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S21E6 Coleman


Season 21, Episode 6


Age: 26 or so
Location:  Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction: Fentanyl and Heroin

Official Synopsis:  Coleman grew up with the stigma of having a father in prison. His mother did her best to raise seven children but, as the middle child, Coleman got lost in the mix. Today, Coleman is hopelessly addicted to fentanyl, stealing to support his habit with the help of his opioid-addicted girlfriend, Nikki. The longer his addiction endures, the less chance Coleman has of ever seeing his daughter again, and his family worries his addiction may kill him first.

What’s Memorable:  Shoplifting cheese and steak and selling it to single moms in SUVs. Violently fighting over their haul in the middle of the street. The deep family history of trauma and death. Nikki talking about being shot up by adult men at age 11. (What the hell kind of person shoots up an 11 year old with heroin? So disturbing.). Coleman dropping his needle behind at the intervention and feeling super guilty about it. The very heartwarming followup on both of them. I know that in retrospect they both saw their relationship as very ‘partners in crime’ and highly codependent, which is clearly true, but there were also moments – like when Nikki first sat down at the intervention and Coleman immediately took off his jacket and gave it to her to wear – that gave me the impression that these two have more than just an addiction that bonded them. They seemed to truly care about and love one another despite the ugliness and desperation of their situation. I hope that they were able to remain friends and support one another as they rebuilt their relationships with their children, or if not, that they’ll reconnect some day in the future when they’re both solid in their sobriety.

Date Aired: August 24, 2020 in US, aired as Intervention Canada Season 4 in September 2018.

Interventionist: Maureen Brine


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  1. Stefan

    I thought Maureen really stepped up her game here. Usually I don’t think too much of her, but the way she comforted coleman after he dropped the needle in the intervention was great.

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah she dealt with that really well.

  2. Darcie

    Sadly fentanyl is such a horrible drug here in the lower mainland just outside of Vancouver… i can see addiction right outside of my apartment.. i live 1o minutes away from where Coleman was struggling… i sure hope he makes it… God bless you Maureen

  3. Veronica

    I was absolutely stunned over how much unresolved grief he was holding onto. No doubt in my mind why he needed to be constantly numb. I was also curious where the other siblings were who did not participate.

    Also memorable is just the family dynamics: mom continually getting pregnant during the visits and prison being their best family memories. I am honestly surprised he was the only addict in the family or appeared to be. His daughter being left with her deceased mom’s body for four days allso made my jaw drop.

    I would love an update on where he is now. Hopefully still doing well <3

  4. Pang

    I was glad that they addressed Nicki’s situation as well. Seems like she has been on her own since 11 and she mentioned living on the “res” so its been a real tough life.

  5. Gigi

    I was really touched by Nikki. When she accepted the Intervention without hesitation I got the impression that nobody has EVER fought for her in her life…not even a little. She has a lot to work through but I’m so proud of her.

  6. Joanna

    Does anyone have any updates on Coleman? I can’t find any as of 05/09/2021

    1. Kelly

      How do you find updates?

  7. Ellie

    Does anyone have an update on Coleman?

    1. Danielle

      According to his Facebook, he is now living in Ontario somewhere around Hamilton. He posted some profile photos of his face all smashed up in December of 2021, stating that he had a seizure and smashed his face off a chair. I suspect he is into his addictions again. His name is Coleman Graham. Here’s the link to his profile —>

  8. Pang

    I wonder how Nikki is doing. I would think it would be almost impossible to quit having started heroin at age 11- her brain must have been rewired starting that young. Best wishes for her

  9. Kail

    I thought the shoplifting at Walmart was strange, not because they were reselling the food but because they were getting very random food. Who is buying 14 blocks of cheese? WHO IS FEEDING THEIR KIDS ALL THIS CHEESE? No canned goods, nothing frozen, no sides? Just STEAKS AND GOURMET CHEESE! If you’re going to do all that, at least ask them to steal a vegetable.

    As a side note, they weren’t kidding when they said Coleman was really good looking and was ruining it. He had such nice bone structure but he was so emaciated. Wish him the best.

  10. Brooke

    I really hope he’s doing well but he doesn’t look so good in his Facebook pictures. Also, his brother, Michael, isn’t doing well. As of four months ago, anyway, when their sister, Katie, posted this about him (along with a photo of him): “My Big Brother ❤️❤️

    You were just doing fine. And now your are just so sick and so out of it

    My brothers heart is only working at about 5% now and his kidneys are failing
    He has heart failure
    They are trying everything they can to try to fix this all. I just pray he will be ok
    ❤️😭 I’m a emotional mess

    Prayers please”

    So sad. I can’t see him handling losing (or maybe he’s already lost) another brother. Not to mention his dad, ex-gf, and losing custody of his daughter. Poor guy.

  11. Brittany

    He’s one of my “most likeable addicts”. My heart just went out to him. He is clearly a very caring person, even when dealing with active addiction. You could just tell by his reaction to dropping his needle that he loves his family so much and doesn’t want to hurt them. I hope he can maintain his sobriety.

  12. Rebecca

    I really liked Coleman and Nikki. I was very hopeful about their recovery. My issue is with Coleman’s mother Alberta. I usually don’t judge, but what in the heck made her continue to have SEVEN children with a prison inmate?? This was a hugely bad decision that led to so much pain and misery. I just can’t understand it.