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Update April 2019

Hey fans, looks like Intervention is coming back on April 30th! Yay! Here’s a link to the trailer. Looks like they’ll be regular ol US episodes given that the Interventionists that make an appearance in the trailer are Ken and Donna. One interesting thing – the description says “On April 30th at 8PM Intervention is back with new special episodes.” Not sure what to make of the ‘special episodes’ thing and that they’re not saying it’s a ‘New Season’ – so maybe there are just a few episodes and they’ll be a continuation of Season 19? No idea. A&E is still all over the place with this show, but hey that’s ok because we’re getting some new episodes finally!

In sad news, for those of you who haven’t heard, Corinne from Season 2 passed away on March 19th.  It seems based on her sister’s FB posts and a friend’s fundraising page that heroin was the cause of death, but I don’t have details on that. I don’t know about you all but Corinne’s episode always really stuck with me, her battle with her addiction was particularly memorable and painful to watch. Maybe it was how young and good-natured she was, how much she adored her grandma, how physically sick she was, and how much potential she had to have an amazing life.  From what I’ve read she did a lot in the last 14 years to help other addicts, so good for her for creating something good from her experience. It’s just so sad to me that her struggle with heroin ended the way it did. Rest in peace Corinne. Much love.

See y’all back around here in a few weeks.


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  1. Brian

    Thanks for the update, Dizzy. I have to admit, I had gotten to the point of giving up on a new Intervention episode since last season seemed to end so abruptly and it had been gone so long.

    I am absolutely heartbroken to hear about Corinne . There have always been certain people on Intervention that I was just drawn to and really, really liked. Corinne was definitely one of those people. She seemed so sweet, so incredibly smart and was just a beautiful person inside and out. To Corinne’s family and friends, I am very sorry for your loss.

  2. Stefan

    I assume episodes of the new season of Intervention Canada will be interspliced in as well.

    1. Dizzy

      Probably so. I noticed one of the backdrops in the trailer was the color of blue only used in Canadian episodes.

  3. Andy

    Oh good. I’m glad there will be some new episodes.

    I did hear about Corinne. I have been thinking about her a lot. Something about her episode really stuck out to me as well. I hope she is at peace now.

  4. cosmicexplosion13

    by the looks of the trailer posted here and the one on television, i have a feeling they are doing a massive intervention. because it sounds like one of the subjects ENTIRE family is users, anyone else get this idea

  5. Melissa

    I saw the commercial the other day and its now saying the premiere date is May 7th, so i guess we’ll just have to keep watching the guide to see when it shows up.

  6. Toreigh

    Yea, I also saw the commercial today that said it is now due to air May 7. I didnt catch at what time.

  7. Toreigh

    According to my TV guide these episodes are going to be 2 hour episodes. Episode description for May 7: fully committed mother sandra’s abuse of prescription pills after an injury leads to an opioid and heroin addiction; escaping an abusive marriage, Mallory turns to drugs to cope with the fallout, becomes withdrawn, and loses her interest in her children.