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Season 22, Episode 9 (Intervention Canada)

Age: 29
Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction: Heroin

Official Synopsis: Twenty-nine-year-old Mike was a loving dad and partner who was determined to be the father that he never had. After a workplace accident his dream came crashing down as he developed an addiction to prescription painkillers. Eventually Mike’s family left him and he turned to heroin to numb the pain. When he and his current partner Collette met, both were sure they’d found their soulmate, that is until Collette discovered Mike was hiding a severe opiate addiction. Now, seven months pregnant, Collette fears that without an intervention Mike will die before he gets a second chance at fatherhood.

What’s Memorable: [Guest Post by Stefan] That footage of the homeless encampment seriously felt like something out of a horror movie. Mike otherwise seemed like a good guy who understood his situation but who happened to be in the clutches of addiction. It made the update at the end where he left treatment after just one day and tried to break into his fiancé’s apartment all the more shocking. Hopefully he will eventually get clean so he can be a part of his child’s life.

Interventionist: Andrew
Date Aired: May 3 2021  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 5 Episode 7, on May 13, 2019)

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  1. Stefan

    I’m sorry but his fried Wyatt was hot as hell!!!

    1. AK

      I felt so bad thinking the same during this episode, I mean sobriety looks well on him….

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. He reminded me of a former colleague of mine..

  2. Amber

    What a sad case. Those poor kids…he’s clearly running from his responsibilities of being a parent and isn’t mature enough to be a father.

  3. Holly Berry

    Huge ups and downs with this episode.
    The black screens at the end where it was like oh no he relapsed, but then yay he’s in recovery! And then… it all ended.
    I feel for Collette and her newborn daughter.

    1. Diane

      I felt the exact same way. To see at the end that he was back on the streets and she was raising the baby alone was heartbreaking

  4. Mariea

    Does anyone have a update on Mike or Collette. She seemed so sweet.

    1. Stefan

      I read on the FB page for Intervention Canada that nothing has changed sadly.

      1. Maia

        Can you please tell me, or someone else who knows, how do I look for updates on Mike and/or Collette? I would really love to see one day that Mike got sober.

  5. KK

    I know addiction effects peoples choices and feelings, but I got the impression he didn’t have much interest in getting clean, even in that interview at the end when he was sober, I don’t know, it didn’t feel secure so when the next slide showed how it ended, I hate to say it but I wasn’t surprised. Very heartbreaking for his loved ones