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Intervention Taught America About Candy Finnigan

“Finnigan, a recovering alcoholic from Kansas City, was at the top of the list, but producers worried she looked “too old.” “I got a call the day after I did the mock intervention,” Finnigan tells me. “They said, ‘We didn’t realize you were that old.’ I said you can’t be 17 and sing the blues. If you want somebody who’s 5-foot-10 with big tits and blonde hair, I ain’t it.”

-Candy Finnigan, Icon

What ‘Intervention’ Taught America About Addiction (
Feb, 2021

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  1. Stefan

    I hope she never stops!!!

  2. Kerry

    LOVE HER and everything she has done over the years! Stay true Candy and say it JUST like it is! ~Kerry

  3. Kitty Katt

    LOL Candy! I’ll be honest. At first, I didn’t really care for her. She grew on me over the years and I must say, I actually love her now. I am so glad she’s still on the show.

  4. April

    I love her no nonsense attitude. But, it’s tinged with warmth and care. I would consider it a privilege to ever see her speak. What she did with Sylvia was nothing short of a miracle.

  5. BJ

    Listen up Canada and the ‘powers that be’ who was responsible for hiring Candy.
    The BEST decision EVER to hire her as an interventionist. I have admired her so much from the very beginning. She just flat out makes sense. She’s believable, she’s down to earth, tells it like it is in a kind way, bottom line, she reeks honesty, compassion and kindness. A winning combination that is so needed by these unfortunate addicts.

  6. Rocket Guzic

    I absolutely ADORE Candy. You can feel how much she cares for the people going through the intervention & she truly wants to help them get through this nightmare called addiction…

  7. Kij

    Do we know much about Candy’s personal life? I want to know everything like even what she eats for breakfast. She is such an icon. She’s incredible at her job and when she cries, forget about it. I am so thankful for the gift of Candy Finnegan!