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Update August 23rd 2017

The most important and saddest updates first. Since March of 2017, three of the people profiled in Intervention have passed away.  Karissa was killed in a hit-and-run when she pulled over and got out of her car on a highway on Florida. She was sober at the time.  Joshua and Eric both died of heroin* overdoses.  All of these people were clearly very loved and supported by many people around them and died way, way too young.  My deepest condolences to the friends and families that we met on the show and to all of those we didn’t. A lot of us out here know what it feels like to lose someone to addiction and also what it’s like to lose someone that seemed to have their whole life ahead of them after finally getting clean. Please know that fans of Intervention are with you, thinking about you, hoping you come out on the other side of this tragedy. And that is the word for it, in all these cases. Tragic.

Feels weird to move on to site-specific stuff after that, but here I go.  You may have noticed that your recent comment was not published. There’s a reason for it. It was likely a little bit too mean, too insulting, too confrontational. As you should know, I’m not big on this site being a place to hash out whether someone’s mom was a “selfish bitch” or if a girlfriend was too ugly. I hate that stuff. Addicts, friends and family members Google themselves and their loved ones and end up here. I have no interest in insulting and chastising people whose lives we only saw minutes of. Please read the comment policy.  If your only point in a comment is that someone sucks, stop writing. Seriously. Think of something more interesting to say.

Also I don’t really like it when you guys pick fights with each other and I’m starting to get more aggro about it. I’m not gonna let nasty comment fights happen just because you’re feeling anonymously combative on a Tuesday. This isn’t Reddit, it’s not IMDB, it’s a freaking Intervention fan site. Chill the fuck out. I mean yeah fine go ahead and argue about whether Donna is a good interventionist or whether Nichole’s mom was justified in taking her side over her sister’s, but please, don’t call anyone else names, don’t accuse them of not understanding addiction, don’t tell them they don’t understand something you have no idea if they understand or not. In other words, DON’T BE A DICK.  Consider that Rule #1 for commenting here.

Last thing. I don’t have cable so when A&E announces a new episode I have to wait 2 days to watch it. I know I know, not ideal. What I can’t tell from promos is whether or not the episode is Intervention Canada (i.e. Clint)  A&E likes to pretend they’re all new even when they’re not, but they don’t make Canada episodes available on streaming so I can’t watch them. So if you would kindly let me know as soon as you know whether it’s a Canada episode or not, I can stop refreshing my Google Play page to see if it’s available yet.  Thank you friends.

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* (Heroin was their drug of choice and I know they both died of overdoses, but I have no way of confirming that heroin was the specific culprit)

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  1. Dewey

    Rip Eric. Thanks for all your hard work Dizzy. ❤️????

  2. Mike

    Megan that aired in August has passed away as well, she was a Canadian episode so I’m unsure if you were able to watch. Why are Canadian episodes played as part of the normal American season and a part of the episode list of of the American intervention Wikipedia if they are entirely different?

    1. Dizzy

      This is a mystery to me too.

  3. Min

    You rock, Dizzy. Really appreciate this site.

  4. K.


    did you use the right link for Joshua?
    If I click on it it leads me to Joshua B., who was/is an alcoholic/hand sanitizer addict, so I’m not sure he died of a heroin overdose.
    Could you maybe clear that up?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Theresa

    Hi Dizzy – I appreciate the time and effort you put into this site and for the contributions of others. And I thank you for reminding us that we can have thoughtful discussions without being mean.

    I have cable. How can folks with cable let you know about upcoming episodes?

    Lastly: You linked to Joshua from this season as the one who died. Joshua from season 14 passed away earlier this year, according to his page.


  6. Dizzy

    Fixed the link, thanks y’all.

  7. Shana

    I’m glad comments are back. Of course people have to be jerks- nothing can ever be nice. Thanks for all you do Dizzy. I love this site and love that some of the show participants come back and let us know how they’re doing. Sorry for the losses- drug use is insane everywhere. In my little town of less than 5,000 people, this week we have had three ODs in one day with one death. God bless all still suffering.

  8. Rinna

    I’m sorry dizzy, I recently made a comment that could’ve been categorized as inappropriate. I get episodes on demand immediately after they air online because I have cable, if you’re interested you can email me and I can give you my login. This offer isn’t for anyone but dizhayhay

    1. Dizzy

      No way! Thanks Rinna, I’ll email you.

  9. Elizabeth

    I would like to know if u know anything at all about Ryan that was on season 9 episode 13 or as direct t.v. lists it episode 188. He has been my fave so far and even tho he relapsed after rehab I was really hoping he would make it .

  10. Lhamo55

    Hey Dizzy, what app or site are you watching without cable? I’m watching new seasons via Amazon – been peeking there all week for the blank box that means a new episode is on the way. Some of the Canadian episodes show up on Hulu but at the moment they’re at least a season behind so either we’ll get both Clint and the next person )if she’s US based at the same time on Amazon or not see Clint’s episode at all until Hulu catches up.

    Anyway keep up the good work.

    1. Dizzy

      I subscribe to the season on Google Play, but they’re several episodes behind. I had to purchase the last US episode (Joshua B) on iTunes even though I should be getting it on Play. Really frustrating. I don’t know what the deal is.

  11. Lhamo55

    Joshua B is the most recent episode available on my Amazon subscription which is listed as episode 11 of season 17.

    BTW I found and posted the link to Leon’s sister’s You Tube performance of the song from his episode so many of us fell in love with. He has performed with her as recently as last year.

    Be well my dear.

    1. Dizzy

      Whoa. Amazon’s season numbering is all messed up.

  12. Melissa

    Do you have an update on what happened to Jennifer? She was the one who was shooting up in front of her children and her husband was disabled? Hoping for a good update on the two of them. So heartbreaking to watch.

  13. commenter

    Dizzy, thanks for your efforts to keep us informed, and reminding us that real, fragile human beings are involved here. So we can make our point but not trash persons.

  14. Flo

    Jennifer wasn’t that woman’s name idthk. What was the lady w disabled hubby name?

    1. Melissa

      It was Jennifer. I think her husband was Doug? I deleted it so I can’t watch it again. I was trying to Google what day it aired.

  15. Lhamo55

    Yes her name is Jennifer – it was a Canadian episode from earlier this year – one that really stayed with me because she made no effort to shield her children. Her husband has a severe bone infection that he needs surgery to help give him a few more years but he refused to do it because he didn’t want to leave her alone with the kids, which means he’d die in a few years. She steals his pain meds and coaxes him on what to tell his doctors, her brother says she’s the best mother he’s ever seen and “she’s so positive with the kids.”

    She shoots pain pills as often as every 15 minutes, in front of the kids – her eldest, 8 yo, jokes about “the needle monster, watches over her and asks if she missed the vein and tells her mother she has to do her best to eat because she chews her food and spits it out, again, in front of her kids. Her daughter is her emotional caretaker. Her son was writhing in pain while she put off taking him to the ER because she couldn’t sit there without shooting up. Hours later she takes him and leaves him alone on the bench while she rushes out to the car to get her fix. Something else seems to be going with him, I think they said he was five but during his crisis was shown with a pacifier in his mouth.

    After she left treatment her family held their bottom lines – I’m hoping her daughter’s emotional wellbeing is addressed.

  16. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    Hi – many episodes of Intervention are making their way back onto YouTube thanks to the efforts of a person named Remoin. There are at least two episodes added daily.