts to treatment and getting people to watch. This site isn’t trying to accomplish those things. My intention is to provide a complete directory of the episodes & addicts and to give viewers (myself included) and participants a space to talk about the show and addiction in general. I mean there are a few rules here but I don’t think that “don’t pick favorites” should be one. The “Most” lists here have been here since I started this project many years ago and I’ve always been pretty open about who I thought was likable/warm/kind whatever, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that having this poll isn’t true to the site’s intention.

    1. Andrea S.

      i agree with you, Dizzy!

    2. Joe

      Agreed. It’s just a fun little question/topic. I’m sure not meant to hurt anyone.

    3. LarryT

      I completely agree with you. It’s the characters that drive the show and that drive interest in addiction/recovery. Everyone is going to identify with different people, and, (gasp!) even like some characters better than others.

      I think your approach to this site is excellent and I’m very grateful to have it as a resource. Thanks for all your work.

  3. Laura

    Well said Dizzy. And if I’m not mistaken exactly one addict has been ghosted from this site on the grounds of….odious-ness. Rightfully so. This is not the official A&E site.

    Honorable mention for likable: Penny

    1. marcy lily

      Love it . I was trying to find an acceptable word to describe that ghosted subject . Odious-ness ? You are much nicer than me and 100 % correct .
      My honorable mention /most likeable is not on the list either so I have to name him : Greg .

      1. Renée Sadie

        Who was this and what was the situation? I follow this site pretty often but don’t recall.

  4. Frank

    Will you make a most unlikable addict poll? I think from Gabe from season 1 would definitely earn that title.

    1. Janelle

      I agree. That guy had the mother of all narcissistic personality disorders. Kaila (S14 E4), Nick (S13 E14), Sarah (S13 E17, Elena’s granddaughter), Brittney (S11 E9) and Ryan (S3 E1) are other addicts I found unlikable.

      1. Stefan

        I’m amazed you didn’t include Misty Christy. She was funny, but so unlikable to say the least.

      2. Janelle

        Stefan, Misty Christy was clearly psychotic. It’s not really fair to call her “dislikable” because she can’t control what goes through her head or comes out her mouth.

  5. Halley

    I think this poll is ok. If the addicts have a thick enough skin to agree to be on the show (or a documentary) then they can handle it. Plus they don’t have to come to this site.

  6. Janelle

    I found Michael (S10 E13, the 50 year old meth addict from San Diego) to be one of the more likable addicts. Even in the depths of his addiction he still had a kind soul and never wanted to hurt anyone, and he came across as an affable, generous guy. The compassion his ex Roxanne showed him was also inspiring – that woman had a heart of gold and refused to give up on him.

    1. A.S.

      I liked him too!

  7. Kristy

    Derek was bad also.

  8. A.S.

    My favorite was Jenna, the Boston area heroin addict, just because I could identify with her a lot. People will have different favorites and it doesn’t really mean anyone is more or less likable, in my opinion.

    1. Melissa

      YES!!! Everytime I watch Jennas I think to myself I wish I could adopt Jenna and be her mommy. She is an absolute sweetheart!

  9. Kat R.

    I really liked Trent.

    1. Andrea

      I liked Trent too…

  10. Jessica

    To me, most likeable:

    Diana, the meth and alcohol addict from Roseville, CA
    Jenna, heroin addict from Boston
    Ricardo, meth addict from Albuquerque
    Kacy, alcoholic from North Dakota-she was a mess but I could relate to her
    Lawrence, alcoholic from Las Vegas

    Least likeable:
    Cristy-meth and alcohol addict
    Sierra-meth addict
    Brittney-alcoholic from CA
    Anne and Digger-I felt so bad for their kids!

    1. Janelle

      My list:

      *Hubert (homeless alcoholic from Canoga Park CA)
      *Michael (52 year old meth addict from San Diego)
      *Brooks (the quadriplegic from Arkansas)
      *Jonel (the Native American from Montana)
      *Tressa (the shotputter from Nebraska)
      *Dawn (the meth addict from Nebraska)

      *Ryan (the sociopath OxyContin addict from Fresno who kept making fun of the president of his treatment centre)
      *Gamblin’ Gabe
      *Andrew (the bulimic from Austin)
      *Nick (the junkie from Albuquerque who seduced his drug counselor)
      *Gloria (the “angry black woman” alcoholic from Oakland)
      *Brittney (the spoiled brat alcoholic from Orange County CA)
      *Chad (the homeless ex-cyclist who was probably a world class douche bag long before he ever did his first drug)

      It would be easy to include addicts like Cristy, Linda and Sierra on the least likable list, but I don’t include addicts who are clearly psychotic because they have no control over what goes through their head and what comes out their mouth.

      1. Kristy

        Definitely a great list!!!

      2. Laura

        “angry black woman”?…wow.

      3. Janelle

        I can’t believe I left Kaila off the least likable list! She was the anorexic diva who mixed Ken up with Jeff! She was odious (to use one of Dizzy’s favourite words)!!

      4. Man Bearpaw

        I actually really liked Gloria. She’s from my area and she’s a typical alcoholic which makes people angry and abrassive because of the nature of the drug. it’s easy to dub a black woman with a strong personality as “an angry black woman.” ultimately I find it wrong to say that about her because I think alot of alcoholics are angry. angry about their condition, their past, etc. all in all I liked how strong she was and what a survivor she was.

        Most of the addicts that I’m not a fan of were those that treated their family Rwally poorly. like Dillon or Katie Y.

      5. A.S.

        Nick was super creepy.

      6. Stefan

        I would include Andrew in the list of those whom are mentally unstable. The followup showed how much better he had become in recovery.

  11. Mr. Markus Kobi

    My vote for most likeable addict was ‘Other’. I really enjoyed Miriam.

  12. Isabelle

    The most likeable addict is Robbie because even as low as he got in his addiction he CARED about people. So many addicts are selfish, but his big heart showed even through his addiction. What a sweetheart he seemed like. I hope he stays sober.

  13. Kelsee

    I found Aimee from Intervention Canada to be incredibly likeable … I think I just felt really bad for her.

  14. muci

    My favourite one was John Carstens, the guy with diabetes.

    And, sorry, but I hated the cyclist Chad. He was so manipulative and arrogant.

  15. Holly

    I think the most likeable addict was Tiffany from season 13. She was from West Virginia and addicted to heroin. She had such a sweet nature in spite of her addiction, a lot of faith and hope. She seems to be doing well nowadays too and I’m happy for her.

    1. Ami

      I agree 100%. Tiffany from season 13 is hands down my favorite. She is doing amazing in her recovery.

  16. Mascara

    My honorable mention was Angelina. not particularly likable as an addict, but after she recovered she was so graceful, poised and ladylike.

  17. Teresa Shook

    My favorite was Jeff with the 2 little boys from Plummerville, AR. What a waste of such a God given talent. I loved his voice and my heart ached when he lost his sons mother, due to seizures from stopping all alcohol without a physician’s directions. Just so sad.

  18. Sad

    I loved Sylvia’s episode. She is such a sweet lady with such a great family. Proud to see she is an interventionist. It helps to know that miracles DO happen.

  19. Tobie

    I liked Tommy from season 1. He was in a solid episode so we didn’t get to see much of him (actually listed as Rachel/Tommy update) but in every scene he was level headed, kind and reasonable. He never, ever blamed anyone else for his situation or manipulated anyone to get what he needed. Maybe he did it off camera, who knows, but he seemed like a really good guy who just made some bad decisions. I always wonder what happened to him.

  20. Tobie

    *split or shared episode, not soild

  21. Timothy Chen

    1) Pam (Episode 48)
    2) Sylvia (Episode 32, also the interventionist)
    3) Andrew (Intervention Canada, not mentioned on this site and didn’t air in the US)
    4) Tiffany (Episode 83)
    5) Hubert (Episode 41)
    HONORABLE MENTION: Jill (Episode 49) and Rachel (Episode 127)

    1) Nick (Episode 180; I never thought I would dislike someone on this show more than Gabe, well well…)
    2) Gabe (Episode 2, not mentioned on this site)
    3) Linda (Episode 100, I got into a few online fights with her because of my opinions on how she treated Sam)
    4) Cristy (Episode 31, self-explanatory)
    5) Marie (Episode 65, because of how unfair she treated her son Sal)
    DISHONORABLE MENTION: Wes (Intervention Canada, not mentioned on this site, but I liked Lise though)

  22. Laura

    Allison remains my favorite. She’s the kind of person I would go out to lunch with.

  23. Heather G

    One of my “most likeable” is Dallas. She reminds me of a young lady my daughter would be friends with…minus the drug use. She seemed so down to Earth and one of those people who doesn’t judge anyone. BTW she’s also a beautiful girl but that’s not why she’s likeable. I looked at her facebook and even though you can’t always judge a person’s life though social media it looks as though she’s doing really well and has a strong support system in place.

  24. Kitty Katt

    I have a few who I always liked from the past but a new one that I’ve added to my list is Allen from Heroin Triangle. He has a genuine heart and really looked out for Tony. I hope he’s doing well today. I’d love to see an update.

  25. Asnead

    I really liked Digger!

  26. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I pretty much agree with the likeable list as it stands. I am hard-pressed for a favorite. One of my least favorite episodes in terms of co-dependent parents who are 50 shades of messed up is the one with Brittney (from Alabama), whose mother was so messed up from the death of the previous daughter that she tried to mold Brittney into that deceased daughter’s image, and was talking about suicide and everything. I was sad for her but I was also angry at her for forgetting that she had a husband and other family members with her that needed her too.

  27. Dahlia

    Most Likeable:
    Megan H
    Katie (Season 12)
    Megan (Season 10)

    Least Likeable:
    Nick (Season 12)
    Andrew (Season 12)

  28. JeanBak

    I’ve only watched about half of the episodes so far but some standouts for me have been:
    Matt S1E6-young crack addict from New England.Felt just as bad as he did after he decided to go get high when the girl he liked was over visiting his sister,then even worse for him when they showed her private reaction to the producers. And he had a definite chance with her if he could have just held off that 1 time since he went to treatment shortly after thatI don’t think he would’ve had another option for her to see him well..acting like a crackhead.
    Brooks SqE13-young,quadriplegic multi drug addict from somewhere in the Southern US.Really persevered after the accident that paralyzed him and he is able to pretty much do whatever he wants. Unfortunately the million dollar payment he received from the accident also allowed him to do whatever he wanted.That heated convo with his mother where he is trying to drill it into her that none of it was her fault was really sweet.
    Zeina S11E7- young woman from Florida addicted to Oxys and Xanax,lost her young husband to an and was never good enough for her father who spoke of her as a monetary investment. I read on her page the other day that she has opened a treatment center, so good for her!
    Karissa S15E5-30yo(?)heroin addict from New York that was the cook/kitchen manager at her family’s busy restaurant that they hope to pass on to her if she can just get clean. Her behavior in most of the episode isn’t very likeable but there was something about her that just stood out to me,she was the 1st person I ever looked up to see how they were doing now and actually how I found this amazing site! But I obviously found terrible news and was so devastated for her and her family,I just feel even worse when they die of causes unrelated to their addiction after getting sober,seems so unfair(I know some people have the line of thought that at least they got to die sober but I don’t share that I guess? Except that they got to feel proud of themselves an hopefully happy,that is great)
    Tanisha S17E20-heroin addict from LA in her early 40s I believe. Snoop Dogg’s former assistant that was pushed by her mother to try heroin to get over her sadness from witnessing her boyfriend’s brutal murder.I loved her relationship with her younger sister and hated seeing how sad and ashamed she was about her drug use. You could just tell this was not supposed to be where she was in life and she maybe never had that period where she enjoyed it just went straight to her bottom and luckily got help up.Of course that’s just speculation on my part but that’s what it felt like. I’m so happy that she gets to have her normal close relationship back with her sister without embarrassment and no more visits that are cut short and infrequent.
    Jesse S23E3-young Fentanyl addict in Cali who just wants to help the sick and unfortunate and does a lot of work in the homeless community in their area..that they are also a part of. So many hard knocks for Jesse but a beautiful soul still shines through. Really hope someday dreams get to be made reality for them and they end up happy and helping people even more. Broke my heart when it was said sometimes they just want a friend to stay there and make sure they don’t die in the night,the friend they showed also seemed like a nice guy. Too recent to know what will happen for Jesse ultimately but I’m definitely pulling for them!

  29. J

    maybe this is because of how nutty her family was by comparison, but i really liked Susan! she was very honest about how her addiction impacted her life and seems like she’s a lovely person. some others i can recall liking off of the top of my head were Zeinah, Penny-Lee, and Robert.