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Update August 29th 2017

Ok ok I give up you guys. I’m gonna start covering Intervention Canada episodes.

A very kind and helpful reader has made it possible for me to watch episodes available on the Intervention site. I’m stoked. What this means is that I can watch old episodes that I never posted about for whatever reason (Olivia, Phillip) and I can watch the current episodes the day after they air. Yay! Thank you, you know who you are, you gave me a wonderful gift and I am forever grateful.

Because the current episodes are incorporating Intervention Canada episodes into the season lineup, as has been happening for a few seasons now, I’m just gonna cover them. Now that I have access, what the hell, might as well.  I may have issues with the way A&E is pretending they have full new seasons when in fact they’re supplementing with episodes from another country’s version of the show, but the fact is that Intervention Canada episodes aren’t substantially different enough from the US show for me to justify refusing to cover them.  The interventionists may be different and it may “feel” different for a few reasons, but it’s still the exact same format and it’s still a powerful portrait of addiction and how an addict’s loved ones deal with it. So I’ll definitely post on whatever episodes air during the current season and as time allows, I’ll go back and watch older seasons.

I feel like in my last update I was a bit too negative toward the Intervention fans that comment here. I stand by everything I said, but I want you to know that I appreciate you all immensely. When this site was taken down by my hosting company, you all brought it back to life. YOU did that. It wouldn’t exist right now if you hadn’t helped me.

Also, my posts have become just a minor element of this site. They’re basically just the beginning of a conversation. What matters here now is the comments. The fact that there are so many comments from fans is the reason why the people that were on the show find this site and update us. Traffic and comments are a huge part of how a site ranks in a Google search. Intervention Directory is on the first page, if not #1 result, for pretty much all searches related to Intervention episodes. Wikipedia uses this site as a primary source. When people from the show Google themselves, they find us. This isn’t just because I make the posts, it’s because of your pageviews, your comments, your conversations.

So thank you readers. Thank you for coming here and commenting, for telling your own stories, for saving my ass when I needed help, and for being the reason this site is the place where Intervention addicts and their loved ones come to update the world on how they’re doing. I never imagined this is what would happen when I started the site. I’m so happy and humbled that it’s become what it is. Thank you SO MUCH.

Ok, enough with the schmaltz and the verbose updates. Let’s get back to talking about the show. Onward!

All comments.

  1. Karen

    What great news that is Dizzy! This site is something I always have up on the front page of my phone. You have done such a wonderful thing by creating & maintaining this valuable resource & I am only 1 of MANY grateful readers who appreciate everything that you do! I know it isn’t easy. I don’t know what it would be but if I can be of any help to you please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be happy to help in any way possible.

  2. Brian

    I’ll make this short, Dizzy. Thank you soooo much. I am also soooo glad that you mentioned and remembered Olivia, she was a real sweetheart and I always was interested in hearing your commentary on her episode.

    By the way, to whomever gifted this to Dizzy, thank you as it will be a great gift to all of us as well. Thanks soooo much!

  3. Lhamo55

    This is great news, thank you, Dizzy. I had started reading comments on the older episodes on another site but stopped because it was nothing but entertainment ripe for ridicule.

  4. Ami West

    Thank you Dizzy for this website and for the time and effort you put into it. I come here after every episode to read the comments, always hoping for good news. I feel like the show leaves you hanging sometimes, and I find myself emotionally invested in most of the addicts shown. I greatly appreciate being able to check this website for updates.

  5. Ovidia

    This site means so much to me, thank you.

  6. Laura

    Ditto…and group hug. 🙂 I can’t hold back the schmaltz. You rock, Dizzy.

  7. Mallory

    Hooray! Dizzy I can’t wait for you to watch Robbie’s episode (meth, GHB addiction). Oh my gosh i was just so moved by this episode when I first saw it several months ago. I have wanted to know your opinion on it for so long. Glad I will finally be able to!

  8. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I’m watching the Intervention Canada episode TJ the coke addict/wanna be rock star. Ramoin posted it – has anyone here seen it? Any updates on her life?

  9. Andrea Weibel

    Hey! I’m looking to find the episode of “Lizzy or Elizabeth” which took place in Red Deer, AB Canada.
    It was supposed to be Season 5 episode 3 I believe. I can’t find it anywhere and I’m wondering if it was even aired. I worked backstage as the hairstylist and makeup artist and I would love to have a copy for my portfolio. You seem to know where to retrieve these so I’m wondering if you can help? Thank you so much!


    1. Kitty Katt

      The whole video will be used for your portfolio???

  10. Katie

    Long time reader, first time commenter, I’m extremely curious on where to watch episodes of Intervention Canada? I’m from Canada but I haven’t found it anywhere!