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Holley (Intervention Canada)

Season 2, Episode 11 of Intervention Canada


Age: 28
Location:  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable: How drunk she gets during the day while she’s taking care of her kids and how great the family was doing after she got help.

Official Synopsis: At the age of 16, Holley witnessed her mother cheating on the father she adored. The strain between mother and daughter never eased and Holley, now 28, acted out through raging alcohol and cocaine abuse. An important member of a loving extended family, Holley’s relatives watched in horror as she gave birth to and raised three children in the dangerous fog of addiction. Her family must now act — to save the children from their mother, and their mother from almost certain death.

Date Aired: November 2012

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  1. klara

    The interventionist was Maureen actually. 😉

    1. Sudie

      Did it work? I don’t really think she’s very effective for addicts themselves.

  2. Holly

    As a fellow “Holly”, I’m wondering how she is doing today. I used to be addicted to alcohol and cocaine combined and it nearly killed me! I hope the best for her and her family!

  3. atschmid5322

    I just had a friend die last week: cocaine and alcohol.

  4. Tobie

    Sorry for your loss. On one episode (Donald?) they said cocaine and alcohol cause more deaths than any other two substance combination.