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S25E11 Tommy & Melly

Season 25, Episode 11

Tommy & Melly


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Date Aired: July 8, 2024


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  1. Kristin

    Unfortunately they both relapsed after treatment, got back together and as of 2 months ago are out on the streets. Someone posted this link on Reddit:
    Poor Melly is so obviously high and manic in this video: talking a mile a minute, disorganized thoughts, can’t sit still….

    1. Pippi

      I think it’s tweaking more than manic, but yeah, out of the entire new season, these 2 break my heart the most. by far.

    2. Pippi

      I found this video…. I’d say this is manic. Now that I’ve seen it to the end, I almost feel like they would’ve succeeded if they went away together somewhere far. Either way……

  2. Gina Atkins

    I was very sad to learn that Belem relapsed…I saw a lot of potential in her. Hopefully she finds her way back into the light because I think she has some true gifts.

  3. Nivey

    @Gina I totally agree there was something special about Belem! I thought she would do well in treatment! I was sad to see her relapse! It’s also heartbreaking to see this video that was posted. I was really hoping both Tommy and Melly would continue to thrive after treatment! They are both so young. I pray it’s not too late for any of them! I found Tommy to be very likeable! I hope they all find sobriety and some peace before they fall deeper into their addiction. 🙏 I still believe all the couples would be better off getting and staying clean APART. It’s just too meshed and toxic. Reationships are hard enough so when you have two addicts I don’t see how they could stay clean long term together. I’m sure it can happen but I think it’s rare.

  4. Kristin

    I’m curious about when Melly said she hoped to get her son Julian (who I believe is about 4 or 5?) back. The show said he was taken by social services at 1 day old and placed in foster care, and I presume she never had any kind of custody since then.
    What are the odds she can still even get him back? My close friend used to work for DHS and at some point they will just move to get rid of the bio parents rights, especially if the parents aren’t making an effort to get the child back (classes, passing drug tests, etc) and if the child is considered very adoptable.
    I wonder if because of her immigration status (she says in the video I posted she’s scared of deportation as she doesn’t have papers) the courts tried to notify her, couldn’t get any response due to her living on the streets/not being documented, and then just went ahead with the court case. (Not a lawyer but I did take some law classes and I know in situations like that they need proof they tried to serve you at a last known address and then do ‘sufficient notice’ which is essentially posting in the local paper that [name of parent] or anyone claiming parentage to a minor born on [DOB] is ordered to appear at [courthouse] on [date and time] to contest DHS’s motion to end all rights.)
    Either way a sad situation. And I don’t care how mouthy she got, it was not OK for grandma to literally PUT HER HANDS ON HER THROAT to push her away.

  5. Gregory Moore

    Welcome to Hell. This double-length, multi-intervention episode opened the gates of the hell that was the house of horrors this family of addicts called home. I found it so vivid that it was actually painful to watch. This was INTERVENTION at its best–providing their patented “fly-on-the-wall” view of the truly dreadful existence of their subject(s). New (to the show) interventionist, Vicki Lucas, assisted by mental health professional, Carla DiCandia, jumped right in the fray, taking on an entire family of fentanyl addicts (including the grandmother). The utter chaos and pain of this extended family (14 addicts living in one small, squalid house) was a seemingly impossible task to take on–and yet, several of them were talked into going to treatment, with varying levels of success.

    It crossed my mind in the midst of this excellent episode what a gift it is to have INTERVENTION back for another season. In these first few episodes, thus far, it seems the show has somehow been re-energized and has found its footing, once again (to be honest, after last year’s truncated season, I figured it meant the end of INTERVENTION). Thankfully for all of us, they are, indeed, back. I, for one, am very grateful for that, indeed.

  6. Pippi

    not even half way done & this is definitely my favorite episode of the season. My heart is aching for everyone but unfortunately, even before reading comments, I didn’t see them staying clean. So young & so many family members using, it would take a miracle.