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Percentage of Interventions Conducted by Each Interventionist

Now that I’ve completed my spreadsheet repository of basic information about each episode, I’m starting a new section for statistics about the show. If you have any suggestions let me know. Here’s the first one (US eps only):


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  1. Joseph P King

    I think they all do a great job. I actually saw Heather Hayes from the Heroin Triangle episodes in a Starbucks but I was too shy to go say hello. I really wanted to though!

  2. Toreigh

    I think they should use donna more. Shes a no bullshit type of person much like Jeff. I honestly like all of them equally. And sad to know that john passed away. Candy has a soft demeanor. Jeff is no BS. Ken is factual. What they all do is try to help and in the end thats what matters 👍

  3. atschmid5322

    I couldn’t DISagree with you more Toreigh. I think Donna is a nightmare interventionist. By far my absolute favorite one is Seth Jaffe, who seems to really get that the last thing an addict needs is tough love. They are burying themselves in that self-condemnation already.

    Donna seems to have zero empathy. I wish they would hand ALL of her interventions over to Seth Jaffe

  4. Toreigh

    We all have our own opinions .Yours is yours and mine is mine.

  5. Ami

    I think they are all good in different ways, even Donna. She gets a bad wrap all of the time. Perfect example of her at her best was Sierra’s Intervention. She was amazing. I hope they put serious time and effort into who they chose to intervene on whom, because I think it makes a huge difference on how each person will respond. If it were me, I would want Candy. I just love her.

  6. Jennifer

    I love Donna. She’s fabulous. She calls it like she sees it, like it or not. Also love Candy.

  7. Bob

    Donna is my favorite. She doesn’t mess around… either get help or suffer the consequences!

  8. Kitty Katt

    I wish Seth would be on more episodes but the ones that he is on really fit him well. He’s no nonsense but in a caring, sympathetic way. I love him for calling out the obvious whether it be about a family member or the addict. The Gina episode was the best one that showed his true talent.

    I used to not care too much about Candy but she has grown on me over the years.

    My least favorite is the Canada interventionist, Maureen Brine. She really does nothing for me. JMO

  9. HJ

    I loved Dr. Tara Fields from seasons 1 & 2. She really tried to help Vanessa, but it somehow didn’t work out despite Tara’s best efforts. Jeff is my favorite! He’s relatable all around.

    1. Stefan

      I was not a fan of Tara. I wonder why she wasn’t brought back after season 2.