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Poll: Who Do You Want to See A Followup On? Part 1

Ok so they don’t do whole followup episodes anymore unfortunately, but they do the Skype “Legacy” updates.  So let’s say we have a say in who Intervention reaches out to next. Who do you most hope to see on a future Legacy segment?

This will be done in four parts so that there aren’t too many to choose from.  I couldn’t include every single person that’s ever been on the show, so I had to narrow it down. The people who will be listed in these polls will have 1) not already had a follow up episode or Legacy update  2) have not provided updates here (meaning we know how they’re doing based on their comments) and 3) are the ones who have gotten at least a few “where are they now, does anyone have an update” comments.  If there’s someone you know meets those requirements and they aren’t listed, let me know and I’ll add them to the poll.

If there’s someone listed here that DOESN’T meet those qualifications, just assume that I know that and I included them for a reason.


Who do you most want to see a followup on? (Seasons 1-4)

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  1. JuliePV

    Chuckie seems to be doing great! I follow both of his parents on FB and sometimes they’ll post a picture. He looks happy and healthy and like he has a great relationship with his kids.

  2. Tobie

    I would love to know about Season 1 (I believe) Kristen, the young mother from Wisconsin who struggled with alcohol and heroi .

    1. Dizzy

      There was an update on her recently, I think last season. She’s doing amazing.

  3. Stefan

    In addition to Jessie, I’d love to see how Salina, the bulimic from early in the show, is doing.

  4. Stefan

    Cristy seems to have a lot of updates on her episode page, although none are positive unfortunately (although her son was born with no defects/disorders).

  5. Janelle

    I’d love to see how Howard (Episode 16: the race car driver) is doing. I found him one of the more likable addicts.

    Fabian (Episode 52) is another one I’d like to hear from. I’d like to see how he’s been dealing with his childhood trauma, which is among the worst shown in the history of the series.

  6. MiaBasqua

    I’d like to know how Gabe is doing. He was a narcissistic overgrown 5-year-old monster! I wonder often if his parents ever achieved serenity, either though his sobriety, his death, or a restraining order/sudden relocation with no forwarding address…

    1. Galusha

      We’ll never know, because Dizzy considers him he-who-shall-not-be-named 😀

    2. Stefan

      All that is known about Gabe is that he left treatment after a month and moved in with friends. He stopped gambling, but developed severe depression over the following year. Jeff V offered him the chance at going to an inpatient treatment center, but he refused due to starting a new job, but he did start therapy. His parents continued to support him on a limited basis. Gabe was also since diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which sadly largely renders his condition unfixable.

  7. Chris

    I would love to see how Dallas is doing.

  8. Moop

    I voted Kelly F. because his lifestyle seemed so ephemeral and he was one of the few who didn’t want to get sober despite being homeless. Street kids fascinate me in general because it’s often their lives are out of control and they act like it’s a lifestyle of total freedom from society while also being unable to provide the basics for themselves without stealing or asking for money. I’d love to see where someone like Kelly is and what he thinks of who he was at the time.

    That being said: who doesn’t want to see an update on Cristy? Honestly I’d like an update on all these people, because it’s been so long and I’ve seen the early seasons so many times.

  9. Suzi-Chicago, Ill

    Yes updates on all that are possible. I have been watching this show since the beginning. I wish it was able to have new shows everyday. I wish I could be in contact with some of these people. This show means so much to me and many many people that have been helped through this show it’s amazing. People need help, it’s so upsetting that this world messes so many lives. Thank you to the creator of INTERVENTION

  10. Stefan

    Have there been any updates on Reene, the bulemic from season 1?

  11. Tobie

    I’m curious about Renee as well. Having bulimia and having done outpatient treatment several times, I haven’t found it very helpful. In addition, a lot of treatment programs for people with eating disorders seem to cater to people with anorexia. I would like to go to somewhere like Shades of Hope if I ever went to an inpatient treatment facility, personally. They treat mostly compulsive overeaters (bulimia has way more in common with that than anorexia) and addicts in general.

    1. Laura

      that’s strange…in my OP and residential treatment experiences, it was extremely rare to find someone that only met criteria for anorexia (i.e., no bingeing or purging), or people with bulimia that didn’t have protracted periods of restriction/weight loss. most folks i met were all over the map over the course of their disorder and during recovery. having gone through bulimia hell for over a decade and finally getting to the other side over the past couple of years, i really really hope you’re able to find a program that works for you!! your body and mind deserve it.

  12. Tobie

    When I wa sin treatment, we had a LOT of the straight-up 80 lb anorexics. Bulimics who were a normal weight were rare. Most of us had restricted also, but the bulk of my disorder (along with a few others there) was strictly bulimia, so we were completely out of place at activities like “fear foods” and things like that (which, admittedly, took up a lot of time during the partial program). I am doing okay at the moment using OA, which DOES believe some foods should just be off limits for compulsive overeaters- I agree. This method seems to work best for me, and the compulsive overeaters I know.