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Season 21, Episode 8


Age: 22
Location:  Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction: Heroin, Meth

Official Synopsis:  When Natasha’s parents divorced, her mother, Linda, soon remarried. Natasha’s new life was a far cry from her father Wayne’s strict household. Alcohol and drug-fuelled parties were the norm and it wasn’t long before Natasha was partying with those who were supposed to take care of her. To many of Natasha’s friends, it was not a surprise that she began using harder drugs like crystal meth and heroin. Now a full-blown addict, Natasha, 22, has a chance to start her life over. But will Linda be able to convince Natasha to say yes to help when she’s never been able to say no to her daughter?

What’s Memorable:  Shooting up in a very gross bathroom before meeting her estranged dad for sushi, then spending the whole meal tweaking and twitching while telling him that everything’s fine, she doesn’t even use that much. The surprising “um, no” to the question of going to treatment and Andrew’s pretty masterful (and unsuccessful) attempt to convince her that yeah her family sucks but if she wants to get her own apartment she should go to rehab first, all while speed walking in freezing cold snow.

Date Aired: August 17, 2020 in US, aired as Intervention Canada Season 4 Episode 8 in November 2018.

Interventionist: Andrew Galloway, Dreamboat


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  1. Stefan

    LOL Andrew Galloway, dreamboat 🤣😂

    1. Stefan

      Personally I prefer Jesse but he isn’t hard on the eyes at all.

    2. Elizabeth

      Nice to see I’m not the only one who feels that way 😏

      1. Elizabeth

        About Andrew, that is.

    3. Sally

      If I ever get into drugs, send Andrew please

  2. Xlio

    There was something lovable about this girl. You can tell she’s hilarious. I got out of that stage, here’s hoping she will too

  3. Xavi

    She’s still a user.

    1. Ash

      how do you know? any social media accounts? i wonder if she’s still alive now.

  4. Amy

    Her family dynamic was so interesting. Her mom was an enabler but she didn’t even fully comprehend how long she had been enabling her. It was interesting to hear her accept responsibility for being an enabler.
    It was hard to watch Natasha struggling as she has such an effervescent personality even when she was sky high. To think that she has a super supportive family as well gives me hope she may figure things out in a way that work for her!

  5. Gigi

    I’m always intrigued when a close family member doesn’t participate. I thought the real MVP’s of this episode were her two friends…they were so sweet and loving.

    1. Stefan

      Same. There’s always something special about chosen family.

  6. Gigi

    Natasha’s brand of addiction was extra scary to me…a lot of the addicts we see get high just to avoid being sick but this girl gets OBLITERATED…very scary.

  7. MR B

    That sucks, I was really pulling for her, and thought she would look and sound amazing when she got clean.

    I wish Andrew could have connected with her on the level of what kind of user he was, and what kind of trouble and BS he had been through in his own life. Maybe he did and that didn’t make it in the episode. But I just didn’t see a good connection between them, he was just a guy she was talking to.

    I hope one day, she will still get clean and start the new life she wants. A painful episode. Goodness, there’s a lot of bad ones in this season

  8. Jay

    I’ve never seen someone so calmly turn an intervention. Like I actually laughed when she said “no” and just left like she was declining to see the dessert menu.

    1. Mini

      Before the intervention, I was thinking she’d never go. Then, during the intervention I changed my mind and thought she would go. So, I was shocked. However, when she was walking with Andrew, I could see the rage she had towards her parents. She was saying no just to get back at them.

  9. Melissity

    She was trying not to smile when her mom said she was changing the locks. It’s frightening how manipulative addicts are and how good they are at it. I’m sad her mom wasn’t able to hold her bottom line. As long as mom is around to give her food and roof over her head, Natasha will never get clean.

    1. Mini

      She knew her mom would never hold her bottom line. Heck, I knew that just watching the episode. Dad was so disconnected. They should have still sent the mom for help.

  10. Molly

    what an episode. so much to say but I have to admit when Natasha’s aunt asked her, “are you alright?” and she says, “no, I’m f***ing dead!” i laughed so hard 😂😂

  11. Willy

    If Andrew cannot convince her she needs treatment, nobody can. The way her mother exposed her to drugs is criminal – shame on her mother for ruining her daughter and then not holding her bottom line. She is killing her daughter.

  12. Kail

    I really didn’t like this girl. She seemed to blame her mom for her drug use but it sounds like her mom only had alcohol and weed around? They went searching for it in her mom’s house on their own accord as teenagers often do. I understand that it was a gateway kind of but her mom didn’t introduce her to METH. Unless I missed something? Just seemed like typical scape goating, she liked making her mom feel guilty so she could keep living her life the way she wanted. Also I’m pretty sure she was wearing Manitobahs, I have a pair lol

    1. Ash

      Her mom had ecstasy, MDMA, and cocaine in the house and she would steal some of it.

  13. Rick

    Thought it might be a bad outcome just based on the major emotion displayed by Natasha: anger. Many of the addicts in this season had a predominant sadness about them, but Natasha was very angry. And I don’t think bodes well.

  14. J

    holy hell, that dinner scene was dark. shoving her aunt out of the room with a needle sticking out of her arm… yikes! Her mom was a mess, wayyyy too enabling. i wouldn’t be shocked if she’s still using. she seems like she’s a really funny and cool person when she’s sober. hope she finds her way

    1. Icyfig

      she hasn’t found her way. none of them have. the family is broken and hurting.
      seeking though. so there is hope.
      we hide behind rage when the pain is too large.