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Update April 30, 2021

Hey! This season is great so far yeah? I’m super into it. We can chat about that later.

Some housekeeping:
I just upgraded the website to a bigger server to accommodate the traffic it’s been getting. You may have noticed on Monday evenings that the site is frequently down. So frustrating. It was happening because it was sharing a small home with a bunch of other websites and the high traffic was causing all kinds of problems for everyone else. So I moved it to a bigger house by itself and now it can PARTY. Good thing y’all have been getting me lots of coffees lately! Seriously, your tips and donations made it easier financially for me to make the move, so thanks for all the “coffee” you guys.

However…we just lost 3 days of comments. Everything between Tuesday and today (Fri 4/30) was wiped out. So please if you made a comment in the last few days, go make it again! Sorry about that.

Oh I added a page called What Episode Was That?? – if you’re looking for an episode with only a little bit on info, leave a comment there so we can crowdsource an answer.  And those of you who’ve seen every episode and have amazing remembering abilities, maybe check in there once in a while and see if you can help out.

Ok that’s all bye!

All comments.

  1. Stefan

    You always do great work with this site Dizzy. I hope you know how much you’re appreciated!

  2. Stefan

    If you have Xfinity it looks like this week’s episode (Amber) is already available.

    1. Dizzy

      The Amber episode is an older Intervention Canada and actually aired right after the Jake episode. I still need to write it up.

  3. Loglagy

    Thanks Dizzy!!

  4. Michelle

    Are you covering the recent Canada episodes that have been airing? Thanks!

  5. Laura

    Always the gracious host

  6. Sheri

    Trying to post on Al’s page. I believe it is his daughter Zowie Tennant – her Facebook page says “R.I.P. Papa 10-30-20.”

    1. Stefan

      I messaged her directly and it was her grandfather (Al’s dad, who was on the episode) who died. She said Al is alive and well.

  7. Mary C.

    I have noticed the episodes with some people that have passed away, aren’t in the “que” to watch. Not all, just some…its frustrating because I’m on a mission to watch every.single.episode! I will say that I watched the episode with Brittany Howard for the first time tonight. I dont know how it got past me. Thank you for your work. Please keep it up! Nothing but love to you Dizzy. ✌

    1. Stefan

      You may have to find torrents for those, or else check Dailymotion.

      1. Mary C

        Thanks! I appreciate the info. 😁

  8. C

    Where do you guys watch intervention? I’m in Canada and can’t really stream new episodes

    1. Meggs

      They are on A&E and on their app… This season is a mix of new episodes and the Canadian one from what I can tell.

    2. Dizzy

      Can you get to use Philo up there? That’s how I’m watching. You can do a free 30-day trial and watch the whole season so far, from your browser or as a Roku or phone app.