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Update June 20, 2019

A couple of commenters (thanks William and Flamingo!) have let me know that Intervention is returning in August with a new season. Yay!

Looks like they’re doing another ‘Heroin Triangle’ type thing, this time in Philadelphia.  I know a lot of people weren’t fond of that season, but there’s always the possibility that they improved on the format a bit and this time it’ll be better.  (FYI, here’s a poll that I took after that season was over)

And here’s a link with more info and a trailer.

See y’all in August!

All comments.

  1. Joe

    I loved the Heroin Triangle.It was a nice departure from the regular format.

  2. Stefan

    I’m bummed that Candy won’t be a part of it according to the promo.

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      What’s up with Jeff VanVonderen?

  3. Richard L

    I am looking forward to this as anytime you can help a group of people get to rehab I am for it. I do wish Candy was doing one of the interventions but other than that I am excited to see Intervention back!

  4. Flamingo

    I’m hoping they also add updates of past participants of Intervention. It always feels so good to see how far so many have come!

    1. Stefan

      Yah that’s one thing that was really missing from this past mini-season.

  5. cosmicexplosion13

    i get that the opioid crisis is front page media. but the meth and cocaine is coming back full swing, would be nice if they went to that as well. because its being overlooked by the opioid crisis

  6. beelove

    i said in the thread “Update May 7, 2019” that this looks like it’s gonna be a philly heroin triangle, but my comment (and several of my other recent comments) never got posted.

  7. Kitty Katt

    I believe this will be the Kensington section of Philly. This area is in dire need severe clean-up. I’m glad Intervention is going to step into this area. It’s been hit really hard these last few years because heroin is cheap here and it’s about as pure as you are going to get. It’s so bad that there is actually open-markets on the street selling this stuff as if it’s a bag of popcorn on each and every block. The drugs took over and the city lost control of itself. Hopefully, this will help those who truly want it but were lost on how to find it.

  8. Kdash

    I have lived in Philadelphia for my whole life and have always wondered why no one has ever done a show on the epidemic we are facing here. The commenter above stated the area has been hit hard in the last few years but it’s actually been terrible for 30+ years. I know this because I was a part of it back in the 1990s. I’m glad the heartbreaking lifestyle that you will see here will finally be exposed publicly because we need dire help with a situation that city officials are overwhelmed by.

  9. Anonymous

    If you google Kensington Blues, that site has a lot of information about addiction in the area.

  10. Kris

    I’d like to inquire on How a rehab can be referred to on the show to offer help. Rehabs are here to help but people must know we’re here in their area!!!!

  11. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the update!! <3

  12. lhamo55

    Hi everyone. First episode of the Intervention’s new “The Heroin Hub” (Philadelphia) season is online. I watch the show on Amazon where it is listed as episode 4 of Season 20.

    1. Tazz

      Hooray! Thanks so much for letting us know! 😊

    2. Dizzy


      1. Lhamo55

        Dizzy, did you mean the way it’s listed? Season 20 on Amazon was originally only three 2019 episodes: Addicted Moms, Family of Addicts, and Young and Addicted. Episode 4 is listed as The Heroin Hub: Chapter 1. Confusing to be sure but I’m ok with this approach since I’d already paid for Season 20 and was previously thinking that being charged the regular price for just three episodes was somewhat jacked😏

      2. Dizzy

        Ah I see. But those 3 episodes are actually considered a continuation of Season 19 by A&E.

  13. Stoya

    The new episode is also on the A&E app. I watched it on August 7th,