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Season 23, Episode 2

Age: 28
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Addiction:  Fentanyl (smoked)

Official Synopsis: Growing up, Peter excelled in everything he did–school, sports and the arts, but the pressure of being perfect and the fear of letting his family down, coupled with a secret childhood trauma led Peter to fentanyl and now he’s smoking 1000 times the lethal dose every single day.

What’s Memorable:  Man this guy is living on the edge in so many ways. This addiction is so obviously going to end in death or prison, like any minute now.  “It’s a suicide drug and odds are I’m gonna die”  It all feels so tragic especially considering how much he has going for him- his talent and intelligence, his fully achievable dreams, his supportive family. So much to live for! Peter seems like a genuinely good person, the way he always makes sure the people he sells to have enough tolerance to not overdose? I mean I realize dealing fentanyl isn’t the most morally righteous career choice, I just can’t imagine too many dealers care about other addicts like that and I think it’s revealing of who he really is inside. The end of this episode was quite beautiful, so cool that he stayed in Austin because it has both a strong sober scene and music scene. It does kinda seem like the perfect place for him.  Yay Peter! Love him, hope he stays on track. Great episode.

Interventionist: Ken

Date Aired: October 25, 2021


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  1. April S.

    I had to snicker at the comment he made when they sat down to eat at his Mother’s house after she said she didn’t feel like cooking: “Why cook when you can just get tacos?” Amen, brother! Lol

  2. Todd

    I’ve been into “Interevention” for about 5 months now. This is the first episode I watched where I felt the extent of the addict’s addiction was being exaggerated for dramatic affect. I mean, how could this guy possibly survive what he was doing? They say it takes only a couple of grains of Fentanyl to kill you. This guy was supposedly doing tons of it – every day in fact. It just doesn’t seem realistic he would be alive if in fact he was doing that amount of Fentanyl. Certainly I could be wrong so I hope others will post what they think.

    1. Dizzy

      It’s all about tolerance with Fentanyl. His was outrageously high because he did just enough every day to build his tolerance but not overdose. It’s why he would make sure his buyers had a decent tolerance before selling it to them. It’s why in the previous episode Krystal was being super careful because it had been a while since she had used and if she did any heroin that happened to be cut with fentanyl, it could kill her because her tolerance was so low at that point. I don’t think anything was exaggerated, I do think Peter was very lucky though.

      1. Elizabeth

        Plus a fair amount of luck, I think. I can’t remember how many times they said he’d overdosed and been hospitalized. If he had kept using, he was going to die – if not by overdose, in a drug deal gone wrong or a car accident from driving around while high.

        My heart just broke for that kid. My husband is a pretty accomplished guitar player and said his work was beautiful. I hope he sticks with sobriety and gets back into music.

    2. Kat M

      His experience is typical of most addicts: their tolerance is such that it would kill a new user. It’s not an exaggeration.

    3. Eileen

      This is exactly how so many people OD and die. You build up a tolerance when you use something regularly. Then, people get clean and come off drugs. When they relapse, they go back to using the amount they were using before, but since their bodies no longer have a tolerance for that amount of drug, they die. This is basic biology. He didn’t start using these amounts, he slowly worked his way up to this amount. You need to use more and more and more to get the high you used to get.

    4. Derrick

      Early in the episode they said he was hospitalized 3 different times for overdosing.
      He was definitely pushing his body to the limit.

    5. D Red

      A lot of things can be accounted for in this one. It’s not going to be pure Fentanyl. Depending on how hot he gets his banger, he could be destroying as little as 15-30%, but likely more than that. It’s also water soluble, and some of his smoking rigs of tons of different parts, so even though fentanyl is more soluble in methanol and ethanol, it’s still water soluble, so some is lost there. Then with enough meth and enough luck not to die, his tolerance has still gotten huge.

  3. Krissy

    When he said that his mother asked him to not have children because he’d ruin another human life… ugh. My heart hurt for him. Such a brilliant, young talent. I pray he (and all others) find today a good day and stay on the sober path <3

    1. Tisha

      I felt his mom may have said that only because she knows that addiction literally can be hereditary. She didnt want her son to have to watch his own kids go through what she watched him go through!? Just my opinion!

  4. Mr B

    I’m glad both his parents could be at the intervention together, I think that helped. So glad he is doing well.

    Wow, Iman is beautiful!

  5. Dustin Rodriguez

    – I’ve been watching Intervention for years & Ive never cried like I did on this one. The way his dad gave him the guitar and when his little brother hugged him 😭. I was so happy to see how great he looked and felt after 71 days! I hope you keep on the right path you beautiful soul 💙 sending hugs

  6. T. Watcher

    Suggesting Peter be added to the “Benzodiazepine” section as well. He was taking “Bars” along with meth and fentanyl. I hope he’s doing well. His talent with guitars was amazing to see.

    One issue I had with the episode was the constant clips of him hitting a bong. But he smokes meth and fentanyl. I know he’s smoking extreme amounts, but they just splice the bong hits together.
    (The meth bowl is round, like the pipes, The fentanyl bowl was flat topped and he would put a stopper on it.)

    It would be good for people who don’t know about paraphernalia, to know that he was smoking a lot of meth too. I started watching more carefully because I was aghast at the amount he was smoking.
    Though the fentanyl amounts alone were almost unbelievable. It’s possible the meth kept him awake and alive, along with tolerance.

    Ken during the pre-intervention says “He’s spending $1200 a week.” then a crew member says “a day.” Ken’s face changes and looks like even he couldn’t believe it.
    This was a pretty hard hitting emotional episode. Once all the trauma is uncovered. It was good to see him so healthy and happy at the end. I wish him the best.

  7. T. Watcheer

    In the introductions he says ” In addition to fentanyl, Im using a gram of meth a day. And 3 Xanax bars a day.”
    I might add him to the “meth” search category.

  8. Susie

    Anyone have a recent update on Peter? Social media maybe? I’d love to see what he’s up to in Austin. He seems like such a genuinely good guy.

    1. Stacy

      Susie, he is great. Heart of gold this guy!

  9. Nicole

    Is Peter still alive???

    1. Stacy

      Yes he is and is amazing!! He is my cousin and I could not be more proud of him!

      1. KCB

        Thanks for the update, glad to hear he is doing well!

      2. Kristi

        That’s great to hear! I’ve watched countless Intervention episodes and Peter’s episode really got me. I’m not a crier yet I cried throughout the whole Intervention.

        I could tell he really wanted to get clean and make his family proud. When he asked how long he’d be gone and Ken said 90 days he was like that’s not too bad (or something along those lines) when most people immediately go on with excuses about not being able to be gone that long because of xyz, etc. I found him to be really impressive as a human and also very gifted and I wish him the best.

      3. Jason

        I am in recovery myself and this episode hit home for me. I was just searching the internet to find out his after recovery peogress. I am glad to read your comment.

  10. Kail

    Peter seemed like such a sweet person. I really hope good things for him and that he knows he deserves recovery!! Ken was I think the best fit for his Intervention as well, since Ken leans very empathetic and Peter’s family were all supportive and loving and there wasn’t an excessive amount of enabling going on (which is what drives Ken crazy).

    I really disliked his voiceover interviews though, most of it seemed very scripted and I’ve noticed that with all of these new fentanyl episodes.

  11. Kara Bishop

    Dizzy… just my opinion, but I think Peter should be most likable addicts 😊 I hope Peter is still doing amazing with his sobriety and music… He deserves it so much! I’m sending my love and prayers to Peter and his family! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  12. Alyssa

    Stacy, I see that you are Pete’s cousin. I know him and desperately need to get ahold of him. I can’t find his last name and look him up. I hope you see this.