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S22E6 Lexi

Season 22 Episode 6

Age: 27
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Addiction:  Heroin, Meth

Official Synopsis: After being seduced at a young age by the notorious party scene of Las Vegas, Lexi got clean and started a family of her own, only to lose it all to a dangerous meth and heroin addiction

What’s Memorable:  The many mugshots, the motel living, that crazy smoke/snort utensil, the relapsing on heroin at 7 months pregnant, “Yes I love my daughter more than the heroin but it’s so much more complicated than that.”  I couldn’t decide on what the possible “Addiction Trigger” would be for Lexi. Didn’t seem like there really was one, other than just being around people using drugs?

Date Aired: April 19, 2021

Interventionist:  Dave Marlon

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  1. Stefan

    I mean it’s obvious it was her dad leaving for work that was a huge trigger.

    I also found it interesting that they had the intervention on her birthday (I don’t believe that’s ever happened on the show before). Had she relapsed that could’ve been disasterous as she would always have that association (I lost my dream job four years ago on my mom’s birthday, so I can relate in a way).

  2. Gregory D Moore

    The Vegas interventionist, Dave Marlon, handled this intervention quite deftly, I think. He seems to be a fine addition to the regular crew of interventionists. In fact, I found this episode to be one of the most especially-memorable episodes in some time. Kudos to all. I wanted to give poor, lost Lexi a big hug. This episode amplifies (for me) how some addicts simply drift into addiction. No trigger necessary. Sometimes, it’s just boredom, poverty, unfortunate life circumstances. It just…happens. And when the addict realizes they are hooked, it’s so often too late for self-help. Best of luck to Lexi. She seems like a beautiful person. I hope she realizes that, too.

    1. Rebecca E Hunt

      It makes me happy, in a way, to see someone else recognize ‘simples’ things like….poverty and unfortunate life circumstances be triggers for addiction.

      Not all addicts have some huge PTSD-worthy moment that ends up being their trigger. But it doesnt matter, all addicts should be treat with the same amount of love and compassion.

      What may be a ‘no big deal’ situation to YOU could easily end up being someone elses trigger. Thank you for bringing this up Gregory D Moore.

  3. Laura

    I hope for the best…but I have a sinking feeling about her.

    1. Stacey

      Lexi’s mother and father didn’t recognize that they both had drinking problems and, in my opinion, weren’t very convincing in their bottom lines. I wish the best for Lexi and hopes she stays away from Las Vegas.

    2. Maddie

      Me too :/

    3. HP

      Same. She has never had a job, dropped out of middle school, has been an addict over half her life, has never had a relationship that wasn’t toxic…living sober is going to be so foreign for her.

      1. Daniela

        In the show the mom said she used to work at a diner in New York and it was good money

  4. Gigi

    It’s such an uphill climb when people have been addicts throughout really important identity establishing years but it CAN be done. I wish Lexi the best.

  5. Jeremy Owens

    Super cool that she has a special day to remember her sobriety date; being on her birthday! That has to be the best gift someone can get on any day let alone on their birthday… If I could say anything to Lexi, it would be that I’ve been in her shoes with the meth, heroin, and prostitution/ Las Vegas street life- so I know the struggle; but I also know that sobriety can be achieved (14 months here). Congrats on making the choice to stay sober and you go gurl. Haterz goin to hate. U just keep doin you! 😘💋

  6. A

    I think Lexi is pretty, she really looks like Mariska Hargitay from SVU.

    1. Pang

      I don’t think she looks like Mariska, but is a dead ringer for Jenny Slate

  7. Natalie

    I saw a lot of clear triggers for her addiction, but the clearest one is that she was groomed by an older man and she was basically indoctrinated into his cult. She was so young and doing so many hard drugs that she was doomed after that. No one in her family helped her out of that, and she would have needed a LOT of intensive treatment. Do you not see how her being taken in by that man as the same as when girls are assaulted?

    1. Xlio

      Yeah that was a definite clear trigger! Also not having her father around.

    2. Molly

      thank youuuu

  8. Heather G

    This episode isn’t available on A&E, does anyone know where it can be watched? Thank you!

    1. Kirsty

      Think this is a little bit of a shortened version on Facebook

    2. Pang

      Its on Hulu, at least for right now.

  9. Jayla

    would love an update for Lexi, anyone know how she’s doing?

  10. Molly

    I’m sorry, you don’t see a trigger? she was essentially taken captive by an adult man when she was still a child. It upsets me that you have not changed this yet. lexi has a clear trigger and she was just a child when this happened. edit please!

  11. Cee Cee

    I’d say being young and going from having everything to having nothing is pretty full on and would definitely cause some mental damage, your father leaving, predatory males.. there’s lots of reasons I can see her falling into addiction.
    I really hope she’s being the mother she wants to be to that little girl.

  12. Mini

    Pick your trigger: Her mother being an alcoholic and passed out under bridges. He dad being an alcoholic and leaving for 10 years. An adult male making her a part of his cult and introducing her to hard drugs.

    1. Mini

      Plus homelessness and unemployment during her childhood…

  13. Mini

    I wish I could find an update…