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S24E4 Sarah

Season 24, Episode 3

Addiction: Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: 29-year-old Sarah had it all: a son she cherished, a rockstar fiance, and a lucrative career as a one of the California Bay Area’s top models. But she threw it all away when years of unchecked childhood trauma finally caught up to her, and she began to numb her pain with fentanyl and meth. Now she’s lost custody of her son and is homeless–and her family fears that if Sarah doesn’t get help, she will certainly die.

What’s Memorable:  TBD

Interventionist: Leticia Murphy

Date Aired: July 11, 2022

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  1. Alice

    Weird ending. Abrupt. So did she keep relapsing or die or what?

    1. Dizzy

      On the screen it said she left rehab on Day 60, relapsed, returned to rehab, left again, relapsed again, returned again. I *think* it ended on her being back in rehab just recently but I could be remembering it wrong.

      1. Stefan

        Yah it felt odd to me too, especially the part about how they made her family pay for it.

      2. Dizzy

        Yeah not sure I’ve ever seen that happen before. I wonder if they thought that would give her more motivation to stay clean? It was her third time there, kinda makes sense they wouldn’t want to keep paying for it.

      3. April S.

        The final screen said that as of June 28, 2022 she was back at the rehab facility. So she very well could still be there today.

      4. Jay

        I know personally that she went to another treatment at the beginning of this month in Houston. Her story was pretty unbelievable.. until we actually watched her episode premiere on A&E right before I completed my treatment there. She had been there with me for only a week or two then she left to go get high. Some of us were in contact with her after she left and she was in a bad situation last I heard. She was a very kind girl with a big heart.

  2. Sudie

    Oh my – this woman. She looked so defeated. Who was the fool that said she needed to lose weight in the hips for a modeling gig? My god – way to destroy her confidence even further. She was beautiful just the way she was!

    1. Stefan

      Yah it’s a toxic industry to say the least.

  3. Tracee B

    Wow. I officially have my least favorite Interventionist. Where did this woman come from?! Nothing about her made the family feel good. She was horrible. Were Ken, Donna, Candy & the others busy or what?? They can’t be serious with this woman…

    1. Xlio

      No personality whatsoever. Kind of reminded me of the Canadian interventionists. No disrespect, the bulk seem effective but to me they are boring as hell.

  4. April S.

    I don’t like the fact the synopsis states her as “homeless.” You’re not homeless when you live with your Mom!

    1. Stefan

      She seemed to be couch-surfing.

  5. Alexandra

    Found her on Instagram (Sarah Cantergiani):

    Her last post was in May. Hope she’s doing well… she seemed to be so lost. Seemed there was more to her childhood trauma too. Still so sad.

  6. Johnny Juche

    I don’t mind this interventionist

    1. Stefan

      Yah she seemed calm and professional.

    2. Dizzy

      Yeah I liked her.

    3. Tracee B

      Not me. Not at all 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Mée-sarah/amp

    Whew. If you were a scene kid in the late 2000’s, you’ll recognize a lot of players in this saga.

    1. AK

      This is exactly what I wanted to comment! I was a huge MCR fan when I was a teen and I remembered her. To say that their relationship was unhealthy is an understatement… He was 32, she was around 20 and a fan. MCR were on top and I am sure they had that rockstar lifestyle. Sarah just seemed like chasing an idol and got caught up in the whole thing. I hate it that they mentioned it as a positive thing to have a rockstar boyfriend…It started out as an affair ffs…

      1. Melissity

        I found that odd too. They made it sound like she was living the dream life by being engaged to a rockstar. I was never a MCR fan, so I don’t know the deets, but knowing now that she was “the other woman,” it makes more sense why she was getting awful comments online (which I am NOT condoning btw!)— it’s eerie how drugs bring people together in such a dysfunctional way. Weird how they left that whole part out.

    2. julia

      Okay I gasped a little, I was (lmao i’m still) a huge MCR fan and I totally remember her!!! I was so chocked with the whole relationship, the cheating and the fact that she was so young and the relationship came out of some cheating stuff!!!! I didn’t even watched the episode yet (still on the family one) but I’m still totally in chock omg

      1. Maz

        Social media is never what it seems, people will believe any old rubbish as the truth. I’m so glad I don’t use it.

  8. A.

    It’s very weird to me that being a model (and forced to starve to a dangerous weight) and having a rockstar boyfriend (which is still married to another woman) is living the dream.
    This kind of life might not be a very healthy lifegoal…
    This episode did not sit well with me at all.

  9. Johnny Juche

    This episode no longer seems to be available. What gives ?

    1. April

      Could be the fact they named and showed pics of Mikey and alleged drug use without his consent and he got legal representation?? Just a guess.

    2. KCB

      It is available on Amazon Prime

      1. Stefan

        It’s not there anymore.

    3. LouAnne

      It is on Youtube USA as of August 15. Sad story…

  10. Mini

    This episode is missing… I wonder what happened?

    1. Kitty Kat Is Annoying

      Because My Chemical Romance was supposed to go on tour again in 2000 but was postponed to 2022 due to COVID. The band doesn’t want the negative publicity despite Mikey being open about his struggles. Band mgmt went to legal and pulled the episode

      1. Jayla

        How do you know this? Ridiculous if three talk about making it about you 🙄

      2. Xlio

        Do you think they initially agreed? Or A&E went rogue?

  11. Cathleen

    Is it common for episodes to be pulled so quickly?

    1. Stefan

      Michael’s from the Vegas season was quickly pulled but is now available again, likely due to a music copyright issue.

      1. Pang

        Hopefully that is the case and not that this person died…

  12. Pang

    I didn’t even realize that there had been a 24th season, just discovered it today and immediatly binged them…I am wondering if this person already died because the episode is not available on AE, which is what happpens when someone dies…

  13. Pang

    Here is a 12 min clip from A&E on youtube from the episode:

  14. Stefan

    I recently messaged Sarah on IG and she claims the reason her episode was pulled was because there were pictures of family members that were used without their permission.

    1. J

      huh… maybe one day they’ll edit out the photos and put it back into syndication, but i doubt it.

  15. Arianna

    Does anyone know what’s going on with Sarah now. My heart goes out to her mom.

    1. April S.

      You can Google her name and find a lot of info regarding the band. It also links her IG.

  16. Noneya Beez

    1. Sarah’s kid isn’t Mikey’s. Mike has, and has always had, a family. Sarah was a fellow junkie and groupie he briefly messed around with and deeply regrets.

    2. Sarah was never a top model. She has never made a living from modeling that would have been a sustainable income in the Bay Area at that time. She was beautiful and was once a talented model, however, only had a handful of gigs.

    3. Producers drastically curate the addiction story according to how they believe viewers will react, to the point of blatant fiction.

    4. Episode was pulled because of legal issues with the band and the negative publicity the falsities of this episode portrayed. Images under a less than truthful narration were used without proper consent.

    5. Sarah is still using

    1. E.Xrow

      Lol no. No one said Sara’s son is Micky’s. Miky’s first kid, a little girl, was born a few years ago. At the time Sara and Mike were dating, he had no known kids. There is also speculation as to when Mikey and Sara first started dating in 2013ish. Mike says it was after Alicia and him separated, other people say not true. I believe they started dating after they seperated but before the divorce was final. Regardless, Miky’s relationship with Alicia was already having issues. They divorced in 2013. Sara and Mikey only dated for a year and had broken up by 2014. She was 19, he was 30something. Sara’s reluctance to get sober was the main reason given for the split, but even if they had both gotten sober together that relationship probably would not have lasted.

      I do not know Sara’s modeling portfolio, but I do know that Ford does not keep models in the stable. If they can’t land thier models constant work they let them go. Sara was with Ford for around 4 years or so before switching to an L.A agency. I would assume she had a good portfolio staying with Ford for that length of time. Sara was a minor for most of her modeling career so, no, she probably didn’t live on her own. I would assume she lived with her mom, who probably watched her son while she was at gigs. It wasn’t until she moved to L.A that she was actually living on her own and that was only for a few years. She was dropped by her L A agency after 2 years, I think

      . All in all , your statement sounds very salty for absolutely no reason. From what I know, Sara is actually very sweet, but has a hard time living life on life’s terms and gets overwhelmed. Don’t let that MCR b.s blind your perspective. She was not some manipulative, cunning, gold digger. She was 18 when she first met Micky. He was 33, I think. He was the adult in that situation and made his own decisions. Did Sara make some bad choices concerning her relationship with Micky? Sure. But don’t put it all on her. Takes two to tango.

    2. E.Xrow

      Oh, I forgot. The episode didn’t get pulled because of MCR. Everything they used was public domain. From what I have herd , it was due to some family members consent needing to be verified, not Mikey’s nor anything to do with MCR.

  17. Emily

    You can watch the episode on Philo, you can do a 7day free trial so you don’t have to pay for it

  18. edgaralanfrog

    As a fan of my chemical romance during the whole fiasco of her and Mikey Way’s relationship, I couldn’t even imagine her life heading this way. I can’t believe it. I feel so bad for her and feel so bad for how merciless most of the fans were to her on social media. I didn’t contribute or stop it, it was just so uncomfortable witnessing a private musician’s life being publicized and criticized and mocked because of their quick hook up while he was married. Hopefully life will be a lot kinder to her and her son.

  19. Bryan

    I also thought the ending was weird. The music had that menacing type of feel. I hope she’s doing well. The fact that she pleaded on multiple occasions to return is telling of her desire to defeat this.

  20. J

    any updates on her? i really liked her, she seemed super sweet. a lot of addicts pay lip service to loving their kids but Sarah seemed like she genuinely wanted to be there for her son. the ending left me worried, but she did seem to want to get well. how’s she holding up now?

    1. Joe Mama

      She has recent posts on her instagram so I’m guessing she is sober

  21. L

    It drives me crazy you cannot access some episodes. You can buy every episode of this season, but this one! And this is the one I want to watch lol.

    1. Stefan

      The official show page has an abridged version of the episode last time I checked.