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Season 17, Episode 7


Age: 25
Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Addiction:  Alcohol

What’s Memorable:  You could just see how desperate Alex was for his talent to be recognized and how much pain it caused him to never feel good enough, and during the intervention he was so self-aware and honest about his addiction, it was all pretty moving. You can tell he was serious about putting everything he has into his sobriety and being healthy, using his music to heal instead of to prove something. He ended up being very inspiring in the end didn’t he?

Official Synopsis: The only child of a single mother and world-class fiddle player, Alex was surrounded by music from birth. His mother married when Alex was five, but after a few years the marriage deteriorated and life became difficult at home. Friction with his stepfather left Alex increasingly isolated and he turned to the fiddle to try and gain acceptance. Alex’s skill developed and he had some early recognition, but living in his mother’s musical shadow was difficult and he began to compensate with alcohol as a young teenager. Just as Alex was beginning his professional career, his mother and stepfather divorced. The combination of his family’s dysfunction and life spent on the road soon turned his fondness for drink into a debilitating, fall-down addiction. Now in his mid-twenties, Alex’s career is at a standstill and his health is rapidly deteriorating. Without an intervention, he could lose his career, his family and his life.

Date Aired:  September 2017


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  1. Halley

    This was one of my favorite episodes to watch because first off, I’m into music, and it was wonderful to watch their (Alex and his mom’s) gift. Also, I like how Alex didn’t completely lose himself in his addiction (not that I look down on other addicts for that- I know that isn’t their choice.) And- everyone in this episode was lovely. It was heartbreaking to watch Alex and his girlfriend Deanna out to eat, him wanting to quit so bad and Deanna wishing she could help but knowing there was nothing she could do. Anyway I wish the best for Alex and his sobriety, and I will be thinking of him on his journey.

    P.S. Alex’s facebook-

    1. Dizzy

      He and Deanna are together! Yay! This video he put up after the episode aired is great:

  2. Kei

    That was one of the best followups in recent memory. Wish him nothing but the very best in his recovery.

  3. michilines

    Clearly, you haven’t read the previous comments.

    Perhaps your gaydar is broken. Please go get it adjusted ASAP. You may also want to check your “I’m better than you” meter and make some corrections.

    After you do, come on back and be a more pleasant person.

  4. Stefan

    Based on a recent Facebook video, it seems that Alex had a relapse.

    1. Alex

      Yes sir I did… had a really tough go and had to hit another bottom.. but 13 days sober today

      1. Alfred

        keep it up Alex!

  5. Alex

    To anyone struggling… it only gets worse and each time its tougher to bounce back, but never quit quitting please…

    1. Michelle reynolds maindonald

      Alex you inspire me. I will not give up on you. Much love. Your california friend, michelle❤️

    2. Brooklyn

      So proud of you man never give up hope. You have potential
      I’ve dealt with alcoholism so I know how hard it was to stop. I praise you and people like you always give me hope.

  6. Jason Ronk

    Alex! Brother I hope all is well. I’m a recovered alcoholic named Jason R. Please reach out to me if you need an ear or just wanna chat. You are me and I am you. There is a solution and we do recover!

  7. Matt

    It appears Alex may also have Aspergers. I’m surprised that was never brought up, as I’m sure that may contribute to the addiction in a way.

    1. Lisa Steen

      Is Alex ok? I saw the intervention of Alex and my heart went out to him.
      I am a substance abuse counselor in Upstate NY

      1. Alex

        Hello Lisa 🙂 I just checked this because I think it aired again. lol What a ratchet job.. Meh i cant believe it was years ago already. I’ve struggled but for the grace of god I have a year of sobriety on June. 23 <3

  8. Maggie

    The level of delusion and the way he conducts himself in front of his loved ones is hard to watch. The bartenders in this episode need to go through MAST alcohol server training, you need to pace people & are never supposed to serve someone who is slurring at all.

    1. Alex

      You’re absolutely right! The alcoholic is nothing short of delusional! An absolute train wreck rawring through people’s lives! I am proud to say my sobriety date is June.19/2019.
      It took a while to get there because I was finally out of bullshit. I periodically come on here to connect with people. Feel free to add me on facebook if you’d like to chat a bit. “Alex Kusturok” 🙂

      1. Intervention Enthusiast

        what an honest, kind, awesome reply! good for you alex!

  9. Maggie

    Just took a peek at his Facebook page and he looks so good. I didn’t delve too far back (my nosiness has its limits) but he has a gorgeous fiancé and a beautiful baby. Looks like he is playing and teaching music and is a speaker on mental health and addiction. I hope he’s living a happy and healthy life!

  10. Maggie

    Happy to see Alex on his Facebook page quite busy on tour, playing shows, meeting important people and loving life. Alex please keep it up! We understand your struggle and are pulling for you. God has blessed you with the talent to bring joy to others and we need you here doing that

    1. Alex

      Aww god bless you 🙂 feel free to add me and keep in touch. Thanks so much for the kind words ❤️

      1. Cindi

        Hope this is you and you’re doing amazing!! The links above aren’t working me. I would I didn’t agree with I would love to know what’s going on with you! update would be wonderful. Peace to you!!

  11. Jack

    Alex – only commenting here because I see you’ve interacted with some comments. I just saw some clips of your story on Tik Tok and I just want to say how proud I am to hear you are doing well. I wish you nothing but the best in the rest of your life – you are an incredible talent and the world is lucky to hear your gift.