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Old Episodes on YouTube

Hey if you haven’t been paying attention to the comments here, a friend of Intervention has a YouTube channel with a TON of Intervention episodes, including several that aren’t available anywhere else.  Get on over there!


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  1. Jess

    I have been watching his channel for a month now!! Being 5 years clean, i think Ramoin is my new addiction! That channel is great he uploads so frequently, the consistency is awesome… And I’ve seen so many episodes that I’ve never seen before! Please everybody go visit his channel before A&E decides to take him away from us!

    1. Junkielove

      hey all, I know a lot of people are looking for older seasons and some hard to find episodes. I haven’t gone through all the season but so far it’s pretty good. I know some episodes you have to switch the server … go on over to 123movies . They have all the seasons. Cheers

  2. Stefan

    It seems that Ramoin follows this page, and has commented under the name Rommie. He/she has said that they are missing the following episodes:


    -Jason (from season 4)


    I will seriously pay money to anyone who can find Betsy’s episode 🙂

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Betsy is on YouTube now, as is Peter (the video game addict) – Ramoin is taking a leave of absence from YouTube, per a message he left over the weekend.

      On Betsy’s episode comments in YouTube, it was announced that Betsy passed away as of August 2017 (don’t quote me)…

      1. Stefan

        2018 actually. It was reported on here already.

  3. Amanda

    I’ve loved watching his channel and seeing addicts I would have otherwise missed. Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. Andy

    I need to binge watch all of the ones I haven’t seen on the list before someone’s takes them down.

  5. Jennifer Spencer

    Yes! Ramoin! definitely my favorite channel

  6. Wenders

    Also,, if anyone gets the Justice Network, they’ve been playing old episodes as well a few nights a week.

  7. Stefan

    This is something I’ve heard over the years on the old IMDB message boards (RIP), but has anyone ever watched this show under the influence?

    1. Dizzy

      Unequivocally yes.

  8. Laura

    totally. but that’s true for most of the shows and movies i watch.

  9. Rommie

    Thank you Dizzy. You inspire me, everyday.
    I’ve reached a road block. I do have some iconic episodes but A&E doesn’t grant me the right to publish them.
    It breaks my heart, everyday, every hour and every minute a person asks (almost begs) for a particular episode and
    I can’t give it to them because of politics.
    While it saddens me, I still understand why they’re so protective of their content. There’s a reason Intervention has won an Emmy. It’s a very special series and I’m grateful for them for making them. I own nothing, it’s all their work and dedication.
    Some of you may know I’m an alcoholic myself (surprise) and I’ve been struggling to conquer this disease. Creating the channel was the best lucid decision I’ve made in years. I found people who also have to deal with addiction on a dailly basis, and while they think I’m helping them, they don’t know they’re really helping me more instead.
    I haven’t posted any episodes for the past days because I’ve entered myself into a detox/rehab system.
    This may come as a shock, but I’m still grateful for the addiction. It made me more human. It made me see ourselves as imperfect human beings and understanding and compassionate towards others human beings.
    But I need a pause, to recover myself.
    Today I’m uploading Peter and Renee episode,as many requested it (love you Stefan!).
    Tomorrow, my last episode (for a while) is something special. It’s an episode that’s been missing for years and I did the impossible to make it available again. I’m really proud of finding that episode and sharing with you guys.
    It’s an episode you don’t want to miss.
    Thank you all for the love, I will never forget you, Ramoin family.
    Poof! Disappears into the world wide web.

    1. Stefan

      I’ve had a bad day and this really made me feel better. Thank you Rommie and take care of yourself.

      P.S. I hope the episode in question is the one I’m thinking/hoping it is!!!

    2. Dizzy

      Rommie, thank you so much for your channel and getting these hard to find episodes up there. And my thoughts are with you as you start the pause and recover process. Please know that there are a lot of people out here rooting for you right now. Stay strong friend.

    3. Genevieve

      we love you, buddy, and you can get through and past your addiction. I believe in you.

    4. Junkielove

      Heya, I was wondering how you are doing? I hope and wish you nothing but happiness.

  10. Tobie

    Good luck Rommie! You can do this!

  11. bria Patterson

    Rommie Your the Best ! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us on youtube!! Been with you before any following & now as you Take time for rehab !! Thanks so muchp

  12. Stefan

    Just to let everyone know that Ramoin a few days ago uploaded another episode to Youtube!!!

  13. Amy

    Justice Network is now showing old episodes.

  14. Feedledeedee

    Watching his channel lately around half have been blocked by A&E. Thanks to Ramoin for starting this channel anyway!

  15. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    There’s another YouTube page that’s showing several Intervention episodes. Some are duplicates of what Ramoin has, but some are ones that were removed from Ramoin’s page. Check it out!

    1. Stefan

      Can you post a link?

  16. Victoria

    Did they delete Ramoin’s page? I can’t seem to find it.

  17. Hayley

    No ramoin and none of the one listed above on YouTube anymore 😭 hope to see it back soon

    1. Nancy

      Anyone have a new channel update??? Miss these episodes so much!

      1. Stefan

        You can find many episode on

  18. Marixpress

    Ramoin is a legend to me. Those weeks of his solid uploads and the fellowship in the comments were unforgettable <3

    1. Stefan

      Indeed. It was especially awesome when he uploaded Betsy’s episode.