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S2E14 Tammi

Season 2, Episode 14


Age: 45
Location: Wisconsin
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)
What’s memorable: The contrast and tension between Tammi and her five beautiful, successful, married sisters. How different she looked before she started drinking.

Official synopsis:  Tammi, 45, is an alcoholic despite being raised in an upper middle-class family that provided her with a good education and even golf and tennis lessons.

Original Air Date: July 2006
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Gregory Moore

    My heart went out to Tammi, with her struggle with trying to find her path in life, all the while, trying to just keep up with her beautiful, hyper-successful sisters. She took the wrong turn toward booze–which seems like the answer, at first–but eventually will ruin every single aspect of your life. The episode ended with Tammi’s future looking bright. I hope in the intervening years, Tammi has been able to stay straight and find happiness sober. She seems like such a beautiful person. I wanted to give her a hug at the end!

  2. Nicole

    Tammi’s story kind of reminded me of my mom’s family growing up. 6 beautiful sisters, and 3 handsome brothers also. My aunt Linda was an alcoholic still in recovery after like 28 years and she is now a liscensed therapist. I hope Tammi is still doing well!

  3. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    Is this episode anywhere on YouTube?

    1. Rommie

      I feel like somebody will upload it tomorrow.

      1. Stefan

        I think it’s safe to say you’ve outed yourself as the awesome Ramoin. With that being said, can you upload Peter, the video game addict?