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Season 19, Episode 4


Age: 22
Location: Helena, Montana
Addiction: Meth

What’s Memorable:  I think what I’ll remember most is her saying “This isn’t the person I want to be” right before agreeing to treatment. You could tell it was a powerful moment for her.

Official Synopsis: At the age of 22, Shiann has already faced a lifetime of pain. The shocking death of her sister, a diagnosis of A.S., a progressive and debilitating disease, and an unexpected divorce, sent this once vivacious fitness model and bodybuilder down a path of meth-fueled binges. With no help in sight, her family fears losing another loved one to an early death.

Date Aired: June 2018
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Jacinda Godwin

    she looked so good during the follow up! best wishes for the future shiann! 1 day at a time boo!

  2. Heather G

    I wish Shiann all the best. I was kinda shocked when I searched her and realized her “boyfriend” Journey is now charged for his part in the murder of an older couple. The couple’s adopted son is also charged. The son confessed that the boys first robbed the parent’s RV business to pay off a drug debt and when the parents confronted him he came back later and they murdered them by stabbing and beating them with a metal pipe. Police also have video of the son and Journey at a car wash where they used the hose to wash off their shoes, the metal pipe (Journey was washing the pipe off), and threw the knife in a drain. After they soaked bloody clothes in lighter fluid and burnt them. I’m so glad Shiann got away from this monster. That interventionist more than likely literally saved her life. Dizzy I absolutely love your site. Thank you for all your hard work. All of the articles on the murder I found by searching Journey Ryder John Wienke

    1. Kitty Katt

      He had quite the record already for his young age. He’s now stooped to a new low if he is guilty of this despicable crime. Wonder if this is his “rock bottom”?

      1. Ez

        someone like that has no rock bottom. Incurable sociopath, the drugs are just a window dressing and a way to find vulnerable easily manipulated victims who society doesn’t care about.

    2. Kitty Katt

      She is one lucky lady to have gotten out of there SECONDS before Journey returned. Considering Journey’s murder trial coming up, he would have dragged her into that one too.

    3. Nunya

      Except he wasn’t actually involved in the murder, AT ALL. I searched it myself. He was convicted because he washed the evidence away, which is awful because he wasn’t involved in anything violent and still got 30 years.

      1. Kitty Katt

        His story was inconsistent. Along with the others who were involved. He never got up on the stand to defend himself nor did any evidence come into light that he wasn’t guilty.
        Jury found him guilty and he’s lucky he only got 30 years. They could have found him guilty on the robbery part. He was involved and no one but those who were there know to which extent.

      2. Molly

        Accessory after the fact. If he didn’t do it why was he even there washing the stuff. The other dude could hv done all that himself. Either way that’s crazy. So young. I had high hopes for him too. So sad…

      3. NOAH

        The indisputed FACTS of the case can be found here, in Wienke’s appeal. He was VERY much involved with the murders.

  3. Heather G

    Thank you Dizzy for posting the link…I tried but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. I was shocked when I saw the articles. It made me think about those pretty explosive arguments Shiann and Journey would have
    She’s very lucky they didn’t get physical…he could have really hurt her.

  4. Kay

    It looks like she is doing well and trying to complete beauty school. Yes, I know, you can’t judge by Facebook but I pray for her and subject’s sobriety. And that is some disturbing news regarding Journey! Thank goodness they got to her in time.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Although Facebook can be deceiving, mug shots/arrests are NOT.

      Going by that, I’ll take it as she’s doing well.

    2. Brian

      I tried the link to her facebook you had posted but it wont work…. Would love to see how shes doing…. Man watching that episode so reminded me of myself 3 yrs ago

  5. Kitty Katt

    This episode reminded me a little like the previous one with Abbie. Both girls were hurt (whether physically, mentally and/or emotionally) by their boyfriend/spouse which played a great part on their addiction. Both interventions included their ex’s which brought all those feelings back up again for them to face. I think it was a great deciding factor for the addict to go to treatment after hearing what they wanted to hear all along.

    It’s a hit or miss I’m sure but I’ll take it as a win-win between the 2 episodes.

  6. Janelle

    The best news about Journey’s incarceration (and possible execution) is that it will be easier for Shiann to put him out of her life and focus on her sobriety. The ex-husband also seemed a bit shady and at the intervention came across as aloof, a bit scripted, and not all that concerned for Shiann’s well being. Hopefully a clean and sober Shiann will come to have better taste in men.

    Despite the addiction, Shiann came across as an intelligent, caring young woman with a good amount of potential. If she can stay clean and if she goes back to school she can accomplish a great deal in life.

    1. Kat

      The thing that stuck out to me is that she said she met her ex-husband when she was 13, and he was already body building. Sounds like he was already an adult and grooming her, a child.

  7. Derrick H

    Journey was found guilty in that murder. He should be sentenced on the next couple weeks unless there is some delat6

  8. Catie N

    Journey was sentence to life in prison. He’s eligible for parole in 30 years. Wow.

  9. Birdy

    I found her new Facebook page. She seems to be doing really well. Looks like she is married or about to be married (it said married in the about section but then she had a recent post that she just got her wedding dress so I wasn’t sure). She has her own eyelash business. Not sure if this is allowed, so Dizzy please delete if not, but here is the link:

  10. Shadey

    Journey wienke is a good person who would never put a hand on woman elderly people or kids it’s fucked up people that twist their story’s to make him out to be this horrible monster and u don’t know him like I do that’s my brother and fuck you for even speaking ignorant shit on his name

    1. Rebecca Fowler

      Journey was convicted of a crime he DIDNT commit. And by watching the episode on Intervention, Shiann seemed to be the violent one. Journey is my son, I must agree with his sister that its a damn shame for anyone to speak bad on him when they don’t know the FACTS. He is gonna rise above all of this cuz that is what he does. I would move mountains for him on any given day if I could.

      1. Shane

        Well, he was definitely guilty in the court of law. He received 30 years for his participation in the murders with the possibility of parole. Shiann might have seemed like the violent one like you said, but she went to treatment and is doing well for herself. Your son left and continued on his path, which lead to two innocent people losing their lives. No need to be rude on this site, focus your energy on recovery.

      2. Ez

        The best thing you can do for him is to put money on his books and convince him to stay out of trouble. He is guilty of destroying evidence and being an accessory after the fact, in my state that’s life with no possibility of Parole ever.

      3. NOAH

        Journey was given an opportunity to take the stand and testify that he did not commit or participate in the murders. He did not.
        That he was in the house is not disputed. He admitted that. And as none of the three convicted are exactly trustworthy individuals, it’s likely the specifics of what happened at the Taylor home will never be known.
        Maybe Journey didn’t stab anyone. It’s possible. But he sure as SHIT watched the murders, had INTENT to participate or assist, colluded with his co-defendants to hide the crime, tampered with evidence, and robbed the dead.
        So… Go on and love your son/brother; that’s being good family. But understand- he’s by no measure a good person, he ABSOLUTELY participated in more than one crime, and he’s paying the price, and will most likely never see freedom.

  11. Sarah Henderson

    I wish someone would keep us updated on how they are doing! I watch the show and pray for all those involved. It would would truly be wonderful if they would maybe do a zoom reunion for all those who stayed on the band wagon of sobriety. I speak on addiction as I’m a former addict and think this is an amazing show.

  12. Todd

    This is a girl that has a lot of potential. She’s pretty. She’s bright. She has the ability to work hard and be self disciplined. Tons of potential. I don’t know if she is going to be able to stay clean. My hope is she took a look at her episode and saw what drug use does to her. For lack of a better word it turns her into a spaz. If she can somehow stay clean, she’ll be fine.

  13. beelove

    someone set up a gofundme for her husband. says he had heart failure.

  14. Nivey

    Looks like she is now married! Shiann Reel, I found her on TikTok. It seems she is doing better and has some new ink! I pray her husband’s health has improved! Poor Shiann has had enough heartache in her young life! She deserves a break and a shot at a happy life! Praying for you, girl! 🩷